Dubious Assessments

The top story of Training Camp so far has been injuries. Let’s hope this is just an early season rash, and not a season long epidemic.

The wide receivers have been hardest hit, with six of them standing on the sidelines by Saturday’s day off. So, the 49ers signed a couple of WRs off the street, one of whom has a long injury history! Austin Collie is a pretty good receiver, but he’s one concussion away from retirement. More likely, one concussion over the line from retirement. I’d like to say the NFL boys are a charitable lot, but they aren’t and will be gunning for his head on every play.

Collie says, “I’m a smart kid. I’m not going to put myself at risk.”


Moving right along, Jets CB Antonio Cromartie objects to boos for Jets QB Mark Sanchez.


Moving right along, Craig Dahl has quietly been moved to strong safety as Donte Whitner’s backup and removed from the competition to replace departed free safety Dashon Goldon. That contest now seems between first rounder Eric Reid and special teams star CJ Spillman. Those who think Spillman will win this battle should make reservations at Del Mar’s Hysteria Lounge for an opening day quaffathon.

The beat writers have been impressed with the play of CB Nnamdi Asomugha, but Vic Fangio only gave him a so-so appraisal. Are the beat guys optically challenged? Or is it just that the bar for keeping Nnamdi, a 32 year old corner, is much higher than the bar for a young CB like Perrish Cox or Tramaine Brock? IOW, if Nnamdi isn’t the old shut down Nnamdi, then he’s just old.

The 49ers have continued to “assess” CB Eric Wright, recently cut by Tampa after getting arrested for a DUI and then failing a physical when Tampa tried to trade him to the Niners. Apparently, Wright has a still lingering Achilles injury, in addition to the long arm of the law hanging over him. He’s scheduled to appear in court this week on the DUI charge, so maybe the “aasessment” of him is more like a waiting to see what, if any, legal injuries will be inflicted upon the somewhat wayward lad.

The 2013 Preseason kicked off Sunday night with the annual Hall of Fame game. This year’s contestants were Dallas and Miami. The only significance of the game was providing visual proof that NFL football has indeed returned to the airwaves. The 49ers will have their inaugural exhibition effort this coming Thursday againt Denver. Sigh. The long offseason is finally over.

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72 comments on “Dubious Assessments
  1. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    One thing that will never get old is the Mark Sanchez butt fumble!

  2. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    The Blooper HOF.

  3. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    How about a couple more great sports bloopers:

  4. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    “Another strong practice for … wait for it, wait for it … AJ Jenkins, who hauls in 7-9 passes in practice.”
    The legend continues.

  5. Del Mar DennisNo Gravatar says:

    We talkin’ bout practice.

  6. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    OMG, he’s wearing a Red Sox hat!

  7. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    Maiocco is loving him some AJ Jenkins!

  8. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Was he wide open in the interview?

  9. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    A broker said he gave Manziel 7500 hundred dollars to sign autographs. So much for winning the Heisman two year in a row.

  10. Del Mar DennisNo Gravatar says:

    “Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio said he would use the safety rotation Thursday that he’s employed in training camp, meaning Craig Dahl will start alongside Donte Whitner.”
    The Legend in all his glory. My bottle in all its emptiness.
    7-0 Manning and his Broncos and we haven’t even kicked off.

  11. Del Mar DennisNo Gravatar says:

    Hey, Chuck. I can’t seem to post over on your blog. Is A.J. Jenkins dropping all of my comments?

  12. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    Unca is pushing Frank Gore for the HOF on his site. I love Frank but I don’t think he gets in.
    I’m going to ask a different question. If you could pick two RBs your team based on the history of the league, who do you take on your team. One needs to be based on a single year, the other on a career. I’ll start it off.
    My single year RB would be Bo Jackson if he ever played an entire year. He never started until baseball was over. So instead my single year back is Earl Campbell. My career RB is a tough one, Jim brown or Walter Payton. I’ll take Payton since he stayed longer and did very well on some mostly bad teams at the first part of his career.

    I’m interested to hear some other opinions agreeing or not. I don’t think there will be any wrong answers.

  13. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    Gore is marginal. A super bowl ring would help his case. Same deal is keeping Brodie out, too.
    Jim Brown was the best player of his generation – he was Jerry Rice before Jerry was Jerry. Feared, as well as dominant. And one tough SOB.

