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The fans in Seattle, Arizona, Kansas City, Minnesota, Cleveland, Baltimore, New York Jets, Miami, Dallas, Washington, and some disgruntled fringers in probably a few more NFL cities are lusting at the thought, real or far-fetched, that soon to be FA Peyton Manning will choose to sign with their team this offseason and make them instant favorites for the 2013 Super Bowl. Many 49er fans are on this drool list, too, you can be sure.

And, on the surface, why not? Peyton is certainly one of the greatest QBs to ever play the game. The Colts went from yearly playoff entrants to dead last without him, indicating his pedestrian 9-10 playoff record was more a product of not having a decent defense or running game, than any choker quality he might possess. An obvious comparison is John Elway, who went to four SBs with sub-par teams, losing all four, before winning his last two shots when he finally had a real team behind him.

However, Manning is currently not healthy enough to play, has no idea when he will be, is thirty-six, and his unhealthiness involves his neck and nerves, which is not exactly a simple bad knee or bum foot. His life could be at risk. There’s no certainty he’ll ever play again.

But it is pretty close to a certainty he won’t be able to play come March and the beginning of the Free Agency period. Any team leaving room on their roster for the possibility that he may get healthy enough to play this year is one desperate team. The Jets fall into that category. The 49ers do not.

Kicking Alex Smith to the curb after the season he just had and the season the team just had would torpedo the entire Team First, got your back attitude Jim Harbaugh installed in 2011. A family feeling that makes guys want to play here. And Manning isn’t necessary for this team to reach the Super Bowl. Every team in the league knows the 49ers would be in the SB this year if they had some decent WRs. In fact, the 49ers are in a great spot with Smith. He’s a good QB who fits Harbaugh’s system and he doesn’t cost a cap tilting $20 million a year. He’s also only 27 years old. His best years are still ahead of him. Manning’s are not.

The Cardinals are said to be interested, but that seems hard to believe. The Bidwells aren’t Dan Snyder. They just paid a lot of money to a QB and barely got to see him play. They won’t foot the bill for both Manning and Kevin Kolb, so Kolb would have to be cut and then Manning would have to stay healthy. A very high risk bet. Not the kind they are likely to make. And not the kind Manning would likely make, either. His neck versus two games each year against both the Niners and Seahawks defenses is not a wise choice. Not to mention the Cardinals offensive line, which had something to do with Kolb’s year long health problems.

IOW, this topic is only marginally interesting, and pretty close to a supersized ho-hummer. Still, it beats hell out of the other news trampling across the NFL landscape this week, which shall go unnamed. Just about any topic in the world is better than this unmentionable open wound.

But if 49er fans are hurting, one can only imagine how bad Brad Seely feels. His Special Teams were outstanding all year long — except for one game. The last one. The one his guys muffed away.

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45 comments on “Plug N Play QB
  1. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Joe Montana, Steve Young, John Elway,Dan Marino and Kurt Warner
    have one thing in common. They all retired when they were 38 years old.
    That’s why Peyton Manning is not the answer. Thinking you can him cheap is a pipe dream as teams like the Redskins and Jets will throw money at him.Probably Jerry Jones won’t be able to resist and get involved somehow. You know that the QB sneak will not be in Peyton’s playbook. I prefer not to be the GM that signs him and then wonders if he’s going to get up after every vicious tackle.

    As for Peyton Manning he should retire because he wants to and not because he has to.

  2. tonyNo Gravatar says:

    Skeebs…As intriguing as the thought of having Peyton might be, your right about it being a mistake…lets see how Alex does with some good receivers and another year in the system…he should only get better, and he deserves the opertunity.

  3. tonyNo Gravatar says:

    “opportunity”…(need to proof read my posts) 馃檪

  4. tonyNo Gravatar says:

    I dont know how everyone else feels…but this is the first Super Bowl that i can remember. That i have no intension of watching. I’m not making any bets, or getting in on any pools…in fact i’m going to the coast to fish, or go crabing. (And i hope they have the worst ratings EVER) Bring on the combine and free agency!!!

  5. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    Amen Tony. I don’t want to watch, but I’ll probably watch.

  6. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    Maybe this year I OD on chips and guacamole. Should I leave a note that when I die that green leakage is only guacamole?

  7. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    I think the guacamole would turn dark. Forget the note.

  8. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    There’s been a lot of Super Bowls
    I’ve watched for the commercials or office pools. Those crazy
    squares make the game interesting
    when you can win #250 on a $10 square.

  9. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    NJ, from the last thread: replacing Adam Snyder with Carl Nicks would be a huge upgrade. Nicks is one of the two or three best guards in the league. The issue will be cost. Even losing Snyder and Rachal’s (overpaid) contract, he may be too expensive.

    In general I like to build through the draft, but this team is close enough now that I’d consider adding one or two FAs if we can do it without adversely affecting our cap status.

  10. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Snyder is a more important resign
    than you guys think. He can play ever position on the OL and given a real chance to start he might not have been spectacular but he did his job and made Anthony Davis better. I like Ben Grubbs better than Nicks but both will cost you huge money to pry them from their contending teams.
    Also Heitmann didn’t officially retire so I’m wondering if he’s
    well enough to continue his career. He indicated in an interview last year he would play if medically cleared. Just like Peyton.

