Falcons 29, 49ers 22

The 49ers backed into the playoffs Sunday, when the Rams got clobbered by Dallas. That they lost to the Falcons was disappointing, but in the end makes little difference in the standings. They still need to win the next two games to win the division and the top seed in the playoffs.

If they lose against the Rams next Sunday, they’ll be in the wild card round whether it’s as division winner, by beating Seattle, or not.

After cruising through the first half of the season, the Niners are only 3-3 over the past six games. All three losses have been on the final play of the game.

You could say this game was between George Kittle and Julio Jones. Each player had 13 catches for 134 yards. Jones had the last word, catching the game winner with one inch of the football sticking into the end zone stripe. Nobody else on either team contributed significantly to the outcome. Other than one Deebo Samuel 29 yard catch, the 49er WRs were MIA this game, as was the running game. Maybe Falcon HC Dan Quinn knew how to stop Kyle Shanahan‘s offense from watching it up close during the years Shanahan was the Falcon OC.

For my taste, Shanahan played it too safe at the end. He chose to give Matt Ryan and Jones nearly two minutes and two timeouts to drive for the game winner rather than his own offense the chance to convert a fourth and one. Convert that down, and the Niners could have run the clock down to a few seconds and then kicked the FG, leaving Atlanta too little time to respond.

The last second losses are either learning experiences for the young Niners or they are exposing their limitations as a big time team. Take your pick. They did beat Pittsburgh and New Orleans at the last second, so maybe there’s nothing to glean here except our displeasure. We’ll see in the next two weeks which hypothetical gains the most traction.

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44 comments on “Falcons 29, 49ers 22
  1. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    The common theme about the 3 losses is he who possesses the ball last has won the game.
    Shanahan’s decision on 4th and 1 might have been different if Gould hadn’t missed the PAT. If you fail on that 4th down try ATL just needs a FG to beat you.
    Up by 3 I would have gone for the first down but the Niners were between a rock and a hard place and had to protect from losing by a game winning FG.

    Besides Breida’s fumble the other two game changing plays were Warner having a sure INT knocked away by his teammate DJ Reed and Kittle fumbling the ball which prevented his momentum to get that crucial first down before the FG.

    Five starters in Alexander, Jones, Ford, Sherman and Taart were missing from the defense as well as their Nickel/Slot CB Williams. Getting 4 of them back in the next few weeks and in the playoffs will make a huge difference.

    Having Kittle back definitelt makes the offense more potent and he will makae a difference in the next two games and the playoffs.

  2. NJ49ERNo Gravatar says:

    And the game management is what could be seen as the reason Atlanta lost a SB.
    Who takes the responsibility?
    Quinn or Shanny?
    Seems Quinn got a leg up yesterday.

  3. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    “Josh Gordon suspended indefinitely for violating substance abuse policy Dec. 16, 2019.”

    Sorry, Seahawks, what did you expect?

  4. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    “Chiefs claimed former Cardinals’ LB Terrell Suggs on waivers.”

  5. winderNo Gravatar says:

    The Saints picked up CB Jenkins which is gonna make the db’s a little tougher

  6. winderNo Gravatar says:

    Looks like the Saints, Seahawks, and Niners all put claims in for Suggs.

  7. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Sherman and K’wan Williams were back at practice today and might start on Sat.
    News came out that Kwan Alexander might be healed by the playoffs and come back to play. Right now it is a possibility but a longshot.

    Cowgurls in dire straits with this

    Cowboys work out Malcolm Smith, Ray-Ray Armstrong today

  8. winderNo Gravatar says:

    The Cowboys signed Smith.

  9. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Woulda, coulda, shoulda dept:


    Shaquil Barrett available in offseason at much cheaper price than Dee Ford.

  10. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Posted yesterday on NN. Kyle Posee and Patrick Holloway work at HQ outside of CA so should be alright. From a comment.


  11. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    from Nick Wagoner

    “Tevin Coleman hit 500 rushing yards on Sunday, giving #49ers three backs (Coleman, Matt Breida, Raheem Mostert) to hit 500+. That makes it the second time in franchise history that’s happened. The other? John Henry Johnson, Hugh McElhenny and Joe Perry in 1954.”

  12. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Notes from Rams-Cowgurls game.

