Niners Stink, But Raiders Suck

Sunday’s opponent is the Oakland Raiders. The Bay Area Suck team. Other franchises in this GPS vicinity are often bad, even lousy, sometimes terrible. But only the Raiders suck.

It’s not that their team sucks, so much as it is their FANS suck and their OWNER sucks. In a post two months ago, appropriately entitled “Raiders Suck,” I explained why this is so. I won’t dredge through it again now.

For a winless, disappointing team like the 2010 49ers, calling any other team in the league some sort of disparaging name would seem to be laughable. But that’s how bad the Raiders suck. You can be 0-16 like the 2008 Detroit Lions and still say the Raiders suck.

Nobody in the league likes the Raiders. Even the players on the team don’t like being there. Being drafted by, or traded to, the Raiders is about the worst thing that can happen to anyone who likes to play football. The 49ers might be a franchise in disarray, but the Raiders are a franchise in terminal disease.

It’s difficult to say which would be the more embarrassing, losing to the Raiders or beating them. Losing to them would be a definitive statement about just how stinky the 2010 Niners are. Beating them would be seen as a sarcastic statement about just how stinky the 2010 Niners are, that the only team they can beat is the Raiders.

49er fans have already begun to discuss the 2011 NFL draft and who would be a good candidate to replace Mike Singletary as the new Head Coach. Many fans would like to see Singletary fired immediately and see a loss to the Raiders as a golden opportunity to wield the axe. Presumably, the rest of the season would then be a version of Niners Stink, but At Least Singletary Is Gone. To these fans, finding themselves tempted to root for the Raiders Sunday has got to be an all time low point in 49er fandom history. It’s borderline sicko despair.

Hey 49er guys, see what you’ve done to us fans? We’re getting close to … to … filing a lawsuit!

This site is not tempted to root for the Raiders Sunday. One more week of patience is no big deal. Singletary can be fired next week or the week after. Who cares? He’s already gone anyway. However, no matter how bad the 49ers are, beating the Raiders is always going to be enjoyable. Especially when they think they’re getting better, even contending, and then they can’t even beat a winless NFL team like the Niners. Back to sucksville you pretenders. All next week, Raider fans will be drooling on themselves, muttering “We can’t even beat the 49ers. I am going to kill myself now.” Ahhhhh. What a sweet thought.

At any rate, I think the 49ers will get their first win this Sunday. NoFear has provided some stills from last Sunday’s game which provide some glimpses of hope and optimism in the post-Jimmy Raye era — for the forthcoming game, maybe even the forthcoming season.

In the meantime, Go Niners! Beat those scumbags!

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NoFear’s Replay

Here are a few interesting single-back formations that Mike Johnson employed, especially in the third and fourth quarters in the Eagles game. In fact we only saw #44 once after Smith’s fumble for a play action pass to Gore.

2 x 2 Formation

A 2×2 formation that Johnson called for the TD pass to Davis. It is also the formation he called for the 2nd and 5 play where Smith fumbled.

3 x 1 Formation

The 3×1 formation was Johnson’s nearly exclusive formation after Smith’s fumble early in the 4th quarter. It was called in 18 of the 23 plays. It has Smith in the shotgun and Gore in the back field at equal set back, on the same side as the single receiver and away from V.Davis. The receivers’ positions are varied by tighter and wider splits and the formation is flipped about half the time.

4 x 1 Formation

A 4×1 empty formation that was used with Westbrook split wide. We lost 3 yds on the play. It was also used in the 3rd quarter with Gore in place of Westbrook. Nullified by a False Start penalty, on Crabs IIRC, in that case.

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11 comments on “Niners Stink, But Raiders Suck
  1. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    These are the formations I want to see. I will believe it only when I see it. We mix these formations in but it usually requires a deficit of at least 8 points or third and long.
    We came out in these formations one time. We did it against Jax last year and jetted out to a 17-0 lead. Do you thing Third and Long Mike noticed? No. Because of this, I would not believe it until I see it three games in a row. I have stopped believing that will ever happen. Fire Third and Long Mike.

