Rits of Fealous Jage

At the half way point in the season, there appear to be two playoff caliber teams in the NFC East, one in the North, and three in the South. The winner of the West gets in, no matter what that team’s record is.

So, it looks like there are going to be two pretty good teams that do not make the playoffs, maybe three if Chicago some how holds up, and all of these also rans are going to be very indignant at seeing an inferior West team hobble into the post season instead of them. Heck, there are liable to be three or four other teams with better records than the West Division champion. There might even be a team that finishes last in its division, but has a better record than the West winner.

It happens every year that some deserving team stays home and some undeserving team advances, but this year might just be an epic fail event of unjust enrichment. National scribatistos will call for realignment or a playoff scenario where teams are seeded by record, not by whether they were first in a dog shit division. This is a fair and sane suggestion, so it will of course not be adopted.

The 49ers got the short end of this stick only once, in 1991, when the team failed to make the playoffs with a 10-6 record. In 2008, New England went home with an 11-5 record, while the Chargers got in with an 8-8 record. No team has crawled in with a 7-9 record yet, but it could definitely happen this year.

This year will mark the fourth year in the past five that the NFC West has had a champion with less than ten wins. The lone exception was the 2007 Seahawks team that went a roaringly big 10-6. This is some serious peeuuuu, folks.

The AFC West has not been much better, but the Chargers have lent some dignity to it for the past few years by being an underachieving great team. IOW, psst (Norv Turner).

It’s common for Niner fans to grouse about the East Coast bias, but with the kind of meatballs being served out here on the left coast, perhaps it’s not an East Coast bias so much as just a plain old professional football versus peewee football bias. At least the NFC West is providing constant material for Leno and Letterman.

Speaking of Mike Singletary, did you hear that he …

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7 comments on “Rits of Fealous Jage
  1. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    The terrible NFC West is the only NFC division to send two teams to the Super Bowl in the last 5 years. Both games were very competitive with the Seahawks actually losing to the refs and not the Steelers.
    Your national scribatistos call for play-off realignment when their east teams get punked. The power in the NBA has been in the west for 15 years. No scribatistos have called for play-off realignment. This will be the first time in years the power will be in the East. The scribatistos will be calling for realignment. Count on it.

  2. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    We can build on this, Berger. Maybe the Niners can be the first 7-9 team to win the SB.

  3. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    Out of all the SB winners, only two have not had the QB as center of the offense. And they both won with defense, not offense. The 1985 Bears and the 2000 Ravens. Heck, even the great Cowboys teams with Emmit Smith had The QB as the center piece of the offense.
    This team goes nowhere as long as Gore is the center piece of the offense, and get ready for more failed QBs if Sing is the leader. The only time he won was with Martz who uses the QB as the center piece of the offense.
    Just my opinion, but I would fire Sing today and get an interim who likes QBs and understands their value. This just in, the QB is the most important player on the field, somebody tell our coach.

  4. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    TB fits in there. Brad Johnson?

    MIKE Johnson should be the interim after this next loss.

    He’ll open things up in a heartbeat. It isn’t that goddamn hard to do. Tenn did it last year over their bye week when they switched out Ichabod Collins for Vince Young.

  5. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    TB used Brad Johnson as the center of the offense. He might not have been that good but he was the center of the offense. That team did win with defense. I suppose that is the correlation you are seeing to the Bears and Ravens. My point is not who won on defense, my point was on who used somebody other than the QB to be the center point of the the offense, and how many titles do they have compared to using the QB.
    The Redskins had a great O-line and John Riggins. Even they used the QB as the center point of the offense with Theismann distributing the ball to the Smurfs.
    Miami had Czonka, Kiik and Morris. The center of their offense was Griese.
    Whether you like or dislike Alex Smith, he never had a chance to succeed here, not with a RB as the center piece of the offense. Maybe things will be different with Troy Smith and his ability to scramble and throw on the run, but I will only believe it if I see it.

  6. delmardennisNo Gravatar says:

    I’d like to know how in the Sam Hill are we gonna get a pass rush on Sam Bradford. Last three games he has 5 TDs and 0 INTs. We give that kid too much time and it’s gonna be (another) long day.

  7. bigtimNo Gravatar says:

    I will never hope for a 9er loss but this is a seriously pivotal game for,not the O,or D, but for Sing his megalomaniac ways and bus throwing better result in a victory or there may be more heads rolling, notably a certain ex bears line backer, this season has been a slow purge of bad coaching and the writing is on the wall produce results or else.
    this season is already a mess why not just call it a winter and start prepping for the next potential coach that can turn this thing around.
    neither of the Smiths are the answer, unless your living in the hope bubble like much of the blogosphere is, troy played a pedestrian game against a below average foe and had one decent quarter of play for a win.
    that word win, its so rarely been said/written this decade, the hope that was so cruel, to be flaunted in the faces of the loyal fans to hope for a sniff of a playoff only to be dashed by inept play calling,coaching, and mediocre play from this over hyped group,if I hear the words “we have the talent to be good” in another press conference by the stern talker, I am going to puke.
    there better be a win or a pink slip for the HOFLB

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