Forward to the Past

The marketing wing at 4949 Centennial Blvd. has officially scrapped the “Quest for Six” slogan and replaced it with “Hooray, We Suck” banners for the 2015 season. Santa Clara tax dollars at work.

The 49ers will be holding a rookie mini-camp this Saturday, for anyone who’s interested. The new boys will presumably be indoctrinated into the team’s way of doing things and a crash course on the new offensive and defensive schemes that will be used this year. Neither the OC nor the DC has displayed a system or scheme to the NFL for over a decade, so it’s anybody’s guess what will be spewed forth.

The only thing we know for sure is that whatever these two C-men did before didn’t exactly win any awards. OC Geep Chryst has studied under Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman for the past four years, so maybe he learned something to spice up his resume. DC Eric Mangini has mostly kicked around the league, the broadcast booth, and a couple of vague years meddling in the offense here, but maybe he learned something from watching Vic Fangio for the past two years.

As for HC Jim Tomsula, it’s still unknown what exactly he brings to the plate except some sort of apparent quid-pro-quo with owner Jed York. Tomsula says he’ll be an “enabler,” which sounds a whole lot like Mike Singletary’s “big picture guy” role from the pre-Harbaugh days. For those fans with short memory lapses, that didn’t work out too well.

I guess he’ll be trotting around the field flashing chest hair, sweating and spitting a lot, and telling the rooks how excited he is about how fantastic they are. Just a guess. I mean, what in hell else does he know how to do? He’s given a lot of credit as a D-line coach, but he’s had Justin Smith and Ray McDonald anchoring that line the whole time he was coach. Nice. The Niners have gone through four NTs in that span and they’ve all done well, if not spectacularly. But nobody else has stepped up — excuse me, been coached up — to any noteworthy level.

At any rate, it’s welcome to the NFL time for the rooks come Saturday. Hopefully, none of them will tear an ACL this weekend, which is about the only news to ever emerge from these sessions. If you’re going to blow out a knee though, young lads, best to do it now, before wasting your head digesting schemes that probably will be replaced by a new coaching staff next year. In fact, not to scare you or anything, but you might be seeing a steady stream of new schemes installed during the next few years — just like there were from 2005 – 2011, when 7 different offensive philosophies wafted their way in and out of the Niner’s world.

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277 comments on “Forward to the Past
  1. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Because Jed can’t evaluate talent (coaches and players) on his own, he’ll fire Tomsula, then ask Baalke to hire someone and this time York won’t mettle like York did with the hiring of Tomsula. Then Baalke will hire a Baalke guy as head coach, and by then it’ll be obvious to the 49er fan base that Baalke sucks and Jed will fire Baalke, and look to re-hire another head coach, again, who’s not a Baalke guy. Or put another way, the new GM will want to bring in his own people, which will be real swell….

    The one guy who will really suffer from all this turmoil will be Kaep, but the interesting question will be whether Kaep is as strong as Alex Smith. Because Smith handled it all well. Will Kaep? And another question is whether or not Kaep’s contract allows Kaep the option to opt out? Is just playing like Vernon Davis did last year enough to get Kaep a ticket out of town? Can Kaep “fold up his tent,” not try and be the successor to my new favorite team, The San Diego Super Chargers, in less than 3 years? I hope, for Kaep’s sake, that Kaep can leave without much of a fight or damage to his own professional stock.

  2. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Kraft might become the new Al Davis and go into lawsuits against the NFL. The friendship between Goodell and Kraft is shattered.
    Kraft did a 180 when he stated during the weekend the Pats would accept any punishment the NFL handed down (wink wink).
    The penalty was revealed and Kraft was mortified and it obvious he felt betrayed because he thought he had Goodell in his pocket.

    Nothing like Donald Trump defendeing you. He says Brady is innocent because he’s a winner, a nice guy and Trump’s friend.
    Trump also said how can Goodell do this to Kraft? Kraft is one of the reasons that Goodell is commissioner. Is Trump implying that Goodell betrayed Kraft and his trust.
    Take a step back here and Goodell is taking a risk that he’ll be deposed as commissioner. Pats have always bent the rules over the years and have gotten away with the things that we

  3. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    do know about that have been made public.

  4. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Some people are really stupid. Collecting money to help Kraft pay the $1 mil fine. Kraft is a billionaire.
    They need to find a worthy local charity to donate to if they think they have too much money in their pockets.

  5. NoFear49erNo Gravatar says:

    That sounds exactly like Chuck’s argument for burning RayMac.

  6. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Kraft has his problems. After the Super Bowl, he appeared drunk. His wife past recently. He’s getting older, and so is Tom Brady. I believe Bill Belichick, rather than grooming another franchise qb, will retire when Brady retires. If I’m Kraft, I’m selling the team right now. Belichick, though, could be a lifetime grinder. Who knows? He looks awfully comfortable in that fishing boat. Either way, if I’m Kraft, I’m selling the team at its highest point. In all honesty, the Patriots got lucky winning that Super Bowl, and even though Belichick is great at reloading, it’s a whole different story when you’re looking for Brady’s replacement.

  7. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    I think the days of owners selling teams are long gone because they are making it a family business and hobby. They aren’t going to sell their favorite toys for anything. It’s too much fun.
    Kraft doesn’t need the money and his kids are heavily involved in the Pats. The Rooneys, Hunts, Maras,Jones, Bidwells, Yorks etc will all hold onto their teams like Al Davis and then hand it down to their kids.
    Only infighting like the Aints and Benson family will force a sale.

  8. NoFear49erNo Gravatar says:

    Everyone assumed we were hiding our schemes in camp and pre-season. And everyone predicted we were keeping our secret weapons under wraps so as not to give our opponents any more film to study to mount their game plans agaisnt us. Turned out there was nothing to hide. Mind games for the fans. The rest of the league didn’t care much either way.

    I hope we have something to hide this year, and it’s not just embarrassment.

  9. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Bullit – I agree. Don’t know if Kraft has anyone in the family worth handing the team off to. Are Denise, John and Eddie so void of talented offspring we get Jed? Jed? Really….? Jed.

  10. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    You really have to be an ultra optimist to think that we can easily match and improve on last year’s 8-8.
    Numbers were assigned to rookies and free agents today and are as follows

    Draft picks
    48-TE Busta Anderson
    84-TE Blake Bell
    77-OL Trent Brown
    20-RB Mike Davis
    58-LB Eli Harold
    5-P Bradley Pinion
    62-OL Ian Silberman
    15-WR DeAndre Smelter
    29-S Jaquiski Tartt

    Undrafted rookies
    6-WR Dres Anderson
    1-WR Isaac Blakeney
    19-WR DiAndre Campbell
    3-WR Darius Davis
    68-OL Patrick Miller
    45-LB Marcus Rush
    13-QB Dylan Thompson
    18-WR DeAndrew White
    38-S Jermaine Whitehead

    Lot’s of changes on mostly guys I’ve never heard of before.

  11. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    The reason I’m not holding my breath is I don’t see a potential starter this fall among the group. Possibly if Smelter wasn’t hurt he might contribute at WR but the rest we’ll see inactive or on special teams.
    And if some of these Olineman are forced into action then the offense is in a world of hurt.

  12. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Maiocco made these comments today
    ” I think Tomsula is going to be very reluctant to speak about some things. The 49ers’ approach to opening up offseason practices is even more-tight than it was under Harbaugh. And, very oddly, the 49ers have denied all requests to interview any of the team’s assistant coaches. So four months later, neither Eric Mangini nor Geep Chryst has answered one question on the record for any media members.”

    “Even this weekend’s rookie minicamp will not be open to the media. But starting next week when OTAs begin, it’s league-mandated that at least one practice per week has to be open in its entirety. So, I believe, next Thursday will be the first time that I’ll be able to watch a practice this offseason.”

    What’s with all the secrecy and denying media access to the Coordinators?

    Hard to believe that things are tighter this year than under harbaugh.

  13. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Phil, from the last thread, regarding the equipment guys that lost their jobs.

    What tipped the scales for me in all of this ‘Framegate’ nonsense, was the fact that Brady seemed to have a specific expectation from the 2 in charge of ball prep.

    I don’t like the insinuation that Brady ‘probably’ knew anything.

    Weak tea at best, I agree.

    The 2 grunts that had phone records disclosed, all but admitted they were carrying out a recipe for how Brady preferred his footballs to be prepped.

    If Brady was providing memorabilia for their services, I’d make the assumption that there was a mutual understanding of how things were to be done.

    Whether the now removed equipment guys had any sort of confidentiality agreement in their Pats employment status will certainly determine if either of them can speak out now.

    In a nutshell, the little guys took the fall.

  14. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    4 games to Brady is nothing more than an embarrassment to his legacy.
    Fining Kraft? Phfft, pocket change.

    I never once heard Brady vehemently deny a thing related to this inquiry either.

    For McNally to admit he was ‘The Deflator’ and, to have video showing him in a bathroom with the footballs is damning enough.

    But, as in the piece NoFear49er provided, the Officials didn’t do squat once the balls were in play either.

    Very possible the League was looking to pin this on anyone other than the Officials too.

    Integrity of the game is grand statement, printed on toilet paper, if the Officials don’t, or won’t, spot check the pressure throughout the course of the games.

    Very plausible that the League was all about damage control once again.

    Just as in the leaked Ray Rice video evidence.
    Had TMZ not obtained the ‘proof’, I’d suspect DV issues would never have been subjected to the light of day on the NFL stage.

  15. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Spit show me a luckier loser of an Owner than Irsay in Indy.

    That Tweet Happy Druggie has had 2 overall #1 Picks that netted him Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck.

    Talk about Magic Mushrooms.
    That stooge pulled Gold Bars out of his A$$. Twice.

    Sometimes, it just pays to be luckier than good in this business.

  16. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    And, if you want to split hairs, he kept Peyton on the damaged list with the likely intent of landing Luck too.

    Give him credit for one thing.
    He found 2 Franchise QBs just for sucking at the right time.

    Many NFL Teams never see a franchise QB come along.

  17. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    NJ … shut up. No offense meant.

  18. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    I am always willing to hear what NJ has to share.
    If you don’t like it ignore it.
    Stop the troll behavior.

  19. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    There is talk about bringing Lance Briggs in.
    Would he be insurance in case Bowman has a setback?
    Or is he a better player than Willhoite and will leapfrog him to start?
    Briggs would be OK for veteran minimum but he’s 34 and seen his best football.

  20. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Just listened to John Feinstein and he puts the deflategate story into perspective. He was suspended for conduct detrimental to the integrity of the league.
    Take a step back and the point is not two lackeys intentionally doctored footballs. The point is someone instructed these guys to alter the footballs with the intent of skirting the rules.
    Then when accused Brady didn’t cooperate and went on to this interview which he thinks he’s untouchable and smiled a lot.

  21. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Spit – Grow up. Seriously.

  22. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    That’s the million dollar question Bullit.
    Who specifically directed the equipment guys to carry out the process?
    McNally admittedly wears the moniker of ‘The Deflator’?

    Brady is guilty by association if nothing else.
    He gets embarrassed.
    The equipment guys took the fall.

    If either guy talks outside of the Pats Organization now, look out.
    The NFL, as we know it, would never be taken too seriously ever again.

    Either abolish the pressure rule or, make certain the Officials are more attentive to the balls placed in play each game.

  23. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    Yes let NJ make his points in peace. They are usually thought provoking and rational.

    Well speaking from the land of corruption, dishonor, disgrace and disloyalty I’m not surprised to see such anywhere. Sports where big money is at stake? Not surprising. Not good but not surprising. It’s everywhere.

    Humans, whatya gonna do? Not much but we can look back at the golden age of Niner football and say “We did it the right way”. Unlike some of these other guys.

    It’s great when the underdog wins as we did in the 1982 SB. It’s rare but it happens. That Walsh brought us 2 more SB wins and built a team that carried on for 2 more is perhaps a testimony to doing it the ‘right way’ = smart, talented, professional. We don’t have much to look forward to but we do have that.

    Frankly I expect corruption, deceit, lies, graft and plain old cheating just about everywhere these days. My hope lies on family and friends. Period.

  24. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Sounds like you need to spend some time in NJ Phil 😀

    “Corruption, deceit, lies, graft and plain old cheating” is an everyday dividend here, AND, if the potholes don’t get ya, the idiots you share the road with are sure to have their shots.

    Never a dull moment.

  25. NoFear49erNo Gravatar says:

    Another point in the Goodell vs the world saga; the league was notified ahead of the game that they should be monitoring the Pats’ balls for inflation problems ( IOW, the Colts complained BEFORE the game).

    The league could have done many things at that point. Check the balls at any or every stage of handling. Warn the Pats about the complaints and put them on notice that out of spec balls will be rejected and the team fined. But instead they did what? Try to catch someone in the act without inspecting anything?

    How did the Pats play after the balls’ air pressure was increased? It was a no harm, no foul situation and a simple warning would have sufficed.

    Now Goodell has chosen to make it a big freakin’ deal and it’s taken all the good will out of this pre-season to be continued as long as the legal options take to play out. This is totally, one hundred percent on Goodell and his desire to be in the spotlight as the hero saving the league… only it’s usually from made up threats.

    Of course there are many who just love to see the giants of the game fall. I guess they’re happy at least.

  26. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    NoFear49er the entire timeline of this saga is tainted.
    From your piece last night, if the Official suspected foul play, why wasn’t something said/done at the moment of it’s occurrence?

    I find no satisfaction in someone getting fingered, in a botched attempt, to produce a smoking gun.

    All the ‘dots’ get connected to Brady for the Rules change in the first place I suppose?
    A simple case of a ‘guilty by association’ verdict.

    Yes, the Pats have been notoriously linked to under handed business practices.

    What doesn’t add up for me is, the simple fact that Goodell consistently spouts off, about the ‘integrity’ of the game.

    The entire structure of the League is autonomous.

    Roger is a clueless dimwit, that mostly comes off as an empty suit.

    Officiating should be independent IMO.
    Free to enforce the games without oversight, from clowns like Blandino, and others, within the Goodell hierarchy.

    They’re all in bed with the Owners.

    Can’t buy a single word coming from their mouths as Gospel.

    All tainted, self serving dialogue, for the Billionaires that suck that cash from our pockets and, drive up the media revenue for themselves.

  27. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Possible that Brady was pushed into a gag order by the League to protect himself from self incrimination?

    Someone in that trio of Brady,McNally and Jastremski knows something.

    “Hey Tom, Wells is coming in to do some independent investigating.
    Keep your mouth shut.
    We’ve got video of McNally and the game balls.
    You take a suspension, appeal it down and, let this thing blow over”

  28. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    I’ve still got my own conspiracy theories involving Tomsula/Dr. York/Goodell and NFLE bouncing around in the back of mind too.

    All just a little too convenient IMO.

    49ers have great brand recognition across the Pond.
    Tomsula as well.

    See what happens, as time moves on, in the Leagues’ effort to Market abroad.

  29. NoFear49erNo Gravatar says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with Brady wanting the balls inflated the way he likes them as long as it meets minimum specs. And I don’t see anything wrong with him harping on the equipment guys to make them that way. In fact, by the report, the difference in the gauges used on the field alone could have put all the balls within specs. IOW, the gauges used to verify the balls aren’t checked for spec and allowed tolerance often enough if at all and they were off.

    I don’t think it’s unusual for a star QB like Brady to gift the equipment guys now and then just out of appreciation for their work and to notice them is just good leadership. People want to make the leap to say that shows he paid them off and I don’t buy it. He wouldn’t have had to anyway.

