Own It, Fix It, Move On

Big game this weekend. As big as it gets in Palookaville, that is. Are the 49ers closer to the marginally decent team we saw against Minnesota? Or nearer the fiasco bunch featured in Pittsburgh? Are they a 3 win team or a 6 win team? Anybody getting goosebumps?

There’s no chance of a 49ers’ blow out win, but a close game, win or lose, would send a message to the NFC West that this team might win a game or two in the division this year. But another lopsided loss would get every team on the schedule circling the day they face the once powerful Niners.

Lots of sound bites this week about how Colin Kaepernick gets to be “himself” this year. He isn’t being asked to do things outside his “character.” When asked to elaborate, Kap walked off the stage in a huff. This looks a lot like the old “himself” character, it appears to me. Reporters speculated that the new “himself,” which Kap said he knew best how to be himself, had something to do with the passing “pocket” thing. The mystery remains unsolved. For the moment. Knowing those pesky reporters, it’s a mystery that might get beaten to death over the course of the season, prompting HC Jim Tomsula to regret ever mentioning the dang nonsense in the first place.

Another sound bite Tomsula might grow to regret is the pet phrase “Own it, fix it, move on.” We heard that quite a bit this week. While it’s always possible to own things, and to move on from them, it is not always possible to fix them. Not when you don’t have the players or coaching skills to concoct a remedy.

Arizona likes to throw the ball deep, much like the Steelers did quite successfully last Sunday. Will our shell-shocked CBs play 10 yards off the line of scrimmage this week? Will the safeties turn and run backward at the snap of the ball? Will Larry Fitzgerald feast on the open mid-range passes afforded by back pedaling, fearful DBs?

On the stat sheet, the 49er offense seems to be doing well. But they’re 24th in points scored and most of their yardage and points have occurred in garbage time. Against a beaten Viking team while closing out the game and against a soft second half defense in Pittsburgh in a game that was 29-3 at the start of the fourth quarter. If the Niners don’t put up a TD until the 4th quarter against Arizona, it’s going to be another rout.

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181 comments on “Own It, Fix It, Move On
  1. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    “Own it, fix it, move on?” I just counted. In five years of drafting, the 49ers have had 50 draft choices in rounds 1-7. The 49ers have had 5 first rounds (one each year), 6 second rounders, 7 third rounders, 9 fourth rounders, 7 fifth rounders, 6 sixth rounders and 10 seventh rounders.

    Right now, based on the amount of 3rd and 4th rounders alone, over the past five years, the 49ers shouldn’t be rebuilding. Forget all the retirements and the mass exodus. The 49ers have had 16 3rd and 4th rounders in five years with basically nothing to show for it.

    And of the 11 first and second rounders in the last five years, the 49ers have drafted Aldon Smith, AJ Jenkins, Erik Armstead, Jimmy Ward, Eric Reid, Kaep, LaMicheal James, Vance McDonald, Tartt, Hyde and Tank. Of those eleven players, nobody is an All Pro. Eric Reid went to the Pro Bowl, but that’s different. The Pro Bowl is a joke. Who’s an “All Pro?” Nobody. And even more concerning is that three of those players aren’t on the team with more looking to be cut shortly (Jimmy Ward and Vance McDonald). The reason why McDonald and Ward are looking to be cut is that you can’t justify their high draft choice salaries. And the team will come to the them with salary cut demands and if the players are smart, they’ll use the 49er demands to find greener pastures.

    So forget the mass exodus with players retiring and coaches leaving. Even with all turnover, with that amount of picks in five years, the 49ers should be fine but instead they are once again one of the worst teams in the league.

    You want someone to “Fix it, own it and move on?” Jed needs to fix it by firing Baalke. Baalke needs to own that his picks are awful, and the team needs to move-on from a bad talent evaluator.

  2. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    York needs to fire himself.

  3. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    In Pyongyang N.K. chapter, Fairyland blog they have revived a custom from medieval times, the middle ages.

    They like to keep a fool around, the jester. They named him Nipper. I think he’s human and possibly male but it’s hard to tell. Probably a eunuch. You could easily substitute a parrot or a trained monkey for what he does.

    Wonder what the cost of birdseed or monkey chow is in Pyongyang? If Nipper behaves do they give him a cracker or a banana?

  4. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    I see that Chuckles continues to whine incessantly about being banned from the Skeebers blog.

    That is proof that on 49ers Outsider is where there are valid discussions on the 49ers and interchange of ideas and information.

    Shows you how much Chuckles thinks of his own blog with a bunch of lackey lapdogs all in agreement lockstep just like North Korea.

    Hilarious to see him bitching and whining on his ban on a daily basis. Seems like everyone know why he was expelled except Chuckles.

    I suppose that’s why he’s clueless.

  5. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    I wonder about Reggie Bush. In for a couple of plays and gets hurt. They hold him out for the preseason to prevent him from getting hurt so it makes no sense.

    If he’s this injury prone he’s of little use. Tomsula said it was minor yet he’s been out 2 weeks. Tomsula said Kilgore was going to be back and they stuck him on the injured list.
    When it comes to injuries Tomsula is a shade too optimistic.

  6. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Why do some consider Arizona a juggernaut. How good is their defense. Arians gameplan-play calling with Carson Palmer the reason?


  7. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Why do some consider Arizona a juggernaut. How good is their defense. Arians gameplan-play calling with Carson Palmer the reason?


  8. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Not impressed. Cards D is Calais Campbell and Patrick Peterson and some young safeties. They lost Dan Williams NT tho he never lived up to his 1st RD pick. Rest of dline and all LB’s are no names. Maybe coached up well.

    Bottom line no excuse for CK not to have a big game passing. They do not have a pass rush. Need to outscore Palmer and his WR’s. A repeat of last week. Their O personnel is better. The HC/OC is a lot better.

  9. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:


    Dinky John Brown, all 180 lbs, is their field stretcher. Break him within the first 5 yards. Malcolm Floyd on the outside and Fitz in the slot are the big threats. Also their new RB’s.

  10. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Cards RB’s are Chris Johnson, rookie David Johnson, Stefan Taylor, and now Kerry Williams. The template for this game is last week. Big Ben saw blitz and made the niners pay. Saw safeties in their pre-snap disguise defense charade and burned the D with their fast receivers. Also did hurry up offense to get LB’s out of position.

    Would be like Fangio and get the best 4 up front in the nickel, blitzing infrequently.

  11. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Cards LB Corp missing Daryl Washington, drug suspension for year I think. So instead of a fast sideline to sideline Ryan shazier type Kevin minter is ILB and better against inside runs.

