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Gut Check Game

Thursday night’s game is looking like the most crucial 49er game of the year. A Seahawks loss would give them an 0-3 division mark, probably handing the 49ers any tie breaker scenarios at season’s end. On the other hand, if

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Stinker on the Green

That was butt ugly, folks. Is it too soon to panic? The 49ers lost to the Giants 26-3, but it could have been a lot worse if the Giants hadn’t laughed their way through the fourth quarter. The game started

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The NFL earth shifted on its axis Sunday afternoon. The consensus best team in the NFC was beaten at home 30-22 by the consensus last year was a fluke team. The San Francisco 49ers beat Green Bay in every phase

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OTA Week II of IV

The 49ers’ will be back at practice today, learning more about the intricacies of the Jim Harbaugh and Vic Fangio playbooks and jockeying for position on the depth chart. We will be back at work today, creating a bright and

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Dream Teams

NFL teams are all holding their rookie minicamps these days (the 49ers’ begins Friday), and hope blooms recklessly in the hearts of fans everywhere. Every team had a “killer draft,” it’s players are all “vastly improved,” and it’s coaches are

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Stuffed and Basted

The San Francisco 49ers Magical Mystery Tour ran out of hallucinogens Thursday night and the team crashed back to reality. Bummer, man. Not hard to figure this game out. Nine sacks. 125 yards of game altering penalties. Short end of

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Fly Me To The Moon

Don’t look now, but we could be seeing a reprise of the late ’90’s battle for NFC supremacy between the 49ers and the Packers. With the exception of one uncalled Jerry Rice fumble and subsequent last second Steve Young TD

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Balloons and Beasts

Last call for the Cloud Nine Balloon Ride! Next week’s availability is TBD. It’s Friday and the 49ers are still great. They’re wonderful. We’re happy. They’re happy. It’s a wonderful world. Later today, the team will get on a plane

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Born To Lose

I thought I’d feel okay if the 49ers lost Sunday’s game against Dallas, as long as the team was respectable. They were, but I’m not. Losing sucks. Especially when you have a chance to win and don’t. Something that the

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Airing It Out

The 49ers have played one game of the 2011 NFL season. Which they won. It doesn’t seem like much, but last year at this time, they had lost that first game, lost it badly, and the season quickly spiraled out

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Raise High the Roofbeam

Four more days till the 49ers kick off the 2011 season by slaughtering the helpless Seattle Seahawks. Four more days till I have to stop writing fiction and start reporting the truth. Sigh. The truth in these parts of the

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Mystery Theater

Hard to believe we’re only five days away from the start of the 2011 football seaason. It kind of snuck up on us. Five days till we finally get a peek at what the heck this team is going to

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One Weak Wonders

The Great 2011 Free Agency Manhunt enters its seventh day this morning and a football starved world has come out of hiding to gush and moan for six solid days. The Eagles and Jets have generated the most buzz, but

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Pre-Game Nerves

As we head into the last two days of the lockout, 49er fans seem most concerned about the defense. Five starters from last year’s team are currently free agents. And one starter, Nate Clements, has a salary that has ballooned

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Setting the Bar

Training Camp opens in two and a half weeks, so it’s time to lace up our cleats and get down to the business of explaining to Jim Harbaugh just what he needs to do this year to please us. With

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Hypothetical Hypnosis

On the plus side of no football activity this off season, the 49ers will likely be able to retain the services of Manny Lawson, Dashon Goldson, David Baas, and maybe even Abrayo Franklin or Takeo Spikes, if the team still

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The Eleventh Hour

Today or tomorrow, the Appellate Court in Denver will give us one of two scenarios: the injunction is stayed or it is allowed. If it is stayed, there will be no football events or news until sometime in July. If

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Behind the Scenes Behind the Scenes

Yesterday came and went without a lockout, but it may have closed the door on the 49er careers of Alex Smith and Abrayo Franklin. Neither of these players is expected to re-sign with the team. The Niners indifference to giving

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Estate Planning

As I mentioned last Friday, the 49ers have assured us they have a Plan A, B, and C for this off season of uncertainty. I may have left out D and E, but if we get that far into the

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Horses and Dogs

The 49ers finished 3rd in the NFC West last year. This was very disheartening, if I may understate the issue. That plain statement of fact hurts worse than all the cuss words in the Urban Dictionary or Unca_Chuck’s blog that

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Show and Tell

The 49ers opened their doors to the public Wednesday, and trotted out their three new coordinators for the Bay Area press to evaluate. These media intros aren’t so much for gathering any hard core news as they are for sizing

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All Along the Watchtower

For those keeping tabs, as of today February has sucked for 39.28% 42.85% 46.43% of its total suckdomness. Excruciating. The 49ers have not signed any players or released any players. No one has gotten the franchise tag. The fates of

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2018 Schedule
9-9, L: Vikings 24, 49ers 16
9-16, W: 49ers 30, Lions 27
9-23, L: Chiefs 38, 49ers 27
9-30, L: Chargers 29, 49ers 27
10-7, L: Cardinals 28, 49ers 18
10-15, L: Packers 33, 49ers 30
10-21, L: Rams 39, 49ers 10
10-28, L: Cardinals 18, 49ers 15
11-1, W: 49ers 34, Raiders 3
11-12, L: Giants 27, 49ers 23
11-25, L: Tampa 27, 49ers 9
12-2, L: Seattle 43, 49ers 16
12-9, W: 49ers 20, Broncos 14
12-16, W: 49ers 26, Seattle 23
12-23, L Bears 14, 49ers 9
12-30, L: Rams 48, 49ers 32
2018 Draft Class
1. OT Mike McGlinchey
2. WR Dante Pettis
3. LB Fred Warner
3. DB Tarvarius Moore
4. DE Kentavius Street
5. CB D.J. Reed
6. S Marcell Harris
7. DT Jullian Taylor
7. WR Richie James
2018 Prognostications
Closest to the Pin:
  Mr Fletch: 7-9

Bakkentom: 8-8
Grumpy: 8-8
Winder: 8-8
Bullit: 9-7
NJ49er: 9-7
Skeebers: 10-6
Spitblood: 0-16
Rob!!!: 16-0