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Jets 23, 49ers 17

The Good: Sorry, we got nothing for you here. Zip, nada, zilch, nope, fuggeddabouddit. The Bad: Twelve straight losses, the 2016 49ers continue their march into the franchise history books. And they aren’t done yet. The Weird: The team has

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Wasn’t It a Long Way Down

Congratulations to the 2016 49ers. In the 68th year of the franchise, you guys have accomplished the awesomely difficult task of losing ten straight games, the most in team history. No mean feat. To think, only four years ago, this

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The Big EC Uneasy

It’s probably safe to say we fans will not see another two game stretch of 49er football that remotely approaches the total dominance we have witnessed against the Jets and Bills. But we could find out next Sunday that a

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Ouch. The 49ers put a serious man hurt on the New York Jets Sunday, steamrolling over them 34-0. It looked like a throwback game to the 1930’s as nine different runners combined for 245 in your face yards on 44

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They Might Not Be Giants

The refs we used to hate are back. Are the 49ers we used to love back, too? The 2012 season hits the quarter pole this weekend and a 49er victory will give them the same record as they had last

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Russian Roulette

The NFL is becoming more of a drama queen than the Bachelorette. And what better way for the 49ers to dive into the spirit of the times than by traveling to New York, the circus capital of the world, to

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Away From the Lights

Last year, the Eagles won the Free Agency PR title and were promptly awarded a berth in the 2011 Super Bowl. Hmmmm. Is “oops” too strong a word? The actual Free Agency winner was the guy who laid in the

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The Bill & the Fat Boys Division

Those not blessed with Short Term Memory Loss will recall from last week’s posts that this site is on a Magic Carpet Tour of the divisions in the NFL outside the 49ers NFC West domain. And we have so far

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2020 Schedule
9-13: AZ
9-20: @ NYJ
9-27: @ NYG

10-4: PHI (SNF)
10-11: MIA
10-18: LA RAMS (SNF)
10-25: @ NE

11-1: @ SEA
11-5: GB (TNF)
11-15: @ NO


11-29: @LAR

12-7: BUF (MNF)
12-13: WAS
12-20: @ DAL (SNF)
12-26: or 27 @ AZ

1-3: SEA

2020 Draft Class
1. DT Javon Kinlaw, South Carolina
1. WR Brandon Aiyuk, Arizona State
5. OL Colton McKivitz, West Virginia
6. TE Charlie Woerner, Georgia
7. WR Jauan Jennings, Tennessee
2019 Prognostications

Closest to the Pin:
   Bakkentom: 10-6
   Bullit: 10-6

Grumpy: 9-7
Skeebers: 8-8
Mr Fletch: 7-9
NJ49er: 7-9
Winder: 7-9