    A lot of passing to TE’s and RB’S with chunk shot plays to Torrey Smith and ZBS zone read’s with Hyde seem obvious to me.

  12. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Same O so maybe try pass heavy to set up the run. Bargain basement, dumpster diving FO approach should mean little pressure on Chryst and Guido to do 180’s in their gameplan and play calling to adjust to DC’s.

    A copycat league so more PIT D against us until we can beat it. So please no more of this run heavy bullcrap. I fear they will go conservative and be tempted by weak ILB’s.

  13. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    What’s up with Kap? Is he improving (yes)? How so?


    Good article and comments. Also discussion in comments about our OL

  14. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    Chryst basically said they had to simplify the playbook.
    Read what you will into that but yesterday Kap misspoke talking about character when he was trying actually talking about comfort level.

  15. NoFear49erNo Gravatar says:

    AZ by ten.

  16. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Love Jim Harbaugh. Michigan goes up 21-0 on 22nd ranked BYU. Michigan will be ranked soon. Michigan is a lot like the 49er team Harbaugh took over in 2011 – great defense and no qb. Michigan will be ranked soon.

    2nd drive of the second quarter – first play, I formation, FB belly dive for 8 yards. Second play? I formation handoff to running back, up the middle for a 55 yard touchdown. Davion Smith. Love Harbaugh.

    Any 49er fan who doesn’t like Harbaugh is a moron: A total Jed York homer. And any Jed York homer gets what he deserves watching their complete horror show of a football team every Sunday for the next decade.

    Jed York could have had Harbaugh and McCloughan. Instead? He’s got Baalke and Tomsula. That’s like going from Bill Walsh to Mark Trestman overnight. You do that and you’re gonna lose a lot of fans.

    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  17. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    For career longevity and staying healthy for his team during the season Hyde might rethink his runnning style and mindset.

    Seeking contact invites unnecessary injury in the long run.
    After a concussion or two Hyde will change his thinking.


  18. spitbloodNo Gravatar says:

    Harbaugh rollin BYU, 31-0. What 49er fans were sick of that kind of domination and coaching? Oh yeah, unca, winder, berger and rob. What idiots. When you prefer losing, you’re a loser.

  19. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:


    They have a good run D especially against left zone runs. Only recourse is CK and passing game first.

  20. winderNo Gravatar says:

    Lol, spit-ur a moron.

  21. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Winder – Do you prefer Tomsula or Harbaugh?

    I guarantee I know your weasel answer: “I doesn’t matter, Spit. We’ve got Tomsula and Harbaugh’s in the past. I prefer my current coach no matter who he is.” And that’s a loser’s response….

  22. winderNo Gravatar says:

    Talk about smoking crack. My weasle answer is still the same. Harbaugh was done here no matter how anyone feels about it.

  23. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Winder – You’re drinkin’ the koolaid. The only reason Harbaugh was done is because Jed York has the insights of a toad. Even Eddie D came out publically and said Harbaugh needed a new contract.

  24. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Just for laughs take a look at Chuckles Facebook page

    Proving what a fraud he is take a look at his favorites:
    Vernon Davis, San Francisco 49ers, Whitewater Ranch, 49ers Super Niner, 101 Surf Sports, Michael Crabtree.


    All the crap he gave me for standing up for Crabtree. It’s all
    BS. In Chuckles words, “You can’t make this shit up”.
    He just takes the opposite viewpoint so he can hit you with cheapshots and hurl insults.

    otice he has a picture of Vernon Davis as his Favorite???

  25. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Bullit – You need help. There’s a 12 step program for you somewhere I’m sure for helping you get off your Chuck and Chuck’s blog addiction. Get over it.

  26. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    Do I care what you think?
    Both you and Chuckles lobbied to get me kicked off this blog.
    Both of you spent multiple days.
    You get kicked off yet you keep coming back as if nothing happened.

  27. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Stalker Bullit –

    You put the F in phuckin’ crazy.

    Why don’t you try to focus on football? Surely you’re smart enough to see that ignoring people removes the problem, eventually.

  28. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Another high school football player just died. New Jersey QB, Evan Murray, was tackled in the game, got up under his own power, then collapsed on the sidelines and died in the hospital. By my count, that’s the second player to die playing football this year, and several others have been paralyzed.

    The NFL propaganda machine can only hide these high school players dying for so long….

  29. phil fanNo Gravatar says:


  30. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Michigan isn’t even ranked yet, but they’re clearly better than five or six ranked teams right now. Today Michigan rolled 24th ranked BYU 31-0. The score was 31-0 at halftime, and I didn’t get a chance to watch the second half, but Harbaugh probably just sat on the lead. My guess is, Michigan is ranked next week, and ends the season top ten with a bowl appearance. Not bad for a team that was in shambles last year.

    While Harbaugh is blowing “ranked” teams out 31-0, Jim Tomsula is getting beat by average teams 43-18. I wonder what guys like Berger, Unca, Winder and Rob would prefer? Would they prefer to win and be wrong, or lose and try to spin they’re right? Well, I guess we already know the answer to that question. The best case scenario is mine… win (with Harbaugh) and be right while watching the 49ers take beating after beating after beating…

    Even Eddie D said Harbaugh should get a new contract. But Jed York… he knows better. Yeah, my ass.

  31. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    I saw the 2nd half of the UM / BYU game on live stream. Lots of RBs and short passing game working. It could easily have been 38-0 as Jimi went for it on 4th down and WR dropped the ball down on BYU 10 yd line. Announcers were marveling how things have improved since the New HC showed up.

    31-0 UM final. I was looking forward to this one and how good is this? Mich 3-1. Spot on Spit. What a shameful waste of opportunity.

    Yeah love me some Jimi H too but think ‘some’ around here starting with York slightly underestimate great coaching leadership.

    It was great seeing Jimi on the sidelines in khakis enjoying himself after last years struggles. Go Wolverines!

  32. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Here’s a quote from BYU Head coach, Bronco Mendenhall….

    “Michigan has a fine football team that is really well coached. They dominated the game from beginning to end. That was the best team we’ve played to this point at this season both from a physical standpoint and from an execution standpoint. It’s a credit to their staff having their team prepared the way they were. Michigan seized the day today and we didn’t.”

    Mendenhall went on to say, “We saw everything they did today on film. Today they just executed it better.”

