Last Slice of Humble Pie

Another season has slipped away, taking with it the 49ers pride, dignity, heritage, pants, shoes, jockstraps, NFL relevance — you name it, they lost it.

The team closes out their season Sunday, at home against the Seahawks, who have beaten them six straight times. Sunday should run that string to seven and give the 2016 49ers a final record of 2-14. With a franchise record 13 game losing streak tossed in along the way.

Seattle is limping pretty badly as they get ready for the playoffs. They’ll be representing the now toothless NFC West. A win over the Niners will give them the number two seed and a BYE week if the Falcons lose. Otherwise, they’ll get the third or fourth seed. The Falcons vs Saints game will be contested at the same time as the Seahawks vs 49ers game, so Seattle will be scoreboard watching while they run up the score on the locals.

The Niners might take the field with something at stake themselves. The number one pick in the draft, if the early game between the Browns and Steelers somehow results in a Cleveland victory. That is certainly something to lose for, as if this team needs any motivation to suck.

Then we get to sit back and hold Jed York accountable. Hahahahahaha. The real question is how much he’s going to hold himself accountable. As little as he thinks he can get away with. Odds are overwhelming that it won’t be enough.

Still, it will be enjoyable to see the ridiculous little man squirm a bit.

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74 comments on “Last Slice of Humble Pie
  1. WinderNo Gravatar says:

    Yeah, I can’t wait to hear what dipwad has to say. When he took over from Daddy I thought he knew what the 49ers were about. It’s obvious that he hasn’t a clue and unless he gets some professional help we will probably get a lot of smoke. I thought I was mad about last year but this one has been far worse. He will lose the fair weather fan base and I imagine quite a few diehards will not pay to see the upcoming disaster. He has to make some positive changes. I hope the media and fan base put the pressure on him so if nothing else his name will be Mud.

  2. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Jed can keep the non-NFL stuff. If he’s a man then he will let mommy do it. How can he stand this public humiliation. More I portantly, why.

  3. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Curious about potential star teams in near future.

    CLE has #1 and #10, TENN has #5 and #16.

  4. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Jan 2 will be this year’s “Black Monday” where heads will roll throughout the NFL and needed changes might happen in Santa Clara.

    Lil Jed will speak for the first time since

  5. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Lil Jed will speak for the first time publicly since he hired Chip

  6. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    Next year’s opponents:

    Home: Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans, Carolina Panthers, Arizona Cardinals, Los Angeles Rams, Seattle Seahawks

    Away: Philadelphia Eagles, Washington, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Chicago Bears, Arizona Cardinals, Los Angeles Rams, Seattle Seahawks

  7. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    Looks like a three or four win season, pending offseason developments or lack thereof.

  8. NoFear49erNo Gravatar says:

    The Ruskies hacked the Yorks’ closet server and let the world know the Niners suck. Otherwise, how would we know?

    The ‘hackers’ have been expelled and hopefully they plan to take the failed prototype of their iRobot knockoff of a pro football CEO with them.

    JED = Junior Executive Disaster model# FU2 for US NFL comedy market only.

  9. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    “Speaking of the quarterback,” I say, “what was your mindset when you were Colin Kaepernick’s age? He’s 29.”

    “My mindset,” Garcia says, “was I was always trying to better myself mechanically, mentally, physically — all of the aspects that you have to put into the game. How quickly you get the ball out, your decision-making, your footwork, the length of time as far as the efficiency from decision to throw the football and that ball coming out. Every single throw in practice I would critique. Could I have gotten the ball out sooner? Could I have been more accurate?

  10. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    NF, what the Ruskies found were the emails between the FO and Harbaugh and what really happened to come up with a world class mistake.

  11. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Looking at the teams we face next year, they all have their QB’s except Houston. Palmer too old. Cutler?

    Major dysfunction. Serious offseason. It better start Monday.

  12. NoFear49erNo Gravatar says:

    “Teammates vote Kaepernick winner of prestigious Eshmont Award”

    Final straw for me. The entire organization, from players to coaches to owners can all rot in hell.

    NoFear49er is a 49er no more.