  11. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    What if Harbaugh decides to go with a team with 3 WRs and 5 TEs?
    He drafts Coby Fleener with the first rd pick and Ladarius Green in the 3rd rd. Sometimes have 4 TE sets and run play action off that. The key here is all your TEs are fast and great receivers.
    We misght be coming to the era of the TE.

  12. unca chuckNo Gravatar says:

    They need an outside threat. Or 2.

  13. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    The Raiduhs just hired an ex Niner
    Frank Pollack as their OL coach.
    He was assistant OL coach with Houston.

  14. Del Mar DennisNo Gravatar says:

    They need an elite quarterback. The last five Super Bowls including this one have been quarterbacked by: Eli (2), Brady (2), Big Ben (2), Warner, Brees, Peyton and Rodgers. All those QBs are destined for the HOF. The blueprint of running the ball and playing great defense to win a championship is a thing of the past. If you want to win a Super Bowl, you need an elite quarterback. We don’t have one.
    Give me Peyton or give me death!

  15. unca chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Greg Knapp? Really? Back to the future for the Raiders . . .

  16. unca chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Fine. Death for you, skippy. Manning won’t play a down this year.

  17. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Grumpy I’m in the group that says Alex is a Cap Saver option.
    We should be able to afford 2 key FAs without strapping ourselves.
    Be it Nicks, a WR or a surprise like Michael Griffin, I think we can swing it.
    We’ll lose Shawntae,Chilo and Norris.
    We then work to retain Rogers/Goldson, Brooks and, add the Draftees.
    Bullit that is exactly why I like Ladarius as an option.
    Fast and tall.
    He’ll need work, since he’s from a small program but, I like his measurables. I’ve been impressed with the numbers from Fleener too.
    I’m torn between Colston and Bowe.
    Either would be a nice addition but, I think Bowe could be a better Cap fit. We’ll see.

  18. ROBNo Gravatar says:

    SKEEBS !
    good one !

    but you forgot to add matt leinart to the mix !
    he’s just another stiff (among many) that people called for to replace our current starter at QB !

    oh well !
    not to be a stick in the mud … but imho , the vikings , since you went there, might just have a better QB than we do !
    in spite of their fans !

    that being said , your best point imo is the whole kevin kolb thing !

    kevin kolb …
    hahahahahahaha !

  19. ROBNo Gravatar says:

    nj9er !

    got any time ?

    if you can , and want to …

    i’ll post up my cell number real quick !

    i always want to talk niners , and berger and del don’t seem to be around !!!

    let me know if you’re up for some cool niners phone stuff !


  20. ROBNo Gravatar says:

    um …

    here’s MY offseason free asgent wish list !


    rogers , alex smith , goldson , adam snyder , reggie smith and ted ginn !

    go after a WR and one more !

  21. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Pick 30 is a head scratcher for me right now.
    This likely becomes one of those ‘Best Player Available’ situations no doubt.
    Would love to spell Isaac and Justin with some solid rotational guys.
    Cox,Crick,Poe would work for me there.
    Another guy I’m very impressed with for that Group, (could be had Rd 3 or 4),DT Mike Martin from Michigan.
    Kid is nonstop, has a wrestling background and moves very well. Perhaps we’d target him and save Pick 30 for an Offensive piece?
    Tony I’m with you.
    I think,(for me), it comes down to knowing what a great Season we had and not giving a sh!t about who wins this rematch.
    I’ll bask in the glow of knowing we’re good enough to be favored in this game.
    I’ll find other things to do with my time on Sunday.
    I do owe a NYG buddy of mine a visit before the game, only to let him know he’s been paid back for Trey Junkin and the ‘Non Call’ for PI the last time we met them in the Playoffs.
    Seems we got those calls squarely satisfied with Kyle and ‘Forward Progress’.
    I’d love to give him a signed Kyle Williams photo or something, just to remind him of the free 10 points he gave them.
    I will remind him,numerous times,that you can’t spell LIE without E-L-I.
    Our D was better on Championship Sunday.
    Sadly, we stunk it up on 3rd downs, making their D look better than it deserved to be.
    A solid 2011 Season means, reason to be optimistic in the future.

  22. ROBNo Gravatar says:

    oops , i mean

    go after a WR and one more
    big man for our d-line with our top two draft picks !

  23. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Rob phone time for me is a rare thing.
    I spend my nights at the keyboard and my days catching ZZzzz’s.
    I’ll put Snyder and Ginn as marginal calls to be retained.
    Snyder already balked at an extension offer which makes me wonder where his heart is at.
    We also Drafted Kilgore and Person last year and extended Boone.
    Not to mention, we have about 4 other OLmen signed to future deals now too.
    Ginn doesn’t add enough as a WR.
    There are plenty of WRs in this Draft that can handle P/KR duties.
    We’ll see how the FA period goes.
    If we don’t get some of our own vets done before the Draft it will likely influence our selections.