    That is the sign of one of the best coaches in either college or the NFL, and Jed York fired him and worse yet, morons, simpletons, homers and blind followers like Chuck, Berger, Winder and Rob believe Jim Harbaugh is either a bad coach or someone, like Winder offered earlier, who’s time was just up in SF. There’s no excuse for Jim Harbaugh leaving SF. Jed York should have swallowed his pride, given Harbaugh whatever he wanted because like John Madden said, “It’s easier to find a suit.” Who would YOU rather have? Trent Baalke or Jim Harbaugh? If you can’t figure out the obvious answer to that question, shame on you. When you pick a suit over a great ball coach, and the suit stinks, it’s a double whammy… and your team dives head-long into the basement.

  33. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Bullit, 3 more guys to put on the Draft Watch List –

    DT Robert Nkemdiche – Ole Miss 6’4″/296
    OT Taylor Decker OH State 6’7″/317
    OLB Dadi Nicolas VA Tech 6’3″/236

  34. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    I have AZ beating us by 3 TDs 38-17. Now IF that happens it’s a dumpster dive for sure as a convincing follow up to last weeks ass kicking. Hopefully it won’t come to that and we will show up a lot better. No reason to think we will but do hope so.

    Kool-aid not working for me so will expect little and mourn what might have been. IF we eke out a win as NF and I said last week that changes things regarding prospects this season. Except it didn’t.

    Love to be wrong

  35. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    Here’s the short version of our pigskin prognostication calls vs AZ. No use posting more until we see this weeks results:

    NJ49ER: 28-24 Niners
    rob: 24-20 Niners.
    winder: 22-18 Niners
    NoFear49er: AZ by ten.
    Phil: 38-17 AZ
    Sir Spitblood from Geneoushire: 42-6 Cards
    bakkentom: 48-31 Cardinals

  36. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Phil I’m hoping we can keep the lid on the Secondary.
    If we can force a short game we have a chance IMO.
    Can’t let it get away early as we did in Pittsburgh.

    As you suggest, no Kool-Aid for me either.
    Still in a wait and see mode regarding the effectiveness of this Offense of ours.
    Sustained Drives were nice but, nothing to show for it last week.

  37. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Bullit give me some feedback on USC OLB Su’a Cravens.
    Converted Safety that appears to have terrific tackling ability.

    At 6’1″/225 I’d be thinking more about ILB over OLB.
    He’s carrying a 1st RD grade at the moment, which seems a bit curious to me.

    “Cravens is a versatile and instinctive defender with two years of all-conference recognition already under his belt.
    Earning recognition is nothing new for Cravens, a three-time Max Preps All-American in high school who was named the USA Today Defensive Player of the Year as a senior. He graduated a semester early to enroll at USC, where at roughly 210 pounds he earned the starting strong safety role and in 13 games recorded 52 tackles and demonstrated his big play chops, intercepting four passes and both forcing and recovering a fumble.

    Bigger and stronger his second season, Cravens was moved closer to the line of scrimmage as a hybrid linebacker/safety and responded with a team-best 17 tackles for loss and five sacks among his 68 stops while adding another three interceptions, taking one back for a touchdown (Oregon State) in 2014.”

  38. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    Don’t know much about Cravens. Will have to look at his draft profiles.
    See if Smelter plays this year or if Ellington or Patton get out of their funk. Also White needs to show what he can do.
    Not sure if this is Boldin’s last year.
    Upcoming year not a great year for QBs but they should draft one in the first 4 rounds and another later.

  39. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Just looking over the preliminary ratings and they have 3 QBs with 1st RD grades –


    I’m all for the trenches early, as we’ve got Dorsey getting along in years as well.
    I think Brooks is covered with Lynch for the immediate future.
    Time will tell how he holds up.
    Thinking about replacing Patrick is important as well, as we don’t know how Bowman is going to function as games wear on.

    Not much to see at the moment where the ILB crop will end up come Draft time.
    The OT, Tunsil is dealing with NCAA stuff so, he may fly under the radar the longer he’s kept away.

  40. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Niners are overpaying for Brooks.
    If he doesn’t get at least 10 sacks or plays better putting pressure on the QB then his contract should be half of what it is now. He’s on the downside of his career. Maybe Harold improves or Lemonier has the light go on.

  41. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    I saw Harold as the heir apparent as well.
    Lemonier doesn’t seem to have the strength going for him.
    Lynch is definitely better in that regard.

    I’m thinking of replacement options for Patrick and Aldon.
    Assuming we don’t have any plans to revisit Aldon as a FA next year.
    Be nice if he cleaned up his act this year but, I’m not holding my breath.
    He was given a LOT of rope, prior to his most recent relapse.

  42. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    If we suck enough to end up in the top 10, there’s several ways to play it, depending on how they view Kaep for the long haul.
    Haven’t seen the OLB from ND yet, Jaylon Smith.
    He’s got good size, that’s about all I can say at this point.

  43. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Chryst said some interesting things this week about paring down the playbook for Kap.
    Basically Kap wasn’t able to execute as a traditional in pocket passer last season. It’s all about attitude and it seems his mindset and stubbornness stunted his growth. Steve Young said it was a tough transition, tying your legs up to become a pocket passer but apparently that might no longer be in the plans.
    Kap wants to be Randall Cunningham but ultimately Cunningham got hurt running and when his legs went so did his career.

    The more versatile a QB is the more difficult he is to defend.
    Watching Rodgers last week was enlightening as he’s adapted Favre’s not having feet planted throwing style yet Rodgers is a precision pinpoint passer.

  44. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    Fly in the ointment is if Anthony Davis does come back. He is being paid as a OT and should remain there unless he takes a salary reduction to be moved inside.
    Boone will have to be replaced and the jury is still out on Martin and Thomas.
    Didn’t see anyone picking up Looney so that shows you what the rest of the league thought about him.

    The wild card is Davis and because you never know if he’ll quit again I’d give him up if I could get a top ten pick in the second round and trade him to a bottom feeder. With him he can pull the same crap anytime and leave your team in the lurch.

  45. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Curious to see how that plays out with AD.
    He seems to be keeping up with the goings on regarding the RT position too.
    Martin is raw, prefer to have Kilgore in there at this point but, the blocking scheme is now different, so it’s hard to know if Kilgore becomes an upgrade or not.
    I’m all for the trenches if we do shop in the top 10.

    Many questions, fewer answers at this point.

  46. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Protect the QB/Sack the QB in this game.

  47. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    I could see a scenario where Boone is offered the RT gig also.
    If that occurred, Anthony is more or less forced into a decision to stay retired too.
    It does take away some leverage from Baalke to deal him however.