    Rams ran the ball 14 times for a total of 22 yards.
    Goff threw 52 passes.
    Rams tried another fake punt with Hekker passing for 5 yds.

    Goff hurt his throwing hand in the second half but stayed in the game but it effected his passing.

  13. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Seahags just had DT Al Woods suspended for 4 games as he joins Josh Gordon for violating substance policy.
    Part of their Dline rotation this indicates Petey is running a loose ship.

  14. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Bullit I’m poking around the Bowl schedules to locate my (our) next Center.

    Keep an eye on OK C Creed Humphrey (6’5″/316)
    OK plays LSU in the Peach Bowl on 12/28.

    I’ve read some interesting info on him, including a wrestling background and, an attitude for inviting physicality.
    Mean streaks = a requirement for me 😀

    Same game also has LSU C Lloyd Cushenberry III (6’4″/315)
    A double header of Centers to evaluate before the Combines. 😀

    I’ve seen WI C Tyler Biadasz (6’3″/321) several times this year and, I’m not sure he’s mobile enough for the ZBS we employ?
    He’s playing on Jan 1 vs Oregon in the Rose Bowl.

    Big game opportunity to see what they’re made of.

  15. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Also looking forward to seeing a few of the CBs in the Ohio St Clemson Fiesta Bowl game on 12/28.

    OH St CB Jeff Okudah is rated top 10 already, while his team mate Shaun Wade is rated bottom of RD1.

    On the Clemson side I’m going to keep an eye on A.J. Terrell.

  16. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Another guy on my radar – Alabama LB Dylan Moses (6’3″/235).
    Plays Jan 1 vs Michigan in the Citrus Bowl.

    Previews I’ve read suggest he’s a sideline to sideline terror and, is excellent in coverage.
    Gotta think he’s gone before we’ll see him but….I’m not sure where he’s ranked at this point and, it really doesn’t matter this early anyway.

    Watch and see whether he catches an eye for now.

  17. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    And a WR….Jan 1 Sugar Bowl.
    Baylor WR Denzel Mims (6’3″/215)
    Former Track guy with good speed and played in a wide open passing Offense.
    He’s posted almost 3000 yds and has 27 TDs to his credit with a 15+ YPC
    He’s likely to come in as a Mid RD guy?

  18. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    My WR Sleeper….Jan 2 Gator Bowl.

    TN WR Jauan Jennings (6’3″/208)
    14.8 YPC average in an Offense that couldn’t do much of anything.

    Probably the best player on a garbage team, and he never complained.
    Watched him several times this year and immediately thought of Mike Evans in TB.
    Constantly battled and plays to win on every play.
    I’d be happy to have him from what I’ve seen.

    He and Deebo might make a nice future combo for us? 😀

  19. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    For that matter – WR Tee Higgins from Clemson would look good along side of Deebo too.
    6’4″/215 18.5 YPC average. 27 TDs.

    Deebo and Tee? 😀

    Tee would be a steal if lasts to the bottom of RD1.

  20. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Between trade downs and day 3 picks bundled with Kwon Alexander and Solomon Thomas, we could have a bunch of 3rd RD picks.

    Our scout-coaching staff has a good eye for talent with scheme. 2nd rd talent that drops to 3rd, grab them. Would welcome more Fred Warner types for Mike depth and Will starter/depth. DB’s as well.

  21. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    I’m guessing we’re shopping IOL and WR early.
    Who knows?
    Gotta think Ward is gone so, a DB would make sense to me.

    ‘Bama LB Moses is kinda wishful thinking, in terms of getting after guys like Kyler and Russ, for me.
    Want to see him and follow his path to the Combine.

  22. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Bullit give me the scoop on your WR Collin Johnson.
    Love his size. Can he block, is he TE material?

  23. winderNo Gravatar says:

    NJ- sounds like being a GM is a perfect dream job for you. For me though I will wait until after the bowl games and the combine are through before i start writing names down. Both you and bullit should keep em coming. Saves me the work.

    Game day. It is so nice to have truly meaningful games this time of year. We will see who has the most metal in our division.

  24. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Winder you’ve seen me here (and about) in other places long enough to know, I’m consumed with the details.
    Crunching numbers, seeing whether I can predict a winner for our roster etc, is actually fun.