  30. ReddingRexNo Gravatar says:

    Look if you’re not sickened by what the NFL has become then female players and flag football that is very close on the horizon will be embraced with a smile and open arms. At what point do you say enough is enough? The NFL has already altered the sport and is unrecognizable to anyone who cares to remember. The fines and penalties like the Hitler’s Third Reich if you do or say anything about the almighty NFL is a joke, flags thrown on every play. Hell you can even touch anyone anymore! Kids are taught to play the sport from Pee Wee League all the way up to the NFL where they tell them, “Sorry you can’t play the game like that anymore” You even have throwback players who remember the real sport complaining about it but no one seems to care in this new accepting world we now live in.

    Do you honestly think that the NFL turns your TV Screen pink for a month for Breast Cancer? No it’s their newfound audience Females like the last commissioner stated in an interview. Did you just hear about the Military at NFL Games and fans’ thinking oh the NFL is so patriotic, lol!!! While the NFL is charging and making millions of dollars off us taxpayers. If ticket prices weren’t enough for them hell the future only rich people will afford to go see games with their families. This new world of acceptance even has 49er fans going from Joe Montana to the Original Gangster Kaepernick without one word of negativity.

    I understand puppets like unca_chuck who never said one negative word about the York’s and all the bad hiring’s they’ve made but one would only pray he’s a very small percentage a sports base of people who should remember. Since 1941, the NFL has changed or added rules over 40 times. The 2000’s decade has been the busiest in the history of the game, manipulating rules in every year. It is the only decade in NFL history this has happened. The 1980’s, for example, changed rules just twice in the decade. At some point men must wake up and say enough is enough but with the NFL’s new audience woman and children I see no stopping this money machine that hi-jacked a great sport.

  31. NoFear49erNo Gravatar says:

    It’s my thinking that Brady has more on his phone than he wants to trust to the ineptness and backstabbers in Goodell’s office aside and apart from anything having to do with ball pressure.

    He wasn’t “required” to produce anything but not doing everything Goodell asks can be grounds for him charging you with detrimental conduct. Pretty absurd. I would show Goodell my phone in a closed office with no one else present or recorded but that’s it. Your goons don’t get my phone to play with.

  32. NoFear49erNo Gravatar says:

    You’re preaching to the choir here, FlyingV68.

    The first class of Army Rangers to include females began assessment last month. Some women did pass the assessment phase to include PT but they all washed out during phase one. They will be recycled to try again. Eventually one or some will get through.

    The military is run by civilian leaders and that’s the PC thing to do nowadays and the military is a captive test bed for social engineering for the libs so inclined. Not a lot different than the NFL in that respect. The push for women on NFL teams will find a willing partner in Goodell. You can bet on that.

  33. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    All valid points NoFear49er.
    I think it’s as simple as giving the Officials the task of enforcing the ball pressure requirements.

    They take upwards of 5 minutes to sell beer and pick up trucks to those of us on the sofa.
    Let them inspect the pressure and carry on.

    No objection to a QB having a ‘feel’ for the ball he is comfortable with.

    Once again, it’s a convoluted approach to Rules enforcement, from the Clowns at 345 Park Ave.

    Goodell would look pretty appropriate in Ronald McDonald footwear.

    Pretty lame process from every angle we view this from.

  34. NoFear49erNo Gravatar says:

    Yeah, pretty lame it is, NJ49er. They cleared the team and Belichick from any wrong-doing and then took $1 million dollars and two draft picks from them.

    I think folks may begin to see that Goodell is doing as much to turn fans away as he ever did to bring them in.

    I think it’s time for a board who decides these things instead of Goodell. Every time one of Goodell’s ridiculous and inconsistent penalties are judged by outsiders they get overturned. Wise up Goodell. It’s not always all about you.

  35. NoFear49erNo Gravatar says:

    “I’ve still got my own conspiracy theories involving Tomsula/Dr. York/Goodell and NFLE bouncing around in the back of mind too.”

    I like the way you think.

  36. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Appreciate that NoFear49er 😀

    Watch out if Tomsula spins straw into gold with Okoye.

    The Brit Discus/Oympian could be the Lead Marketing Dog for the London 49ers?

    Add Jared Hayne the Rugby star from Down Under and who knows?

    Jed could jump into International Rock Star status.

  37. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    London and having any franchise based in Europe might mean dollars but it is beyond stupid from a competitive standpoint.
    For west coast teams it’s an eight hour time difference giving
    London a helluva home field advantage as it takes a minimum of 48 hours to adapt and lose the jet lag.
    This ridiculous travel will lead to more injuries in the long run because the body is already stressed by the travel.
    There are cities in the US screaming for teams and they deserve a shot before the Brits. No matter what the NFL will always be second fiddle to Soccer in Europe.

    Hope the NFLPA blocks this move just for the logistical demands
    it puts on teams. Right now a few games is a novelty in London.
    Will they support a losing team by showing up 75K every week where they have to buy seat licenses and pay for 10 games a year?

  38. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    I simply think Goodell is reacting to past criticism of favoritism and slaps on the wrist.
    He has decided to go hard line and make examples of any first time offenders because of Ray Rice.

    You really have to ask yourself why is it always New England involved in accusations of cheating and skirting the rules?

    Guess what? The Broncos were accused of spying on the Niners practice videotaping their practice. Guess who was behind that and got fined $50K? Josh McDaniels who was the Bronco head coach and now the Pat’s OC. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    Makes me wonder why the Niners even mentioned McDaniels as a replacement for Harbaugh. Did Jed develop amnesia that this guy tried to cheat to beat his team? Winning with class?

  39. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    As you can imagine the Jest and their fans are loving what has happened to Brady and the Pats. Maybe it’s an over reaction to buy 12 billboards in Jersey.

  40. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    CSN is reporting Justin Smith is meeting Baalke today in Santa Clara to discuss his future.
    So you would hope a decision is forthcoming and the team knows what it has to do going forward.

  41. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    If I’m Justin Smith, you have to give me a raise to stick around one more year…. assuming he invested well.

  42. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Interesting to read that the Tomsula Era is starting off more closed off to the media than the Jim Harbaugh Era – which was, by some in the media, a borderline paranoid coaching staff very much closed off. Must mean Baalke and Jed don’t want any more drama…. or they realize the media will have a field day with Tomsula, Mangini and Geep. Tomsula, Mangini and Geep? Really? That’s who the Jed York would rather have than Harbaugh? Really? My condolences.

  43. ReddingRexNo Gravatar says:

    Fear, The push for women on NFL teams will find a willing partner in Goodell. You sir are correct what’s really alarming is clowns like Unca_chuck after stating he witnessed real football being played at Kezar Stadium would be the first one to embrace and flag football without waving a flag of discontent.

    Liberalism certainly doesn’t work, but because foolish people are so addicted to it, they try to force it to work. It’s like pounding a square peg into a round hole because you love square pegs! What about Liberal_Chuck on his ridiculous site silencing anyone who disagrees with him, or changing their post into his own words. How does anyone still post on his site knowing this non-American tactic is taking place there?

    As far as our military participating live in NFL games I bet every single fan would believe the NFL was paying them to be there and how patriotic it was of them to do so. Yet us Tax Payers paid the NFL Millions for our Military to be there at the games, are you kidding me? Have you heard that the NFL is tax-exempt? Why is this when they make billions every year? What about Breast Cancer awareness Month when the big money making machine only donates 1 million dollars Breast Cancer Research. It amuses me because here you have a bunch of big powerful suits in the NFL who will do anything to make a buck, then try and control how you think and feel as they completely destroy a great sport and turn it into nothing butt one large controlling bank. Can you believe if a player says one negative word about the NFL they get fined? What no one can say anything? I mean fans need to wake up there’s no difference between how a Dictator feels a need to control the masses and what the NFL is trying to do today.

  44. NJ49ERNo Gravatar says:

    Bullit the Boys in power on Park Ave are all about Marketing abroad.

    Where there’s interest and money to be made, they’ll find a way.

    Bye week teams could easily be scheduled to face each other upon their return dates to compensate for jet lag.

    In your best Pink Floyd version…

    Money, money, money, money.

  45. NoFear49erNo Gravatar says:

    FlyingV68, the military has to advertise now that it’s strictly voluntary. It’s an expense item in their budget. The NFL events include a good target audience for them.

    Teams can still put on events to recognize the military and at least some do. I know the Seahawks and the Titans do. And both have a partnership with nearby military installations. I didn’t see the Niners on the list of teams taking military money.

    Everything the NFL makes is taxed somewhere. The teams and owners are not exempt just the NFL office. The people that get paid there are not exempt either. The office is exempt like a trade union office. It’s a bad look for the NFL and they should give it up just so people don’t think the billions they rake in are exempt from taxes.

  46. RTFireflyNo Gravatar says:

    The purpose of the NFL is clearly non-profit, thus qualifying it as a 501 (c) 6 organization. Not.

    I believe home teams should have control over how baseballs are prepared, particulary for post-season play. Especially, individual pitchers should be allowed to pay equipment guys under the table to, for example, remove the core of balls and replace them with nitrogen. We can rename the sport Whiffleball.
    Basepaths should be adjusted as well. Big slugging teams should be allowed to increase the distance to first base.

    Basketball teams could adjust the 3-point line and the key, depending on their style of play. Maybe move the free throw line a bit closer for their shots – only for home teams, changing every half.

    We could give a whole new definition of the term “level playing field”. Nah, it’s always being tried. Brady and the Pats were just the latest to be caught. They won’t be the last. But they were caught redhanded.

  47. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    From the west coast it’s a 10 hour flight to London nonstop.
    Coupled with the fact that you are losing 9 hours it’s just too far.
    Still think it would be difficult for a schedule maker and someone is going to be at a disadvantage

  48. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    Looks like Carmen Policy has dumped a little dig at the Yorks:

    Policy on how they had a plan to try to keep stadium in SF: “We had it ready to go…(Yorks) opted to continue to go down to Santa Clara.”

  49. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    NFL owners meetings are in San Francisco next week.

  50. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Speaking of Carmen Policy this is an interesting interview from Jan. Policy is astonished he’s not mentioned in the 49er Museum.

    “Policy said he isn’t sure why he isn’t included in the 49ers museum. Part of it might be that York and others within the organization are tired of hearing about how much success the 49ers had under DeBartolo Jr., Walsh and Policy.”

    Can’t deny history and it would make Jed seem shallow and egotistical.

  51. ReddingRexNo Gravatar says:

    Skeebers, In 2011 Policy said if that indiscretion, to smooth a riverboat casino deal, hadn’t happened, there is no reason to doubt that DeBartolo would still own the 49ers and Policy would still be its president. The team might not have gone 16 seasons without a ring for the other hand, and nearly 10 since its last playoff game.

    He went on to say, “I think there would have been a new stadium, and the city would have hosted two Super Bowls by now,” Policy says, “and I’m certain we would have won one more championship.

    Like the NFL the York’s could care less about the 49ers, their fans or our tradition it’s all about making money and fooling people into believing they’re doing all they can to win. All you need to do is look at their track record and them moving the team out of San Francisco to clearly see their true colors. They hired Harbaugh for a few years got the stadium built and as you can see it’s back to business as usual again hiring anyone quickly to fill a void. Fans should be outraged and demand much more from these wealthy criminals who just go through the motions and hide behind a good name.

    Big money is corrupting the sport and fans should know the difference between owners doing everything they can to win compared to someone just threading water. So why isn’t there more of a ruckus or outcry? Hell if you were around when Eddie was here you should know the difference right?. Sadly we have people like unca_chuck who’s soul purpose in life is to accept and defend. They never learned how to identify when it’s time to persist and speak your mind and when it’s time to just accept things as they are. Criminals like the York’s know that most fans are weak minded like him and are not going protest and stop attending games this is how they’re allowed to exist in the first place. Deceitful people like the York’s tug the hearts of fans who love the team and the city it represents and then they ride the coat tails of real winners like Eddie for eternity and fans blindly keep coming back and continue to hand over their money.

  52. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Bullit there’s plenty of interest in Europe for the NFL.
    How they do it, if they do it, is simply a matter of logistics IMO.

    Yes, huge factor, the travel.
    Goodell would likely continue to seek the expanded schedule, beyond 16 games and 1 BYE.

    In doing so, my guess is, they’d seek to expand the NFLE venue, perhaps around the BYE weeks, to decrease the impact on the players.
    Whether the CBA would be tweaked? Whole separate set of dynamics.

    I can see the incentives for Ownership.
    I can see the downside for the players.

    Again, it’s all about the sponsors and, raking in the money in this League.
    Might also be wise to increase the roster size too?

    More games, more players?
    Makes sense to me.

    Might explain the attachment to Tomsula all these years too?

  53. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    ReddingRex 2 things impacted the 9ers adversely as related to Eddie’s indiscretions.

    1) He insisted that the Ownership remain in the family.
    Denise is/was completely clueless with respect to handling that task.

    2) The free spending days and, the CAP structure, caught up to them.

    It took years to get that under control.
    By doing so, all the players responsible for the Glory Years were purged.
    Rebuilding of the roster, within CAP budgets, put us in the toilet.
    The ensuing turmoil was part and parcel of the problem hiring Coaching to take on a rudderless ship that was taking on water.

    Not many of us are happy with the situation surrounding Jed.

    Given the fact that Dr York took the reigns for Denise and, showed just how inept he was, Jed at least, sought input from Eddie to guide him through rough waters.

    All things point to family Ownership changes.
    Eddie screwed the pooch. Big time.

    Baalke’s mentor was/is Parcells.
    Not a bad connection to have, when compared to Denise and Dr York IMO.

    Given the current construct, I’ll simply ask that Baalke have the bigger piece of the pie, and hope that Jed won’t meddle, in things he’s nowhere near qualified to handle. The business side of team construction.

  54. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Policy has taken a couple of shots at Jed recently. About a month ago Policy said publically that Jed was having “growing pains as an owner.” That’s diplomat speak for “This kid sucks eggs.”

  55. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    If you aren’t watching the Warriors…. shame on you. Go Dubs!!!

  56. ReddingRexNo Gravatar says:

    NJ, with a due respect when you say Eddie Screwed The Pooch that sounds just like ungrateful Unca_chuck who at one moment could easily forget what people did and what they meant to this franchise. Unca_chuck goes around calling Eddie a criminal yet has no problem the defending a group of thugs who happen to be on our football team who face real criminal charges. This double standard only to back misguided thinking is absurd. Like how Seifert handled the Montana/Young controversy when there shouldn’t have been a controversy to begin with for those of us who just wanted to win championships. Unca_chuck had no problem trading Montana in fact he told me that Steve Young was better than Montana. Let me tell you Steve Young as good as he was never better than Montana and with one wave of Seifert’s hand we would have at least one more trophy in the case.

    Ungrateful people like unca_chuck who goes around calling Eddie a criminal yet gives the York’s a free pass for sitting on their asses while he watched with a smile a steady decline are a joke. Don’t be fooled by this Young Jedi crap that was only a move to divert the heat off the real problem. John and Denise are still running this team and Jed just a decoy. He could talk to Eddie every day, all day long and he’ll never be a fraction of who this man is. The way Jed handles the 49ers’ crises is unimpressive to the max. What about him stating, “We’re here to win championships and I don’t expect that to skip a beat.” Doesn’t it turn your stomach to hear this little weasel talk about championships? Then to hear him lie to the public that the 49ers won’t skip a beat. When did Denise and Johns 49ers ever hit the beat? The 49ers won five championships before the greedy three arrived, sadly none after that.

    When winners are in control there’s no doubt in their moves and actions that they want to win. You see it in Green bay, New England and in Seattle and other places no ones there to just fool fans into spending their hard earned money.

    As far as the salary cap goes, it was the first sign of the NFL asserting their powers to change the game all for money. Once again this wasn’t brought in to be fair to all teams it was NFL altering the sport, which brought us parity so everyone had a chance to win, which was really done to bring them in more revenue. Sadly what it did was take away the fierce competition out of the game and what it gave us was parity a watered down version of the game we once knew.

