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In a strangely candid moment, Greg Roman told the media Tuesday that Anthony Dixon would make the team. That means Rock Cartwright most likely won’t. It makes sense, I suppose, if you get your fingers in there for some careful fondling. Dixon has second string value, backing up Brandon Jacobs and possibly FB Bruce Miller. But Cartwright only has fourth string value, backing up LaMichael James, who backs up Kendall Hunter, who backs up Frank Gore. And everybody seems to like old “Boobie.”

496 NFL hopefuls were axed on Monday. 704 will be axed on Friday. That’s a lot of guys going home to momma.

I probably should wish them well and commiserate, but in all honesty, I don’t give a crap.

I suppose this means I have issues. Which is why I like the blogs, because I can hang out with other people who have issues.

In other who gives a shit news, the final exhibition game is tonight, against our yearly preseason foe, the San Diego Chargers. This is the annual opportunity to give Norv Turner the finger, for sabotaging Mike Nolan and the 2007 49er season. Then again, Nolan and his successor are both gone and Jim Harbaugh is here, so maybe we should wave at Norv and say thank you!

While having issues and taking issue are two different meat wagons, they both collide on the streets of Harbaugh. Fans love their coach and yet hate his choice for QB. That is taking issue, and getting an issue, for how can they pan his judgment after last year’s stunning success?

Freud would be pulling on his beard and beading his little eyeballs if he were around today and rooted for the Niners. In fact, he himself would have issues. To rah rah rah, or peer peer peer. To scrutinize or fanaticize.

This football fanning can be a tough racket. For some fans, anyway. For others, the lobotomy approach works great. Either way. All in or all out. No angst. No issues.

And none of us should have any issues in the San Diego game about our backup safeties. They are scary ordinary. It would be nice to see them do well in the game, but it would also be nice not to see them at all. Safeties only appear on screen when they make an interception or blow coverage on a pass play. I think the odds of seeing the negative visual far surpass the odds for a positive blinktoid.

The game will be going up against the Republican National Convention, so some fans might have a tough time choosing which broadcast they’d prefer boring themselves to sleep with. Fans who choose the convention, will be guilty of poor taste will have to rely on the excellent, unbiased reportage available on this site tomorrow morning. Maybe. Barring any last minute commitment, responsibility, or performance anxiety issues which might arise.

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58 comments on “I Shoes
  1. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    The VP candidate said his Ipod begins with ACDC and ends with Zeppelin. Not bad at all!

  2. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    The major TV dilemma for the week is having to wait and see if anybody is going to show the Nevada at Cal game.

  3. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    Nothing wrong with having a player who can back-up TB, FB and start special teams. Dixon is not great at any one area but he is usable at all of them. It helps a lot in case of injuries. I’m glad to see the way he stepped up.

  4. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Well, I sure hope Brandon Jacobs is ready for GB because Dixon has shown his (non)worth as a short yardage back. i hate 3rd and short. Why? Because we usually get there by throwing 6 yard passes.

  5. 12th manNo Gravatar says:

    Ahh Skeebs, panning his judgement? Harbaulke clearly looked into upgrading the position in the off season, they didn’t pay Alex huge numbers, give him more than a one year deal and were willing to let him sign with the Dolphins,. Alex is simply the best qb available as of now so we go with what we have.

    Nothing wrong with any of that, its good football decisions, but they clearly don’t yet see Alex as the long term future and there are good reasons for that.

    Hopefully that confidence he is building translates to on field play and the story ends happily ever after for Alex, who is a good guy and just about an average qb.

  6. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    You’re putting your thoughts in Harbaugh’s head, 12th. That’s what happens when you get issues.

  7. 12th manNo Gravatar says:

    Did I write something inaccurate?

  8. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    Several. Smith’s contract is three years, not one. There’s a difference between “upgrading” and going after a HOF FA, a rare opportunity. The Niners upped their offer after Smith visited the Dolphins, indicating they were not willing to have him sign there. And, of course, Harbaugh’s own praise of Alex and his hard recruitment last year disputes your claim he’s just average or that he necessarily isn’t the long term answer.