  24. ROBNo Gravatar says:

    and …
    the rest of our offseason … team speed

  25. ROBNo Gravatar says:

    NJ 49er

    the good news is this !

    now that you mention it (with your take on our most important free agents to sign) …

    of all the teams to make it into the championship game
    / top four teams this year

    which team has the brightest future !!!???

  26. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    No brainer Rob.
    We’re a couple of playmakers away from being a Team other people won’t want to see on their schedule.
    Our Defense needs a couple of upgrades too, mostly a FS and a slot CB.
    Add some DL rotation pieces, an OLB or 2 and, we’re ready for Primetime again.
    Would love to see DE Vinny Curry added in April to work with Aldon too.

  27. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Flacco got his speedy WR (Torrey Smith) and made plenty of big plays this past Season.
    Alex needs a similar go to guy.
    This is why FA WRs are tough pieces to fit in.
    Baltimore added Boldin and Evans in recent years which helped Flacco mature. Once Smith got there and stretched the Field things took off.
    We’re young, getting a second year in this System and, should be favored in this Division for a few years.
    Nothing but positive energy finally.

  28. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    The more I research the LBs coming out for the Draft the less concerned I am about losing Brooks.
    Love to keep him of course but, there are some very impressive looking Bio’s out there.
    Going to have to pay close attention to the Combines in that area.

  29. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    The best thing about the upcoming draft is, we have Baalke and Harbaugh running the show now. My confidence is a hundred times higher than the Trigger / Singletary days.

  30. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Baalke is NFL Executive of the Year and a great hire. A year ago some of our “football experts” were bashing York hiring this guy
    because they have never heard of him.
    The football experts have no clue of NFL executives knowing only a few big names. They favored Michael Lombardi because he’s the gossip king on NFL Network or the usual Mike Holmgren or Polian/Pioli references.
    I would say most of the new GMs hired you’ve never heard of except
    if they were players like Mackenzie. The football experts just like to whine.

  31. unca chuckNo Gravatar says:

    I was touting Ryan Grigson last year, the Iggles player personnal guy. Not that it matters, but the Colts hired him as their new GM.
    I had guarded hope about Baalke. He’s been pretty damn good so far. At some point these guys realize that retreads aren’t the way to go.
    As far as Brooks goes, I’d prefer they franchise him one year, and draft to back up his spot. Ginn? Not as option as a WR, but I’d try to keep him as a PR/KR. Yeah, there’s a ton of guys who can do it, but, the evil you know . . .

  32. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    I had forgotten that the Niners had George Mira on their team twice. George Mira was Brodie’s backup for a few years and a lot of the Kezar Faihful would scream for Mira when Brodie couldn’t move the team.
    The Niners drafted his son George Mira Jr in 1988 in the 12th rd but he never made it. He was a MLB but didn’t make it onto the roster.

  33. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    Mira Jr. got hurt as I recall… maybe a neck thing? I can’t remember the details.

  34. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Manusky is the new DC of the Colts
    so he won’t be back in the Bay Area with the Raiduhs.
    Tony Gonzales is dropping hints next season is his last.

  35. unca chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Was Manusky fired by the Bolts? Or did he leave on his own?

  36. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    NFL approves $200 million for Niners’ new stadium.

  37. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    He was fired, Chuck.

  38. unca chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Ahhhhhh. So much for treading water. Manusky drowned with the Bolts . . .

  39. unca chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Right, skippy. If you read the articles, it says he’s CLEARED to play. Not that he’s ABLE to play.

  40. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    Re-sign Alex. Forget Manning. Dallas needs a QB. Have Manning go there.

  41. AlbertEinstinkleNo Gravatar says:

    So it’s not a health issue anymore, but a performance issue? Fair enough. Peyton won’t throw on television until he’s got some zip back. That’s the next thing I want to see. Him throwing a football on television. When Peyton subjects himself to that, he’s ready. Peyton’s a control freak. He’s like Tiger, without the sex. Or Maybe he does have the sex and is just smarter and keeps his girls from testing out their wedges on his back window of his SUV. Know why Peyton does have the drama? Ethnicity.
    Either way, Peyton will play again and the 49ers need to keep their options open so Peyton’s a potential SF qb next year (which secretly means let’s let Alex Smith test the open market). Other suitors? My ass.

  42. AlbertEinstinkleNo Gravatar says:


  43. AlbertEinstinkleNo Gravatar says:

    John Clayton tweeted, “The 49ers got a minority owner.” There goes the neighborhood. But seriously folks, this is a good thing. More horsepower in the wallet means more consultants who eventually convince the Niner front office it’s better to run the wildcat all year than re-sign number 11. Seriously. What would you rather see? 11 all year, or the wildcat? I’ll gladly move to Arizona, or take a bus ride with Sandra Bullock. Little known movie trivia – Kenu Reeves is the love child of Dan Reeves and Oliver Stone’s first wife, which is why Kenu landed the monumentally huge role of Shane Falco in The Replacements. Stone directed “Any Given Saturday,” which was based on the inspiring true story of two Jehovah Witnesses. I think Leonard Malton tweeted all this the other day.

  44. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    New post is up.

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