Drools & Drabs

This weekend the 49ers will hold their Rookie Minicamp and hopefully kick start some fan dialogue because this past week has been extremely slow in that regard. Very slow. Slow as a snail jogging in molasses. So slow that Ninermd’s brain made it across the street without getting run over. We’re talking serious slowness here.

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Of the 49er beat reporters, Matt Barrows is the most entertaining to read. He does his reporting job as well as anyone, but he also injects wit and humor into his posts. Fun guy.

Unfortunately for him, he’s stuck with the Sacramento Bee’s atrocious comment section design. The worst and silliest of all the Bay Area blog sites. Whoever designed that site needs to spend a week at OTAs serving as a blocking sled. Actually, make it three weeks during Training Camp.

Its garish colors, wasted white space, and comments per page limitations make that site just too damn much work to get involved. The Sac Bee’s a good paper. They need to upgrade that site. An afront to all us Outsiders.

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Anybody else wish that Joe Montana would threaten to dismember TIM if he doesn’t stop using Joe’s pic for an avatar? It’s a crime that this insufferable blog weenie is causing Outsiders everywhere to contemplate using TIM’s avatar as a wall dart board.

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Like I said, it was a slow week. There’s no better evidence than the uninspired efforts put forth for our Weekly Drools.

From the Press Democrat’s “Inside the 49ers”

louie | April 27, 2010 6:28 PM | Reply
Blount will turn out to be a much better back than Coffee. The 49ers management (still in their steep learning curve) got played like chumps by the Titans

louie | April 27, 2010 8:05 PM | Reply
Coffee hasn’t shown anything. hopefully Dixon is a find. Losing Blount was a big deal. The Titans turned the 49ers into chumps on that one.

Good old Louie. He can find a turd in a rainbow without even being awake. And Louie is so proud of his turds, he has to throw them in the room twice. Thanks for the grunts, Louie. Hope you didn’t strain yourself.

ProzacNiner | April 28, 2010 10:46 AM | Reply
Also don’t even think about critiquing me on my internet manners, if I want to berate someone on their blogs, website or whatever I absolutely will. Half the time its to piss of people like yourself who should just crawl back in their mothers uterus.

Friendly fellow, this Prozac. Makes me look like a choir boy. And that’s not easy.

5Rings | April 28, 2010 11:25 AM | Reply
Matt Maiocco was a pathetic Alex Smith “nuthugger”. GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!

Jovial thank you to Matt for providing 49er news and a blog for this dimwit to blather on. One of the true dipshits on the blog scene.

Fun stuff guys, but the winning barfolo goes to MarkW:

MarkW | April 28, 2010 11:04 AM | Reply
Phil [new blog host replacing Maiocco], if you want any support in policing this blog, just ask. Your predecessor found it necessary to intervene on occasion, and it was much appreciated–by almost all of us

Brown noser, prissy asshole, smug PC gestapo, and voice of “almost all of us” – all in one, short reeking post. Good job of displaying what a twit you are, MarkW.

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3 comments on “Drools & Drabs
  1. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    Okay, this dang thing is finally working. Sorry for the snafus. Rock throwing is now in season.

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