Almost There

Training Camps will be opening across the NFL in the next couple of weeks and another season will drag out of bed and face the dawn.

Patriot fans can book their playoff reservations immediately for yet another free ride to the postseason by virtue of playing in the weakest division in the history of the NFL. Only twice in the past twenty years or so has this division provided anything remotely close to a competitive schedule. Rex Ryan‘s two year run with the Jets in 2008 and 2009. That’s it.

No such luck for the rest of the NFL. They have to earn their way into the playoffs.

One team that won’t be making the playoffs is the Oakland Raiders. Here’s hoping this  long running dumpster fire finishes last in the AFC West and slinks out of town and out of the state, never to return. Knowing their dimwit fans as we do, they would probably welcome them back yet again even after being  dumped twice. If ever a franchise gave the finger to its fan base as pointedly and repeatedly as the Raiders have theirs, I certainly don’t know about it.

The 49ers will have a good offense this year. Kyle Shanahan has all the players in place that he needs. But it will all come down to Red Zone scoring, which has been awful in his two years here as Head Coach. The team will get there a lot this year, but if they keep settling for FGs, it will be a tough road to get to January and still be playing.

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10 comments on “Almost There
  1. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    “49ers and K Robbie Gould reached agreement this morning on a long-term deal.”

  2. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Gould’s first 2 years are guaranteed at $10.5 mil and there is a team option for 2 more years after that with another $5 mil guaranteed if option is exercised.
    Niner FO played hardball and locked up one of the best kickers for the foreseeable future.

  3. winderNo Gravatar says:

    That is a relief. If he can stay as efficient as he’s been the last couple of years he’s worth every penny.

  4. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Out of boredom I looked at the Raiders draft in 2019. Not bad. Maybe their coaching won’t get the best out of them. Maybe some are overdrafted.

    Their D is bad. They added two DE’s, two CB’s, top collegiate RB, top collegiate Safety, and WR and TE with their non-7th rd picks. Most will start or play significant time. Maxx Crosby, Isiah Johnson, and Foster Moreau need developing.

    So at DE are Clelin Farrel and Arden Key, Maxx Crosby backing up. OT Kolton Miller and Trent Brown. Antonio Brown, Tyrrell Williams, and rookie Hunter Renfro at WR.

    Their D is very young and needs time to develop. O with Derek Carr with FA’s at WR and RT with rookie Josh Jacobs will be adequate. O probably cannot surmount the points the D will allow this year.

    Maybe a draft pick in the 5 to 10 range with two 1st’s next year. Yeah, a dumpster fire this year but enough hope on O to keep diehard fans engaged. Looks like Gruden has laid a good foundation for 2021.

    Of course, they could also recoup the Brown’s previous ineptitude as their destiny.

  5. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    if you have ATT Uverse or Direct TV you lost CBS this past weekend.
    ATT Uverse Direct TV already lost NFL Network over a month ago.
    For what they charge it is just total greed that they couldn’t come to an agreement. They are truly screwing their customers and the first preseason game is on Channel 5 on 8/10.

    You can switch to Comcast but they had the same problem a couple of years ago and it comes in cycles.

  6. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Bullit I tossed the Sunday Ticket/DTV last year. Beyond greed, outright theft.
    After telling them to stick it, they turned around and offered a free season for ‘loyal’ customers like myself. The Ticket was an exclusive to them for years and is now under threat from streaming services and even the NFL’s own RZC.
    In it’s place, I opted for the NFL Game Pass since I record the majority of our games anyway.
    Game pass replays all the games after they conclude, so there is some sacrifice involved in terms of live action.
    For me, it’s not an issue and, I save a ton by comparison.
    Game Pass = $99/Season and archives all the games for playback on demand, including years past. Sunday Ticket was over $400.

  7. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    NJ, have game pass. Read that it is hard to exit. Once they have you hooked you belong to them. $99 annually (anally?) till the day you die.

  8. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    DTV thought the same thing too, I guess, Bakkentom.
    Just keep ramming it up our backsides figuring we’d never leave.
    I was with them almost from the start, yet they continued to screw their ‘loyal’ customers to the point of mass exodus.
    Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered….

  9. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    You can leave Game Pass too, no one owns you….

    Here’s my recent notification –

    Your account is set to auto-renew on August 1, 2019. At that time, your account will be billed $99.99 plus any applicable taxes. If you wish to continue your NFL Game Pass subscription, no action is required. Your access will continue uninterrupted for the 2019 season.

    However, if you wish to cancel your subscription, you must click the opt-out check box to update your auto-renew status. Simply sign in here and visit the ‘My Subscriptions’ section under your ‘My Account’ page. We’re thrilled to have you as a part of the NFL Game Pass family and are excited for you to experience all the new features in the season ahead. See you in the huddle.

    – The NFL Game Pass Team

  10. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    New post is up.

2021 Schedules
09/12: W 49ers 41, Lions 33
09/19: W 49ers 17, Eagles 11
09/26: L Packers 30, 49ers 28
10/03: L Seahawks 28, 49ers 21
10/10: L Cardinals 17, 49ers 10
10/17 BYE
10/24: L Colts 30, 49ers 18
10/31: W 49ers 33, Bears 22
11/07: L Cardinals 31, 49ers 17
11/15: W 49ers 31, Rams 10L
11/21: W 49ers 30, Jaguars 10
11/28: W 49ers 34, Vikings 26
12/05: L Seahawks 30, 49ers 23 12/12 · 10:00 AMCIN
12/19 · 1:05 PM v ATL
12/23 · 5:20 PM v TEN
01/02 · 1:05 PM v HOU
01/09 · 1:25 PM @ LAR

2021 Draft Class
1. QB Trey Lance, North Dakota State
2. OG Aaron Banks, Notre Dame
3. RB Trey Sermon, Ohio State
3. CB Ambry Thomas, Michigan
5. OG/OT Jaylon Moore, Western Michigan
5. CB Deommodore Lenoir, Oregon
5. S Talanoa Hufanga, USC
6. RB Elijah Mitchell, Louisiana
2021 Prognostications
Bullit: 12-5
Grumpy: 13-4
NJ49er: 11-6
Skeebers: 14-3
Winder: 12-5
Rob: 17-0
Spitblood: 0-17