  9. 12th manNo Gravatar says:

    Alex is 3 years on paper, 1 in reality with options, they upped him to 9 mil after Manning chose Denver as a peace offering. Miami offered him the same 8 mil, this was also the only other offer Alex the free agent received.

    No off season last year meant going with Alex and I have no problem with that, he was the best available in the no off season year.

    By any reasonable metric Alex is just barely average compared to other QB’s, and that is with him throwing the least of any of them.

    Opinions can and do vary, but actions speak louder than all the superlatives Harb’s like to throw around about his players.

    Small dollar contract with an out after 1 year and a protracted period of time unsigned says what I am saying.

  10. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    You entitled to your opinion, 12th, and your interpretation of “facts.”

  11. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    Manning admits his contract is really only a one year deal, too.

  12. 12th manNo Gravatar says:

    As are you Skeebs and since we are blogging they are open to criticism which is all part of the fun.

    Manning’s contract is as you say also a 1 year deal although for a ton of money. As far as that goes I am happy we didn’t sign him.
    As good as he has been and looked against us in a pre-season game he is at the back end of his career and a huge health risk.

    Pre-season is a tough time to assess back-up QB’s but as far as that goes I like Tolzein and Kap and I think they both have a shot at starting either for the niners or somewhere else.

  13. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    Has Alex Smith done anything this preseason so far to warrant being bashed? You are certainly entitled to your opinion but you are painting yourself as a whining Alex Hater bashing Smith just because you feel like it.
    In preseason he is 13 for 19 2 TDS and no picks with a 123.6 QBR
    Like it or not he’s the QB for this season until he plays hiimself out of the position or gets hurt.
    Bash away but prepare to accept return fire when you do and defend your premise.

  14. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Bruce Irvin Seattle’s first round draft pick has been a bust so far
    recording 0 tackles so far

    Petey said he would be the steal of the draft

  15. 12th manNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Bullit, I think Alex has hardly done anything this pre-season period.

    Despite, as is your wont, you compile stats into nice sounding snippets of info he has thrown 1 really decent pass, which was a beauty.

    We are showing the same tendencies as last season on 3rd down and red zone. We kicked 5 field goals last game.

    As you say and then go on to qualify, I am entitled to my opinion, which is that we will need more production from the QB/Offense this year because ST and D are unlikely to repeat last years efforts.

    Alex has not shown any indication that he has improved beyond last seasons performance. I hope that is because of the repeated claim of not wanting to show anything in pre-season and we will all see soon enough.

    Whiner, hater, basher are all words you who claim civility label me.

    You like what you see from Alex and so do many others, cool. To me he is barely average and plays without conviction, he did show something more last year and hopefully that trend continues because we are going to need it.

    Return fire? Feel free to air your opinions to me anytime, that’s why I joined.

  16. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    12th- Even though I generally disagree, that was a nice post.

  17. 12th manNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks Bergs.

  18. barleyfreakNo Gravatar says:

    Whining? Bashing?
    God I love irony.
    BTW Skeebs, on this: “Fans love their coach and yet hate his choice for QB.”
    I think it more accurate to say **most** fans love their coach and **some** hate his QB.
    At least from my perspective there seems to be a solid contingent of fans on both sides.

  19. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    The Niners kicked one FG when Smith was in the game.
    The other four came long after he was pulled but let’s blame Alex.
    Again Harbaugh has indicated he’s not opening the offense up in the preseason.
    One of Alex Smith’s harshest critics weighed in on Sunday
    and he sees the improvement that
    you seem to miss


  20. 12th manNo Gravatar says:

    Bullit, I know from experience with debating you that you will poke around the web to find “supporting evidence” for you POV, and that it will be endless until one of us no longer bites.

    I suggest you not put words into my mouth and re-read what I actually wrote rather than your coloring of what you think I wrote as a “hater”.

    Irony indeed.