    Ira Miller said it best, Bring Back the Cowboys and the 49ers in the NFC Championship game that was the last time real football was played.

  57. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    V – Change your name back to V. It’s more fun. And yes, the NFL sucks and it’s watered down, but we still watch… like NASCAR. You watch for the wrecks. In the case of the NFL, it’s become awful theater and awful theater is still intriguing. But what are you gonna do? Concussions are real. Lawsuits are real. Suicides due to brain injures are real. Junior Seau had kids. You can’t just reverse time and say we’re going back to 1993. Wish we could. We can’t.

    And don’t let Chuck’s tactics be the cornerstone of your arguments. He was intentionally trolling and I think trying to sabotage Skeeber’s blog. We’d all like to move on and see what this blog could be without Chuck. So get over the rule changes and Chuck, and get on board with some Jed York hatin’. It’s got real legs, I tell you…

  58. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Frank Gore speaks his mind. He said the Niners never seriously wanted him back. So despite what Jed and Trent say publicly that they’ll do whatever it takes that’s not true. So much for winning with class. It would help if the owner and front office wouldn’t lie to the fan base.

    Then Gore goes on to take a backhanded shot at Kap.
    Gore says to win a Super Bowl you have to have a great QB.
    He says Andrew Luck is that QB. Gore says he’s all about winning a ring so it isn’t about the money.

  59. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    ReddingRex it’s not my intent to make excuses or, to apologize for Eddie.
    It is what it is.
    It WAS a major turning point in our franchise’s history.

    Eddie was a free spending Owner who hit GOLD with Bill Walsh.

    Our demise as a franchise had the Eddie blunder to blame.

    It ushered in the Yorks.

    Sucks. I agree.

    I’m simply hoping for Baalke to keep this thing on the rails long enough to find success.
    We all know Jed isn’t football saavy enough to do this on his own.

    Who’s to know how Eddie would have handled the CAP?
    Plan B began to turn our successes into the abyss as well.

    The League was out to break up the monopoly for Owners like Eddie.
    Rich Owners, buying all the talent, was the focus of the CAP structure.

    Eddie was probably Public Enemy #1 at that time.

  60. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    That’s an older video, Bullit. But yeah, Baalke tells half truths. That’s the nature of the biz. Don’t think it was a back-handed shot at Kaep saying you need a great qb. Frank said, “When I knew I wasn’t going to be back with the Niners, I wanted to go to the Colts. You need great qb play….” I don’t see that as taking a shot at Kaep.

  61. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Bullit it comes as no surprise to me regarding Frank.
    I’ve professed for sometime that he, above all, deserved the Ring.
    He was the heart and soul of this team for quite awhile.

    The Kaep debate will rage on.
    Until he takes the next steps in his development.

    I’ve often questioned just how much, (if any), friction occurred between Baalke and Harbaugh, over Kaep’s learning curve?

    Frank will be on my radar in Indy for sure this year.

    I just hope Grigson finds some Defense, to go along with the Offense he’s loading up.

  62. ReddingRexNo Gravatar says:

    Spit, I can’t stand what they did to Nascar as well. If they alter Hockey like this and my sports days are over, lol! As far as chuck goes I never seen anything like it before, I can’t believe Reno and Nipper still post there. Here you are reading someone’s post then a few minutes later it’s either deleted or he replaces their words with his own words and no ones saying anything, it’s unbelievable.

    Bullit, Gore is correct it’s sad they have to be free to say what they always felt. Like Alex Smith Kaepernick is a waste of time and surrounding the real problem with great talent is not going to win you a Super Bowl. When winners do evaluations they’re done quickly losers spend there time trying to prove people wrong.

  63. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    V – I don’t watch NASCAR. Never have. It’s a hillbilly sport. No offense. I’m just saying the educated fan watches the NFL these days for the same reason – the disasters. The NFL penalties are a joke. I’m starting to watch basketball instead of football. Basketball’s a little rigged, though. Refs can take over games and definitely decide who wins… so a series goes 7, etc. And I’m starting to love baseball again, even though A Rod is still around. Anyone see Barry Bonds is racing bikes? Not motorcycles….bikes. I mean, for a guy who might want to leave the doping and steroid issue behind, bike racing might not have been a smart choice for a hobby. He should have just declared himself a 1980’s USSR Olympic gymnast, or an 1990’s American Olympic track and field candidate.

    What’s really pathetic about Chuck’s blog is all the different user names Chuck creates to give his blog more hits, AND how he uses all those additional user names to agree with his own perspective. That’s some kind of twisted torture chamber over there. That guy needs help, and the rest of us, who were constantly fighting with Chuck, just need to ignore him. Insults are all he lives for, and yeah, I’m a hypocrite. Shut up, NJ.

  64. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Suck it Spit.

  65. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Bullit if Briggs is on the radar, I’d suspect it’s in an insurance role?

    I’d also figure Baalke is hoping he can wait until after June 1 to avoid a Comp Pick hit too.

  66. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    So the Pats fire the Deflator guy and now they’re calling him a fatso on top of it. Tough month to be an enabler.

  67. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    This is along the lines of what John Feinstein said the other day. It’s not the act of deflating the balls that warrants the punishment, it’s getting caught and trying to weasel your way out by non cooperation and lying about it.

  68. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    Earlier they signed Wheeler to be a backup. I don’t think Briggs is coming in to be a backup. Will he play special teams as a backup as other backup LBs do?
    I suppose it depends on the amount of the contract.
    Frankly I wish the Niners would have more media friendly open press conferences and not filter everything through Baalke.
    He puts too much positive spin on it like a Jersey used car salesman. Or better yet he sounds like Crazy Manny one of the suburban electronics guys out in the suburbs from the 70s/80s.

  69. NJ49ERNo Gravatar says:

    Bullit Briggs is nothing more than a run stuffer now.
    He was always a liability in pass coverage.

    See what happens I guess?
    He’ll come cheap or, not at all.

    Just read that 9ers will hold a joint practice vs Peyton this Spring.

    Good workout for the Newbies.

  70. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    If you guys aren’t watching the Warriors, even as bandwagon fans, shame on you…. Shame on all of you. This teams is awesome and damn fun to watch. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

  71. NJ49ERNo Gravatar says:

    Stop shaming me Geneous.

    I’m on a 9er Blog.

    You must be looking for Geneoushire?

    Get a clue…

  72. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:


  73. NJ49ERNo Gravatar says:

    There’s hope for you yet.

  74. RTFireflyNo Gravatar says:

    Are you kidding me, Spit? I’m the guy who patted Nate Thurmond (no. 72) on the butt cerca 1972. Yup. My Dad took my brothers and me to my first Warrior game and somehow we wound up at the head of the tunnel leading to the locker room. I don’t remember if the team was waiting to take the floor or if a few players were hanging around afterward for interviews or whatnot after the game. But there they were, and I was right next to Nate the Great.

    The saddest part of Warrior history for me was that the Warriors never won a championship until he retired. Makes no sense, either, because he was a great player. He wasn’t much on offense, but he was the only center in the league who shut down Wilt Chamberlain consistently – Nate the Great.

    Clifford Ray and ? Johnson, the two headed center who replaced him, Rick Barry and Jeff Mullins.

    Damn right I’m watching.

  75. RTFireflyNo Gravatar says:

    “72” I meant #42. Typo. “? Johnson” George. I’m getting ollld…

  76. RTFireflyNo Gravatar says:

    Dang. I am losing it. I don’t remember if that game was at the Cow Palace or if Dad had previously taken us to see the Warriors there when I was a bit younger and I just don’t remember the game or anything. I got a souvenir San Francisco Warriors mini basketball, I remember that much – kept it for years.

  77. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Right on, RT. I wish I’d followed the Warriors when I was younger. I followed Run TMC and the Don Nelson years when I was in high school, but I’d consider myself a bandwagon fan. The old memorabilia is cool shit, but you don’t see nearly as many young kids cherishing that kinda stuff anymore. Show me one kid who plays with baseball cards. It’s a cryin’ shame.

    Either way, though, this Warriors team is special… except for Andrew Bogut. He’s not special. I gotta hate somebody. I’m a hater. I hate Bogut.

  78. ReddingRexNo Gravatar says:

    Q: What do you call 12 millionaires around a TV watching the NBA Finals?

    A: The Golden State Warriors.

  79. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    Spoken like a Kings fan ReddingRex.

    Where day?

  80. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    “Lying is insidious. When it becomes institutionalized at the top, cynicism and lawlessness follow below”

    -Victor Davis Hanson

    Ya think?

  81. RTFireflyNo Gravatar says:

    Victor Davis Hanson is a rightwing fruitloop who spent his spare time waxing Dick Cheney’s car leading up to and during the Iraqi Adventure.

    The Warriors team that won the championship wasn’t their best team. The team that won more games had a falling out late in the season or during the playoffs. The black guys got pissed at Rick Barry and shut him out. Considering he was their best player, that pretty much sealed their fate. I don’t know what caused the rift, whether Barry said something racist or not. I don’t think so. Barry was an arrogant, mouthy ballhog. That much was certain. Al Attles was the only black HC in the league at the time, but I don’t think race relations in the league were as good as they are now. In any case, Barry got shut out, the best Warriors team lost in the playoffs, and that was that.

  82. RTFireflyNo Gravatar says:

    Clyde Lee and Dick Barnett were the other key guys on the champ team, if memory serves.

  83. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    This is true regardless of who said it or your opinion of him:

    “Lying is insidious. When it becomes institutionalized at the top, cynicism and lawlessness follow below”

    Whether it’s Goodell, Brady, Bush or Obama lying is corrosive.

  84. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Dick Barnett played for the Knicks. Jin Barnett the current W’s color analyst played for the W’s a couple of years earlier but wasn’t on the championship team. The guards were Mullins, Charles Johnson, Butch Beard, Phil Smith and Charles Dudley.
    The year after they drafted Gus Williams.
    I’ve been following the Warriors since they had Fred Hetzel and Tom Meschery.

    Talk about bad drafting the W’s are famous for lame picks.
    Things even out as the Timberwolves had a shot at Steph Curry but took not one but two point guards Ricky Rubio and Johnny Flynn.

    I’m still not sure why Don Nelson traded away Mitch Richmond for Billy Owens. In can never forgive him for that stupid move.

  85. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    And Clyde Lee left the team a year before they won the Chmapionship in 1975. Had to look it up but their main big men were Clifford Ray, George Johnson and Derrick Dickey.

  86. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    RTF, Thurmond wasn’t retired. The Warriors traded him to Chicago after the 74 season. Who we played in the playoffs in ’75. He had a decent season for the Bulls, but he was toast by then. I hated the trade, but the dubs don’t win it all with Thurmond instead of Ray. Saw game 2 of the sweep. Rick Barry was on fire.

  87. Unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Funny thing was, they played the games in the cow Palace as the oak coliseum was hosting the ice capades

  88. ReddingRexNo Gravatar says:

    Unca_chuck, No the funny thing was while a football game was taking place you were actually performing in the Ice Capades! The opening night crowd loved you so much skating in your little Coral Tutu Dress that the crowd screamed, “Woooo! Woooo!” Bummer for all of us after two years you broke your ankle, so much for your figure-skating career! After that like the Ice Capades, the Three Ring Circus came to town year after year after predictable year and that’s when you joined the show as a Circus Clown. You could always count on the circus having elephants and pretty women in sequins and feathered headdresses, and you fit right in and you made a career out of it.

    Twenty-seven years old and still thin as a whippet you left the circus but took your short-waisted, black-and-white-checkered tuxedo jacket with sparkling buttons, red nose, black hat, and white satin lapels for collateral because you thought that’s what you they owed you for spending half your life as a Clown wearing bozo’s shoes.

    In 1988 you were flipping through channels on your TV Set while watching Sesame Street and you saw Steve Young come in for clean up services for Montana in the 4th quarter of a blow out game. You fell in love with him instantly and believed it was actually Montana who was the back stabber and you thought Charles Haley was a crazy loon and couldn’t wait for Seifert your hero to ship him off to the Cowboys for interfering in Steve Young’s made up little scandal. When Seifert prevented us from winning another Super Bowl by not putting Montana in the NFC Championship game after Steve was laying a big, fat, egg, you were trilled that George let Jimmy and the boyz win one for the gipper but mostly that he’s didn’t hurt Stevie’s feelings or shatter the little confidence he had left in him.

    Ever since then you left the circus for good you devoted yourself to the 49ers. You started the first, The John York Defense Club where your motto is “There’s no move I’d ever criticize” every now and then you have a set back and you watch online videos of Sesame Street Moments or dress up in your clown suit but for the most part your 49er blog is now your whole life.

  89. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    President Phil C Washington will solve the dilemma of “Who’s your favorite liar?” shortly but first he delves into the wounded psyche of the abused Niner fans:

    Sir Phillip Colombo Freud scratches his luxuriant head of hair and turning to his Distraught Client asks: “Are you aware of the famous Five Stages of Grief?”

    DC: “No Dr. Phil”

    Freud: “When a person suffers a loss or faces a potential loss like imminent death he may undergo a series of emotional changes as follows:
    -Denial = “Winning Head Coach gone abruptly for no good reason? No problem we got Balkey and the Jedi. Move on with us to rainbow ponyland where it’s all pink bubbles all the time”.

    DC: “Oh like Blog X?

    Freud: “Exactly. Once the denial of impending disaster runs it course the next stage is Anger”

    DC: “Oh like the folks at Skeebs hating on the liars running the Niners these days and destroying the team?”

    Freud: “Bingo. Next Bargaining is the ‘stage of grief’ that typically follows Anger = ‘Balkey will do it right if I stay positive, stop getting drunk and quit cheating on my wife. He will, I know he will. Him and the Jedi. I’ll be good too”

    DC: “Yuck, that’s ridiculous”

    Freud: “Yup, sad but true. Then when Denial, Anger and Bargaining fail about mid-season with the team 2-5 comes the next stage = Depression = ‘Oh shit, they were right, we’re F-ed up the wazoo”.

    DC: “So that’s it. I feel better already Dr. Phil”

    Freud: “Yes my Distraught Client you are approaching the final stage of Acceptance = ‘This is reality, it sucks but I still love my team. I can handle this”.

    DC: “So 7-9 is optimistic huh? Whatever.”

    Apologies to Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

  90. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    I genuinely don’t troll. I agreed with Winder when Winder said, “I don’t have time for that.” And it’s not that I don’t have the time, but it’s more that creating stuff to get a rise out of someone just for the laughs is ridiculous. I can simply state my opinion, genuinely, and people get fired up. No trolling. However, I can appreciate a great, world-class, blue ribbon troll, and FlyingV’s Chuck biography belongs in the treasure troves of the blogging world – the blogging Pantheon. Who knew Unca Chuck was a professional figure skater? I certainly didn’t. And his clown background? It figures. I mean, if you put all the pieces together, of course Chuck’s a clown. Chuck loves the York and Baalke clown show. It takes a clown to appreciate other clowns shows. How did I not see that? And you know V’s claims are true because Chuck does run a “York Lovin'” blog. The rest has to be true. But I didn’t realize Chuck prefers Young to Montana, but again… it figures. Thanks for filling in the background on Chuck’s life, Rex. It all makes sense now.

  91. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    Believe it or not the Pink Pony People are not the center of the universe. Neither are political ranters on sports blogs. I aint lying…

    But of course that’s JMHO

  92. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    I’m getting old. I need a secret decoder ring. JMHO? Just my hairy opinion? Pink Ponies? Are you saying you’d like to talk politics, Phil?

  93. NoFear49erNo Gravatar says:

    Good ones, to FlyingV and Phil.

    FlyingV, “Twenty-seven years old and still thin as a whippet you left the circus…” funniest line I’ve read in a while.