  48. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    There too, Boone may be asking for a higher premium than AD.
    See how it plays out…

  49. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    NJ, you really do think like Parcells. We will have a top ten pick. Would be very surprised if they trade CK and go QB1. If they trade then the earlier 1st would be QB1. WR1 in same RD unless quality is poor. WR1 needs size and speed to go along with hands.

    Do not think TB or Jed have the confidence to trade CK. If trade then 1st this year and 2nd or a 1st next year. The bold move would be trade Staley and Boone his replacement, with new contract. Then get oline in 2nd and 3rd.

  50. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Boone is only 300 lbs, too small for RT.

  51. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    For zone blocking you don’t need to be overly heavy

  52. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    Piling on: “Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long and Michael Strahan all picked Cardinals over 49ers as their locks on NFLonFOX.”

  53. winderNo Gravatar says:

    Yeah, what do they know.

  54. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Bullitt, AD is a fatty. If he wants to come back he needs to be back to 315 and in shape. If back we are set at OT. Lots of bodies at IOL and take full season to thoroughly check out Marcus Martin, Brandon Thomas, and Kilgore.

    If goes well enough then first 3 rounds we fix the O with QB, WR1, WR3 or pass TE, and get the ILB.

    CK is stupid. If he stays then need a big fast WR1 who has the wingspan and size to get the physical seperation to go along with speed and hands. If not done I give up on this team. Spit is right and TB is incompetent. Also a scrawny runt. How did he ever get cred in a football environment.

  55. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Winder, CK has no excuse not to have a big game passing. Cards LB’s are average so short passing game is there. That WILL open up all day if the long game with Torrey and VD keeps their D honest.

    If CK cannot score big then you Homers shut the phuck up and go squealing back to your trailer parks.

  56. winderNo Gravatar says:


  57. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    49ers inactives:
    WR Ellington
    TE McDonald
    RB R.Bush
    CB S.Wright
    G B.Thomas
    OL Silberman
    NT M.Purcell

  58. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Big Ben is down for the Steelers with a leg or knee injury.
    Steelers lead Rams by 2 points

  59. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Check that Steelers lead 9-3 as Big Ben has a knee injury

  60. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    NFL Network has all in for Cards as well.

  61. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    Foles TO to kill Rams hopes. Good for us tho

  62. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    That was ugly.

  63. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    Lord. 2nd straight pick six thrown by Kap.

  64. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    OL right side = no resistance from Pears, Devey. Another poor throw too

  65. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    Ok where is Roman?

    UM back in top 25.

    Left side OL broke down on 2nd int = Boone, Staley?

  66. NoFear49erNo Gravatar says:

    I think Kaepernick was better before he was allowed to be himself.

  67. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    LOL NF. Our secondary (Bethea) not looking good either

  68. NoFear49erNo Gravatar says:

    Looks like Palmer has all day and they’re confusing our coverage. Middle of the field open to the slot guy every play.

  69. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    Carson already w 116 yds; Kap has 10 and 2 ints

  70. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Had no idea the niners were this bad. The team was run heavy in the beginning for a reason, so CK could not lose the game early. Against Arizona we had to attack via the air. What are the odds of 1-15?

  71. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    Gore had 86 yards and two TDs today. Go Frank!

  72. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    There isn’t enough tequila in all of Christendom for this shit.

    Going to be a long, long, long year.

  73. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    Good thing Spitblood isn’t watching. He’d have died of laughter by now.

  74. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    What do you expect after owner shits on team by sabotaging HC, coaching staff?

    The winning HC let me add. Leadership lacking on Niners starting at the top

  75. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    Time for the Niners to start eating up the clock.

  76. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    Spit had AZ by 36 and we’re getting there quick.

    2nd blow out in a row. Next up Green Bay

  77. NoFear49erNo Gravatar says:

    We’re reviving Johnson’s career with this game.

    At least we’re getting the failed plays in on time. That’s a big relief.

    “Player’s” coach downside, no discipline.

  78. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    As a lifelong Niner fan this is very painful to watch.
    The game speaks for itself so far.
    Is Jed going to apologize for this dumpster fire?

  79. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Remember the early days of MNF. Dandy Don would be singing “the party’s over”. Even the haters would be tuning out of these blowout games.

    Does Jed show up at these games. I assume he does not want to risk a live microphone shoved in his face. This is one party state California tho. Might get good media coverage if he gives good fellatio.

  80. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    It gives me absolutely no pleasure to say I TOLD YOU SO.

    So obvious this would be the result.


  81. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    49ers have had 12 straight running plays since Colin Kaepernick’s second pick-6.”

  82. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Blaine Gabbert!!!! Blaine Gabbert!!!! Is the crowd chanting this yet. Is the crowd too drunk to care. Sorry, it is in Phoenix.

  83. NoFear49erNo Gravatar says:

    We’re too far behind to win running. Just trying to get Kaepernick settled AND the defense is gunning for his “keepers.”

  84. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    Somewhere Jim Harbaugh is grinning and asking, “Miss me yet?”

  85. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    “At least we’re getting the failed plays in on time. That’s a big relief.”

    Well the optimists must face reality = we suck

    “Player’s” coach downside, no discipline.”

    Patton proves yer point NF plus tons of besakdowns on OL, secondary, even Bowman, Bethea. At least we have Hyde

  86. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    12 yards passing by Kap in the first half?

  87. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Don’t tell me it is so bad they do not want to risk injury to Blaine.

    We will have 4 more games to Halloween. If you spot a fan with bag over head and carrying a beheaded Jed, please get pictures and post. TIA

  88. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    …and Hayne

  89. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    At least Australia can cheer. 44 yard punt return for Hayne!

  90. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:



  91. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    Cardinals have twice as many INT return yards as we have passing yards in the First Half.

  92. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    Pretty dumb play by Palmer, but Kap tosses INT #3 to give it right back.

  93. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    Excuse me, closer to three times now. FML.

  94. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    I can already tell what Berger, Winder, Rob and Chuck are going to be saying….. It’s Kaep’s fault. He’ll be the scapegoat. And it might be called for, I don’t know. I’m not watching the game. But if you don’t have a defense or an offensive line, no QB in the NFL can be realistically asked to compete.

  95. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    As far as the battle of running QB’s go, Tyrod Taylor is kicking CK’s ass.

  96. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    Last week, down 25 at the half. This week, down 24. They’re making progress.

  97. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Please post the after game press conference with CK on this thread. Will it be as good as last year’s Oakland laugher. TIA

  98. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    Kappy has sucked today. 17 points off turnovers today in the First Half. But he is not the one who gave up 200 yards to Palmer in the first half. The 49ers are clearly struggling not be overmatched physically on both lines and cannot cover deep.