  2. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    Mike Johnson said he wants to be an attack offense. That would require attack formations, like the ones NoFear is showing. Basically he wants the QB to attack while he calls runs up the middle with Moran Norris leading. Tell the QB to do one thing while he does something different with the play calling? Is that what I’m hearing? Just brilliant, not. Actually, idiots, just idiots. Fire Third and Long Mike.

  3. TonyNo Gravatar says:

    Berger…i feel your pain….but its Sing dictating the offense….only in desperation does he step away and let the OC , now Johnson, wing it….it Sings offense…thats why we couldnt get an OC other than Raye…he’d do whatever Sing wanted …and he wanted the crap we’ve been witnessing…his vision was Walter Payton running …and running …and running some more….like EVERONE knows it doesnt work like that anymore…..

  4. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    Tony- You make a good case for the statement, Fire Third and Long Mike.

  5. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    BTW, if Johnson wants to run these formations with Smith under center I am OK with that too. The other thing they can do is put Gore behind Smith in the Shot Gun. This wuld allow for down hill running. It woud also be the Pistol Offense. The Pistol Offense is typically used with 3 wide. With a 2nd back in the offense lining up next to the QB it is called The Train.

  6. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Yeah, all these formations were in the 2nd half.

    Do it early for once.

    START a Goddamn game this way and try t have a LEAD of 17 points intstead of a GDMF DEFICIT.

    It boggles my mind htat htheyse coaches are all so MFing blind.

    I’m trying Skeebs, I really am . . .

  7. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Look at the defensive schemes!!!!

    6 and 7 in the box!!!!


    Shoot me!! SHOOT ME NOW!!!!!!!!

  8. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    The Spread Offense is actually a college offense. The pros do not run a true spread, but the similarities are growing more each year. The biggest difference will always be the big difference. The true spread uses an athletic QB to run the ball. That just won’t happen in the pros.
    The Spread Offense is also based on a short passing game plan. Probably the reason for this is the WRs are so wide, and there are so many, finding a hot read is usually fairly easy. Also, 7 step drops are risky with only 5 or 6 blocking. The beauty of it is getting the ball to a play makers hands in space so he can get YAC. It is typical for a 5 yard slant to turn into a big gain. RBs will consistently have more YPC because of more space to run in. Not all QBs can run the spread because it requires very sound pre snap reads and in the pros they are good at disguising that. Just my opinion, but I think Alex would be an excellent Spread QB. He has the mindset for getting the ball out quickly, he is athletic enough to run when needed and his pre snap reads are as solid as any QB in football. And with a quality RB like Frank Gore it just makes it that much tougher to cover everything.
    I would definitely run this against anybody, including Oakland. Philly had two starters out on defense and we had trouble running on them. Oakland has two excellent CBs, one is probably the best cover CB in football. Having extra wide outs allows for more opportunities for advantageous match-ups. Plus, our O-line has not shown an ability to push anybody backwards. The spread gives us a way to disguise that major flaw.

  9. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    I’ve always tended to give NFL coaches the benefit of the doubt. They’ve been in football all their lives and ought to know more about what to do than I possibly could.
    That’s why I also expected Raye to come out aggressive this year. The QB knew the offense, the weapons were there, everyone said they could do so much more than last year.
    Then Raye came out and did precisely the same as last year and completely ignored Crabtree to boot. Mind boggling. I’m still dumbfounded by the colossal stupidity I’ve seen displayed this year. Each week I have expected it to change and each week it hasn’t. If they lay another egg against Oakland, it is going to get really ugly in Ninerland.

  10. FranchiseNo Gravatar says:

    Thus far, Smith plays perfectly when pissed. Rich Gannon had some good commentary on this. 

    What did the late and great Bill Bixby say as the hulk – “you won’t like me when I’m angry.” 

    Please Smith – take command of the huddle. Or we’ll officially enter ourselves into the Andrew Luck draft sweepstakes. Unless the Bills beat us to the punch. 

  11. robNo Gravatar says:

    i think we’ll whoop the raiders !

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