Early Withdrawal Symptoms

The non-union NFLPA began the process of releasing the real union NFLPA’s lockout insurance funds Tuesday. I still don’t understand how a union can essentially disband, yet continue to operate as a union, but that’s a puzzlement for another day. The puzzlement for today is why the funds are being turned loose now, five months before the season actually begins and paychecks actually begin to be missed.

The money available to each player is $60,000. About the cost of a person’s life if you are hiring a hit man to dispose of someone. Maybe it’s higher now. Not sure whether human life is more valuable or less so these days. At any rate, not an overwhelming wad of dough, but certainly a nice tidy chunk.

For most of us. For an NFL player, however, sixty grand is chump change. Dez Bryant could blow that in one day at the mall. Heck, Dez can blow five times that much at the mall without having a dime in his pocket. He currently seems to have over eight hundred grand in bills payable and three lawsuits filed against him. And the mall where he’s running this comic scheme is welcoming him back to run up even more debt that they can sue him for not paying. It’s America, guys. I think.

At any rate, back to why the non-union is dispersing these lockout funds now, instead of when the season actually begins to not occur. Is it a sharp reminder to the clueless players that this might be all they have to live on this coming year, so wake up dudes? Is it a sign of panic that players are already beginning to crumble and whine less than three weeks into the lockout? Is it a reckless bravado that there will be an end to the lockout in a very short while and the funds won’t be needed later?

Beats me. From where I sit, these modern day players don’t seem to have the gumption to miss out on any money and this lockout won’t be ending any time soon. The NLRB has yet to rule on whether the Decertification was a sham or not. Most legal pundits feel the Minnesota judge won’t rule on the injunction to end the lockout until after the NLRB ruling. And either of these legal processes might return a ruling unfavorable to the non-union strategy. Either that the Decertification is a sham, forcing the players back into negotiations, or that the injunction is denied.

If the players had more money than the owners, you could believe they had simply bought justice, like normally occurs throughout our justiceless system in America. But, obviously, they don’t. The owners have bigger wallets, by far.

Maybe there’s some legal angle to this that I’m missing. Do we have an attorney in the house? If so, time to speak up. If not, it means I’ll be able to write scathing diatribes about lawyers without offending any Outsiders. It’s a win-win deal.

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2 comments on “Early Withdrawal Symptoms
  1. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    The lawyers will litigate as long as there is lucre. They are the ones winning in all of this.

  2. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Trickle Down Economics 101 –
    No trickle, No economics.Dick Trickle Down. WIN/WIN?

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