    Train Wreck in Progress, right here in SF.

  99. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Can hear the nails pounded in the coffin. Who will be thrown under the bus first.

  100. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    Eddie D looking at this and saying I TOLD YOU SO.

    Madden looking at this and saying I TOLD YOU SO

    Everyone posting here today saying I TOLD YOU SO

    Is suicide really PAINLESS?

    No it isn’t

  101. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    If a defense sucks, it puts a ton of pressure on the new qb. Kaep and Russell Wilson both had awesome Ds to begin their careers. Russell’s D in Seattle isn’t as good this year, and subsequently he isn’t as good. Kaep? I just feel sorry for that dude. If you put up 200 yards in passing and score 21 pts, it puts a ton of pressure on the qb to respond, and if the O line sucks, the result is going to be turnovers. And there’s your sacrificial lamb…. which I was calling for months ago. The Jed York lovers are going to want Kaep’s head on a pike. ASAP.

    But the sad news is…. regardless of who you put in at qb… they’re gonna suck. You think Gabbert’s the answer? Good for you. But you’re wrong. Dead wrong.

  102. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    First? Tomsula, one and done. But that won’t satisfy the fans. Trent Baalke, I hope your resume is up to date.

    Of course, that does not mean that anyone better would be crazy enough to come work for the Yorks after last year’s debacle.

    We may be looking at a long decline here for the franchise.

  103. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Grump – I was calling for a ten year cellar dweller three months ago. I saw all this coming. I argued with NJ this is exactly why you don’t pick Baalke over Harbaugh. That you give Harbaugh whatever he wants. But Jed York is a child with no foresight.

    Nobody listens to me….. sigh……

  104. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    As much as I laugh to say it, Crazy V was right all along. The Yorks have the reverse Midas Touch. Everything they touch turns to shit. With ownership like that, a long ugly Time of Suckage is almost certain.

  105. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you JED YORK.

    Thank you very much JED YORK.

    Have a nice Super Bowl party you arrogant shit

  106. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Does Tomsula have the guts to put Gabbert in after pick #4???

  107. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    Kappy’s worst day as a 49er. Palmer OTOH at 257 and really could have as many as he wants. We cannot even slow down a passing offense right now. No rush, no coverage, no chance.

  108. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Berger, Winder, Chuck and Rob are about to get a nice, long dose of reality. And it’s about time….

  109. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    If the NFL had a mercy rule, everyone would just go home now.

  110. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    I got my 38 points for AZ but can Niners hold ’em to that and score 10 more?

    Doubt it.

  111. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    Baalke sucks at drafting skill position guys. Supposedly his expertise is the lines and LBs. Yet we cannot pass block, and cannot get to the QB. Draw your own conclusions as to his value.

  112. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Anyone up for an exercise in juxtaposition?

    Jim Harbaugh 31-0
    Jim Tomsula 7-38

    That was enjoyable.

  113. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    Down 31 in the third quarter. Let’s call a TO, because nothing says JOY like making this last longer.

  114. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    After the sack, we have 26 yards passing on the day. Nine Kappy completions. Five to 49ers, 4 to Cardinals.

    Ay Caramba.

  115. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    Yep Grumpy I wish we could do this every week.

    Hey it could happen with our schedule.

    Waiting for Jed’s tweet

  116. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    Might as well throw in a safety, too.

  117. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    “Vernon Davis (knee) is questionable to return.”

  118. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    “49ers have allowed 40 points in back-to-back games for first time since 2006.”

  119. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    SF AZ

    First Downs 7 22
    Total Yards 116 357
    Passing Yards 26 277
    Rushing Yards 90 80
    Penalties (Yds) 5(30) 4(24)
    Turnovers 4 1
    Punts (AVG) 4(44) 3(22)
    Time of Pos. 17:33 23:09

    We are officially Jed’s nightmare gift to the fans

  120. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Remember a few years ago where the apologists blamed Roman for calling a read option close to their goal line and Kap made an errant pitch?
    Today he handed the ball off to Hyde when the read was to keep it.

    End result Safety

  121. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:


  122. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    “Through three quarters, 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick has 33 yards passing (5 of 10) and 46 yards rushing (seven attempts).”

  123. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    With 7 minutes left the Niners have 119 yds total offense.

  124. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    Wow. In. Your. Face. Cards go for it on 4th and 1 from the ten and make it.

  125. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    Winner of the Carnac pigskin prognostication contest =

    SPITWAD the magnificent who called for a a 36 point AZ win

    Just not pessimistic enough I guess

  126. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    “49ers have allowed 90 points the past two weeks, the most in back-to-back games since 1980.”

  127. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Here’s what I wrote on the 24th…. I win Phil’s contest… again.

    “In all seriousness, the Cardinals are going to blowout the 49ers. Here’s my honest prediction – 42-6.”

    Geneouses grow on trees in the shire.

  128. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    Can’t wait for the Tomsula presser!

  129. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    The last train to Shitsville is a train wreck of epic proportions.

    No wonder everyone left with this impending. Thanks York, thanks a lot.

    Franchise DESTROYED and it’s not Kaps fault, it’s not Tomsulas fault, it’s not HARBAUGHS fault.

    It’s Yorks fault and the idiot choice to go with the suit over the WINNING HEAD COACH.

  130. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Apparently there was a reason Eric Mangini was working for ESPN.

  131. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Both Torrey Smith and V Davis with ZERO catches.

    Where’s the long ball? Where are the screen passes?
    Where’s the improvement in Kap?

  132. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    The full quote from our winner above this week who indeed did predict this blow out.

    I’m lobbying for honorable mention with my ““Another pants dropper exposing our flabby, uh secondary. Not that our ‘primary’ unit, the DL, was in working order… Shades of Singletary”.

  133. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Thinking back to the Green Bay home playoff game a couple of years ago Kap’s first throw was a pick six in the same spot. Same with today’s two pick sixes. Thinking back to the picks Kap threw against the Seahags
    it was also in the same general area as well as the picks against the Bears. The last few didn’t result in TDs right away.

    It seems that he has a blind spot or thinks that his arm is strong enough to fit the ball in.

  134. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Tomsula said in his presser that there was no thought in replacing Kap.
    Tomsula wanted Kap to work through his problems. Tomsula said he instructed 18 running plays be called in a row after the second pick six to calm the team down.

  135. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Very depressed. What kind of trade value does CK have. MOAR 7ths?

  136. winderNo Gravatar says:

    Well, I gotta admit it, we truly suck and it doesn’t look like it will be any better soon. Very disturbing. Anyway, not the first time I’ve been wrong. See ya.