    Phil, are you sure those guys over at the Skeebers Report ever got past the denial phase? They are always angry when someone disagrees but that comes more from having nothing to back up their narrative than grief. I think they’re stuck in denial, trapped in a bubble of self-promoting group-think.

  94. NoFear49erNo Gravatar says:

    Goodell says he’ll be the one to hear Brady’s appeal.

    Is it just me, or is that just a colossal waste of time and money?

  95. ReddingRexNo Gravatar says:

    Phil, Politics? Did you hear unca_chuck’s has an appeal going to change The Pledge Of Allegiance?

    I pledge allegiance to Obama of the united states of Obama. And to Obama for which we stand, one nation under Obama, with loyalty and obedience for Obama.

    Fear, you know I hate Brady but I hope he sues the fricken NFL! The Fuhrer Goodell can’t do anything right and needs to be stopped! I guess The Fuhrer is getting what he wants huge TV ratings. It’s pretty darn pathetic.

    I always remember Bill Cowher, how he reacted to that bad call by stuffing a photo into a referee’s shirt, gotta love the guy! Oh I almost forgot to tell you he was fined $7,500 for violating the NFL policy against public criticism of game officials with his comments after the game.

    “We got ways to silence you!”

  96. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    I agree NF, some folks don’t want to get past denial which is why I call ’em the Rainbow Squad, Bubble Boys, Pink Ponies, etc. It will all be cleared up on the field won’t it? Maybe they’ll get down to grief after a few losses?

    Love to be wrong but don’t think so.

  97. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    There is no middle ground with some of these guys.
    A comment was made that last season the Niners under Harbaugh had a poor start to the season. In the 12th week they were 7-4
    and in the playoff hunt. They finished losing 4 out of their last 5 games. The person who wrote that should note the last five games and the four game losing streak is where the season was lost.

    I think most of the apologists make statement but never back them up. I’d like to be optimistic but there has to be a reason. I’m not falling for that crap that the incoming staff is an upgrade over Harbaugh’s staff. Not when they’re a bunch of leftovers and misfits.

  98. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    Hey Spit. Naw don’t want to talk politics, just tweaking the subject of “Ethics, Liars” which we have been discussing with the Deflategate rumble. I quoted VD Hanson to the effect that “Lying on high corrupts us lower peons and the culture in general”.

    (“Lying is insidious. When it becomes institutionalized at the top, cynicism and lawlessness follow below”)

    This was dismissed above by a comment that VDH is a right-winger- gasp!- and not addressed otherwise. However I believe the statement is true and not political but ethical. But evidently this was not understood.

    Please no politics but the ethics of institutionalized lying, now evident at the top of our dear team (Mutual parting, SBs only please, year long sabotage, etc) and throughout our culture make the point that whether it’s Goodell, Brady, York or the ball boy lying is corrosive and breeds cynicism.

    Like we see here. Which is natural when you are chronically lied to.

    The Pink Ponies are the cheerful optimists on Blog X who see no problem with recent FO moves. We do have a special on Decoder Rings this week too.

  99. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    ReddingRex, yes we have O worshipers here and have fought a few battles to keep his PC minions from lynching Ray Mac for example.

    Myself I rarely bring up politics unless someone is throwing it out there as we saw today with the “Right Winger!” slur at the mention (quote) about chronic lying at the top.

    Evidently it is better to holler Right Winger! than respond to the point of the quote from VDH that institutional lying breeds cynicism whether in politics or in the NFL.

  100. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Phil – I read somewhere a few years ago that the people’s happiness depends on the level of corruption within their government. The article went on to list all the different corrupt governments, with Italy being, at the time, the most corrupt. The funny thing about America is that it’s not corrupt…. because the lawyers, lobbiests and members of congress have made bribes legal. People don’t realize how deeply they are affected by lying on high and overall corruption.

    Do you really think Goodell’s separate and official inquiry about who knew what, when regarding the Ray Rice tape — an investigation by the former head of the FBI or some damn thing — was legitimate? Hell no. No mention of how much the NFL paid that guy to find nothing and attach his name and credibility to the report. The NFL is joke, and it’s like Mark Cuban recently said: “Pigs get fat, and hogs get slaughtered.” We often don’t realize events when then happen right before our very eyes. It takes perspective. Right now, we are watching the beginning of the NFL getting slaughtered. I don’t think that spells the end, like some have forecasted, but I do think fan following and the overall popularity of the NFL is about to take a huge, huge hit.

  101. phil fanNo Gravatar says:


    “There is no middle ground with some of these guys.”

    Yes it is hard enough to find agreement regarding football never mind politics. As you know we were discussing ethical issues regarding monitoring air pressure in footballs. I think the same doubts many have about the honesty of various parties there are relevant here = Are we being manipulated or leveled with about Niners ownerships intentions and efforts to WIN?

    I certainly won’t be silenced quoting whomever I find relevant by labels tossed out there. Just a thought.

  102. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    Spit I agree.

    The NFL just reflects the lack of morals/ethics in our political and business cultures, sadly. Just as you are not optimistic about the future of the NFL I do worry about how our culture of lying affects the dear old USA. Do any countries believe our promises for example?

    Call me a right winger if you must (I’m a libertarian) but the issues are far deeper and more important than political labels.

  103. NoFear49erNo Gravatar says:

    True enough, Phil, about ethics and morals, but you can’t swing a dead cat in the heartland without hitting a dozen people of low morals and no sense of right and wrong, let alone in DC.

    It’s up to the lazy and apathetic citizens to elect moral leaders who put country ahead of politics. Not likely as long as the guy running is promising to take money from the earners and give it to the parasites in exchange for their vote. Call them low information voters or sheeple or whatever but their group is growing and as you see in places like Baltimore and Detroit who’ve had billions of dollars thrown at the problems of poverty and unemployment recently, just giving people money only causes them to riot and loot when you quit.

  104. NoFear49erNo Gravatar says:

    It seems we lost to Chicago, after holding a good lead into the fourth quarter, on some Kaepernick INTs. We battled AZ pretty well until their backup QB found that rookie deep a couple of times. That was on the defense. Everybody knew it, at the time anyway.

    We were missing in action against Denver on both sides of the ball but we didn’t hit any wall until Seattle. But somehow this gets remembered as Harbaugh’s fault for a bad offense and before the injuries hurt us. Incredible!

    If you need an example of people pushing a narrative and twisting history to do so you only need to read the Skeebers Report blog.

  105. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    The Thrill Is Gone

    RIP B.B. King

    He was King of the Blues and defined what a legend is.

  106. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    The Broncos signed this punter who also kicks off from a you tube video and gave him a tryout.
    My pet peeve in the draft was expending a 5th round choice on a punter when you hadn’t addressed other needs such as backup QB.

    The videos on this guy are impressive and he was sitting there
    waiting for a call

  107. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    No need to expend a draft pick on kickers/punters.
    They now have these kicking camps that are like combines where they screen prospects.
    I could be totally wrong but the guy Baalke picked ranked 5th in the ACC (his own conference) in punting. Not the entire NCAA but his own conference.
    Pretty mundane but interesting if you like punting

  108. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Funny how you answer my posts over here, NoFear.

    Here’s a thought Bullit. Maybe they think the 5th round punter may stick, and their thought for a 5th round CD wasn’t worth the slot.

    As for the rest of you admirers, gash, thanks for all the love. But, sorry I don’t go that way. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  109. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Denial of what, Phil?

    The fact that you think the team will suck?

    Denial is a two-way street. And yer on the wrong side of the road.

    Look, I was optimistic under Nolan because he did some good things, since we are going down memory lane here. Got rid of malcontents, drafted pretty well. But he bagged his QB and thus lost the team. Boink! Out.

    Sing followed the same trajectory. He interjected some needed toughness, but by year 3 his histrionics started pissing people off, and his lack of offense severely limited his team. Then he played QB roulette. career suicide.

    Harbaugh? Pretty much the same thing. He leaned on his defense and played the last possession game. A failed tactic, as Nolan and Sing so aptly proved. I mean really, when you can’t put away the Giants and the Redskins, where are you as an offense?

  110. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    We drafted Andy Lee. How did that work out?

  111. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    49-22-1 neatly summed up as a “failed tactic.” Send in the clown, don’t bother, he’s here.

  112. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    49 wins in 4 years? York won’t get 49 wins in the next 10 years. The clown needs to go back to his blog and chat with himself and all his different user names he’s created. Sybil the clown?

  113. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    0-1 in Super Bowls. Thus forever tarnishing our perfect record in the big one. Flying V fails to even mention the Harbaugh era as some sort of head-in-the-sand ignorance of that stretch of Niner football. Much like NoFear’s disappearance during Alex’s run in 2011.

    Harbaugh’s offenses were 26th, 11th, 24th, and 20th in yards. Scintillating. Points? 11,11,11,20.

    Sing? 23, 27, 24; and 22, 18, 24

    Nolan? 32, 26, 32, 23; and 30, 24, 32, 22.

    Harbaugh did a little better with the offense, but not enough, obviously, to win the Super Bowl. What was the trend?

  114. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Yeah, I guess with me here, the sheep have someone to attack rather than you. All this grab, grab, grab-ass.

    I guess you guys never tire of blowing smoke up each other’s asses.

    Mr. 50 screen names in the last 5 months calls me on that? Silly boy. The old rubbler/glue argument NoFear uses with no great alacrity doesn’t fly. Well, iy may with the high functioning retard set.

  115. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    Andy Lee was a draft choice of need.

    We still have Andy Lee and he’s still performing at a high level.

    Andy Lee has more value to the team at $2m mil per year than Blaine Gabbert at a similar salary.

    You just don’t get it and you never have because you have zero football IQ.

  116. RTFireflyNo Gravatar says:

    Phil, this is just to set the record straight. I do not despise Hanson because of his being a right winger. Some of my best friends are right wingers.

    My revulsion of Hanson stems from his mocking and vituperative commentaries aimed at anyone who did not support the treasonous, deadly fraud which resulted in our war in Iraq and the successful subversion of the Bill of Rights, most notably the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, and the indefinite suspension of habeas corpus, about which jurist Albert Venn Dicey wrote that the British Habeas Corpus Acts “declare no principle and define no rights, but they are for practical purposes worth a hundred constitutional articles guaranteeing individual liberty” and which had been suspended only once before in our nation’s history, during the Civil War.

    I picture Hanson laughing himself silly while he wrote and said the statement about morals/ethics which you quoted. I imagine him rolling in the dirt hysterically while he and the other chickenhawks, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, whom he deified, sat around discussing their techniques for dodging the Vietnam War and then lying and presenting known false information to Congress to gain support for the Fascist Acts perpetuated upon by my country, which directly and indirectly caused hundreds of thousands of violent deaths and wounds in the Middle East, most notably to American servicemen. Wonder why George Bush and Dick Cheney won’t travel to Europe? They would have to hide under the Flag (again) to prevent being tried as war criminals by the World Court.

    Yes, I may hate Phil Knight because of personal reasons. But I hate Hanson because he deliberately and vocally helped tear some of the most important foundations of my democratic country to shreds.

    That will be my last statement on the subject, as I know very well that it will lead to a flurry of rebuttals. I’m back to football, though temporarily to the Warriors.

  117. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    You could argue that Baalke used a 5th on a punter because Andy Lee was so expensive, but if it’s about money, why pay Torrey Smith so much when Kaep isn’t a good deep ball thrower in the mold of Joe Flacco, and the 49ers’ offensive coordinator really isn’t that good? If you want to save money, where you spend money needs to be really smart. The money paid to T Smith was moronic – especially for a team that wants to run the ball. Why did we dump Iupati for a WR again? A 5th on a punter is stupid if the cost cutting moves don’t make sense.

  118. winderNo Gravatar says:

    It’s funny to me that you guys continually harp on the loss of Harbaugh and crew. Call people delusional when a person has a different point of view. And, equate anyone who’s glad Harbaugh is gone with being a York lover. Kinda weird actually. Go Niners

  119. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Like I said I could be proven wrong and will have to eat my words but this punter they drafted would have been there in the 6th or 7th round. I could understand if he was an All American but he wasn’t. In the ACC they honored 5 punters firt team through honorable mention and he wasn’t there.
    Very curious pick especially because he wasn’t a holder for placekicks in college. That’s also an overlooked skill that Andy Lee performs superbly.

  120. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Winder – it’s delusional to think your team will get better through subtraction. Delusional thinking is when, despite all evidence to the contrary, people deny evidence and want to think something else. If you objectively look at all the moves the 49ers have made post Harbaugh, and you acknowledge the loses, and you think this team will be better than 8-8, you’re delusional. And the litmus test is betting. The 3 merry optimists are you, NJ and Sybil the Clown. You have a valid excuse, and I appreciate it because as a now reformed gambler, I understand not wanting to corrupt the enjoyment of the game play-by-play. However, NJ and Sybil the Clown don’t have that excuse. They’d bet, they just don’t believe in the garbage they spew, which to me means they’re in denial or delusional, but only to the point where their pocketbook is affected. If you want to continue to believe, through subtraction, that this team is going to be better in 2015, by all means. Carry on with your optimistic thoughts. But what happens in 2015 when the 49ers go 4-12? Are you then going to be man enough to say you were wrong?

  121. NJ49ERNo Gravatar says:

    Spit come back to reality.
    Baalke isn’t delusional enough to think Drafting for NOW, pays dividends.

    By Trading down, he acquires ‘Free’ picks.
    If Pinion doesn’t supplant Lee, no harm, no foul.

    Harbaugh’s mantra was what, oh Geneous of Geneoushire?

    Iron sharpens iron.

    It’s called competition in this League.

    We got Armstead & 2 ‘Free’ picks.

    That’s what a smart GM should be doing Cybil of Geneoushire.
    Play the game with someone else’s money.

    Again…get a clue.

  122. NJ49ERNo Gravatar says:

    Bradley Pinion, punter, Pick 165.

    Acquires from Grigson in Indy for DT Parry.

    Is the light of day shining in Geneoushire yet?

  123. NJ49ERNo Gravatar says:

    Acquired of course…

  124. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    What;s the shelf life of the average punter, Bullit?

  125. NJ49ERNo Gravatar says:

    Could that be the same GM Grigson that spent a #1 on RB Trent Richardson?


  126. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    NJ – The idea that drafting for two years down the road is stupid, and it’s clearly a strategy Baalke created because… well, he’s stupid. First problem with Baalke’s strategy is that if you have holes to fill now, you plug ’em now with young players and hope to find a starter and a star… now. You DO NOT USE OLDER VETERANS like Bethea, Dockett, Lance Briggs (gag) and others. You start rookies and build your team that way because you get such a huge value due to the rookie salary cap that prevents big paydays. Did you and Baalke not learn anything from Russell Wilson’s salary affecting the Seahawks’ run? Nothing? You and Baalke learned nothing from it? Figures. Just because Baalke has a strategy, doesn’t mean it’s a good one. Baalke’s an idiot. And soon you’ll be exposed as an idiot as well for siding with Baalke over Harbaugh. Shut up, NJ…

  127. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Green Bay had as much of a need for IL and went DB in their first 2 picks. At least they had a need there. WTF was TB thinking with picks 2 and 3, neither were at a position of need. We are now a young team and can wait on this draft for production.

    For those that have subscriptions of pro scouting mags can you post their ideas about QB, WR1, and a pass oriented TE. TIA

  128. NJ49ERNo Gravatar says:

    Spit do you remember Ricky Watters?
    He sat a year too.

    How many College Rookies light it up year 1?

    Answer..very few.

    You Draft BPA.
    If your guy is off the Board?
    Trade back.

    Get an eff’n clue dude.

  129. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Thing is, you guys are very quick to judge the next 10 years as some desolation blvd. All this angst over a proffered 5th round pick.

    Based on your hysterical grab-ass.

    The defense should be near what it was. The offense will be better.

    That should be able to get us to 10-6.