  21. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Bullit seems to thrive on labelling people. ‘Whining Smith hater?’ This is why people get pissed at you, Buillit. We are adults here. You act like you are in some sort of 4th grade tree house club of Alex lovers.
    Has Smith done anything to warrant high praise? Well, I count the slant to Crabs, the comeback to Crabs and the wheel route to VD as his highlights. OK, and the pass to Ginn on the scramble vs Hou.
    Color me nonplussed. I get the ‘not showing anything’ aspect, but our WRs this preseason have less catches in 3 games than one Denver drive last week. Yes, that’s an idictment of the offense Harbaugh is running. But this teams looks like it isn’t really ready for prime time offensively. Maybe they blow doors in GB and the reg season. I’ll believe it when I see it.
    The truth of the matter remains the defense played way over its head last year. They will not get that many turnovers. Which means the team that had the worst 3rd down conversion percentage MUST get better in that area. They MUST sustain drives better. Short of the Viking game where the run game was in high form, they haven’t done a real good job of sustaining drives so far. What I’m seeing is a lot like the last few years. Too many runs in running situations, and not enough mid-range passing.
    And to think ALex’s deal is nothing more than a nake-good deal, then you are the one who is hiding from the facts.
    If bringing up vaild questions regarding the team is ‘hating’ so be it. You cast your aspersions around, and get all huffy when you get it back.

  22. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Besides, NO ONE would willingly go to Miami at this point. They are worse than the Jets. Alex would have come back here regardless of the extra mill or not.

  23. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    Simply put. Practice what you preach Skippy.

  24. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Well, you started it with 12th. I don’t go around saying I don’t attack folks unwarranted. I usually don’t anyway, but you say that all the time. Yet here we have another case of you assigning your inglorious ‘whining Alex Hater Smith basher’ tag on someone expressing their opinion. Why is that, sport? Nothing to say to rebut, so you attack? Bully.
    Good to see you copying me with the Skippy, BTW. Please try to be original. Hard as that may be.

  25. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    “Nothing wrong with having a player who can back-up TB, FB and start special teams.” -> The Second Coming of Michael Robinson, then? As long as we don’t have to play him from scrimmage much, I’m good with that.

  26. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    Yes the Niners kicked 5 FGs but…
    Just continue to ignore the facts that 4 fgs were kicked in the second half and blame Alex Smith.
    I’ve stated this before that at the very least Alex Smith is the best QB in the NFC West and that gets us into the playoffs.
    That is goal #1 to me.
    FYI the Martz article was written on Monday and is very topical on the subject at hand.
    I cannot help it if you have nothing to back up your theory.

  27. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    You truly are dipllomatic and see
    the goodness in people and never have a bad word for anyone…

    August 20th, 2012 at 11:24 am

    Skeebs, you play the smarmy chickenshit so well. Good for you. The LB was there. Yeah VD should have caught it. But the bigger play was to Moss. Don’t like facts? Boo hoo. Go hide under Bergs shirt-tail. He’ll protect you.

  28. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:


  29. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    PS, I never said that, skippy. You are the holier-than-thou blogger. Me? I can be an asshole at times. Dick? Sure. Like most of the rest of us here. Sorry if your feelings get hurt so easily.
    Some of us aren’t completely sold on aspects of the offense, so you feel it’s your God given right to post 1,000 factoids and stats to support your tenuous claims. Bully. Just don’t cry pussy if you get roasted for your take.
    PS. Since Skeebs decided to use a blog thread calling me out, I felt I was completely within my ‘rights’ as a poster here to push back.

  30. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Being the best QB in the NFC West is like being the prettiest girl at the old-folks home.
    That’s a pretty low bar, seeing as Flynn the savior was beat out by a rookie. Whizzenhunt can’t decide on which piece of shit to put behind center, and Bradford is going through his own mini-Alex Smith coaching staff turnover nightmare.

  31. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Bad form, BTW, Skeebs.