  137. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    It’s one thing to need to rebuild.

    It’s another to be in disarray, without the people and mechanisms to turn it around.

    This is bad. This is worse than Joe Thomas 1978 bad, because Jed has made it clear he does not know how to stop the bleeding, let alone turn it around.

  138. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    The four stooges:

    Rob: I love our secondary.
    Berger: Shut up, Donnie (Big Labowsky reference)
    Rob: What’s a homer? Sir Spitblood keeps calling us all homers. I just don’t know what that means.
    Unca: It means no matter what the organization does, we don’t question it because we want to be known as “die hard” 49er fans.
    Berger: We’re definitely not homers.
    Winder: Actually, we might be homers. We need to salvage a shred of integrity and come around to reality real quick.
    Rob: I still love our secondary.
    Berger: If Harbaugh was here, we’d lose 50-0. Tomsula’s got us headed in the right direction.
    Winder: Then how do you explain Harbaugh winning 31-0 against BYU, a ranked team this week, and his 3 straight NFC Championship games?
    Berger: Easy… Scot McCloughan. If it wasn’t for the sardine can offense, we’d have three rings right now. Harbaugh got fired on the merits.
    Rob: But Drevno and Harbaugh are scoring a ton of points in Michigan, and so is Roman in Buffalo.
    Berger: Shut up, Rob. I don’t deal well with facts. They aren’t my friends. I deny the facts. It’s much, much easier.
    Unca: We’re gonna win next week. Let’s just chalk these two weeks up to bad luck. We’re clearly better than this and if we come back down to reality there’s a chance Jed York could notice my blog and not be happy with all the negativity. I might not get free nose bleeds next year.
    Rob: So how are you going to be positive while also being realistic?
    Unca: Easy… multiple user names. You think Snnark, Irish, Lurker and Nipper are actual people?
    Rob: I was wondering about that. It did seem Nipper was only worried about the “other” blog and also seemed odd he never posted over there. Did I mention I still love our secondary?
    Unca: Me too. Our secondary is a real up ‘n comer.
    Berger: Harbaugh destroyed our secondary.
    Winder: You guys are idiots. I can’t believe I drank your koolaid.
    NJ….Hey guys… just wanted to stop by and tell you all how great Trent Baalke is. He’s fantastic. I have such a man crush on him.
    Unca: Preachin’ to the choir there, boy.
    Berger: Yeah, he’s the next Parcels, for sure.
    Rob: He did draft this secondary, and I do love this secondary….
    Berger: SHUT UP, DONNIE!!!!
    Unca: I think it’s time for our theme song.


  139. NoFear49erNo Gravatar says:

    I wonder if Baalke’s daughter will tweet about how good the OC she wished for is. I know the Cardinals safety is pretty happy with him.

    I wonder if Jed will be in stocks in the town square tomorrow holding himself accountable as he promised.

  140. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Spit I hope you play Fantasy Football.
    Your boy Freeman finally went Postal on Dallas.

    As for our Offense?
    Can’t say the things Kaep does well are being done well enough.

    Pathetic showing today.
    He’s not yet capable of throwing a receiver open.
    Everything on a line and, telegraphed to the Defense.

    Hats off to AZ.
    Defense played lights out for them today.

  141. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    According to Homer blog, Mathieu said niner routes were simplified enough that they were easy to read. So in dumbing down the O it shoots us in the foot.

    They need to stick with CK to try and build trade value. He reset after today.

  142. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Bakkentom – this team needs an O line, a secondary and a D Line. After those are in place, then you worry about qb and wr. This team has far bigger issues than qb.

  143. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    But Chuck said our D is as good as last years.

  144. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Bakkentom – The quote from Mathieu came by way of Maiocco at CSN.


    If we’ve ‘dumbed down’ the Offense for Kaep, it’s equally easier for the Defense to dissect it too.
    Kaep isn’t throwing guys open. Something he’s had issues with for some time.
    He’s not seeing the entire field properly and, telegraphing his intentions.
    He still throws too many balls on a line too.
    You can’t beat LBs throwing flat.
    Once a defender is sticking to a target, he’s not leading the receiver away from coverage.
    If that can’t get fixed, we’re not going to have much of a future to look forward to.

  145. NoFear49erNo Gravatar says:

    Peyton Manning’s stats against a tough D and on the road are identical to Carson Palmer’s against a befuddled and confused D in his home stadium. Some deadly accurate deep balls, too. Washed up.

    Your satire of the barnyard was pretty funny though.

  146. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    Disarray sums it up. This is the result of no leadership on this team. The people who knew how to build a football team were driven out and those remaining are not up to the task as we see.

    A Davis quits and GM response is Pears and Devey. Now there’s some talent evaluation for you. Best talent evaluator is now coaching UM who are winning again. That’s leadership and the ability to get good players to perform. We don’t have that. We are in the pre-Jimi era again. Thanks York, thanks a lot genius.

    This steaming pile of crap is an embarrassment and it’s a fitting reward for the egotist owner and GM.

    However how can we blame some fans for trying to be optimistic earlier? We can’t, they are fans and want the best for the Niners but by now it should be clear that firing Harbaugh was a huge mistake. A least Winder has the stones to see what’s going on. After GB pummels us next week a few more will maybe wake up.

    Our new contest will be “How Many Points Will the Niner Lose By”.

    GB by 30.

  147. NoFear49erNo Gravatar says:

    NJ49er, he barely had a QBR, or a pulse today. But he can’t be blamed for all the defensive woes and they were just as bad if not worse.

    Don’t worry about Logan being stumped as QB coach. He’s in line for the OC job.

  148. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    NoFear – I didn’t watch Manning tonight. Can’t respond.

    Regarding the 49ers, it’s only natural that from here on out the fans are going to blame Colin Kaepernick. Tomsula can say and do whatever he likes, but in three weeks, if the 49er are 1-5 the press and media will want a sacrificial lamb. If Kaep is replaced, the next guy won’t fair any better. Then the 49ers will wake up and realize they need an O line and a secondary, and when they realize the guy with the trigger can’t put all that together via the draft, they’ll fire him and the next GM / Head coaching combo will either trade Kaep or try and pick him up off the scrape heap alla Harbaugh and Alex Smith. The smart ones don’t repeat history but nobody claimed Jed York was smart.

  149. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    NoFear49er I totally expected ‘transition pains’ as it were.
    Mangini is better suited to run a Defense as compared to Coaching TEs.
    Given the turmoil of the Coaching overhaul it’s expected to some extent.
    Gaping holes to back-fill for Justin/Aldon and Patrick among others.