    I know. It’s like alchemy. Or sorcery to think such thoughts.

  130. NJ49ERNo Gravatar says:

    Spit Russel Wilson is looking for Manning money now.

    He’s balling.
    Watch how that plays out with GM Schneider.

    You think Russels’ Agent Will settle for Kaep’s deal?

    Think again.

  131. NJ49ERNo Gravatar says:

    I’d rather have Dockett right now over Armstead too.

    Cloudy in Geneoushire today?

  132. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Like Fred Dean, right Spitty? Or Deion Sanders? Or Anquan Boldin? Steve Young? Ken Norton Jr? Tim McDonald? Justin Smith? Or the other hundreds of free agents that helped along the way?

    What contract? Wilson hasn’t signed anything.

    Trades and FA acquisitions all serve a purpose. Too much of it an you end up like the Eagles of a couple years ago Bloated contracts that got them to the bottom of their division. Same with the Niners in the mid to late 90s. Policy and Clark cap-differed themselves to shit-town. Too little of it and you end up with a team with no vets.

    Invariably, the preference os to have a mix of seasoned vets with some solid FAs. But it’s better to err on the side of young.

  133. NJ49ERNo Gravatar says:

    Ha-Ha paid dividends in GB this year didn’t he?

    Bethea ate his lunch and, stole his lunch money. eff’n..CLUE.

  134. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    I buy the alchemy excuse for a 10 win season projection. Hard drugs can do that to a brain. Your reputation is riding on this one. ROFL

  135. NJ49ERNo Gravatar says:

    Jed can’t evaluate talent?
    Let’s hope not.
    Jerruh and Snyder can’t either.

    Blind squirrel theory still apply in Geneoushire?

    Just say’n Geneous.

  136. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    Here is the 2014 All ACC Team

    It goes 5 deep to honorable mention. Pinion didn’t get enough votes to make this list.

    Before Andy Lee the Niner punters were Jason Baker, Bill LaFleur and Chad Stanley. Baker averaged 40.2, LaFleur 36.6 and Stanley 39.5. Lee averaged 46.8 yds with a career average of 46.2.

    There was a time when Niner special teams were crap with the likes of Jose Cortez and Wade Richey along with various punters. Andy Lee became a weapon flipping field position by 7 yards per punt and suddenly the culture came and special teams became a priority.

    Remember I said this way before the draft. If they get rid of Lee and Dawson Baalke will frame it as going younger but in reality it will be going cheaper because the team won’t be competitive.

    This is another case of meddling and going against if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  137. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Forgot the link to All ACC Team.
    Pinion is not to be found.

  138. NoFear49erNo Gravatar says:

    Winder, I don’t see anyone calling you deluded. It’s not about differing POVs, it’s about the vitriol and the manufacturing of “facts” and rewriting history. Do you even read what Chuck puts out over here? Nothing but trolling and personal attacks for anyone disagreeing with him. I don’t remember seeing anyone over on his Skeebers Report blog calling him out for that.

    There’s no accounting for taste. You can hate Harbaugh and all he did for any reason that you like. But if you come on a blog where everyone is talking about the utter stupidity of getting rid of a winning coach, who we’ve supposedly been searching for for many years, and how it was done, you might expect you’re going to have to defend your opinions, just a little.

    Some folks can’t or don’t think they have to beyond offering a bunch of bullshit and personal insults for those who don’t fall in line behind his pronouncements.

  139. NoFear49erNo Gravatar says:

    RT, sheesh!

  140. Unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Right NoFear. Like you don’t attack differing political views. Or anything outside your narrow perspective. Yeah, I offer a different viewpoint. Much like Bergs, who left. Or ROB! Who left. Or Nip. Who left. Someone has to stand for the opposing viewpoint. And the fact that 2 of the biggest internet trolls in existence side with you makes this all the funnier.

    Why did they leave? Those guys have been posting here for years. They got tired of being shouted down I’d think.

    Jesus H Christ. Your 2:07 post has more bullshit in it than a field of bovines.

  141. Unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Shit, this team could end up 8-8 again. Or worse.

    No one knows how this will play out. But to joyously dance on the hope that they DO fail is some form of lunacy I don’t get.

    Were the LA clippers fans pissed off at their ex-owner? Sure. Did they disavow the team? No. Same with the Cownoys. For all the people that hate Jerry Jerkoff, they still support the team.

  142. NJ49ERNo Gravatar says:

    Bullit my feeling is, whomever Baalke sought before dealing out was gone.

    Quite possible Too, the next guy wasn’t there either at 165?

    Short of having the option to deal back again, Pinion carried a Grade with that slot.

    At RD5 levels, I don’t squabble much personally.

    Aaron Lynch seems to be a steal.

    Who cares?

    Give it a roll.
    Might work?

    It’s a throwaway Pick if we assume Baalke lost his favored target.
    Reach? Maybe.
    Need? Possibly, if you’re planning ahead.

    I’m more concerned if Armstead ‘wants it’ as much as Tartt seems to.

    The Draft is, and always has been, a crapshoot.

  143. NJ49ERNo Gravatar says:

    I don’t shop for or, bother to evaluate Kickers, Punters or, QBs.
    Way too speculative.

    They are needed, certainly.
    But, they have to fit your vision of need.

    I’m skeptical if Kaep can handle the Pocket.
    Harbaugh obviously saw Luck-lite with him.

    I hope, for our sake, he was right.

    If not?
    Pinion is a waste of effort by comparison.

    This game goes as the QB goes.

    Feast or famine IMO.


    Roll the dice.

  144. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    You study the draft. If I gave you a choice at the Niners fifth round spot I am confident you would pick 100 other guys before you would even consider picking Pinion. You would have to dig really deep to even come up with his name. Most draft publications didn’t list him.
    That is how big of an unknown he is.
    Be honest did you think punter was a position of need?
    Had you ever come across his name or even heard of him before they picked him?

    Want to hear what the media says when they finally get to witness a practice next week.

  145. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    One day, we’re a blog of doom and gloom and the next day we’re joyously dancing with hope of a failed season. Neither of your idiot assessments is accurate, Chuck. Unlike you, we just deal with the facts. York and Baalke have traded in a great coaching staff for a mediocre one. There’s no dispute about this among rational people. It takes good coaching to win in the NFL, and a mediocre staff makes it all but impossible to succeed. That’s not cause for joy, by any means. But it most certainly isn’t cause for optimism. You want to wait and see how it plays out before making a judgment on what’s happened. Fine. Wait. Rational bloggers have enough evidence to be able to figure it out now.

  146. NJ49ERNo Gravatar says:

    Bullit, Pinion, or any other Punter, ever entered my scope of interest.

    All I can think is, Baalke was empty for an option at that slot.

    My guess?
    He sees a Punter as a need a year or 2 from now over another position?

    The Draft, for me, is speculative.
    You look for potential.
    Some guys develop immediately, depending on potential.

    Unless you see SeaBass as a can’t miss 1st RD Pick, I never consider Kickers and Punters before RD6.

    Maybe Pinion flew under the radar?

    We’ll see?

    I won’t lose any sleep if Lee keeps the job.
    I will be bothered if Armstead goes Glenn Coffee on us.

  147. winderNo Gravatar says:

    Nofear- Thanks for the reply I have never felt any innuendo from you about any delusion. And, i would have a hard time explaining just why I was glad to see Harbaugh go. It was what my eyes were telling me and the way my gut felt about the football we played last year. For better or worse that’s not gonna change whether we go 10-6 or 2-14. I was an optimist during the Nolan and Sing years and I don’t see that ever changing either. hell, i was optimistic when Ericson(sp) had the team. Most of us here are die-hard Niner fans which means we are mostly unforgiving when it comes to bullshit. And, this is where Jed stands with me at the moment.

  148. NJ49ERNo Gravatar says:

    Belichick grabbed a long snapper right behind us.

    Who knows?

    If I could Grade and Slot talent, I’d be looking to take a job from someone in the NFL.

    I’m a GM Wannabe.

    But, I’m a diehard 9er fan 1st.
    Walsh and Policy eff’d up Picks too.
    It happens.
    I just hope they find a gem or 2 along the way, like they did with Joe and Jerry.

  149. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    Don’t be so defensive.
    I’m not attacking you. You didn’t make the pick.
    I will say if Baalke shouldn’t ever be suprsied in the draft inro making a panic pick.
    Punter prospects are plentiful these days as longevity of established punters means there are only 32 jobs and no need for backups. The pool of punters looking for work is deep and plentiful. The turnover rate on punters might be 4 a year at best.
    The guy that the Broncos signed that was on you tube was punting 60 yards with 5 plus seconds hang time.

    One thing that’s overlooked is a strong kickoff guy. If you have a guy kicking off that puts 80% of his kicks out of the endzone than he’s worth a roster spot. Eliminating the potential for a big return is huge.

  150. NJ49ERNo Gravatar says:

    Bullit not being defensive at all.
    Trying to be candid.

    Punters are off my radar.

    I’m simply deferring to he Scouts and GM who buy them.

    Like any selection we make, I’m hoping they pan out.

  151. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Chuckles asked what the shelf life of an average punter is.
    Andy Lee is not an average punter. He been All Pro 3 times IIRC.
    Lee has been around for 10 years and I randomly looked at KC where Colquitt has been there for 10 years, Seattle where Ryan has been punting for 9, Packers where Masthay has been there for 5 and ATL where Bosher has been there for 4 years.

    It seems like if you have a good punter you hang onto him. Simple math says there is minimal demand and an over supply as there are only 32 punters in the NFL. Teams keep punters as long as they are productive and some teams have franchised their punters.

  152. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Correction, Andy Lee has been around for 11 season and this will be season 12.
    You forget at one time he was the MVP on the Niners, their only bright spot.

  153. NoFear49erNo Gravatar says:

    Hey Winder, I have absolutely no problem with your point of view. There were things about Harbaugh that I wasn’t a fan of either. There’s always room for other opinions, too. I’m not here to change anybody’s mind and if someone wants to change mine they’re better off with persuasive argument than name calling.

    I still think I had the superior team when you knocked me out of the playoffs with two beat downs in the Niners fantasy league.

  154. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    You shouldn’t lump everyone into one basket and paint with such a broad brush.
    You’ve been listening to the troll.
    When did I say I have given up on this team?
    Someone else in a hyperbolic moment said 10 years, not me.
    If I didn’t give a crap why would I make such a big deal about wasting a 5th rd pick on a punter?
    Remember in the past I was called a homer and a rah rah pom pom guy and too Pro 49ers? So I can’t criticize what has happened?

  155. Unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Why would you make such a big deal about a 5th round pick? Easy. You are actively searching for shit to ridicule and thus denounce.

    Yo say you are realistic about things, Skeebs, disavows your last 30 threads shitting on the front office and how bad off the team is without St Jim.

  156. Unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    You are guilty as well NoFear. You can’t play poor me while you sling the bullshit around.

    Like talking to Bullit, he goes off and starts shit. He’ll dig up a 4 year old post to dredge up some recent event and caper like an imbecile. Then he cries foul if it comes back at him.

    Kitchen, heat and all that.

  157. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    I was talking to Winder not to you troll.

  158. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    And you just come here to stir up crap because your blog is DOA, Cricket City.
    Again the double standard you hypocrite troll.
    It’s ok for you to take shots at Crabtree ofr holding out. That happened 5 years ago. Obviously you don’t ever dwell in the past.
    You really are a clown troll that doesn’t realize how stupid his posts are.

  159. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Armstead signed today and Charles Haley did some teaching at Santa Clara.

  160. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    RT Ok your mind is made up about VDH like it is about many political figures you mentioned. Fine. “You imagine” Hanson “rolling in the dirt laughing”. Fine. Good imagination RT.

    It’s one thing to post a comment and another to support it with quotes and facts. You insist “My revulsion of Hanson stems from his mocking and vituperative commentaries aimed at anyone who did not support the treasonous, deadly fraud…”

    Care to support that with some examples of ‘mocking and vituperative commentaries’ from VHD? Or is that blanket assertion your final word? RT Baloney on your opinion unless you back it up which you won’t you say. Whatever.

    This stems from a comment I posted by the great VDH =

    “Lying is insidious. When it becomes institutionalized at the top, cynicism and lawlessness follow below”

    This is true regardless of who said it or your opinion of him but RT won’t admit it because his mind is made up. Sounds like more work for Dr. Phil.

    Whether it’s Goodell, Brady, Obama, York or the ballboy lying is corrosive. That includes the 49ers IMO. As several have said here.

    I’m not surprised lying about footballs, sports teams is happening. It’s part of the national culture of lying starting at the top.

  161. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    The view that trading a winning HC and his staff for a cheaper group of under-performers is a good thing is pathetic. York trying to sell Tommy is like Blog X saying “It’s all good, no worries and you’re an idiot if you don’t agree”. Who is going to buy this? Crickets, right.

    People won’t be fooled forever. As a great American president said: You can’t fool all the people all the time. We have seen a long enough history of York mismanagement to know what their words are worth regarding gutting the coaching staff. Sure we all hope for the best from the Niners but to expect great things after this latest meltdown is unrealistic. To insist on it is ridiculous. To attack others based on expectations of continued success is lunacy.

  162. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Brady’s suspension is not that extreme or severe. It’s now par for the course. NFL discipline has become severe. The players agreed to it in the new CBA that Goodell would be judge and jury.

    He gave Ray Farmer GM of the Browns a 4 game suspension for texting the sideline during a game.
    4 games is the norm going forward as the precedent has been set.

  163. RTFireflyNo Gravatar says:

    Hanson was all over the place with invective concerning the Iraq War, Phil. If you don’t know how to do an Internet search at your age, I can’t help you.

  164. RTFireflyNo Gravatar says:

    If it is one obscure comment, then I feel that it is my job to provide a citation. If it is dozens of statements to national media organizations, than it is yours.

    It was dozens, if not hundreds. He was nearly as big a culprit as Judith Miller.

  165. winderNo Gravatar says:

    Bullit- yeah generalizations can be taken the wrong way and I am guilty of that. Personally, I think the 5th rd pick was totally wasted myself. i don’t think anyone was gonna take him in the draft at all.
    nofear – i’m claiming the blind squirrel theory as far as fantasy football goes. But it is fun to play and I hope dennis sees fit to try again this year.
    Phil- Don’t you think Harbaugh had some part in all that went down, you don’t know what was really going on because no one does except those involved. And, any coach that doesn’t want to come here, well “F” him.

  166. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    RT your refusal to show one single instance of supposed “vituperative” commentary by Hanson undermines your case. I am well aware of VDH and his public comments and it is for you, sir, to show us these alleged comments of his. Since you try to put that on me I assume you don’t have any to cite. And I know you don’t.

    This is true regardless of who said it or your opinion of him:

    “Lying is insidious. When it becomes institutionalized at the top, cynicism and lawlessness follow below”

    Whether it’s Goodell, Brady, Obama or York lying is corrosive. How about responding to what VDH actually said above? Why do you refuse to respond to this obvious truth?

  167. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    Winder sure it is likely Jimi had something to do with it = some percentage. He also has 100% responsibility for 49 wins. Not ‘some unknown percentage’. 100% credit for 49 wins in 4 years. York wasn’t bright enough to know that and dumped him for personal reasons. York is 100% an idiot and he’s 100% responsible for firing the HC who won 49 games.

  168. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    “And, any coach that doesn’t want to come here, well “F” him.”

    After the shabby treatment of the latest great HC by York and the FO cronies NO good coaches ‘want to come here’.

    Yeah that’s about those coaches. Uh huh.

  169. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    I believe in “benefit of the doubt” and I certainly think Harbaugh earned it in his first 3 years. I don’t think that management is with you at the first instance of failure which 8-8 is in the context of everything. How would you feel if you worked for a company and had great success for 3 years and then a mediocre year and the boss wants to show you the door?