  13. Phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    Can’t hardly blame ya NF. I stick around grimly fascinated by “what will go wrong next?” and by golly I’m always rewarded by these guys. The vicious circle that is the Niners never seems to disappoint. True the virtuous cycle that tries to get started every decade is much more fun but we know that never lasts. Now my mindset is that of driving past a wreck on the freeway. Or watching a dysfunctional marriage spiral towards divorce.

    Expectations for next year absent major improvements/upgrades are for 3 wins, no mas.


  14. Phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    Posting this w/o comment but it does seem to explain a lot =

    I knew I liked that Eddie guy…

  15. Phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    Hard luck Harbaugh finishes another season on a sour note =

    “Michigan falls to Florida State in Orange Bowl after frantic fourth quarter”

    Yeah those 20 wins in two seasons take a lot of that ‘sour’ away tho. I do expect UM to be improved next year speaking of virtuous circles.

  16. Phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    “I love them, love these guys. Great group of competitors, great group of workers, and a great group of guys that find a way. They’ve got a will to win. Not just they want to win; I mean, they must win. I love them for it.”

    – Harbaugh on Michigan’s large senior class, which played a big role in turning around a team that was 5-7 in 2014 and won 10 games each of the last two seasons.

  17. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    2-13 teams shouldn’t have the gall to hand out any awards. Certainly not to a 1-9 QB who’s been awful. So it’s not his play or grit that’s being voted on, it’s his socio-political views. A mostly black locker room more concerned with solidarity than winning football games. Just another indictment of York, Baalke, and Kelly for letting the inmates run the asylum.

  18. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    When I read that Kap won the Len Eshmont it turned my stomach and I felt let down.

    Putting things in perspective being the most inspirational player on one of the most historically bad teams in Niner history is what it is. There will be a huge turnover on this roster, most likely as many as 20 to 25 players.

    The reason for the problems at QB were orchestrated by Baalke and his refusal to bring QBs onto the roster to compete for the job. This past year was indicative when Gabbert beat him out when they had to compete. Kap has been the QB for 6 yaers and will be 30 next year. I cannot stomach a 7th year of his mediocrity and the chance to reach his “potential”.
    In the last 3 years there has been a steady regression in Kap’s playand it’s on him and not the usual excuses. Kap must be able to do the haeavy lifting and make his team better on his own rather than relying on others. Tomorrow should be his last game in a Niner uniform and he can take his act somewhere elsed.

  19. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    You have to wonder why the Niners are paying Kap $14 mil this season for producing 1 win.

    Kap’s record as a starting QB is now 28-29. He actually get’s a raise next year if (God forbid) he sticks around.

    Niners need to turn the page and clean house and that means trying to bring in a QB that will be the future.

  20. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    In hindsight had the Niners kept Jeff Driskill and started him I think he could have produced 1 win in 10 games.
    The Niners are literally picking up guys from the street to add to the roster.
    So with one game to go the Niners have zero QBs on their practice squad that they could be developing. That should be the final nail in Baalke’s coffin.

    All 3 QBs on this roster could be FAs next season. Come April the Niners could be one of the few teams without a signed QB and that leads to desperate moves.

    Seems like Baalke never had a plan.

  21. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    This team is a perfect reflection of Cali and political correction to the max in la-la-land.

    No grades given out in school anymore. No judgements made on students anymore. A falsely based self-esteem very high. Pot is now legal for recreational use.

    The leadership in Cali is left-wing, from top to bottom. Leadership of SF FO is left-wing. Leadership in locker room left wing. Chip seems leftie.

    Put a stake in it. Sulfur gasses coming out of the ground signaling future quakes. Want the big one centered as close to Jed’s cabana as possible.

  22. WinderNo Gravatar says:

    The 49ers are a massive train wreck. Giving Kap the Eshmont award is a slap in the face of 49er football. Every player that voted for him should be replaced, bar none. I can’t even blame the PC crowd for this one because it defies all logic. One thing it does prove is that we now have a losing mentality.

  23. Phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    Concur gentlemen. NF you don’t find this train wreck fascinating?
    Kaepernick is an award winner?? LOL!

    Had no idea Niners had so many award winners! Yocks!