    What I don’t think can, or will, be fixed is getting Kaep to transition to the Pocket.
    Agree, it’s not ALL his fault, the OLine is pathetic enough on it’s own merits right now.

    Kaep just isn’t setting his feet, looking off coverage and, not giving his team mates a chance.
    I’ve advocated for the shorter/quicker stuff but he’s just missing any semblance of rhythm or urgency for tempo.

    His mechanics (to my eye), are miles from Pro Grade.

  150. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Phil I’m an eyes wide open fan as well.
    What pisses me off is that things couldn’t get worked out among those in command.
    What’s done is done, Jed owns it and we’re left to seek answers beyond the chaos created.
    It’s not an easy fix for Tomsula or anyone right now.
    We’ll see who implodes first I guess?
    Boldin looks like he’s about to take the lead on that topic.

    Not sure who he’s more unhappy with, the QB or the OC?

  151. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    NJ says “Mangini is better suited to run a defense than the TEs.” Are you insane? Mangini is better suited as an ESPN analyst. There was a reason he washed out. No D coordinator that thinks rushing 3 is a good idea is going to stay a D coordinator in the NFL long.

    My question is…. Could Tomsula’s Niners beat Jim Harbaugh’s Wolverines? Believe it or not, it’s not hyperbole. I think the Wolverines, right now, could beat the Niners.

  152. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Expected more from Marcus Martin and Brandon Thomas. If they do not perform up to NFL average for starters at their positions then TB should get the ax.

    Then the 2014 draft produced Aaron Lynch and Carlos Hyde and a bunch of CB’S that need a strong front 7. Borland could not hold up to the speed and physicality of NFL players and turned into a fail.

  153. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    NJ – “Jed owns it?” Really? I don’t see Jed taking ownership of any of this. Last year he was all over the media and social media. Now, after two complete blowouts, Jed is no where to be found.

    What do you mean by Jed owns it?

  154. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    How is Jed going to avoid the shame during Super Bowl two weeks with Levi Stadium in the spotlight. Is he going to arrange to be abducted. Kinda like the Patty Hearst thing. He might be accused of being a copycat.

    Maybe he can be a test pilot for one of the SPACEX launches and be in outer space. Any ideas to spare Jed the shame.

  155. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Niners vs Wolverines, right now. 10-6 Wolverines in a low scoring affair.

  156. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Spit Mangini isn’t LeBeau but, he isn’t a TE Coach either.
    Jed owns the decision to can Harbaugh.
    I’m with you on just how much ownership he’ll take public now too.

    Unlike yourself, I’m not enjoying the whole scenario right now.
    I’d like to see him own up to the media now as well.
    I can’t put the Staff in front of the firing squad simply because they’re the minions on the front lines of chaos cleanup.

    Yes. Jed owns it.

  157. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Our pass rush is non-existent, which is exposing a younger Secondary as well.
    Many an issue to cite.
    What they do for answers remains to be seen.
    Getting embarrassed in B2B weeks isn’t providing us with anything to be positive about.

  158. NoFear49erNo Gravatar says:

    What they do for answers was on display today. Since that was the assessment of the blowout in Steeler-town, today was the answer.

    Super coaches Tomsula and Logan took great pride in explaining to the lowly sportswriters how simple the answer was. Let Kaepernick be himself. Instead of coaching him up as normal everyday run-of-the-mill winning coaches might do. “We just let him do what he likes to do.” And we just tear up that over-complicated pro play book and draw up a few college/sandlot schemes with crayon for him. See, aren’t we geniuses?
    That was the answer!
    And it was so bad it made the AP and the Drudge Report for its pitifulness.

    No, I can’t blame Kaepernick or the lack of pass rush or the players who aren’t up to it yet. It all falls in the lap of a few who orchestrated what we have here now intentionally. And why? Because Jim Harbaugh was too prickly. Winning wasn’t enough fun and the players weren’t classy enough and all the credit was going to Harbaugh instead of Trent and Jed. Aldon looked pretty good today, too, btw, rushing the freakin’ passer!

  159. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Hot flaming mess NoFear49er.
    Begs a question for me. What did, or didn’t happen, with Kaep under Harbaugh?
    Did they take too much control to protect him?
    Chryst has to know something about that phase I’d guess?
    Maybe Harbaugh did what he did to keep Kaep away from the controls for a reason?

    Not sure why they’ve taken the approach to simplify things, especially for a QB who wasn’t doing much before the Coaching changes.
    Makes no sense to me, if he’s ‘more comfortable’ this way.
    He’s not seeing the field.
    Simply ‘running plays’ ain’t gonna cut it, if you don’t see what’s going on to defend them.
    I still contend that he’s not mechanically sound enough to execute a Pocket game.

    It’s week 3.
    The 1st week I turned off a 9er game since the Alex days.
    Not a good thing.

  160. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    I’ll be at the NYG game in 2 weeks.
    Just hope I’m close enough to be heard if I feel the need to boo my own team.
    How pathetic is that?

    I still have my ‘Sell York!’ signs from the Nolan era.
    Left that game hoarse too.

  161. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Neighboring article on drudge “Implanting chips in soldiers brains”. CK get a chip for a full NFL playbook and translate to knowing where his F’ing receivers are.

    A mutiny is brewing? Has he lost the team. Ask Chuck and Berger if it can apply to QB’s as well as coaches. Did berger’s DVD not work again.

  162. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    CK too comfortable in his presser fielding questions like a politician. He needs a blaring red warning light in his face. You are incapable of mastering the QB position in the NFL.

    This regression is the after effects of last week. He is a dimwit and coaches overloaded his brain with solutions. He really needs to let Blaine play for a couple games. Let the viewing of films sink in.

    Why is all this remedial work tolerated with him.

  163. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    The only saving grace in this relationship with Kaep is, the way his Contract is structured Bakkentom.

    He won’t sink the Cap if he can’t be dealt.
    I think this is the year that makes it or breaks for him.
    Harbaugh obviously covered up a lot of his shortcomings, (along with a strong Defense.)

    See where we are at the BYE.
    If we’re in the toilet, I’d be all for giving Gabbert an extended look too.
    Gabbert isn’t much but, he’s definitely more comfortable in the Pocket by comparison.

  164. NoFear49erNo Gravatar says:

    “Harbaugh obviously covered up a lot of his shortcomings, (along with a strong Defense.)”

    Exactly! I think it’s called developing a pro QB.

    And next some folks will come to understand how Roman’s game planning kept us winning game after game without Kaepernick having to shoulder more than he was able.