  14. Del Mar DennisNo Gravatar says:

    Berger, my friend, that’s a tough one. But like you said, there are no wrong answers. Here’s my duo…*I* have to select two backs that I watched in person. JB, is arguably the best RB of all-time. But I didn’t have the pleasure of seeing him play. Barry Sanders, without question, is the best RB I’ve seen play, and it’s not even close for second. Barry was the whole goddamn team.
    His QB’s? Let’s see, there was Scott Mitchell, David Kreig, Charlie Batch, Bob Gagliano and Rodney Peete. I didn’t know they stacked shit that high.
    Barry Sanders was the team, the whole team, and nothing but the team. So help me God.
    Single year? Well, since it’s very fresh in my, and all of our memories, how bout AD’s comeback year last year off his ACL for the Vikings? That was goddamn impressing to say the least.
    I’ll take Barry Sanders and Adrian Peterson in my backfield. Beat me if you can.

  15. Del Mar DennisNo Gravatar says:

    And, NO, Frank Gore is not HOF worthy. Sorry, Frank.

  16. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Frank Gore is not HOF worthy yet.
    He’s 1200 yds or so away from the magic 10000 yard mark.
    At this moment Gore has similar rushing numbers to Roger Craig but Carig has 2000+ receiving yards on Frank and 10+ TDs.
    Frank has more work to do and if Craig isn’t in then it’s hard to make a case for Gore.

  17. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Earl Campbell is the best running back I ever saw but then again I admit to a great degree of bias on this one. If I needed 2 yards
    I’d give it to Campbell for his power combined with unexpected speed. Earl paid the price as his style has led to having to get around these days with a walker.

  18. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Career wise I would say the best RB was Barry Sanders who was spectacular.
    Bo Jackson was sensational but he hsd a brief 4 year career and didn’t have a 1000 yd season.
    I like RBs that fake guys out of their shoes so Gale Sayers, Hugh McElhenny and Eric Metcalf have all the moves.
    Still IMHO Campbell and Sanders were 2 guys I would never get tired of watching.

  19. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Gore’s path to the HOF is to have a 2200 total offense season (1500 rushing 700 yds receiving) with 20 TDS and leading the Niners to the Super Bowl which would probably give him the NFL MVP.
    Then consider his ticket punched.

  20. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Off topic but here’s something you don’t see everyday

  21. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    While watching the Earl Campbell video above I just kept thinking how amazing it is that a man with that kind of size can have that kind of lateral quickness. It doesn’t even seem possible.

  22. winderNo Gravatar says:

    Sayers and Mcelhenny were the two best I ever saw.

  23. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    Tomorrow night at this time, we’ll be watching a 49er football game!

  24. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    My schedule says game starts at 6:00. Our coverage in Reno is at 7:00. Am I being delayed an hour or is game time at 7:00?

  25. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    6:00pm is on the 49er website.

  26. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    6:00 on my site as well.

  27. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    I’ve already got the DVR set for the Replay which NFLN will carry on Friday from 1-4AM out here.
    I’ll have to wait for the leftovers.
    Want to see Kilgore and Marcus Cooper especially.
    These games are all about evaluation.
    But, they’re real contact, play to win events so, what’s not to like?

  28. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Not expecting much from Cooper as a 7th RD CB but, he’s a big dude for the position, 6’2″.
    Hope he sticks.
    He and Culliver would be a nice combo down the road, if all things go well of course.

  29. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    My hope is that Nnamdhi can return to his pre EGO all Pro form and give the Niners 3 more years. Especially with Culliver gone for the season.
    Fangio might give him more playing time than usual for a vet just to let him show what he can do.

  30. Del Mar DennisNo Gravatar says:

    You’re hoping and wishing Nnamdi can return to his All-Pro form and give us three more years?

  31. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Denny Downer

    I don’t share your gloom and doom.
    A lot of experts are making the Niners one of the 4 Super Bowl contenders.
    Sadly you can’t just enjoy the ride.

    You really must have been a hoot to be around in the Joe Thomas days.

  32. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Nnamdi is certainly playing for his NFL future at this point. A bad year would put him in the Nate Clements purgatory situation.

  33. Del Mar DennisNo Gravatar says:

    His name is forbidden in my household. Along with P***** F******* R****. But that goes without saying.

  34. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    “The 49ers have signed CB Eric Wright to a one-year deal.”

  35. Del Mar DennisNo Gravatar says:

    49ers have signed Eric Wright to a one-year contract. So now the Niners are into signing drunks off the street. Maybe they’ll sign me next.

  36. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    The 49er have signed . . .
    Huzzah. Got their draft choice back, and got the guy anyway.
    Maybe if you could get vertical, Dennis, they’d sign you. They have enough tackling dummies.

  37. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    Here’s a layup for you, Dennis:
    “Eric Wright’s 75 receptions allowed in 2011 were the most in the league.”

  38. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    Don’t look Del
    Preston Effing Riley!