    My mindset is it has to take you 2 years of bad results to
    even think about replacement of the coach. If you do it you should have his equal or someone even better which didn’t happen.

    Some talk about the Warriors and Mark Jackson and how he was replaced. Mark Jackson is a borderline religious zealot and he is a preacher on weekends. As coach of the Warriors he couldn’t separate his religious preachings against gays and same sex marriage from being the coach of a team in the Bay Area. The President of the Warriors Rick Welts is gay so something had to give and they told Jackson to hit the road.
    The Warriors have been more than patient with Mark Jackson tolerating his being blackmailed by a stripper who had pictures of their affair and trying to blackmail him. How does this happen to the preacher? Anyhow so far, nobody in the NBA is hiring Jackson to coach.
    So those using Mark Jackson as an example similar to Harbaugh don’t know what they’re talking about.

  170. winderNo Gravatar says:

    bullit – I have a feeling that all this started long before the season even started. I don’t think the 8-8 has much to do about it. I would have given Harbaugh a raise before the first game last year. But what I would do means nothing. The change in my attitude toward harbaugh did happen last year when I saw the product on the field. If there is/was a personal difference between upper management and Harbaugh then who’s to say this year would’ve been any different.

  171. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Warriors WIN!!!
    On to the Western Conference Finals!

  172. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    Nice video on Niners new QB Dylan Thompson:

    Nice to hear Ws win in Memphis.

  173. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    I do remember that Harbaugh showed up at the Levi’s ribbon Cutting for the stadium in his sweatshirt and khakis and the FO wasn’t happy because he didn’t come in a tie and left the ceremony to go to practice. But that’s vintage Harbaugh.

    I would not be complaining if Jed/Baalke did their prep work and lined up equal coaching to Harbaugh. I’ve seen the movie before where they would go on a search and spare no expense
    to make a hire. We know that’s a load of crap.
    I could’ve lived with it if Gase was hired with Fangio as the DC but Jed nixed that by insisting Tomsula as the DC which
    blew that deal up. It became a comedy when Baalke asked Gase to be the OC under Tomsula. How does that happen?

    If I put a number on it I would say 25% of what happened was Harbaugh and the rest was out of his hands.

  174. Unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    My point exactly. Winder. Nothing would be different with the players that left. Or retired. If Harbaugh is here ther is the toxic environment that seemed to be pervasive with Harbaugh in the building would still be a big problem.

    Will we be better? Hard to say now. I”d like to think we can improve from last year offensively. But the crew here has written off the next 10 years.

    With Harbaugh, would the issues not be there? No. The issues this team faces would not be much different. It’s a different coaching staff, yes. Will they trip over thei dicks? They very well might do that.

    But again, you have all given up in May. They may do better on offense and reach the playoffs. And that’s all Harbaugh did in his time. Reach the playoffs with very good teams. He may well be a victim of his own success. But he’s also a victim of his own hubris.

  175. Unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    That’s great Bullit but name recognition doesn’t mean shit. It doesn’t win games.

    Holmgren went to Cleveland and took a huge dump. Shanny goes to wash and fails. On and on. What matters is how this team comes together and plays.

    Is there 0 chance that these guys will do well? Because that’s all I see here.

  176. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Sir Spitblood from Geneoushire just shot a 76 while golfing at my local track. 4 over par? Are you kidding me? I’m legit. I might try get on the senior tour. Then I get home and watch the Dubs dominate. But with Allen out, it wasn’t the same series. Fun either way. Curry’s 72 footer at the buzzer? Question I have is whether the Warriors can start closing teams out. Then I get to my favorite blog and see that Chuck and NJ are still throwing-up all over the blog. The only thing that will shut them up is the a terrible season… which is right around the corner. Oh well, 2 outta 3 ain’t bad. Go Dubs! Go Sir Spitblood!

  177. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    Keep up the troll narrative and collectively say 10 years. That’s your premise. I never said that but you like to lie like a rug.

  178. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    Really? You love to bitch and whine just like you did with Erickson, Nolan Singletary and Jimmy Raye. If you can’t tell the difference than you are a complete doofus troll and a loser.
    You seem to revel in mediocrity.

  179. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    Keep talking and posting your troll crap. It just might come back and bite you in the ass.

  180. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Bullit: You’re allowing yourself to be brought down to his level.

  181. Unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Yeah just like hhe fake fish you catch.

  182. Unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Funny thing. I was right. You? Riding the fence. Now you are whining about Tomsula, and hehas the highest winning percentage in Nkner history.

    Yes bullit. That’d what this is about. You wanting to crow about how bad the team is. Good for you.

    Yay! We suck! Just like I said! Look at me!

    I sai we’d make the playoffs when Harbaugh got here. You? Nope, like the talking heads everywhere, you went with the crowd. The sheep.

  183. Unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Oooh good one, pissy. You wouldn’t know a sand wedge from a dipstick. And those balls dont go up your ass. Well, in your case..,

    Speaking of levels, yer six feet under . . .

  184. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    See Bullit – look at that above. You want to respond to someone like this? Ugly….

  185. winderNo Gravatar says:

    How does anyone really know what went on during those coaching interviews, they don’t. Just some innuendo coming from some local sports guys, news flash, they don’t know what was said either. In fact in all probability they would take it up the shorts for some real notoriety. I didn’t really see any proven talent coming in and it’s just possible that none of them impressed the FO staff. I’ve never heard so many conspiracy theories in my life about anything. Well, maybe the Kennedy shooting, or the Marilyn Monroe suicide. But, here’s a conspiracy theory that holds just about as much water as all these other ones concerning the Harbaugh saga. Lets say that during the big game little Jimi showed his big brother a little too much brotherly love at an opportune time, and lets say the FO got wind of it. That would surely cause a riff and don’t say it couldn’t happen because blood is much thicker than water. And, just like all the other supposed theories being thrown around it doesn’t really have any substance or backbone.

  186. NoFear49erNo Gravatar says:

    Winder, the way the FO was leaking anything to discredit Harbaugh it’s hard to believe they wouldn’t have leaked that and most assuredly players who knew about it would spill, especially after Harbaugh was gone.

    I’ve always thought the Boldin trade was the Harbaugh family making up so Thanksgiving dinners wouldn’t be so awkward.

  187. winderNo Gravatar says:

    Nofear I honestly don’t believe that Harbaugh let one get by(shoeless). But, in all honesty all it would take is a ineffective alignment here or there and very few would actually be able to pick up on it or prove that it was intentional. I was just throwing that out as an example.

  188. ReddingRexNo Gravatar says:

    May 15, 2015 at 9:08 am
    0-1in Super Bowls. Thus forever tarnishing our perfect record in the big one. Flying V fails to even mention the Harbaugh era as some sort of head-in-the-sand ignorance of that stretch of Niner football. Much like NoFear’s disappearance during Alex’s run in 2011.

    Chick, I never mentioned Harbaugh and his championship years? It didn’t matter to you who the York’s hired from Erickson to Tomsula they had your support and you mindlessly believed every year that we were going to the Super Bowl. At the beginning of every season no mater who was our Head Coach you went into acceptance mode and NO ONE was going to change your mind.

    First of all I liked the Harbaugh hiring up until he stated, ”I’m going to search the world over to find my Quarterback” I thought wow he’s really was going to clean house and do a QB evaluation like Carroll did in Seattle to find our guy. A few weeks later he just named your boy Alex “waste of precious time” Smith our starter. While this bad move didn’t seem to bother you, it bothered me because I happened to remember Walsh and his winning ways. He folded to pressure by the York’s who were not interested in finding a winning QB rather they wanted to prove people like me wrong that Alex Smith was not a first round bust. Furthermore Harbaugh unlike Walsh lack class and integrity and his baby tactics on and off the field again to anyone who cared to remember Walsh was an embarrassment to anyone who still believed in standards and class.

    Then he brought in Kaepernick who’s nothing but a wannabe gangster who’s the complete opposite of Montana, Rodgers and Russell Wilson and he ruined our Super Bowl record because he was too busy thinking about his Tattoo appointment the day after the Super Bowl Loss. Like the York’s I guess you just can’t evaluate anyone quickly and wasting five to seven years until reality to finally set in is all right with you. Like Walsh or Carroll I only need a few games, a year at most to determined the difference between a winner and a loser and I’m not a huge fan of the beating the dead horse process that’s for losers.

    Go back to your Blog where you silence people who have different views than you and you congratulate each other for thinking the same.

  189. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Winder – Forget the conspiracy theories. Just win, baby. Harbaugh was a winner. Still is. Has been wherever he’s been. Jed York should have found a way to keep him. Period. No other issue is as relevant.

  190. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Unca Chuck is the most hated person on the blogs. Poor guy needs to re-evaluate his life.

  191. winderNo Gravatar says:

    Yeah, Boldin was a gift horse that keeps on giving. For a 6th, C’mon. Not quite as good as the Hacksaw or Dean pick-ups but it’s up there.
    Spit, conspiracy theories are a waste of time. I don’t hate unca, I like his blog and there’s lots of times we disagree on things. I am trying to remember the last time I had an original thought, maybe it will come to me later.

  192. RTFireflyNo Gravatar says:

    Phil, your inability to use an Internet search engine is pitiful. Hanson was famous during the Iraq War. He was in the news constantly for statements. Famous people do not need citations.

    Perhaps if I were to write that Abe Lincoln championed the end of slavery, you would demand a citation and become defensive about your ignorance of Lincoln?

    It is not my fault that you do not live in the country, and that you did not live in this country during the entire Iraq period. Hanson was famous here to anything paying any attention to the news.

  193. RTFireflyNo Gravatar says:

    My question to you, Phil is: was Hanson referring to himself and the people whose lies he glorified, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, when he made his statement that you are making such a fuss about? He should have been. He personified it.

    That was the point of my original cynical post, pointing out his blatant hypocrisy. Perhaps lampoon is beyond you?

  194. NoFear49erNo Gravatar says:

    To which lies, precisely, do you refer?

  195. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    This will cause the Kaepernick fanboys to blow a gasket.
    I don’t think it has much merit but it is a published report
    One crazy scenario is Kap for Cutler which will never happen unless Cutler’s contract is restructured.

    This story is dated yesterday and I find it curious that if they were going to make a trade that it didn’t happen during the draft. Like I said I’m skeptical that this will happen.
    We have Blaine Gbbert to be our QB which really inspires confidence.

  196. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Is Jimmy Garopollo the savior in NE? If Brady goes down does he lead them to another championship?

    Oh. I see. Now you believe the innuendo you ignored last year regarding Harbaugh?

  197. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    NoFear he won’t be answering your question just as none of mine were answered. It’s pointless talking to him about these issues. Sort of like Bullit and Chuck going at it, pointless since only one of them will stay on topic and actually be consistently rational. Same MO.

    Apparently VDH was on TV during Iraq 2 (as I well know) and this is not okay with some people who just want agreement or else STFU. Yikes.

  198. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    This was a good one too from Sir Spitblood of Geneoushire to V:

    “…and get on board with some Jed York hatin’. It’s got real legs, I tell you…”

    Ain’t that the truth, Lol. Proud to be on board.

  199. winderNo Gravatar says:

    Yeah, like I’m gonna pay attention to a guy who’s not even a 49er fan.

  200. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Winder …. but you clearly do. I can’t be marginalized like Chuck. I’m simply too clever. Must be something in the Geneoushire water.

  201. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Kaepernick, Josh Johnson and Blaine Gabbert will all attend Harbaugh’s qb camp in Michigan. Kinda strange considering Harbaugh lost the locker room…. You’d think those guys wouldn’t want anything to do with Harbaugh. Just more evidence for the delusional to deny.

  202. Unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    VD crabs Brooks cox cully to name a few. Gore, crabs, VD and staley openly questioned the play calling.

    Ignore as you will.

  203. Unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Right Phil. Don’t forget you said Willis and Borland would still be playing if Harbaugh stayed.

    And with v and spitty on your side, well nothing more needs to be said.

    NoFear and spitty in bed together? It is to laugh.

  204. RTFireflyNo Gravatar says:

    The Internet ate my detailed comment. So here’s the short form:

    1) Yellowcake.

    Bush/Cheney sent Colin Powell to the UN to lie to the entire world (something Europe, at least, has never forgotten).

    Bush/Cheney put Condie Rice on TV with a mushroom cloud exploding in the background, a cheap propragandist trick not used since Johnson used it against Goldwater in 1964. My tax money helped pay for that lie.

    2) Judith Miller

    Writer for the New York Times, Miller was bribed by the Bush/Cheney government to spread the lies of Hussein getting nukes. She was later outed.

    These are Goebbelsesque actions of a Fascist government.

    NoFear like that Bush/Cheney created ISIS. He just likes to bitch and moan about it because, well, it’s all Obama’s fault. That what Faux News tells him to say.

    And Phil, I don’t know what world he lives in. I guess the Phillipines was full of this government propaganda since they sent so many troops to Iraq.

  205. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Pathetic that Chuck has to resort to making things up. Go find the quotes, or you’re just lying – which would be consistent with your character.

  206. NoFear49erNo Gravatar says:

    RT, evidently civil disagreement is beyond you, too. I wonder if there’s any room for truth in your liberal claptrap clouded brain. I wonder also why every ridiculous liberal rant includes a “you just hate Obama” and a Faux News reference. Nothing too partisan or brainwashed about that.

    Fox, being one of the damned few news sources not in the bag for Zero and the liberal agenda is the root of the problem for you I suppose. Or are you gonna start chanting “Fox lies” now? Just shut up the other opinions, that’s the liberal way! Brilliant and typically shallow intellectual-wannabe reasoning.

    The intelligence Bush acted upon was well known and widely accepted before Bush even came to town. The Clintons (Mr. & Mrs.) both have said so. Not only well known and widely accepted in the US but in the world.

    Here’s one of Christopher Hitchens’ articles about your yellowcake. I’m sure you know Hitchens was about as far left and Bush-hating as you are. I guess he’s one of those Brits without a voice.

    Good thing I didn’t send that defense of your integrity in reply to Phil. Those last couple paragraphs in your reply put you in a class with Chuck. Looks like Phil had it right. Stupidity like “Bush/Cheney created ISIS” and “That what Faux News tells him to say.” I would have thought beneath you.

  207. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    I’m still waiting for Chuck to post quotes that point to Harbaugh losing the locker room. Of course Chuck takes criticism of Roman and tries…. tries mind you….. to turn them into evidence that Harbaugh lost the locker room. But it don’t fly. And we all know it. Arguing with Chuck is pointless.

  208. NoFear49erNo Gravatar says:

    That’s not fact. It’s a guy’s opinion. Frank Gore says he thinks he should carry the ball more when asked. Devastating criticism!

    I say Staley’s remark concerned the line blocking schemes called out by the center or the QB, not Roman’s play calling.

    Roman’s play calling brought Staley to three Conference Championships and a Super Bowl. I don’t think he starts dumping on him publicly.

    Again, opinion stated as fact, nothing more. It’s like saying Roman is a bad play caller if I can make the definition of bad play calling whatever I want it to be.

  209. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    NoFear – We all know there’s absolutely no evidence that Harbaugh ever lost the locker room. Chuck just throws out names because that’s what he does. Unsubstantiated claims, borderline lies… Don’t let it bother you. Chuck is a joke, and he’s once again proven he’s not worthy of a conversation.

  210. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    Internet ate a rebuttal from RT? God is Good! Lol. There’s proof for you.

    Thanks NF. I did realize with Chuck earlier and now with RT that some topics just won’t float and are best avoided. No problem we can dissect the internal organs of York and his toys without going there just fine. Seems like more people chirp in when some guys are shunned.

