Dad, Are We There Yet?

In the 2009 Draft, the allegedly great GM Scot Pioli of the Chiefs drafted D-lineman Tyson Jackson with the 3rd over all pick. Rumors at the time had it that Jackson was the guy the 49ers wanted to draft. Instead, the team ended up with Michael Crabtree. Crabtree was a star right out of the box. Jackson did squat all year and yesterday was dislodged from the starting lineup by an undrafted three year player.

What a crap shoot football can be. Our recently departed players, Kentwan Balmer and Glen Coffee, have provided a lot of logs on the roasting fire of the fans who did not like our recently departed GM, Scot McCloughan. These same fans also think our team will win the NFC West this year — with the players McCloughan stocked the team with.

This scribe is more worried, long term, about McCloughan in Seattle than Pete Carroll. In St. Louis, Sam Bradford is the guy that gives me long term worries. I don’t normally pay much attention to other players in the league, but this year I will be watching Bradford closely. Is this guy just another over-hyped college QB or will he look like a dangerous guy to square off against twice a year for the next ten years or more?

Arizona is a head scratcher at the moment. We’ll find out how much of their success was Kurt Warner and how much is Ken Whisenhunt. To me, Whisenhunt has an unearned rep about like Pioli does. It would not take much adversity for the guys on that team to start paying more attention to the end of their current contracts than the end of the current season.

The Raiders are hosting the 49ers Saturday and the game is blacked out. So is my knowledge of that team. I can’t bring myself to pay a single bit of attention to them. Almost by osmosis, I have come to the feeling that they are going to be a pretty good team this year. Their defense is good, especially with Rolando McClain upgrading their weak area at linebacker. Their offense has been a laughing stock lately, along with their HC. I don’t know if laughing is the right emotion for describing their owner. Some area of surreal is more like it.

But they will be a good test for our offense come Saturday. Our new O-line guys will be going up against some pretty stout characters on their D-line. And the Crabtree versus Nnamdi Asomugha battle will be interesting.

Still, it is hard to get worked up over this game. Or next week’s game against San Diego. 49er fans have been looking to get this season started since last January. Last year, the starting QB was still a carefully guarded secret and a hot topic in the blogosphere going into the third pre-season game. No such Training Camp drama exists this year. Just get the damn season started.

Practices this week have been less and less intense and many players are resting and healing. Again, last year Mike Singletary was driving this team right to the end of camp, trying to discover who was tough enough to play for him. This year, he knows who those players are and seems more focused on making sure they are as healthy as possible for the opening game.

Apologies to readers of this site for a somewhat uninteresting, non insightful, desultory, rambling, uninspired effort today. I was thinking of blaming it on the heat wave in the Bay Area, but the team was practicing in pads during the heat yesterday, and the beat guys were out there wearing straw hats and sweating, so it seemed a little sacrilegious. I also considered blaming my grandson, who was running around the house all afternoon displaying his young monster personna, but jeez, the kid’s only two. You know you’re running on empty when you can’t even think of a good excuse to absolve yourself with.

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21 comments on “Dad, Are We There Yet?
  1. robNo Gravatar says:

    the raiders suck

  2. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    Succinctly put, Roberto.

  3. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    I watched Tyson Jackson in college. I barely saw him as a first rounder. He’s big and strong and a bit immovable, but he doesn’t disengage and make plays. He a little like Sopoaga except Sope gets a great push up field. Sope does a great job of disrupting plays, but he doesn’t disengage. It is a good thing he plays in Manusky’s system because his style of play is designed for what our DC wants. Jackson wouldn’t work for us because he does not get up field. He would be good for Mike Nolan because he is immovable and stays at the LOS.
    Sam Bradford is incredibly accurate but has not shown an ability to handle pressure. The Rams line will make him improve in this area or destroy his career. I doubt there will be anything between.
    I’m not worried about McCloughan, he doesn’t pay much attention to speed. Speed kills, McC never paid much attention to 40 times.
    The Cards have a really good defense and their D-line is top notch. Their O-line is suspect and so is their QB.
    I would not be surprised to see Oakland win their division even though I do believe it will be the Chargers instead.
    Put the 2 year old on a vinyl floor in some cooking oil. That should keep him in one spot for a while!

  4. delmardennisNo Gravatar says:

    Not sure if this was brought up, but did anyone else catch the blip that our QBs were practicing taking angles to cutoff defenders after they threw an interception? Come again? A quarterback practicing his tackling skills for after an interception is akin to a child falling down on the cement and picking him or herself up and dusting themselves off because eventually they’ll fall off their bike. Practicing for a disaster only encourages said disaster to happen, and to happen with more frequency. This isn’t a goddamn earthquake drill. Totally asinine.

  5. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    Dennis- Like when Montana threw a pick to EJ Junior in an exhibition game then made the tackle. IIRC, Junior left the game on a stretcher.
    My guess is this drill was called because of Nate Davis’s effort this last week trying to run down a defender.
    I say put the defender on a vinyl floor in some cooking oil and he’ll run in place!

