2010 TC XIII: G & W Preview

Brian Westbrook appeared in the 49er backfield at Thursday’s practice, paired with Frank Gore. It’s possible this was a sop to the fans who were attending the last open practice of Training Camp, a sort of “look what we got here, folks” deal, but more likely it is a real sign that Westbrook will be more than just insurance against a Gore injury.

As a 49er fan, Westbrook is one of those guys I hated to see us have to play against. Dave Meggett was another, as well as Marshall Faulk. These guys are defense deflaters, always sneaky farting around and through on third downs and weaseling out a first down just about the time you thought your defense had shut the door and was on the verge of trotting off the field. The kind of player that makes you throw your headset on the ground or your beer at the TV screen. A guy who always manages to be standing somewhere wide open for an easy pass and skedaddle. A true chain mover.

His signing produced a rarity in the blogosphere — pretty much universal approval. It’s wily old vets like him that can sometimes be just the thing to kick-start a young group of players that are trying to get over the fence that separates nobodies from somebodies. On into the magic land of Swagger.

Westbrook brings more than just his skills, which have no doubt declined somewhat over the years. He brings a Scary Rep. A guy that causes opposing defenses to start pointing at each other and doing the “It’s him. It’s Brian Westbrook. Shit!” type of pre-snap nervous dance. The Niners do not have anybody who creates that sort of sweat — yet. The team is still a young, hard working group that is gathering respect in the league, but not yet fear.

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Practices keep toddling along these days, with fewer and fewer guys padding up, and more and more resting up. The team is set for the opener and the final roster spots are about the only drama left in camp. Still up for grabs are the 4th OLB, 5th CB, the backup OL pecking order, 7th D-line guy, 5th WR, 3rd TE, and 5th ILB. Not a lot of hot blogger’s material in these team depth battles.

No, the momentum on the blogosphere has shifted now that there is an actual game in the books to completely beat to death until the next game comes along. And they will be coming along weekly now, all the way to January and hopefully beyond.

The blogosphere has its own rhythm, much like the team’s, with a one day lag time. Monday is the bloggers’ game day, full of adrenalin, hysteria, euphoria, mayhem, exasperation, bloody noses, fingers in the eye, etc. Tuesday the list of complaints/observations from Sunday’s game get winnowed down to what will become the blogs’ main topics of argument for the coming week — the game plan installation. Wednesday through Friday, it’s the Optimists vs the Pessimists Debate.

The upcoming game against the Raiders Minnesota has more than the usual drama for a second exhibition game. It’s the Battle of the Bay and braggers rights are at stake, as well as a mini-preview of the real game that will happen later this year return of the worst memory from last season, the dreaded and haunting Bret Farve miracle pass, as well as one last wrenching memory of Mark Roman’s ill-fated tenure as a Niner. It’s also the debut of Nate Davis as possible second string QB. Next week promises to be quite entertaining and lively on the blogosphere. It’s definitely feeling like the football season is finally getting under way.

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14 comments on “2010 TC XIII: G & W Preview
  1. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    Check your schedule Mr Skeebs. We play MiniHaHa this week, in our 2nd game.

  2. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    Oops. Asleep at the wheel.

  3. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    Ahem. What were you saying, Berger?

  4. delmardennisNo Gravatar says:

    Raiders, Vikings, Akron Zips, makes no difference. Well, except maybe for Nate Davis. He might be wishing he’s facing the Zips again when he goes up against actual defenders whose name won’t be prominently displayed on a shirt tag at Home Depot come three weeks. I know I rag on Nate quite a bit, but I was actually gonna give him some props for losing the gloves he always used to wear when throwing the ball….until I read the reason why: they got too wet and slippery from contact with the center’s, wait, trying to restrain myself from busting a gut, they got too slippery and wet because of the center’s butt sweat. Sorry, I can’t go on.

  5. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    It is not a pretty thought. I mean, you gotta get your hands in there really snuggled up and all to pick up any transfer sweat. I don’t think I want to go on, either.

