A Mega Wet Turd

Nine months of thirsty optimism for the 49ers glorious march back into the NFL playoffs in 2010 was rewarded Sunday when the team squeezed out one of the nastiest looking foul specimens you would ever want to have the misfortune to find deposited on your doorstep with your foot in it. Just flat awful.

In one momentous game, the team managed to completely destroy the hopes of its fan base, the charisma of Mike Singletary, the patience with Jimmy Raye, and the last vestiges of good will toward Alex Smith. For the rest of this season, the 49ers and its coaches and players will have to earn any respect they get, for none will be provided in advance. The honeymoon with Singletary is over.

On Sunday in Seattle, this team needed a leader to step up and no one responded. Certainly not Smith, who looked completely frazzled the entire second half. He looked like a rookie playing in his first game, overwhelmed by events. Any leadership value he had acquired in the off season went straight out the window as his team unraveled around him.

It was a complete team wide melt down. The vaunted defense, playing against a patchwork Seattle offensive line, generated no pash rush whatsoever. Just a sinful performance. Nate Clements made one good play to start the game and then stunk it up from there on out. Tarrell Brown was terrible.

The brand new beefed up O-line looked no better than last year’s model, unable to get any push or open any holes. Michael Crabtree looked like a guy who didn’t care much for being on this team, just like he did during the pre-season. His lackadaisical attitude and indifference to the playbook directly resulted in two TDs — for Seattle.

When is this team going to get more concerned about scoring points than making them? In two Red Zone possessions, it was once again the stacked formation and plow into the line for no gain. Not a whit of play calling imagination. On the two critical downs, a 3rd and goal and a 4th and goal, with a whole shit wad of offensive weapons to choose from, Raye put the ball in the hands of the worst offensive player on the team — Moran “Stumblebum” Norris. Disaster.

After owning the first quarter, and getting six measly points out of it, the ball finally and inevitably bounced Seattle’s way and they seized on it and administered a thorough butt whipping for the final three quarters, scoring thirty-one unanswered points. Just pathetic.

The Smith Haters Club may be an unkind bunch, but their opinion of Smith certainly looked valid Sunday. With all the weapons he needs to show us what he’s got, what he lacked the most on Sunday was leadership and poise. Those are fatal flaws. His accuracy was fine for the first three drives, then disappeared in a hail of overthrown passes and resignation as the pressure to right the ship mounted.

But the most haunting nightmare that this game hinted at is far worse than simply “Smith sucks.” This team is in its fifth year of rebuilding, the year it is all supposed to come together. Yet Sunday’s game raised the ugly notion that the players this team has rebuilt with are simply not good enough. Either that, or their talents are being completely squashed by a clueless coaching staff, from Singletary on down.

It will be a long and bitter week in Ninerland. This site will no doubt attempt in the coming days to inject some light into the gloom. But not today. Today is a just one lousy ass Monday. About as bad as it can be.

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11 comments on “A Mega Wet Turd
  1. TonyNo Gravatar says:

    Well Skeebes you pretty much summed it all up. And that misfire to fullback Norris (who aint no Rathman to be sure) set the tone. How about having Ziglar or one of the tight ends in the backfield?.. i have continued to give Smith some slack, hopping he needed to grow into the position. But he just flat out isnt accurate. He seems to be a fine young man, works hard, but just doesnt have the touch or accuracy. Last year i liked what i saw in Nate Davies, the improvising , and finding open guys, etc….then he seemed to regress this year. ( maybe bringing in Carr made him that way) And now we have New Orleans up next….oh boy….Im really bummed … Only concilation, the raiders and cowboys lost!!

  2. delmardennisNo Gravatar says:

    “Good” morning, wish I could add something more to your already fine review and synopsis of our “effort” yesterday, but I’m too depressed and emotionally drained to comment. I can’t even muster any anger to vent my frustrations. I’m void of any feelings.
    As you said, Skeebers, we waited all this time and were rewarded with this? I wish I could bitch and moan this morning, but I can’t. I really just can’t. I got nothing left.

  3. delmardennisNo Gravatar says:

    Did ya read the Lowell Cohn piece? Alex was none too happy with our coaches. And, really, can ya blame him? Might be time like I’ve been telling Berger for Alex to go All Fletcher Christian on their asses and declare mutiny. Rock the boat, Alex. Rock the boat.