  24. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    Tweet from Kevin Fagan’s wife:

    “My husband is ashamed to be a Len Eshmont award winner. Just heard kaepernick won the award. Most courageous and inspirational player??!?!”

  25. Phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    Chuck and spit are hypnotized into reading here and commenting over there. Conclusion by both is the dead as a doornail lefty = ‘we be a bunch of raciss…’. Tired ideology for the lazy minded. No wonder the left is imploding. Brain dead talking points are very unappealing to average Americans. But don’t tell any of them, lol

  26. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    Almost exactly 2 years ago Chuckles posted this

    =Phil, hate to burst your bubble, but Michigan is a couple recruiting classes from being relevant.
    This isn’t an indictment of Harbs, just the reality that Hoke left u of m a mess. And you do understand there is about 10 fundamental differences between the NFL and the NCAA. Right?
    The Niners on the other hand still have a solid team that should make a playoff run next year.
    Remember the playoffs? It’s what we aren’t in now.”


    This Chuckles thinking Harbaugh would have difficulties at Michigan and being delusional that the Niners would be a playoff team right after Harbaugh left.

    Chuckles usually takes the wrong side of arguments and walks it back hoping nobody notices. LOL!

  27. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Bradley Pinion rsanks 23rd in the NFL with net punting average of 39.3 yds per punt dropping 25 inside the 20.
    Contrast that with the leading punter in the NFL the Rams Johnny Hekker who had a net average of 46.1 and pinned opponents 50 times inside the 20.

    Still not seeing why a 5th round pick was spent on Pinion when you can sign a free agent punter with similar or even better numbers.

    Another bad choice on Baalke’s resume.

  28. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Looks like the buzzards are circling before the final seconds tick off the clock tomorrow –

  29. Phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    Fine with me NJ. Trent to Broncos and Kelly to college? And who do we get? Bill Walsh tree? Niner WCO tradition? Should be interesting. But please I second your call for professional football guys running the show. Marathe gone, York selling stadium rights. A competent GM would be real nice.

  30. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Phil it boils down to incompetence instilled by the York regime IMO.
    Daddy couldn’t handle the heat of the negative spotlight so he put Paraag and Jed in control.
    They’ve run off countless football guys since they took control and, now seemed poised to put Chip on paid leave as well.
    I never saw the point of Paraag having contact with football Ops from the start.
    Why is your Cap guy mixing company with the roster and Coaches?
    He should be entertaining Agents when Contracts are being renewed.
    These idiots deserve to lose in every aspect.
    They’ve meddled and interfered with everything related to football Ops and effed up everything in their path.
    They’ve created a revolving door of self-made problems just by being cheap-A$$es.
    Unfortunately, all the Coaches working with/for Chip will be unemployed and not getting paid to fish like Chip and Tomsula are.
    The York’s are a detriment to the game of football, and an embarrassment to those of us who bleed Red and Gold.

  31. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Happy New Year!!!

    2016 sucked so with new changes and a clean slate there is hope.
    If Jed eats the Kelly contract and admits his hiring was a mistake I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Sitting on his hands and going through another season with the same FO/coaching staff would be unacceptable.

  32. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Possibilities are the Shanahan father/son combo of GM and HC.

    A name being floated out there is Eliot Wolf of the Packers. He is the son of Ron Wolf and would be a very good hire as GM.

  33. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    The easy way out would be for the Yorks to fire Baalke and keep Chip to save a few million bucks.

    That would probably hurt them in a search for a new GM who would want to hire his guy as head coach. Keeping Chip would be weak because you fire the DC O’Neil and then have to look for a quality DC that would want to work with Chip’s offense which has become toxic to their team’s defense and a failure waiting to happen. No quality coach will step in a job where he might be gone next year because if retained Chip would have a short rope and be on the hot seat.

    Why I give jed the benfit of the doubt is he’s doing the right football thing by going for the clean slate. It’s costing the Yorks money but somebody is finally giving him some sound football advice by telling him to clean house.

    Niners need to be aggressive in pursuing both the GM and HC so they don’t get “sloppy seconds and the leftovers” which has happened in the last 2 HC searches.

  34. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    The rumor in Denver is they also might be looking for a new HC as Kubiak might resign due to his health.