  6. delmardennisNo Gravatar says:

    Did ya guys catch “my boy” Curtis Paul Painter last night vs the Bills? 5/6 97 yds. and a TD. Sure, he plays great last night when none of my fellow 49er fans sees him. All they remember is him stinking up the joint lat Sunday in our games vs the Colts. Thanks, Curtis. Now go back to holding your clipboard for another five years till Manning hangs ’em up.

  7. robNo Gravatar says:

    dennis , i’m not quite looking forward to the next cutis painter news as i am to the next joe nedney update !

  8. robNo Gravatar says:

    oh wait , maybe this one is best

    ” It is not a pretty thought. I mean, you gotta get your hands in there really snuggled up and all to pick up any transfer sweat. I don’t think I want to go on, either. ”

    i wonder if the akron zips ever had to worry about this kind of thing !

  9. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    This is why people rarely discuss centers. If you try to describe what they do, like you would break down what a receiver or RT do, you would either get laughed out of town or someone would make a perversion call to the police. Essentially, you’ve got one guy who spends his life trying to ram something up his keister and hoping some other guy is groping in there to intercept it. It’s reason enough to go all shotgun all the time.

  10. robNo Gravatar says:

    we even got a mark roman reference today thanks to skeebers ! not too many players have made failure so uniquely their own as roman !
    set up as the starting free safety , the glamour boy of the safety positions , by equally success challenged head coach mike nolan ! on a defense (and in a league ) that is built around it’s safeties how a guy like roman starts for any team for close to 4 years is beyond me ! from bouncing off defenseless QB’s to being as inept vs. the run as he was vs. the pass roman is without peer in one respect ! some players are drafted high in rd one only to wash out completely and become big name busts ! maybe because he was a smart player with limited ability and thrown in so far over his head … no one was so adept at failure than mark roman ! the minn. TD last year was his biggest play as a niner and brought his time here to a spectacular high point … er low point !
    so i guess to put it in (or paraphrase) the vernacular of the day …
    roman was an “epic fail(ure)”

  11. robNo Gravatar says:

    skeebs i just saw your 8:18 post ! if you think that’s bad , try being a relative novice and discussing 0-line play in general , and the merits of the nutcracker drill specifically , with beger in a phone conversation whilst being high out of your mind on oxycotton !
    you tend to get a prolonged and stunned silence on the other end of the phone ! when you go for the requisite reassurances that come along with saying ” i know i’m not phrasing this right , but i’m sure you know what i mean ”
    and getting
    ” uhhhhm … no i don’t”

    as a reply , you know you’re in trouble !

  12. BergerNo Gravatar says:


  13. robNo Gravatar says:

    but this
    ” It’s vets like him that can sometimes be just the thing to kick-start a young group of players that are trying to get over the fence … On into the magic land of Swagger. ”

    right smack dab in the middle of skeeb’s post is this gem !
    it’s funny ,but the thing that struck me the most about the interview westbrook gave the press after his first practice here was the aura of confidence he brought to it !
    i can’t remember one player here who showed the same kind of calm self assurance and air of certainty that he / we could get the job done than westbrook showed there ! call it swagger if you want , but westbrook might just have brought to this team exactly what was missing here !the confidence necessary to get it over the hump , and transform the current 49ers from being an up and down team , that’s very unsure of itself into a consistant winner !

  14. robNo Gravatar says:

    berger , since my last post got the hoped for reaction of …
    from someone …
    i’ll put this one up too in hopes it has the desired effect as well !

    just an fyi , i sent an e-mail to the yahoo/football fun , e-mail address you set up !

2019 Schedule
9-8: @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 1:25pm
9-15: @ Cincinnati Bengals, 10am
9-22: vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, 1:25pm
9-29: BYE

10-7: vs. Cleveland Browns, 5:15pm
10-13: @ Los Angeles Rams, 1:05pm
10-20: @ Washington, 10am
10-27: vs. Carolina Panthers, 1:05pm
10-31: @ Arizona Cardinals, 5:20pm

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3. WR Jalen Hurd, Baylor
4. P Mitch Wishnowsky, Utah
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6. TE Kaden Smith, Stanford
6. OT Justin Skule, Vanderbilt
6. DB Tim Harris, Virginia
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