    Got it there Spitblood. (you evil dude! joke) Carry on

  211. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Phil – I’m not shunning Chuck. Chuck just doesn’t have the skills to blog here. The Outsider is a more sophisticated experience. It’s more for the affluent palette. Now if you want lowbrow, knuckle-dragging blogging where you don’t have to substantiate anything, there’s a site called Ninersforever or some damn thing. It’s pathetic. The funny thing is the owner creates usernames like Lurker John, Nipper, Alleycat and Touchdown Tommy to keep his blog alive. It’s the only way his blog will survive. Without the extra “voices” he wouldn’t get the hits or be relevant.

    Now if you want “shunning, I do shun NJ… with extreme prejudice.

  212. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    I guess I was referring to tit-for-tat pissing contests that break out chronically between some guys. Like when you advised Bullit not to go there with Charles the First, it being pointless. At the time I said to myself “Self that’s a good idea. How come you didn’t say that to Bullit?” Tho I had been doing just that- shunning- for some time. Good advice.

    As NF said in effect “Opinions are not facts; know the difference”. Opinions can be twisted to make a point however incorrect. Facts are stubborn things that do not depend on opinion or anything else, they just Are- based on evidence, concrete reality. The meme “Jimi lost the locker room; it was divided” is not a fact since there is no direct evidence or any testimony from those who were there = players and coaches. Lack of facts/evidence points to that opinion as being wrong, unsubstantiated and the opposite being true.

    Same with the idea (the facts) that numerous coaches failed to sign on here. True we are not Balkey (luckily) so don’t know all the facts of what went down but we do know NO NFL coaches signed on here except the one Spagano. Believe that is correct fact. Not opinion. So it is relevant to our discussion that York screwed the pooch by insisting Tommy be DC or HC and drove Gase, Fangio, Donatell and Hendrix out the door. We know factually from what happened and what didn’t happen that the coaching staff declined. We don’t need to be in the meetings where the Niners were rejected as employers.

    You don’t like NJ and I do. Okay those are facts based on our opinions and on our experiences, none very important in themselves. But for the sake of balance here I feel it is important that NJ be supported since he is reasonable and polite. Likewise I appreciate NFs factual support of some of my stated positions. I think this leads to a healthier discussion that invites more participation even with all our disagreements.

    Just my 2 Pesos.

  213. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Phil, I appreciate the kind words my friend.

    In my world, it pays to keep an open mind.
    I’ve spent my entire adult life, sandwiched between Philly and NY Sports, defending my independence as a 9er Fan, while growing my own family of 9er fans from within.

    To come here, or elsewhere to talk 9ers, is a pleasure I don’t often, if ever, get in this part of the Country.

    It’s fine to debate things 9ers, both good and bad.
    Everyone has a mind of their own, eyes of their own and, of course, an opinion of their own.

    For a certain Geneous to suggest that I’ll go away or, be silenced, by a 4-12 season, is at best, laughable.

    That’s the difference between someone who brings an appetite for destruction to the table.
    The same someone who’s given up on 49ers football yet, continues to bash those of us who haven’t, or likely won’t in the foreseeable future.

  214. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    I actually don’t believe Spit has quit on the Niners but he’s plenty pissed about what’s gone down like many of us. Hope he sticks around for the fun (?).

    But chronic negativity from bloggers gets old especially if it is directed at the team. I left Blog X because of Chuck’s undying support of the negative nellie there. Luckily Skeebs saw it differently and that guy isn’t here now. Some people left at the same time from here and I assume they are where they belong.

    I can sympathize with your efforts to keep an open mind living where you do. In a different way we have struggled as a family to find a good niche over here. As 12th Man is aware we have our determined opposition who continue to make trouble. But with good support which we do have here we remain intact. So hopefully something like that will be all our experience here.

    NF mentioned civil discourse and I really think that is part of what it means to be a good Fan and a good citizen despite my own overstepping. It happens.

  215. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Phil, I’ve attempted to explain my POV regarding Baalke and Jed for some time.
    Jed has about as much NFL acumen as any of us, except for the fact that he grew up on Uncle Eddies’ knee.

    Nothing personal with Jed, just leaning more in the direction of Baalke, who at least held an actual job title in the NFL.

    Yes, we’re all frustrated with the state of affairs at 4949.
    Given the success Harbaugh had, it’s the fear of regression that stares us in the face.

    With a little bit of luck, (maybe a lot of luck), the players, who get paid to perform in this game, can find some continuity, if the new Staff has a coherent plan in place.

    I can’t expect much of the unknown, anymore than I could have when Harbaugh arrived.

    I need Kaep to get comfortable, with whatever the system is, that he’s about to learn.

    For me, the Offense has to step up another notch.
    Staying healthy goes without saying.

    See what comes….

  216. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Phil – I’m honestly no longer a 49er fan, and I won’t be until Jed York sells the team, and that might be a lifetime. I won’t watch games, but I’ll damn sure watch Tomsula press conferences…. for the laughs. And NJ, again, doesn’t get it. He thinks my plan is for him to go away or be silenced. My plan is to rub NJ’s nose in the fact that he sided with Baalke over Harbaugh. How’s that workin’ out for ya, NJ? Why would I want NJ to go away when next season is going to provide so many laughs at NJ’s expense?

  217. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Spit you’re nothing, if not incorrigible.

    Rub away Clown.
    That’s probably about all that goes on in Geneoushire anyway.

    I’ll be vested in 9er football, as I have been for nearly 30 years.
    Again, Harbaugh is Michigan. Deal with it.

  218. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Nobody cares, spit.

  219. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Choosing the innuendo you support and ignore is your deal. It’s mine as well.

    But there was a ton of talk coming from the building that the players hated the way they were treated. They were tired of the balls-to-the-wall approach 24/7. The innuendo around the angst among Harbaugh and Baalke was treated the same way.

    Again phil. Blog X? Undying support? WTF?

    Negative nellie? It’s negative to think the team is going to do well? Uhhh, Yeah. Got it. You jumped all over me like all the rest here when I said it was fine with Harbs leaving. Ain’t no big deal. I’ll turn down the invective when spitty gets his posts under 50,000 words.

  220. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Make that nearly 40 years.
    Point being, I’m not a bandwagon Fan.

  221. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    What has Harbaugh done since he left spit?

    What is the Niners record since Harbaugh left?

    Is Geneoushire missing their idiot very much? Yup, another dick-waver on a blog. Your mission in life is to crow about being right. about a team you hate.

    whee. i can hardly wait. that’d $5.00 gets you a half defat mocha frappochino, candy-ass.

  222. winderNo Gravatar says:

    Facts, facts, I don gotta shoe you no steeenking facts.

  223. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    NJ it’s clear who the rabble rousers are and I don’t read ’em or take them seriously. But there are some good fans here and there who I enjoy. No one has to be all pro-Jimi or Kap or whomever but I do insist on rationality, no name calling and a little give and take if I’m to take ’em seriously and engage.

  224. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    All good Phil.
    We Fans are fickle.
    Comes with the territory 😀

  225. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    Lol Winder.

  226. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    One thing that apologists like Chuckles overlooks is players leaving for greener pastures.
    IMO with Harbaugh as coach they were going to bounce back and make another run at a Lombardi. I honestly think Patrick Willis would have played if he felt they had a realistic shot. Players simply bailed because they saw a sinking ship.
    Justin Smith is dragging his feet weighing the chances to get a ring.

    A few days ago I posted Gore telling everyone the Colts were his best chance at a ring. He went so far as to say that Luck had the talent to go all the way. Gore saw kap’s shortcomings first hand.

  227. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    If you think Willis would have played under St Jim this year, then you are basically calling Willis a pussy. Same with Borland. All I’ve heard from anyone on the defense is that they to a man liked and respected Tomsula. But that gets in the way of the deification of St. Jim the Martyr.

    Gore also saw a 3 year commitment. and $12 mill. Keep on dreaming. I don;t mind trading thoughts here, but they have to be somewhat grounded in reality. Like saying the season is over in May.

  228. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    I think Willis’ commitment to the game of football is pretty vast. To think he’d quit over a coach who he likes and respects is ludicrous.

    Please try to keep within the bounds of reality, Bullit.

  229. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    ALL the players that left got more money than they would have gotten here. The greener pastures are paved with cash.

  230. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Bullit – You’re right on the money regarding Willis. It’s risk / reward for some of these players who’ve already made enough money for a lifetime. Inside linebackers and fullbacks have the most risk because of the nature of their positions. Certainly, all positions in football have risk, even a kicker. But inside linebackers and fullbacks are strategic bowling pins. If you’ve made a lot of money like Willis has, the reward is not longer monetary. The reward is chasing championships. If you don’t have that potential, like the 49ers clearly don’t have that potential with Tomsula, Dockett, Bethea and eventually Lance Briggs, why risk the potential for brain injury or further brain injury on a team bound for 4-12? If we can see the horrors on the horizon, Willis certainly can. Tomsula just isn’t worth it. You’re 100% correct in your assessment. Don’t let the Jed York lovin’ crowd get you down.

  231. ReddingRexNo Gravatar says:


  232. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    And one other thing, Bullit, regarding Justin Smith. I don’t think Justin Smith is weighing his chances for a ring. I think Smith is doing one of two things: He’s either measuring how his body feels and waiting to see if the money is worth the pain, or he’s already decided not to play and he’s allowing the 49er organization to string it along so the PR isn’t as bad for Jed and Baalke (ie Mass Exodus continues). But the idea that Justin is looking at this team and looking to see if there’s a realistic shot at winning a ring next year – that’s a little far-fetched.

  233. ReddingRexNo Gravatar says:

    Unca_chuck: Posted May 17, 2015 SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS FOREVER MAN!
    All the hiring’s the York’s made were good but getting Harbaugh was the best hiring the York’s made in fifteen years and he should be crowned or given something The guy’s royalty for Goodness sakes. It’s very hard to win and compete in this league especially when Bully Owners will out smart and out spend you with the sole purpose to win. Like good Head Coaches, Quarterbacks don’t grow on tress and it’s a gamble when you just hire anyone looking for that needle in the haystack. Eddie and Walsh had a different approach and knowing them Alex Smith or Kaepernick would’ve never been here but I don’t care the York’s are my owners and my hero’s and if they want to take five to seven years to evaluate someone is all right by me. I simply don’t care if Rodgers and Wilson are the same mold of class and character as Montana and Young we need to adapt and accept the new Thug Image. I know, I Know most of you will say isn’t this the image that we all use to make fun of the Raiders about? Well yes but we must accept and embrace it, if you can’t beat them join them! We don’t need no pessimism here or light from reality let’s all just pick up our pom poms off the turf, put some lip stick on and start cheering anyone who comes out from under the tunnel. Is everyone with ME????

  234. ReddingRexNo Gravatar says:

    Robbiedeluca says: Nice post Chuck, can I borrow a Leotard?
    Lurker John says: That about sums it up. I need some extra hairspray if we’re going to do this!

    12th Man says: NINERS! Can we call our group the Wild Cats?
    Alleykat69 says: Couldn’t have said it better Chuck! I’m a cheering mom!

    Nipper says: Sir Spitblood from Geneoushire probably doesn’t agree. Do we need to do the splits
    Winder says: In other words a brand new start. I got Seven Years to kill!

  235. ReddingRexNo Gravatar says:

    Winder says: In other words a brand new start. I got Seven Years to kill!

    NJ49er says: Optimists vs. Pessimists Winder. Like Chuck I personally will wave my pom poms not matter what!

    Berger says: I’m with you chuck, I expect to be in the play-offs this year and every year! With or without a QB or real Head Coach!

  236. ReddingRexNo Gravatar says:

    DelMar Dennis says: I’m fricken drunk so I’ll go along with anything thing you freaks have to say! Is this going to be like a Cheer Camp!

    Winder says: Don’t have a clue but it sounds good to me! As long as I can break out with my Short, Shorts let’s do this!

  237. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    “Nice post Chuck, can I borrow a Leotard?” Happens more than you know…

  238. winderNo Gravatar says:

    Lol. Must be some good shit.

  239. ReddingRexNo Gravatar says:

    Snarkk says: Is this Cheer Camp going to be one, two or three times a week? Can we ask Jed to sponsor our club?

    12th man says: Chuck, that was the greatest post ever! If we had more fans like you it wouldn’t matter if we win or lose we’d still have fun agreeing with each other. Most don’t know but our 49er Cheer Class have the best Slumber Parties and Chuck’s mom makes the best cookies!

    Post of the Day
    Berger says::
    May 10, 2015 at 4:34 pm

    Chuck, me you and Winder all agreed. The only way to treat a hot QB is lay him gently on his back. If they do this like you I think no flags should be thrown!

    I love seeing people who don’t have confidence in our team, including some fans. None of that matters as long as Chuck has the Spirit Stick!

  240. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    On field institutional memory. A lot of that has to be replaced after this offseason. A lot of faith put in the new CS on both sides of the ball. The D is now faced with a DLINE rebuild. We always had that foundation to build on during each season of the Harbaugh years.

    The optimists expect Colin to transcend a new unproven O staff and the D to overcome the loss of Justin and RayMac. I believe I believe I believe until it hurts. Sorry not for me. All I want for Christmas is a top ten pick for WR1 and a new HC and OC.

  241. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    Yikes headache time reading that series of posts on Blog X. Haven’t looked there for months. Gotta be Chuck for 3-4 of those voices. That’s nice. He’s led them into frootloopsville. Or he’s there alone with Bergs making echoes. Quite odd.

    Yep as the first guy IIRC who said Willis and Borland would have had different thoughts about retiring if Jimi had stayed I’m glad you guys agree.

    What might have been…

  242. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Warriors / Rockets. Only chance the Rockets have is if Dwight Howard plays his best basketball of his life. Howard is softer than Unca_Chuck’s wet brain after a week in the bath houses partying with Elton John. For a big man, Howard gets few boards and few put-backs, and rarely posts up. Instead of posting up and creating space for Harden, Howard is looking to set screens for Harden. It’s a joke, and coach McHale should know better. Anyone can set a screen for Harden. Howard needs to be down low, attacking the boards and looking for an occasional post to create space for Harden’s 3 ball. If Howard doesn’t play better, the Warriors will dominate the Rockets and beat ’em in 5. It’s all on Howard.

  243. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Phil – Chuck and his 5 users names – Sir Sybil the Clown Show of Fruitloopsville…. that’s about right. His five voices are Nipper, Alleycat, Lurker John, Snnark and Touchdown Tommy. However, he doesn’t use Touchdown Tommy often anymore. It was too obvious. Why people continue to blog there, knowing Chuck has five different user names is beyond me. Actually, I guess that’s the price of denial. Can’t wait for the season to start so denial snaps those dudes back to reality. It’s gonna be high times. Speakin’ of “high times,” I bet V’s sleepin’ it off right about now…

  244. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    The sight of Chuck in a leotard waving pom poms would cause you to:

    A. Commit suicide

    B. Commit homicide

    C. Retch violently

    D. Resolve to change your evil ways

    E. Call 911

    F. All of the above

  245. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    G. Do nothing because gay people have rights.

    H. Take a picture and post it here to confirm what we’ve all known anyway.

    I. Then burn and bury my phone.

    J. Try to set Chuck up with Rupaul.

    K. I think they’ve already dated.

    L. Chuck was a bottom.

  246. robNo Gravatar says:

    Independence is an attribute of man, the social being; it should not be viewed as the development to perfection of a natural, biological attribute of living matter. This is, in essence, an evolutionary viewpoint. Of course, we do not deny evolutionism itself. Science has long established the fact that man is a product of ages of evolution. Man is a product of evolution, but not his independence. Independence is a social product. Independence is an attribute given to man by society, not nature; it is not a natural gift, but has been formed and developed socially and historically

  247. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Chuck and his merry band of ballerinas still no match for reality of a one year rebuild.