  35. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Contrary to popular belief Jay Glazer just reported on Fox that it was Baalke who reneged on hiring Adam Gase as the HC and not Jed as reported.

    Gase did say this a few weeks ago when the Niners visited the Fins and was asked about getting turned down for the HC job and then being approached for the OC position a few days later.

    “That was very tough for me as far as deciding to go to Chicago because I thought that was the best move for me at the time. I have a lot of friends in that building and I have a lot of people that I respect and obviously my respect for the York family is very, very high. I want the best for those guys all the time so that was a tough decision for me because anytime I can do anything to help Jed York win games, that’s why that was a very hard decision as far as — even not getting the head coaching job — just saying I think I’m going to do something else as far as the coordinator’s job. That was a tougher decision than what probably most people realize because of the respect factor that I have for those people in that organization.”

    We’ll never know how things would have turned out with Gase as HC. Most likely better than the 2 win season the Niners currently have.

  36. WinderNo Gravatar says:

    Happy New Year everyone. I to think the only way to clean up this mess is to clean house. We need some good decision makers in our FO and hopefully the powers that be will find them. There is no way Jed gets a free pass but if he makes some positive changes maybe we can dig ourselves out of this mire.

  37. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Chuckles doesn’t like it when you reprint some of his silly opinions.
    For a guy who runs a blog and supposedly football savvy he predicted a 10-6 season for this years team. Chuckles missed the mark by 8 games but according to him, so what?

    Par for the course for the guy who thought keeping Baalke over Harbaugh was the right move. That was because Chuckles didn’t think the offense was sexy enough, damn the results. And yes Chuckles was a “Super Bowl or Bust” hardliner. And we all know that talk is cheap. IIRC Chuckles chided me for being happy to make it to the playoffs.As far as I’m concerned the playoffs is a necessary step to the Super Bowl.
    So Chuckles thinks the bust for the last few seasons is better? Chuckles is just a blowhard troll as far as I’m concerned.

  38. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    14 more yards for Gore to hit 1,000.

  39. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    About time:

    Banner being flown behind plane: “Levi’s Stadium — The house that Harbaugh built.”

  40. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    Gore goes over 1,000. Oldest RB to do so since John Riggins in 1984.

  41. NoFearNo Gravatar says:

    Gore’s game one of the better of the day and neither team going any further. Must be close to a bunch of performance bonus thresholds.

    Baalke gets his due for forcing out the winningest coach in the league. And Chipper will be looking at vacation brochures behind his sideline calls sheet today.

  42. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Good for Frank Gore, a true Pro and class act

    The Niners lacks team leaders and Frank was one of the steadying influences in the locker room.

    I would’ve kept Frank as he still has many yards left in his game. The thing about Gore is he didn’t need a gaping hole , just a small crease and he would get you at least 5 to 10 yards.

    Congrats Mr Gore.

  43. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    Browns just sacked Steeler QB at his own five with two minutes left and game tied, forcing Pitt to punt. Browns actually will have a chance to win and give us Myles Garrett.

  44. NoFearNo Gravatar says:

    After the Steelers backups put up 21 unanswered points they let Crowell go for a game-saving 67 yard run.

    Now the Browns are 15 yards or so from a game-winning FG.

  45. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    LMAO… Browns fumble inside the five to choke.

  46. NoFearNo Gravatar says:

    Crowell, savior and goat fumbles it away to force OT. If that doesn’t describe their season I don’t know what does.

  47. NoFearNo Gravatar says:

    All the Cowboys QBs play today. Romo with the only TD.

  48. WinderNo Gravatar says:

    Real happy for Gore. Not holding my breath on the Cleveland game though.

  49. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    49ers lose backup TE Hamm to injury… during pregame warmups.

    Yeah, that is about OUR year.

  50. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    Browns march down the field, with help from penalties have first and goal at the Pitt 2… and complete a pass for minus 14 yards. Back to the 16.

    Good grief.

  51. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    Browns get the FG. Ball goes to the Steelers now.

  52. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    Touchdown, Steelers. No first pick for us.

  53. NoFearNo Gravatar says:

    Gutsy call by Tomlin.

  54. WinderNo Gravatar says:

    Jesus, we can’t even be the worst team in football right. I guess Cleveland wanted it more.