  32. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    You’re an internet blog host, Chuck. It makes you fair game for spoofing. What WAS bad form was your profanity laced melt down.

  33. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    I can’t swear here, so I call bullshit on that. Utter bullshit, Skeebs. Boy, we got another faint-hearted guy here. Oh my, I’m getting the vapors . . .
    What is this, Tiger Beat?
    Ooooooohhh did you hear what unca said?????

    We got us a veritable koffee klatch here. I’m getting verklempt. Talk amongs yourselves.

  34. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    The bar is set low but I would rather have Alex Smith for what we’re paying him than the ransom that the Raiduhs gave up for Palmer and his big contract.

    We’re tied to Alex Smith and
    him being the best QB in the NFC West also means he’s superior to
    Kaepernick and Tolzein for now.

  35. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    If you’re right we’ll throw you a parade in SF and In Santa Clara and create 2 statues of you.

    Again with the hypocrisy of telling me I better not be wrong or prepare to be roasted???

    You are a walking double standard.

  36. 12th manNo Gravatar says:

    Verklempt was funny.

    Bullit, you decide on my behalf what I really meant when I said whatever it may be and then expect me to defend the position you created for me.

    I suggested you go back and re-read what I actually wrote but you clearly didn’t since you continue rebutting the same argument that I never made.

    I suppose I could go through it by the numbers but after each point gets nullified you will shift sideways and demand rebuttal of another issue you decided I should answer for.

    I prefer to not have a hostile conversation.

  37. 12th manNo Gravatar says:

    I am surprised Dixon has got himself back into contention, he defied Singleneuron and Harbs by not following directions to hit the hole hard and quit dancing.

    Dixon 2.0 is a lean mean fighting machine, sort of, but it looks like he bounced Cartwright off the squad if Roman is to be believed. Good for him.

  38. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    Guess what??? I found a post in the archives from last year of you being the hypocrite again.
    I suppose it’s only OK for you to
    support your takes with facts?
    When somebody else does it you ridicule them. And you were dead wrong about Vernon Davis and your 6-10 prediction was just a lttle off. Thank god for archives
    September 29th, 2011 at 2:11 pm

    Don’t hurt yourself, skippy. Hate you hear you blew out your frontal lobe.
    A mountain of bullshit? Where? I posted that VD was a little too high on himself, amid the drops and the fumbles. I provided some stats to back me up. What was your take? Opinions and BS. You say I called VD a bust. My take on it (3 YEARS AGO) was that he was heading down a path to nowhere based on his own delusions of grandeur. He was late to practice one day due to his waiting for his 15′ painting of himself to be delivered to his house. Sing got his head right. The hotdogging was curtailed hugely. He’s improved, but he still drops too many passes.

  39. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    For what it’s worth if you tune into ESPN right now you can watch South Carolina vs Vanderbilt.
    Jordan Rodgers (Aaron’s little brother) is the starting QB for Vandy.

  40. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    There are 100,000 people at Burning Man who don’t care about this game. But there probably will be few getting some VD!

  41. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    Ran it down their throats (and over Abrayo Franklin).

  42. 12th manNo Gravatar says:

    2 turnovers!

  43. Del Mar DennisNo Gravatar says:

    You all can say what you want, and please continue to do so. But nothing else mattered after Peyton Manning decided to go to Denver. The 49ers chances of winning their 6th Lombardi Trophy went out the window at that very same moment. Alex Smith win this team a Super Bowl this year? That’s funny. How funny? If Alex Smith is named MVP of this year’s SB, I, Dennis, will kill myself. No joke. Because I will have seen it all and have nothing left to live for.
    Now I know you guys will really be paying attention this year. Or maybe not. The only one with a truly rooting interest is Frank. Someone else would have to care and feed for him if I were gone. Frank would be pissed.

  44. 12th manNo Gravatar says:

    Bergs, your boy Kap is having a good game.

  45. 12th manNo Gravatar says:

    you been drinking Dennis?