  39. Del Mar DennisNo Gravatar says:

    “Eric Wright’s 75 receptions allowed in 2011 were the most in the league.”
    No problem. Eric made up for that by missing all the tackles as well.
    Eric Wright, Nnamdi Asomugha and Craig Dahl. For the past two years those three DBs are statistically three of the worst in the NFL. That’s a prima facie fact. Just look at their numbers. Res ipsa loquitur.
    The defense rests. Literally and figuratively.

  40. Del Mar DennisNo Gravatar says:

    Hey, Berger. Mike Florio on PFT just said that when he talked to Maiocco earlier in the week, Matt told him the Niners would have cut A.J. Jenkins last year if not for the fact he was a 1st rd pick.
    Nice to know that our Niners, just like society, adhere to double standards.

  41. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Rogers and Whitner were no great shakes either. Culliver is a big loss.

  42. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    Del- Florio just said that when he talked to Maiocco he said that if Jenkins was drafted before we picked we were going to trade multiple picks along with Justin Smith and Patrick Willis to get him!

  43. Del Mar DennisNo Gravatar says:

    Off topic for a second, but damn! Karen Black just passed away today. She was one of my all-time favorite actresses. Karen probably wasn’t an “A-list” actress, but that’s what made her so likeable and believable. The fans could relate to her. At least I could. “Easy Rider,” “Five Easy Pieces” and “Airport” just to name a few. And the made for TV “Trilogy of Terror.” Still to this day I consider that some of the best horror ever made. Big or small screen. The final segment entitled, “Amelia” about the African Zuni doll scares the living shit outta me every time.
    RIP Karen Black.

  44. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    Maiooco told Florio that if the 49ers had one more pick last year they were going to draft Karen Black and then cut her!

  45. Del Mar DennisNo Gravatar says:

    I think we can’t cut the read option play to Bruce Miller. That fooled no one. Ixnay on ucebray.

  46. Del Mar DennisNo Gravatar says:

    You know what would be hilarious? If Craig Dahl picked off Peyton Manning.

  47. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    No delay for me. My TV directory was wrong. I have missed some plays due to a flash flood warning and some heavy rain. The dogs aren’t too thrilled with the loud thunder!

  48. Del Mar DennisNo Gravatar says:

    Did we cut A.J. Jenkins yet?

  49. Del Mar DennisNo Gravatar says:

    Hey! Maybe we should try A.J. at corner. At least he can make the tackle after the fact.
    If there was a college re-draft, the Venus de Milo would be selected ahead of A.J. Jenkins.

  50. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    I’m missing most of the game because of this storm. The feed comes on at the end of the 1st half and I hear the announcer say AJ Jenkins was wise open but Tolzien decided to throw it to Osgood. True story! LOL

  51. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    You ain’t missing much.

  52. Del Mar DennisNo Gravatar says:

    Berger and I are in accordance — two thumbs up for #18, Ricardo Lockette out of Fort Valley St. I had to look his school up. It’s one of those small black schools located in Georgia. Anywho, we love Lockette’s size and his tenacity and proclivity to make plays on special teams. A.J. Jenkins is in need of some special education. Or is it special needs now? Who cares? I make Bill Maher look politically correct. All I know is I like #18. He’s Gene Washington with 35 lbs. of muscle added to his frame.
    Did we cut A.J. Jenkins yet?

  53. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    From what I did see AJ Jenkins should be worried.

  54. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    Should be a fun upcoming week.
    Our next opponent are the Chefs and a reunion with Alex Smith.

  55. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    Eric Reid looked good. McDonald is as advertised, looks good then drops a pass or two. Lemonier might be decent. It was only one play but it was an impressive change of direction and acceleration while being held. Ian Williams looked real good. So did Parys Harrelson and Parish Cox. The amount of fumbles we had is alarming.

  56. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Collie also looked good and makes me want to see more.
    He seems to have overcome his knee injury and just can’t get his bell rung again.
    Jenkins is starting to press and the QBs have no confidence in him.
    He needs to show something or he’s gone.
    Dixon had a good game with some good runs called back on penalties.
    Is Jewel Hampton hurt? Where was Celek tonight or the other TEs?
    The backups on the Oline really suck.

  57. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    To properly assess the backup QBs they need to leave the first unit in there to see how each guy can move the team.
    Both McCoy and Tolzein didn’t have a chance with constant
    pressure brought on by a swiss cheese backup Oline.

  58. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    It was pointed out that Manning ran 7 plays and 3 of them were out of the pistol.
    I really wasn’t paying that close
    attention to notice.

  59. Del Mar DennisNo Gravatar says:

    Bullit, I watched the first episode of a new series over on BBC America called, “Broadchurch.” It’s a murder/mystery drama situated in a small coastal town. It stars David Tennant (Doctor Who) which reminds me, WTF is Rob? Hey, Rob! Peter Capaldi is the new Doctor. Good choice. But I digress…in this new drama, one of the character actors is David Bradley (Walder Frey) from “Game of Thrones.” He plays some humble and innocuous store owner. But that doesn’t change a goddamn thing. “The North will never forget. Winter is coming.”

