End of the *!$*!%#@*&* Era

Wednesday was no doubt one of the most important days of the season for the 49ers. It was a day that Mike Singletary had to look his team in the eye and see if they still believed in him. And a day that Mike Johnson installed his first game plan since his 2003 season with the very franchise the team will face this weekend, the Falcons. The success or failure of the season is riding on the outcome of these two events.

Now that Raye is gone, 0-3 does not seem nearly as daunting a hole to crawl out of as it seemed immediately after the K.C. debacle. The Saints game provided a glimpse at how good the team can be when it has an aggressive offensive game plan. That game was a departure for Raye, but he knew we had to score a lot of points to have any chance against the Saints and his game plan reflected that concern. Too bad he didn’t approach each and every game that way, baffling even, but he didn’t and the league said Thank You, Mr. Raye. The team itself said *!$*!%#@*&*.

From the remarks filtering out from the locker room, it’s clear the team had thrown in the towel with Raye and his grinding, deadening philosophy. If he had remained OC much longer, the nation would have been treated to some stunning shots of Niner players flipping the bird skyward to the OC coach’s box after each and every three and out on game day. Fans would begin doing the Wave using their middle fingers.

Raye had no sense of urgency. In anything he said or did. That might be fine for an RB coach who is patiently tutoring players or a guy who is patiently tutoring an HC with little offensive knowledge, but not for an OC who must find a way to win games each and every week.

Johnson will be giving his first press conference today, and the media will no doubt be in full attendance to size up the new source of reportage fodder. Unless Johnson is somehow improbably related to Rex Ryan, I doubt anything he says will be much more than PR speak. I’m still going to watch it, WTF. Give him the old squint eye.

One thing is for sure. We will finally see what the 49er offense can accomplish with Moran Norris off the field and Frank Gore up the middle retired as the staple commodity of every first down on every drive. In place of Norris, we will be seeing three WRs regularly, instead of just in desperation time. Brian Westbrook will probably start making appearances on the field, also.

The Atlanta game Sunday has suddenly gone from cover your eyes and have alternate plans in place for when you turn off the game at half time, to geeze whiz I wonder what we’ll see. I know one thing for sure. A multi-million dollar, first round draft pick super star wide receiver WILL BE IN THE GAME PLAN. Michael Crabtree will not be routinely ignored for drive after drive, like he was a scrubeenie fourth stringer.

Before moving on to a new era of 49er football, this site deems it fitting to take one last glaring look at the Jimmy Raye offense, courtesy of NoFear’s excellent efforts.

NoFear’s Post Game Replay

We come out here in one of Jimmy Raye’s favorite formations. It’s the old Brown Right formation of Walsh’s WCO with a variation exchanging the positions of the HB/FB, Crabs and Morgan are split out wide. KC defends with their base head-up 3-4 alignment.




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9 comments on “End of the *!$*!%#@*&* Era
  1. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    If Jimmy Raye can not get at least 5 yards in a power running formation from this defensive alignment it says it all.
    Sure you can give it a try but when you see it doesn’t work you go to a contingent plan, of which, he had none. There were 7 in the box with 3 more ready to crash in. The right corner is barely honoring the pass. He looks ready to blitz, which is probably why the safety is so deep, so he can roll the coverage over to help.
    Since this is a straight dive power trap play it is curious the use of Norris. Hali could’ve been ignored, which would’ve allowed one more blocker in the hole, or what I would’ve done is put in a third wide receiver lined up wide so the LBs would need to take a step or two back and probably even adjust out a step or two on one side. I would go straight up zone blocking and let Gore read the hole with a deep hand off. If the LBs didn’t step back the QB would throw a hot read slant to the slot receiver.
    It is amazing the coach can see his line struggle for three games with this play calling and not adjust.
    Another adjustment Raye could’ve made is put in an all-purpose back in Norris’s spot. Norris is blocking a player that should not be able to make a play on this call. An all-purpose back can just run out to the flat and probably take a LB with him. That would be better than blocking Hali, who looks like he is playing contain on this play anyway.

  2. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    NoFear- Thanks for the pictures, this is very revealing.

  3. robNo Gravatar says:

    i knew which KC chefs were going to stuff the play and make the tackle when i saw the first pic !

  4. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    KC was calling out our plays based on the formations.

  5. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Shit, I’ve been doing that since Raye’s been here. It doesn’t take more than seeing it for 2 gaems to figure out the tendencies.

    The absolute pisser to all this is THEY KNEW IT. Raye and Singletary kept going into games thinking they could impose this philosophy and make it work. The problem is, teams didn’t defend it like it was 1978. They defended it by saying, sure, try to run against 8 in the box. 9 in the box. Cover zero. EVERYONE 8 yards and closer to the line. By the time you figure out it isn’t going to work, we’ll be up by 21.

  6. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    This is why Singletary has until the bye week to let Johnson build an offense that works. If not, then hello top 5 pick. maunsky runs the team until, shit who knows?

  7. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Yeah, the corner crahsing toward the line is telling. KC is obviously thinking run based on the formation. The 1st pic must be JUST before the snap, as the CB is cheating to sun support. If not, then Smith has to recognize the defense and get the ball to Crabs in the left flat. It’s a 12 yard gain., or more, if Crabs can beat the safety.

  8. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    Unca- The moment Smith calls an audible the corner blitz is off. Smith has nowhere to go with this formation. The line blocking would need to be better to suck the safeties up, then we could do some one on one things with the receivers. With this poor execution by the line, we are in need of adjustments from the play calling, especially the formations. I wonder if that happened? I think we know the answer.

  9. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    NoFear- I think you nailed it with the bounce it outside comment. Dixon is very good at that.

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