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Can Anybody Play This Game?

June is here, which means three more months until the grand opening of The Return to Mediocrity Era. Featuring an ever evolving cast of entirely forgettable coaches and players. Hip hip kerplunk! Today, we’ll look at the 2012 Draft class,

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Too Much Noise

There’s been a lot of pixels devoted to unraveling the hatchet job Jed York did to Jim Harbaugh, but York also undermined GM Trent Baalke, by torpedoing his choice for the 49ers’ new HC. And some people wonder why there’s

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Stepper Uppers Needed

Jed York checked his mouth into rehab after the owners’ meetings last week, so there has been some quiet time these days. Pity. What will we do for amusement? Poor young Jed. A year ago, he was the toast of

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Baalke’s Decade

With the departures of Patrick Willis, Ray McDonald, Michael Crabtree, and Frank Gore, the Mike Nolan/Scot McCloughan draft era is just about wrapped up. There are only two guys left: Joe Staley and Vernon Davis. And only one FA signing

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Spring Equiknocks

The 49ers hired a new head coach after the 2014 season, so they can begin their offseason workout program earlier than other more stable franchises. The first workout begins in two weeks, on April 6. It’s entirely possible that we’ll

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Rain Drops Keep Fallin’

It’s probably safe to say that all our draft picks this year will make the team. They might even BE the team, if the current rate of defections continues. The 49ers finally had a good day on Wednesday. Nothing happened.

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Out From The Shadows

It’s unlikely we’ll ever know how much of a role GM Trent Baalke played in decimating the 49ers’ coaching staff at the end of the 2014 season. There’s no doubt about Jed York‘s role. He wasn’t clever enough to disguise

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Hit The Road, Jack

With one week left before the start of Free Agency, the 49ers have yet to re-sign any of their soon to be unrestricted players. All of these fellows are more likely to get better offers from other teams than what

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Baalkan Island

For the next two months, it will be GM Trent Baalke‘s turn to show us what he can do. Free agency begins in two weeks, followed by the draft in late April. Everyone seems to be clamoring for a fast

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Combine Combo

The NFL Combine is underway in Indianapolis. In other news, … Head coaches from all 32 teams will be in attendance, and 31 of them will be urging each other to trample the 49ers this year. After all, if the

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Perception Vs Reality

The 49ers have finally introduced their new coaching staff. Most of them can now disappear into the fine print of the team’s hierarchy, until such time as we need to haul them out to blame them for one thing or

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Farewell Parties

Just over three weeks until the start of Free Agency. Hopefully, that will give the 49ers’ FO enough time to finish assembling an entire coaching staff, or at least parading them out there in a formal introduction. But, maybe Jim

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As the QB Turns

The Super Bowl next Sunday will be a win-lose proposition for 49er fans. One of these despised franchises will have to lose the game, but one of them will have to win it, too. We’ll either see Bill Belichick and

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Where’s Waldo?

I’d forgotten what it was like to watch the playoffs without the 49ers’ involvement. Pretty much sucks, to say the least. It’s safe to assume that the first priority for the 49ers FO in their head coach hire will be

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Final Days of the Harbaugh Era

One more butt kicking to endure and the 49ers are out of here until next August. Who’s gonna be on the team then and who’s gonna be coaching it are currently a mystery. If only the identity of the owner

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State of the Disunion

Everybody in the world seems to assume Jim Harbaugh will not return for a fifth year as 49er HC. If that’s because he wants to leave, then so be it. It’s his life, he can do what he wants. However,

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Lay of the Land

The 2014 season has produced its share of weird, up-and-down performances, but the playoff picture is beginning to blur into focus. In the NFC, seven teams are in the hunt (Cowboys, Eagles, Lions, Packers, Cardinals, 49ers, and Seahawks) and one

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Place Your Bets

The exhibition games have concluded and we blognoscenti now have all the evidence we’re going to get about what kind of 49er team to expect in 2014. Ergo, it’s time for the annual crystal ball efforts. Roll the old orb

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Let the Big Dogs Eat

Through two exhibition games, the 49er scrubeenies have definitely gotten a lot of work. Most of it, in fact. The good news is the coaches have copious reams of tape for their cut-down day evaluations. The bad news is the

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Sic Transit Offseason

One more week, guys. We’re almost there. Rookies report today and the vets next Wednesday. First padded practice the 26th. The offseason has brought us many entertainments, starting with the trade of Jim Harbaugh to Cleveland — NOT. Then a

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Easy Pickins

At first glance, the 49ers 2014 schedule looks a bit daunting. In the first seven games, they face three 2013 playoff teams (Eagles, Chiefs, Broncos), a ten win team (Cardinals), a couple of QBs who can be streaky good or

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Joe Blow Fan, R.I.P.

No wonder Jed York is always smiling. The new Santa Clara stadium is completely sold out for the 2014 season. The cheapest seats are $850. If all 68,500 seats cost that much, the take per game season would be $58,225,000.

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2017 Schedule
Sept. 10: vs Carolina: L 3-23
Sept. 17: at Seattle: 9-12
Sept. 21: vs. L.A. Rams: L 39-41
Oct. 1: at Arizona: L 15-18
Oct. 8: at Indianapolis: L 23-26
Oct. 15: at Washington: L 24-26
Oct. 22: vs. Dallas: L 10-40
Oct. 29: at Philadelphia: L 10-33
Nov. 5: vs. Arizona: L 10-20
Nov. 12: vs. N.Y. Giants: W 31-21
Week 11 — Bye
Nov. 26: vs. Seattle: L 13-24
Dec. 3: at Chicago: W 15-14
Dec. 10: at Houston: W 26-16
Dec. 17: vs. Tennessee: W 25-23
Dec. 24: vs. Jacksonville: W 44-33
Dec. 31: at L.A. Rams: W 34-13
2017 Draft Class
1. DE Solomon Thomas
1. ILB Reuben Foster
3. CB Ahkello Witherspoon
3. QB C.J. Beathard
4. RB Joe Williams
5. TE George Kittle
5. WR Trent Taylor
6. DT D.J. Jones
6. LB Pita Taumoepenu
7. CB Adrian Colbert
2017 Prognostications
NJ49er: 6-10
Skeebers: 6-10
Bullit: 5-11
Mr Fletch: 5-11
RTFirefly: 5-11
Chuck: 9-7
Grumpy: 4-12
Rob: 9-7
Winder: 4-12