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Uppers and Downers

Colin Kaepernick is expected to have a sensational season this year, and maybe he will. But all the gushing over him is making me nervous. Life does occasionally throw a sensation party for one of its denizens, true. But there’s

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Upside Down Future

The 49ers have been gathering players from the top of the Draft for seven of the past eight years. Those plumb pickings will not be seen again for many, many years. I’d like to say they’ll never be seen again,

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See The UFA, In Your Chez Buffet

As reported by ProFootballTalk Tuesday, the new CBA will allow players with four years in the league to become Unrestricted Free Agents, or UFAs for you acronym lovers. This puts Dashon Goldson, Ray McDonald, and Manny Lawson out there on

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Split Decision

The 49ers have drafted in the top eleven for seven straight years, six of which they actually drafted there, or will, and one of which Bill Belichick drafted there while they took Kentwan Balmer down near the bottom of the

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The Liberal Arts Game

It may seem like the season has been on the line for the past twelve games for the 49ers, but next Sunday it really, really is! A loss to the Seattle Seahawks would mathematically eliminate the team from the playoffs.

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Cheesed Off

Eric Davis and Matt Maiocco, 49er Insiders deluxe, thought the 49ers would be competitive in Green Bay, maybe even win the game. The Outsider and its citizens predicted the team would get squashed. Who knows football? WE DO! What were

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2010 TC IX: Hang ‘Em High

The blogosphere finally got something to sink its teeth into this rather calm off season, and man alive they were a ravenous bunch. The strange and sudden saga of Kentwan Balmer’s MIA provoked a feeding frenzy as the howling dogs,

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2010 TC VIII: Final Days

Training Camp is sputtering to its conclusion and the scrubs are getting the last reps they will see this year unless they are signed to the practice squad of the 49ers or some other team — or hauled off the

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2010 TC VII: Voodoo Monday

The fickle Gods of Football surveyed the giddy landscape of Ninerland during their Training Camp bus tour and decided to spray some Voodoo dust over 4949 Centennial Blvd. on Monday, stirring to life JrFrMo, the Beetlejuice of the blogosphere. As

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Seventh Round Knockout

The first of two weeks of OTAs concluded last Friday without this reporter seeing so much as one play. I did, however, get a barrage of Tweets from Maiocco, Barrows, and Barber. Lynch does not appear to have a Twitter

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The Defense Rests

Yesterday, I looked at the keys to an improved offense this coming season, which got me a ripe umbrage tomato heaved out of the crowd and splattered against my schnozz. Today, I’ll look at the defense, while the neighborhood kid

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The 2008 Draft Class

After many years of pigskin combat, the savants of the NFL have established a Gospel of Judgment concerning draft classes. Though it is far more popular to rev up the bus about ten minutes after a draft is concluded and

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2020 Schedule
9-13: L Cardinals 24, 49ers 20
9-20: W 49ers 31, Jets 13
9-27: W 49ers 36, Giants 9

10-4: L Eagles 25, 49ers 20
10-11: L Dolphins 43, 49ers 17
10-18: W 49ers 24, Rams 16
10-25: W 49ers 33, Patriots 6

11-1: @ SEA
11-5: GB (TNF)
11-15: @ NO


11-29: @LAR

12-7: BUF (MNF)
12-13: WAS
12-20: @ DAL (SNF)
12-26: or 27 @ AZ

1-3: SEA

2020 Draft Class
1. DT Javon Kinlaw, South Carolina
1. WR Brandon Aiyuk, Arizona State
5. OL Colton McKivitz, West Virginia
6. TE Charlie Woerner, Georgia
7. WR Jauan Jennings, Tennessee
2020 Prognostications
Bullit: 12-4
Grumpy: 12-4
NJ49er: 11-5
Skeebers: 11-5
Winder: 11-5