  46. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    No, 12th, you worry when he stops.
    Did you have a point there, Bulllit? Nothing I said about VD is wrong, skippy. He said as much. Nice digging though. Thanks.

  47. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    PS. Bullit, my prediction last year was 9-7 with one playoff win. Keep making shit up, though skippy. It’s all you got apparently.

  48. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Jesus Christ, Dennis. Do us all a favor and off yourself now. Or shut the @#$% up.
    What a whining sack of shit you’ve become. You used to be funny, This shit is just pathetic.

  49. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    When I show you you’ll tell me to get a life.
    Actually the reason I showed you the post was you were saying you back your posts up with facts, the very thing you accuse me of.
    I can produce your post with your prediction if you ask nicely.

  50. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    I’ve never accused you of backing up your posts with facts, Bullit.
    Do you even understand what you are typing? Hyuk.

  51. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    Look at your post from today time stamped 2:54pm

    “so you feel it’s your God given right to post 1,000 factoids and stats to support your tenuous claims. Bully. Just don’t cry pussy if you get roasted for your take.”

  52. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    Since I have it handy here is your prediction from the archives


    August 29th, 2011 at 9:33 pm

    6-10, Skeebs. New coaches. New philosophy. A lot of new players. More of a remake didn’t happen due to the fact that there was a lockout. With cuts coming, there may be more new starters. But whatever. Call it what? A playoff push?
    In other words, Skeebs, wait til the year after next

  53. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    Tolzien looks terrible. He missed the short slant that was probably a TD and then missed Owusu deep which was definitely a TD. He then hit a D-Lineman in the hands. Norv might just get him back. Tolzien is definitely better than Whithurst. I’m not sure if I would choose JJ or Tolzien.
    Alex better stay healthy, Kappy looks like he is almost ready. Anybody who saw Kappy in college would expect what we saw this preseason.

  54. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    Owusu just dropped a nice pass from Tolzien. That is good. It might help us hide Owusu on the PS.

  55. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    It is possible our 3rd QB will depend on which one somebody wants in a trade. One would think that the Jets and Chargers could use a back-up QB. We’ll know soon.

  56. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    How about that AJ Jenkins. We haven’t had a WR get open like him in a long time. Westbrook, the RB, knew how to get open but Singleneuron wouldn’t use him. That was frustrating. Jason Hill used to get open but we didn’t use him either. But Jenkins is a natural at getting open. It is hard to imagine he won’t contribute at some point this year.

  57. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    New post is up.

  58. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    So, what’s your point, Bullit? I predicted 9-7 and a playoff win on my site. Why don’;t you poste everyone’s predictions?

2021 Schedules
09/12: W 49ers 41, Lions 33
09/19: W 49ers 17, Eagles 11
09/26: L Packers 30, 49ers 28
10/03: L Seahawks 28, 49ers 21
10/10: L Cardinals 17, 49ers 10
10/17 BYE
10/24: L Colts 30, 49ers 18
10/31: W 49ers 33, Bears 22
11/07: L Cardinals 31, 49ers 17
11/15: W 49ers 31, Rams 10L
11/21: W 49ers 30, Jaguars 10
11/28: W 49ers 34, Vikings 26
12/05: L Seahawks 30, 49ers 23 12/12 · 10:00 AMCIN
12/19 · 1:05 PM v ATL
12/23 · 5:20 PM v TEN
01/02 · 1:05 PM v HOU
01/09 · 1:25 PM @ LAR

2021 Draft Class
1. QB Trey Lance, North Dakota State
2. OG Aaron Banks, Notre Dame
3. RB Trey Sermon, Ohio State
3. CB Ambry Thomas, Michigan
5. OG/OT Jaylon Moore, Western Michigan
5. CB Deommodore Lenoir, Oregon
5. S Talanoa Hufanga, USC
6. RB Elijah Mitchell, Louisiana
2021 Prognostications
Bullit: 12-5
Grumpy: 13-4
NJ49er: 11-6
Skeebers: 14-3
Winder: 12-5
Rob: 17-0
Spitblood: 0-17