  55. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    We’re making our case though… immediate turnover on first drive, gives the Seahawks three points.

  56. WinderNo Gravatar says:

    I’m already thinking to trade out of the two spot for a boatload of picks. But, we probably won’t do that right either

  57. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Feel so much better. We are #2 no matter what happens today.

    Rejoice. This is the abyss. FA can land an adequate to monster NT. All attention on O.

    FO housecleaning good first step.

  58. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    Well it’s over. That’s about the best thing you can say about all things 2016.

  59. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    And no one won the prognostication derby this year. Came within a defensive stop and a field goal of defending my title. And I knew damned well it was never going to happen, because 2016. Oh well.

  60. NoFearNo Gravatar says:

    Jed was right again. “We don’t raise division championships banners. We don’t raise NFC Championship banners.”

    The only guy who did was promptly run out of town.

    In real football, there’s two 9-6 play-off teams playing for that division banner and home field advantage in the playoffs.

  61. NoFearNo Gravatar says:

    It would be perfectly fitting and York-like if after Jed was left in place long enough to fire the scapegoats of his rein of disaster he was next to get a pink slip from his Moms.

  62. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Bobby Boucher is polishing up the resumè as we speak I’d bet.
    Jed and Paraag are scanning the globe for the next pair of football guys they can manipulate.
    So unlike anything I can ever remember happening in almost a year.

  63. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Chip hits the lotto on severance packages twice too.
    Nice way to see the Cheapo’s spend their profits.

  64. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    He and Tomsula can sit around the campfire and fart dead Grover Cleveland’s while lighting cigars with dead James Madison’s.

  65. NoFearNo Gravatar says:

    So are you hoping for Jerry Reed or Fonzy as the new coach?

    I hope whoever it is they take a lot of the York’s money with them, too.

  66. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    C’mon NoFear49er?
    Jed and Paraag, The MBA Twins, are hot on the tail of the next guy in line to be fired.
    What could go wrong?
    Jed is Uncle Eddie’s nephew AND, Paraag is Dr Daddy’s Moneyballer extraordinaire.
    The perfect candidates to locate, and negotiate for, a position that requires working knowledge of the NFL Pro game.
    What? Me worry?

  67. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    They at least see the need to have a HC/GM who can work together.
    I thought I was the only guy on the planet that thought that way?

  68. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Let’s hope that means, when the new HC/GM come to SF, these 2 clowns can stay far enough away from their relationship, so as not to eff it up.

  69. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Jed can’t seem to get the necessary permits/variances for a cabana at his humble abode right.
    Why should I feel the least bit skeptical about him hiring a GM/HC?
    Silly me…

  70. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    Hey, NoFear, nice haircut on the screen name.

  71. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    New post is up.

2021 Schedules
09/12: W 49ers 41, Lions 33
09/19: W 49ers 17, Eagles 11
09/26: L Packers 30, 49ers 28
10/03: L Seahawks 28, 49ers 21
10/10: L Cardinals 17, 49ers 10
10/17 BYE
10/24: L Colts 30, 49ers 18
10/31: W 49ers 33, Bears 22
11/07: L Cardinals 31, 49ers 17
11/15: W 49ers 31, Rams 10L
11/21: W 49ers 30, Jaguars 10
11/28: W 49ers 34, Vikings 26
12/05: L Seahawks 30, 49ers 23 12/12 · 10:00 AMCIN
12/19 · 1:05 PM v ATL
12/23 · 5:20 PM v TEN
01/02 · 1:05 PM v HOU
01/09 · 1:25 PM @ LAR

2021 Draft Class
1. QB Trey Lance, North Dakota State
2. OG Aaron Banks, Notre Dame
3. RB Trey Sermon, Ohio State
3. CB Ambry Thomas, Michigan
5. OG/OT Jaylon Moore, Western Michigan
5. CB Deommodore Lenoir, Oregon
5. S Talanoa Hufanga, USC
6. RB Elijah Mitchell, Louisiana
2021 Prognostications
Bullit: 12-5
Grumpy: 13-4
NJ49er: 11-6
Skeebers: 14-3
Winder: 12-5
Rob: 17-0
Spitblood: 0-17