    Now we’re going to feature the read option after it’s been widely exposed and defensed because Kaepernick did it well in college? Too bad he won’t face college D’s with it anymore.

  165. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Where is pass rush? Did Tank and Armstead get many snaps today. Why not and what about a rotation. All need to be looked at.

    Why is Brooks not getting pressuses and hits.

  166. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    I completely agree with NoFear’s 1:49 am post.

    There’s no question in my mind that Colin Kaepernick is going to fail in SF, and it’s not because he’s not talented or without potential. It’s because the 49ers don’t know how to develop talented qbs.

    Steve Stenstrom, Tim Ratay, JT O’Sullivan, Ken Dorsey, Cody Pickett, Trent Dilfer, Shaun Hill, Chris Weinke, Troy Smith….

    When you don’t know how to support or develop a qb, your qb position becomes a revolving door. Under York ownership, the 49er qb position has been a revolving door.

  167. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    NoFear49er could Kaep’s developmental shortcomings have created enough friction for all the chaos Harbaugh encountered?

    Perhaps Harbaugh ate the sh!tburger to protect Kaep?
    Maybe it’s as simple as Kaep not reaching the level of play needed to run a Pro Offense that caused the pot to boil over?

    Starting to wonder just who blamed who and, whether Kaep was the topic of the blame game now?
    Thought his ceiling was higher than what we’ve been seeing of late.
    Especially after the off season work with Warner, an admittedly simpler Offense, etc.
    Way too many problems to speak of right now.

    Boldin and Torrey sure didn’t look very happy today.
    In a way, I hope Boldin, or one of the other Vets blows it open within the Locker Room this week.
    Tomsula is doing the damage control as most every HC will do at this point.
    Time for a good old Festivus-related ‘airing of grievances’ session perhaps?

  168. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Frank making the ‘real QB’ comment sure rings louder too.

  169. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Bakkentom, Armstead notched a sack today.
    My question is, where’s Brooks on that stat?
    Bad enough to be without Aldon but, I thought Brooks would be the ‘go-to’ guy while they bring Harold and Lynch along.

    If memory serves, Bowman got the assist for Armstead to garner his first official Pro sack.

  170. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Brooks benefited from the attention the Smith brothers were getting (cough, cough). Schemes treat nickel linemen equally, and that is enough to neuter Brooks?

    Where is Tank. Somewhere I read that his reaction time from the snap is slow. If true, another fail on TB.

  171. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Brooks benefited from the attention the Smith brothers were getting (cough, cough). Schemes treat nickel linemen equally, and that is enough to neuter Brooks?

    Where is Tank. Somewhere I read that his reaction time from the snap is slow. If true, another fail on TB. Tank never should have been drafted?

  172. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Contrast the speed of QB development CK vs Derek Carr vs Blake Bortles. In fact would not be surprised if Gabbert absorbs and executes better than dimwit.

  173. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Gabbert is better than CK? Give him 4 games with a full playbook. Can’t fix stupid.

  174. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    One and done this entire phucking coaching staff. Clean sweep in Feb 2016, also dimwit gets traded or released.

  175. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    There’s something with the Warner move in the off season that makes me wonder out loud why this took place after the Coaching overhaul.
    Is Kaep the reason for the mutiny?

    Love the kid’s abilities but….
    Is it the Coaching or the student?

  176. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Logan was ‘Coaching’ up both Kaep and Gabbert on the iPads early on.
    As the game got further out of hand, it was plain to see Logan and Kaep sitting side-by-side, without Gabbert, doing their collective ‘waiting on the bus’ pose.
    No chatter among QB and Offense that I saw via the tube.
    Almost a total separation in fact.

    If the Offense isn’t onboard with the QB, I can write the epitaph now, without too much trouble.

  177. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    In Pyongyang N.K. chapter, Fairyland Blog reality is slapping the residents in the face.

    Rob still thinks Kap is the man despite one of the worst games a QB has ever played for the 49er franchise. The last guy who threw 4 INTs in a game was Trent Dilfer. In a season where Kap was expected to improve freed of the shackles of Harbaugh and Roman, Kap is swirling in the toilet. Remember what happened to Matt Schaub when he was throwing pick sixes weekly for the Texans? Unless Kap turns it around he’s going to join him on the scrap heap.

    Rob also thinks this Niner secondary is better than the 2012 version that went to the Super Bowl. That statement needs no further explanation.

    In yesterday’s game the Niner offense only crossed the 50 yard line once, thanks to the Hayne punt return. That’s how inept the offense was. Total embarrassment and dumpster fire. Nobody in Pyongyang wants to blame it on the coaching or scheme or gameplan. The excuse du jour is they lost a lot of key players.
    On offense the only player that left unexpectedly was Anthony Davis. The rest left because Baalke did not want to keep them.

  178. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    New post is up.

  179. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Not sure if anyone else saw this. Armstead got his first sack yesterday and he did the slashing his throat sign in celebration.
    The zebras either missed it or thought the game was too far gone to penalize the hapless Niners as the taunting would result in a 15 yard penalty. He still might get fined by the League after they review the tape.
    Hope the coaches see the tape and make Armstead do some extra running because of that.

2021 Schedules
09/12: W 49ers 41, Lions 33
09/19: W 49ers 17, Eagles 11
09/26: L Packers 30, 49ers 28
10/03: L Seahawks 28, 49ers 21
10/10: L Cardinals 17, 49ers 10
10/17 BYE
10/24: L Colts 30, 49ers 18
10/31: W 49ers 33, Bears 22
11/07: L Cardinals 31, 49ers 17
11/15: W 49ers 31, Rams 10L
11/21: W 49ers 30, Jaguars 10
11/28: W 49ers 34, Vikings 26
12/05: L Seahawks 30, 49ers 23 12/12 · 10:00 AMCIN
12/19 · 1:05 PM v ATL
12/23 · 5:20 PM v TEN
01/02 · 1:05 PM v HOU
01/09 · 1:25 PM @ LAR

2021 Draft Class
1. QB Trey Lance, North Dakota State
2. OG Aaron Banks, Notre Dame
3. RB Trey Sermon, Ohio State
3. CB Ambry Thomas, Michigan
5. OG/OT Jaylon Moore, Western Michigan
5. CB Deommodore Lenoir, Oregon
5. S Talanoa Hufanga, USC
6. RB Elijah Mitchell, Louisiana
2021 Prognostications
Bullit: 12-5
Grumpy: 13-4
NJ49er: 11-6
Skeebers: 14-3
Winder: 12-5
Rob: 17-0
Spitblood: 0-17