  60. Del Mar DennisNo Gravatar says:

    Are you guys still watching the postgame show? Dennis O’Donnell and Tim Ryan just answered my tweet on KPIX. Though truth be told, my tweet was truncated and not to scale. But, hey! My name was up in lights and on TV. Did I ever tell you guys about the time my name was really up in lights? You don’t want to know, and I don’t have enough vodka…

  61. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Osgood and Moore looked better than AJ. Lockette could hang on ST while he passes up AJ. He’s now 6th in the pecking order.

  62. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    I saw Manning in the shotgun. Not too sure if it was the pistol. Not really paying attention to him either. I was watching the D line. Starters were fine. Tukafu made a coupe plays and got washed out on a few plays. Didn’t get a chance to see DOrsey.

  63. Del Mar DennisNo Gravatar says:

    Sorry, but before I retire I have to get this shit off of my chest…“What happened, happened,” (Ahmad) Brooks said. “I have nothing to say about it now. It’s a distraction to the team. I just want to move forward.” Asked if he’s apologized to the team, Brooks said, “There was no need to.”
    So let me get this straight. Riley, not Preston, Cooper, uses a racial slur and ends up apologizing profusely to the media and his Eagle teammates ad nauseam. Then he gets dismissed from the Eagles for four days to “seek counseling.” But Brooks hits his teammate over the head (allegedly) with a beer bottle, gets no punishment and then says no apology is necessary?
    You effing kidding me? Let me see if I can put this into terms that I, and hopefully we all can relate to…we’re all 49er fans here, so it’s “All in the Family.” If Archie Bunker calls his son-in-law, Michael Stivic a “Meathead” and a dumb Pollock, he’s in big trouble. And Archie must apologize post haste. But if Sammy Davis Jr. just happened by 704 Hauser St., to p/u his briefcase that he left in Archie’s cab and then Archie proceeded to hit that nigga over the head with a beer (provided to him by that dingbat, Edith) that would be OK and unapologetic?
    “Can someone tell me what kind of a world we live in?”

  64. Del Mar DennisNo Gravatar says:

    And one more thing… I’m sick and tired of players finagling their way out of trouble. I’ve had it with their deception. Fess up. I know it. You know it. We all effing know it. Speak the goddamn truth for a change. We all make mistakes. Be a goddamn man and speak the truth. “The truth shall set you free.” –Aunt Esther from “Sanford and Son.”
    It’s either that or being Lamont for the rest of you life…

  65. Del Mar DennisNo Gravatar says:

    Berger, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find the WOTD in my last two comments. It’s 2AM, and not only does this town, but I think yours truly needs an enema. I can’t sleep. But the last time I checked, having a small little rocket shoved up your caboose doesn’t necessarily put one into “sleep mode.”
    You know what? I just remembered we lost the SB last year. That’s a myriad of psychological demons that even I couldn’t finagle absolution from my priest.

    Bless this.

  66. Del Mar DennisNo Gravatar says:

    Jim Harbaugh, repeat after me: You lost the Super Bowl.
    Go F yourself.

  67. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    New post is up.

2021 Schedules
09/12: W 49ers 41, Lions 33
09/19: W 49ers 17, Eagles 11
09/26: L Packers 30, 49ers 28
10/03: L Seahawks 28, 49ers 21
10/10: L Cardinals 17, 49ers 10
10/17 BYE
10/24: L Colts 30, 49ers 18
10/31: W 49ers 33, Bears 22
11/07: L Cardinals 31, 49ers 17
11/15: W 49ers 31, Rams 10L
11/21: W 49ers 30, Jaguars 10
11/28: W 49ers 34, Vikings 26
12/05: L Seahawks 30, 49ers 23 12/12 · 10:00 AMCIN
12/19 · 1:05 PM v ATL
12/23 · 5:20 PM v TEN
01/02 · 1:05 PM v HOU
01/09 · 1:25 PM @ LAR

2021 Draft Class
1. QB Trey Lance, North Dakota State
2. OG Aaron Banks, Notre Dame
3. RB Trey Sermon, Ohio State
3. CB Ambry Thomas, Michigan
5. OG/OT Jaylon Moore, Western Michigan
5. CB Deommodore Lenoir, Oregon
5. S Talanoa Hufanga, USC
6. RB Elijah Mitchell, Louisiana
2021 Prognostications
Bullit: 12-5
Grumpy: 13-4
NJ49er: 11-6
Skeebers: 14-3
Winder: 12-5
Rob: 17-0
Spitblood: 0-17