  4. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    I lost my temper a couple of times. I don’t know what happened. I was prepared for the season and then got flustered. I’ll have to look at the game film of myself watching the game to see what happened, and then I’ll need to improve my game watching skills. Maybe I just picked a bad week to not drink?
    Hey, except for the last line above, if Sing can use that excuse, I can.
    Hey Sing, I can tell you what happened before you watch the film. The bad coaching rubbed off on the players. Bad play calling on both sides of the ball sapped our energy. Did we even try to rush the passer in the 1st half? Was jumping ntheroutes in the game plan? And when faced with a crucial 4th and one with the opponent dead tired is it necessary to call a time out to let them rest? He must have learned that one from Nolan. It reminded me of General McClellan in the Civil War. Burn the film, improve the coaching.

  5. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    That was an interesting article by Cohn, Dennis. None of the beat guys really reported these remarks by Smith, perhaps covering a bit for Raye, whom they all like to interview. Makes me wonder if Smith was more than just frazzled out there. Maybe he was also completely pissed off.

  6. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    Skeebs, I saw the Smith interview and heard all the things Alex said. It didn’t register as a complaint to me. Maybe it was the way Alex said it. But after reading Cohn’s blogs I now see it his way. Good for Alex, take some control here. I hope he is questioning everything behind the scenes.
    The amazing thing is we yell at Alex for not calling a play when the head set goes down, and now we find out that wasn’t the issue. The issue is Raye can’t even get the personnel package in to call any play. Is this just a bad dream?

  7. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Ziegler in the backfield? How about fucking Westbrook?

    Jesus Christ, the coaching staff should be crawn and quartered after that dogshit performance.

    Halfway through the 2nd half, and it’s still the 2 back offense. No up-tempo shit. Nothing different. No Westbrook. No Dixon. I would love to see some game tape to find out what the WRs were doing all game. Hiding behind the CBs? They obviously doubled VD. Why wan’t anyone else open? Well, there weren;t enough WRs in the routes. No checkdowns. No outlets.

    I swear to God I could run a better offense. And I’m an idiot.

  8. robNo Gravatar says:

    the problem now is how to fix it … and with the epic proportions of the defeat the question might just be … can we !

  9. robNo Gravatar says:

    my guys with no time left to shape up … or ship out
    1. alex smith
    2. moran norris

    my guy who joins the other two after one more boondoggle …
    1. jimmy raye
    2. mike lewis

    my guys who are on notice
    1. nate clements
    2. crabtree
    3. mike singletary

    if we don’t turn it around and win one or more of the games we’re not favored in (like the next one !) and start playing good football , heads will roll !

  10. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    What’s fucking scary is Dennis could be right after all. This team could very well be 0-6 when Oakland comes to town.

    I think they’ll still manage to beat KC, but that roadie yesterday doesn’t help me feel very good.

    That play was a good call, NoFear. Sure. However, it would have been a fuckload better on 2nd or 3rd down. They did the SAME THING last year. Ump missed the PI call. Niners turn the ball over on downs. Why wait til 4th down to get creative? 85 yards, ZERO points? 4 trips to the red zone. 6 points? Smith was fucked in the head by then. The absolute ineptitude down in the red zone over and over was just galling.

    Nice sacking up. Play calling was bland stupid shit in the 3rd and 4th quarters. They fucking gave up. EVERYONE looked like shit. Monday night should get REAL interesting if this team lays another rancid turd on the field. The booing will be loud and long and I’ll be right there with ’em.

    I know they aren’t this bad. But good God, they are really pushing me to give up on them.

    Why, why, why?

  11. bigtimNo Gravatar says:

    it was the absolute worst showing of football by all involved since the blowout by the Eagles 41-3 that I could remember.
    the sheer level of incompetence displayed by the coaching staff was mind bending in scope.
    unused talent and displays of stupidity by a corner who was looking like a burnt kielbasa by the end of the game,disgusting.
    watching Smith run and roll for his life throwing wildly in desperation was just the icing on the crap cake.
    and crabtree what a pathetic excuse for a receiver you play in the pre season for a reason at this point he went from diva to bitch in one game.
    the only solace is there’s 15 more game to get your fan base and team together it better start with mon night or the ripping will get even more ugly and heads will roll and it starts with the top

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