  6. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    It was the second exhibition game last year that Smith ran down a guy after an INT and heaved him down pretty good. Hurt his thumb, though, and put an end to the QB competition. Maybe they’re just teaching them to slow the guy down and angle him out without actually making a tackle. Nate did look pretty comical waddling after that guy. Maybe he stepped in some cooking oil in the backfield.

  7. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Nothing wrong with practicing tackling angles. It’s something they should have in the backs of their minds. Keeping a guy out of the end zone is always a good thing. Even if it’s only 5 yards short. Willis did that 3 years ago, and it ended up being the difference in a victory va AZ.

  8. delmardennisNo Gravatar says:

    That’s fine and dandy for Willis, Chuck. But I don’t want Alex Smith having tackling angles in the back of his mind. If Alex is under center and even has the slightest inclination of how he’s going to take the proper angle on the guy who he just threw an interception to, he should be shot on the spot. I’d be happy to lock and load it myself.

  9. delmardennisNo Gravatar says:

    Oh, I guess Sgt. Schultz jokes aren’t considered fair game on the Insider. My witty comeback to NoFear and his question about which QB we should send out late in the game down a score got deleted. That’s rich. I think somebody got their military issued jockey shorts all in a bunch and called Maj. Hochstetter over at Gestapo HQ to warn that my comment was trying to escape from the inside(r) of Stalag 13. Verboten!

  10. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    Leinhart just got demoted in AZ and Derek Anderson is the new starting QB for them. If Leinhart is that bad, you have to wonder why they didn’t make a play for McNabb this off season. Probably the Bidwells didn’t want to spend the money.

  11. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    Abrayo is flying in Saturday to sign his contract. Has two weeks to get his butt ready.

  12. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Dennis, it just goes to show that NoBeer is the perpetrator.  
    The ONLY way posts get deleted over there is either they are offensive, racist, ultra political, or someone ‘reports abuse’. Since it was directed at NoBeer, my thought would be he’s the one that whined. 
    He reported my posts alluding to my blog. He systematically deletes everything I post from time to time. Apparently, he has a problem with the 7th planet as well . . .

  13. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Skeebs, in the immortal words of George Clinton: Free your mind and your ass will follow . . .

  14. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    I think you’re wrong, Chuck. I don’t see NoFear as a guy who would stoop to deleting other people’s posts. Even yours. He’d much rather argue with your posts than have them deleted. I also think you put way too much faith in Lynch knowing what’s going on with his own blog site. His focus, if you can call it that, seems more and more geared to posting shit that will yank people’s chains enough to generate a lot of arguments and blog hits to sell advertising and put nickels in his pocket. His attention to duty and the Niners is a joke.

  15. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    I’ve talked to Lych about this a couple times, after a ton of my posts were getting deleted for no reason. Posts that weren’t in any way off topic, or offensive, etc. Lynch told me HE isn’t responsibe for keeping the blog free of bad, nasty, etc posts. They have a blog editor. If people hit the ‘report abuse’ button, posts get deleted. I don’t know if all it takes is one report click, or what, but in most of the cases, it was NoFear who was the ONLY one compaining about me posting my link on the blog. I asked Lynch if he was killing them, and he said, while it was bad form, he, or the editor, wasn’t deleting them. Natch, who would the likely suspect be?

    Hey, if it ain’t you, NoFear, apologies. But if the foo shits . . .

    And on the topic of censorship, you called it as much when V was getting deleted. The ‘lib/dem conspiracy’ theory.

  16. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Skeebs, Dennis got deleted for posting Uranus. You think an editor (or Lynch) would kill a post for that?

    Methinks it’s someone hitting the report abuse button. I guess I should try it out just to see how the process works.

  17. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    NoFear- Just as I was loving your 2:04 post you up and apologized. The comment about eating grain instead drinking it was one I might copy if I can only remember it.
    Ask me if Alex or Nate should be the #1 QB. I can easily answer that one for you so you don’t need to wonder around as a confused 49er fan!

  18. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    Unca/NoFear- I reported abuse only once. It was one myself just to see what would happen. I wrote something like, I am reporting abuse on myself and this is a test to see if I get deleted. Guess what? I got deleted.

  19. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    I don’t doubt the “report abuse” button can be used to delete people. It’s a pretty chicken shit action, though, and I suspect the culprits might be found among the large quantity of people who visit the site, but never post anything. I’m sure these unknown people have guys they can’t stand, just like all the posters do. And since they don’t have the courage to post, playing secret blog gestapo probably gives them a quiet thrill. Just my two cents. At any rate, Chuck, you and NoFear may butt heads a lot, but you ought to know by now that he has great value for integrity of action and would be highly unlikely to stoop to deleting you.

  20. delmardennisNo Gravatar says:

    No worries here, Fear. I didn’t get a chance to see your witty reply to mine. I’ll take your word on the witty part. Don’t look at me as one to hit that “report abuse” shit. I consider that crap Un-American. Just ask the Bergermeister, I complain to him about that all the time.
    So which soldier is it? Maybe I should have added Sgt. Vince Carter as well. I could see you yelling at Gomer all day, getting frustrated with that nincompoop. Only to have those frustrations furthered later that evening when Miss Bunny told you she had a headache. I was always partial to Lou-Ann Poovie myself. Shazam!

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