    Said many times I’d do it for half the price too 😀
    Getting the slotting right is where I’d never make the grade though.

    Like Lynch and Solly for example.
    I got that one right 😀
    He overpaid.

  25. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Holy Sh!t…
    Condolences to the Beathard family.


  26. NJ49ERNo Gravatar says:

    Bills Pats…
    Go Frank!

  27. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Collin Johnson is the son of Ex Rams safety Johnnie Johnson and has been hurt the last 2 years. He’s from San Jose and will be a third day draft pick. He is a possession receiver 6’5″ and has decent hands.

    Devin Duvernay WR also from Texas will be in the Senior Bowl and he had over receptions this season and might also be considered as he will run a 4.4 and would be a good 5th round pick.

    I was expecting Mims to come out last year but he stayed for his senior year. He will probably go on day 2 in the draft.

    I think Creed Murphy is only a sophomore and not eligible.

    Plenty of time to discuss the draft after the Super Bowl.

    Time to kick ass tonight against the Rams. Go Niners!

  28. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    49ers inactives:

    QB C.J. Beathard
    RB Jeff Wilson
    TE Daniel Helm
    WR Jordan Matthews
    DE Dee Ford
    DT Jullian Taylor
    S Jaquiski Tartt

  29. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Niners down by 4 in 4th quarter and Rams are getting to Jimmy G with pressure.

    I think it’s a huge mistake to keep Kittle in to block. That;s taking the Niner’s top threat out of the play.

    Witherspoon is having a terrible game.

  30. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    TD Kittle. Kittle should NEVER be a blocker on passing plays.

    Defense has to step up and make a stop now. Niners up by 3.

  31. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Nice drive starting deep in niners territory. Kittle to the 40. Coleman 12 yd run. Dwelley 27 yd gain. Kittle comes back in end zone for TD pass.

    Kill them!

  32. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Marcel Harris drops easy INT. Bush league for sure.

  33. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Harris great D on Robert Woods for 3 yds. Forces FG for 31-31.

  34. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Two conversions on 3rd and 16, 46 yds to Sanders. Taylor Rapp blew coverage.

  35. bakkentomNo Gravatar says:

    Coverage sacks and Jimmy not getting rid of the ball.

  36. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    Well, we *survived*. But we’d better figure out what’s going wrong with the defense. Three weeks now we have not been the same. And Garland is awful. Has Brunskill ever played center? Even in Pee Wee?

  37. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    Both Witherspoon and Sherman seems a little off since they came back. But a lot of that might be the lack of a pass rush. We had NO sacks tonight. Can’t let good QBs have time. Wilson will kill us next week if Ford is not ready to go.

  38. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    An ugly win is still a win. I’ll take the ugly win.

    One thing is certain, there is no quit to this team.

    Phuck the Rams and the same to the Seahags.

  39. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    New post is up.

2021 Schedules
09/12: W 49ers 41, Lions 33
09/19: W 49ers 17, Eagles 11
09/26: L Packers 30, 49ers 28
10/03: L Seahawks 28, 49ers 21
10/10: L Cardinals 17, 49ers 10
10/17 BYE
10/24: L Colts 30, 49ers 18
10/31: W 49ers 33, Bears 22
11/07: L Cardinals 31, 49ers 17
11/15: W 49ers 31, Rams 10L
11/21: W 49ers 30, Jaguars 10
11/28: W 49ers 34, Vikings 26
12/05: L Seahawks 30, 49ers 23 12/12 · 10:00 AMCIN
12/19 · 1:05 PM v ATL
12/23 · 5:20 PM v TEN
01/02 · 1:05 PM v HOU
01/09 · 1:25 PM @ LAR

2021 Draft Class
1. QB Trey Lance, North Dakota State
2. OG Aaron Banks, Notre Dame
3. RB Trey Sermon, Ohio State
3. CB Ambry Thomas, Michigan
5. OG/OT Jaylon Moore, Western Michigan
5. CB Deommodore Lenoir, Oregon
5. S Talanoa Hufanga, USC
6. RB Elijah Mitchell, Louisiana
2021 Prognostications
Bullit: 12-5
Grumpy: 13-4
NJ49er: 11-6
Skeebers: 14-3
Winder: 12-5
Rob: 17-0
Spitblood: 0-17