  248. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    There is no way Justin is thinking SB or bust. No one is that delusional, right? I think it’s your first point = he’s weighing if the money/glory is worth the wear and tear on his bod. Also since the FO is giving him forever to decide he’s taking it. Which can only jack up his asking price. At some point Balkey is going to have to draw the line.

  249. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    Yessir Bakkentom:

    “Chuck and his merry band of ballerinas still no match for reality of a one year rebuild.”

    I’d rather see a rebuild than that. Yikes. We’ll be lucky if it is only one year but we can hope. This is a major fall from on high and may take more time to rebuild this team

  250. winderNo Gravatar says:

    Love your new blog skeebs.

  251. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Justin Smith is what this team needs more of.
    Guys that ‘ball’ for the love of the game.

    Every team is faced with challenges each and every year.
    I don’t, for a minute, think Patrick made his decision purely on a Coaching change.

    He’s done what Borland did.
    Weighed his long term health against the money being offered.
    Sure, there’s a potential for starting over, with another Coaching change for Patrick, but, he’s been through a few of those in his shortened career.

    Chances are, a 1st year Coaching Staff isn’t likely to run the table.
    I had no expectations from Harbaugh in year 1 either.

    The game is immensely physical. It takes a toll on each guys’ long term health outlook.

    Rex, if the 9ers are causing you this much pain, I’d suggest a new venue.

    I’m in this for a competitive nature.
    If they fail to meet some level of competitiveness, I’ll be finding other ways to spend my time as well.

    Give the players that want to play, a chance to show what they can do.

    We can’t change the Owner, unless the Owner wants out.

  252. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    I always get a laugh when people suggest “You should leave” or “Skeebs should ban you”

  253. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Phil – I think Skeebs should ban Unca Chuck. Not for my own benefit or the benefit of others, but for Skeeber’s well being and potential pocketbook. I think Chuck intentionally tries to hurt Skeeber’s blog, and drives away traffic and potential new-comers. It’s not like Chuck’s angle is original. The guy cut and pastes the 49er website. That doesn’t attracted talented writers to this blog. In addition, Chuck fights with everyone. It’s amateur hour with Chuck. I’d ban him… but that’s just me.

  254. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    Doesn’t it seem strange the timing of the Patrick Willis announcement. It happened a day after Frank Gore said adios.
    I really do think the possibility of winning a Super Bowl ring is a huge factor in the decisions of Willis and Justin Smith.
    Having a ring seals a first ballot nomination to the HOF. That is usually the determining factor in the vote. Great players like Bryant Young know their chanceds of being voted in is greatly enhanced by this achievement.

    You misread what I said about Willis. Under Harbaugh then Niners were close to winning it all. If Harbaugh said let’s give it one more shot are you with me? I firmly believe Willis and Justin would say OK as long as they can handle the pain.
    If they feel the chances to win it all are diminished under Tomsula they can decide like Willis did with little regreats.

  255. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    Yeah I hear you Spit and unlike some others you have actual reasons “why”. Instead of ‘I don’t like you/your point of view’. Which is pathetic. But I wasn’t referring to you vs Chuck.

    Yes it is clear to me he tries to hurt this blog, there are hundreds of examples. Now he is enlisting his minions on Blog X to come over and harass. Whatever. I just cope with the lunacy by ignoring and mocking, not responding like you mentioned to Bullit. Seems to be working too.

    But it is laughable that folks over there are mocking away, waving pom poms as they say, wearing leotards as they say and having a grand old time which is fine BUT IF someone over here says “Hey they are waving pom poms and wearing leotards over there and bragging about it” they get all touchy touchy and start whining here. Huh? Strange, no? Control much?

    So far Skeebs is okay with it (= Chucks crap) so it’s his call and it possibly boosts clicks, dunno. I don’t go over there just responding to what Rex dared to post over here that they have been yammering about.

    Whatever but coming over here and bitching about us quoting them is a bit much given Chuck’s mostly ridiculous ‘contributions’. I say this “new blog” approach as Winder calls it is another premeditated effort by the Pink Pony children to get attention- and then whine about it when they do.

  256. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    NJ nobody thinks this is the case:

    “I don’t, for a minute, think Patrick made his decision purely on a Coaching change.”

    Likely a factor tho.

  257. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Bullit, Phil, it’s plausible of course.
    Hard to know just how much he was hurting following the surgery.

    As I stated, a Coaching change in year 1 can’t be viewed as anything but an uphill challenge.

    Factor? Absolutely.
    But, in Patrick’s case, Tomsula seemed to be a players’ Coach, defensively speaking.

    I’m simply suggesting that Patrick came to play and, may well have decided his body just couldn’t handle another run?

    Patrick was likely playing through some major adversity before succumbing to the surgery option too.
    Very possible seeing the Bowman injury took something extra out of him as well?

    Sorry to see both Patrick and Frank depart.
    Each was the heart and soul of his half of the team.

    Not trying to minimize the Staff changes.
    It’s a reality we all have to come to grips with.
    For the players?
    Only they can answer that aspect of their decisions.

    Frank certainly had the better offer from Indy financially.
    His comments regarding the QB is curious, at best.

    However, Indy needs a Defense too.

  258. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    Frank stated he pulled out of the Eagles deal b/c Kelly couldn’t tell him who their QB was going to be. Seems likely as at the time Philly was wheeling and dealing in the QB market and it wasn’t resolved until recently.

    So I see his comment about the QB Luck and signing there as following from that. Not a knock on Kap. Frank would have loved to stay but Niners we’re on board is the way I see it.

  259. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    Phil – People take Frank’s comments about Luck out of context. Frank clearly stated his first choice was to play in SF. What does that say about Kaep? To me, if SF was Frank’s first choice, it says Frank believed in Kaep. Frank clearly started, “When it was obvious the 49ers weren’t interested in re-signing me…..” So, then, after Frank was sure he wouldn’t return, he targeted the Colts because of Luck. For the lesser mind, that’s twisted into a shot at Kaep… just like the less mind criticism of Roman means Harbaugh lost the locker room… Really, it’s just garbage for the blogs that means little.

  260. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    lesser mind’s* We do irony in the shire…

  261. NoFear49erNo Gravatar says:

    I don’t see this division of certain fan groups as optimists vs pessimists. Dreamers vs realists is closer. Although I do see the value of one side trying to define the other in a way that suits themselves.

    Fans are optimists by definition. They generally hope for the best even against all odds. Like last year. Er, I guess the optimists and pessimists were on the other side of the equation for that run.

    Maybe it’s fence-riding hypocrisy vs honesty. Yeah, if we’re defining each other I choose that one.

  262. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    There’s no comparison to make between Luck and Kaep, when it comes to playing from the pocket.

    Kaep is still trying to get to where Luck is, in that regard.

    Indy still needs to find a Defense.

  263. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    NoFear49er I’m in the Optimists Camp for the Team overall.

    The true divide in this standoff has to do with the Coaching changes IMO.

    I’m willing to keep my mind open, as I have with Nolan, Singletary and Harbaugh.

    I absolutely want the team to succeed, against all odds as it were.

    Had my reasons to doubt the Offense, play calling, OLine, and TE involvement or, (lack thereof) WR development and, Red Zone inefficiency, among other things, last year.

    It all goes through the players in this game.
    If Kaep wasn’t up to more play call expansion or, there just wasn’t more there, we certainly can’t know from our side of the fence.

    We all call ’em as we see ’em.
    Perfectly OK.

    Wouldn’t consider myself a fence rider, simply a fan hoping for continued success, despite all the upheaval.

  264. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Here’s a great Tribute to BB King –

  265. NoFear49erNo Gravatar says:

    Fair enough, NJ49er. And I’m not a pessimist.

    Coaching changes happen often for various reasons. Usually the guys winning games keep their jobs and the team is happy to keep them because the teams usually want to win more games. This team gets rid of the winners for ass-kissers. Uses devious tactics to break contracts and undermines a team for a whole year.

    On most teams the goal of the entire organization is to win games. What is the goal for this team? Another way to look at it is, why would any fan support this?

    Next year Jed says fans have to eat shit again. Pay more, locked out of more, worse product on the field. Is it just the “pessimists” who will object? Or is it just the sheep who’ll follow cheering all the way?

  266. Sir Spitblood from GeneoushireNo Gravatar says:

    NJ -You’re missing the point again… as always. I swear. You and Chuck couldn’t hold a thought and focus on it for more than a second without…. oh wait, look… shiny stuff. Be right back. Reminds me of a T shirt I saw recently. It read, “What do we want? A cure for ADHD. When do we want it? Look! Squirrels!”

    The issue isn’t who’s better between Kaep and Luck. The issue is who Frank would go to war with. Frank’s first choice was Kaep, but the 49er front office didn’t want to keep Gore. Go watch the Gore interview again.

  267. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Trust me NoFear49er, I recognize your POV.
    Said it many times myself.
    I PRAY Jed isn’t a meddler.

    He can single-handedly tank this franchise by being impetuous.

    No doubt he ‘wants’ to win, like we all would.

    Your analogy, about the sh!t sandwiches, is a scary proposition, to those of us who have followed this team throughout the Decades of success.

    I’ve simply been trying to bring out the Optimist POV to attempt to offer a bit of hope….

    I’m a never-say-die type when it comes to the 9ers.
    Can’t help myself…..

  268. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    “Although I do see the value of one side trying to define the other in a way that suits themselves.”

    Lol NF agree.

    Realists vs dreamers sounds about right.

    I didn’t catch the deal with Kap, Gore, Luck but do know he wanted to be here as first choice.

  269. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    I happened to watch the replay of our November game in NOLA.
    2 things I noticed.

    VMcD blocked his A$$ off in that game and, managed to uncover quite frequently on several underneath routes.

    2nd, Kaep continuously overlooked the underneath routes in favor of the deeper routes.
    OL can’t hold forever, given that fact that the Rookie Martin was in at Center.
    Kaep also took several sacks and, lost a fumble due to his habit of holding the ball too long.

    I’m just hoping his timing and reactions speed up this year.

    I can’t lay all of the problems on Harbaugh and/or Roman for that reason.
    It’s a 2-way process there.

    Was Kaep too slow to pick up a heavier playbook?
    Were we predictable because of that possibility?

    I can’t truly know how bad things got within the FO either.
    All I can do at this point is accept that things are changing. Again.

    Uphill battle?
    I’m sure it will be.

  270. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Spit I’m well aware Frank preferred to stay in SF.
    Our offer paled in comparison to what he was offered in Indy.

    We’re nothing, if not tightly managed, on the budget side of the business.
    No doubt the FO was hoping Frank would have made a concession on his asking price, having just completed a pretty attractive Contract.

    I’m sure he was being kind to Luck with respect to his comments regarding QB play.
    Did he mean to slight Kaep? I’d hope not.

    That is, no doubt, what he didn’t see in Philly.
    Or, Shady may have convinced him to re-think his initial expectations in Chip’s System?

    I’m not ignorant, or blind, to the situation we’re facing in SF.
    They’re likely looking ahead to guys that will need to be paid, like Aldon.
    I happen to think we’re pretty well managed in terms of budget.
    We don’t have the luxury of a Rookie deal on Kaep any longer either.
    Russel in Seattle could capsize their Budget up there this year too.

    I try to see the big picture, ugly as it might seem at times.

    Older, more expensive players know what’s realistic in the Market.
    Frank was fortunate to have a nice offer made to him that we flat out didn’t see in the cards in SF.

    Baalke and Marathe are always budgeting for expiring Contracts.
    They rarely budge on what they budget by position.

  271. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Aldon’s situation is tenuous at best for us.
    He’s basically being paid as he goes this year.

    Given his off field issues, he’s a tough call right now.

    I’d hope he stays clean, wants to re-up and, is willing to do a new deal before he hits the Market.

    His deal will have to be done in Season this year IMO, if we’re expecting to retain him.
    If he’s seeking a mega-bucks deal, he’ll get it elsewhere.

    He could be another Haley decision.
    Is his upside worth more than his potential downside?

    Tough call.

  272. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Spirit stick. Can that also be used in the love shack.

  273. phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    I’m sure this was meant to be helpful but I would like to ask ReddingRex if he has any idea what this refers to:

    “Rex, if the 9ers are causing you this much pain, I’d suggest a new venue.”


  274. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    Bingo! I am glad you noticed Mcdonald open. If you take a close look it’s other guys open too that Kap either doesn’t see or ignores. Yes! I’ve been talking about Greg Cosell analysis of coach’s film. The film does not lie. Chuckles has tried to discredit Cosell saying he didn’t play Pro Football and he’s not a coach. He has worked for NFL Films for over 3 decades which makes him an authority because he studies and analyzes game film.

    Game after game Kap has overlooked underneath receivers that have been open trying for bigger plays downfield. It is logical that holding on to the ball too long leads to sacks.
    Kap should get rid of the ball to the underneath open receivers and the sack totals would drop and instead of 2nd and ten it would be second and 4.

    Being in second and long and 3rd and log situations also takes away from the strength of the offense which is running the ball.

    The myth that the playcalling and the scheme was flawed was just that. The gameplan was always to take what the defense gave you. You cannot ignore open receivers looking for bigger plays without the offense paying the price by being inconsistent. Staying out of second and long and third and long situations is key.

    I have seen Gore pickup a blitz and then roam outn to a flat wide open numerous times. A checkdown to Frank would have resulted in a minimum of 5 yards and likely a first down in most of the situations.

    This is where Kap must mature or it will be more sacks and more of the same. Contrary to apologist’s beliefs Kap does the Oline no favors by looking for the big play that doesn’t come open. A sack leads to 3rd and 16 making it near impossible to sustain a drive.

    These are the facts that the fanboys don’t want to hear. If Crabtree is open and Kap leads him too far missing the pass the fanboy apologist will tell you Crabtree slowed down and Kap’s pass was pinpoint accurate.

    If you take a step back it’s up to the QB to put the ball into a spot where the WR can catch it. It makes it easier if it’s a catchable ball. Ideal situation is leading the receiver where he catches it in stride leading to YAC. Watch more film and you’ll see receivers constantly leaving their feet to catch erratic throws.

    If Kap makes these corrections he can become the QB he was projected to be and lift the team from the QB position.

  275. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Whats funny is Spitty posting under a bunch of names and then accusing me of it. Nice job Skeebs… Fitting the narrative is better than keeping control.

    Me and my minions, Phil? Like guys who have posted here for 6 years? Wow. Serious delusions, Pal.

  276. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    New post is up.

2021 Schedules
09/12: W 49ers 41, Lions 33
09/19: W 49ers 17, Eagles 11
09/26: L Packers 30, 49ers 28
10/03: L Seahawks 28, 49ers 21
10/10: L Cardinals 17, 49ers 10
10/17 BYE
10/24: L Colts 30, 49ers 18
10/31: W 49ers 33, Bears 22
11/07: L Cardinals 31, 49ers 17
11/15: W 49ers 31, Rams 10L
11/21: W 49ers 30, Jaguars 10
11/28: W 49ers 34, Vikings 26
12/05: L Seahawks 30, 49ers 23 12/12 · 10:00 AMCIN
12/19 · 1:05 PM v ATL
12/23 · 5:20 PM v TEN
01/02 · 1:05 PM v HOU
01/09 · 1:25 PM @ LAR

2021 Draft Class
1. QB Trey Lance, North Dakota State
2. OG Aaron Banks, Notre Dame
3. RB Trey Sermon, Ohio State
3. CB Ambry Thomas, Michigan
5. OG/OT Jaylon Moore, Western Michigan
5. CB Deommodore Lenoir, Oregon
5. S Talanoa Hufanga, USC
6. RB Elijah Mitchell, Louisiana
2021 Prognostications
Bullit: 12-5
Grumpy: 13-4
NJ49er: 11-6
Skeebers: 14-3
Winder: 12-5
Rob: 17-0
Spitblood: 0-17