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Twelve teams have reportedly contacted Peyton Manning’s agent about getting Manning to come play QB for them. That’s over one third of the teams in the NFL that don’t think much of their current QB. And eleven of those teams will eventually try keeping a straight face while they attempt to gouge dough out of their fan base by enthusiastically supporting the QB that they tried, and failed, to replace with Manning. “We believe in our guy. He can get it done for us this year.”

So far, only the Redskins have been given the cold shoulder, but the Seahawks and Cardinals are likely to be two of these “flunked on Manning” teams, also. Seattle will probably be hurt the least, because their coach, Pete Carroll, is a professional liar and should have no trouble herding the media and his fans and players away from the truth. Ken Whisenhunt of the Cardinals is not particularly adept at containing falsehoods, though. He’s a head scratcher, genuine guy. He never has any idea why his team wins or why his team loses. And, after the 2012 season concludes, he’ll be a lame duck coach who gets fired.

The Rams won’t be pursuing Manning, but they’re in a whole other pickle. A mere two months after blowing the trumpets over hiring Jeff Fisher to restore the mostly barren image of the team, they find themselves smack in the middle of Bountygate. Their head coach is already tainted. His hand picked DC is going to be suspended for most or all of 2012, and Fisher himself might have to stumble his way through a lot of questions about his own involvement in the bounty scandal. I.E., he’ll have to do some lying himself. Fisher’s M.O. is to scowl and taciturn himself through media interviews, like some criminal in a police interrogation. Not a great look, IMHO.

The 49ers are clean and pure here. Above reproach. They are not pursuing and are not pursued. Does this mean they are guaranteed success next year? Not at all. The football don’t have no scales of justice in it. It bounces whichever way it chooses. Awry for the innocent and gravy for the guilty? No problem. The only law of the oblate spheroid is quirkiness. Otherwise, how would a crook like Bill Belichick have been aided and abetted into winning three Super Bowls, while Tony Dungy only has one?

Once upon a time, scandals were scandalous. Now they are just entertainment. As technology has increased, meaningful living has decreased. Everyone lives in anxious boredom now. Junkies for “the next thing.” Scandals are a fix. They give us something to talk about. Something to exercise the weak muscles of our jaded morality systems.

Four more days till the Free Agent train leaves the station. Many of the passengers are low talent guys heading into an uncertain future. Some are big talent guys getting ready to become multi-millionaires. A few are old guys who will disappear into obscurity until a fan blog notes their passing at the age of 66. And some of them are like many of us — moving along to the next paycheck, the next boss, the next cubicle, the next commute.

Ooops. The ghost of John Steinbeck passed through the room. Must shake it off. Hey, guys, wouldn’t it be great fun if a Youtube video popped up showing Dungy staggering out of a whore house at 3:00 am? The earth would shake and tremble. Then the clouds would form that Mona Lisa smile.

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135 comments on “All Along The Watchtower
  1. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    According to this article Red Bryant may be available. If he’s that good and with over $30 mil salary cap room, why would the Seahags let him walk? How would he fit in with the Niners?

  2. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Interesting observation about Manning and his pending new deal
    “As former Packers excecutive Andrew Brandt has wisely noted, Manning’s contract won’t be “incentive-laden” as some are suggesting. There apparently will be competition for his services. Players with no alternatives sign “incentive-laden” deals. Those that have, say, a dozen teams interested in them, collect guaranteed money.”

    The craziest scenario I’ve read
    about Manning is that Drew Brees is so unhappy with his contract
    that he’s traded to the Cleveland Browns for 3 #1s and the Aints sign Manning, the hometown boy.
    This would be a hollywood made for TV movie. Not happening just because whatever draft picks Aints get will be stripped by Goodell as punishment for bounties.

  3. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    One of you mentioned possibly drafting this kid Robert Turbin as a RB.
    His story is very compelling and I didn’t know he’s from Fremont.
    A lot of tragedy in his young life
    that he’s had to deal with out of his control. Round 4 or 5 and maybe he’s a Niner.

  4. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    It has been pointed out that the Niners drafted Glen Coffee in the 3rd round 10 picks before Steelers took Mike Wallace.
    If they are seriously going after Wallace as a RFA I would think they would make him an accrptable offer next Tues, have Wallace sign the offer sheet and then wait the 7 days to see if Steelers are able to match.
    5 years $45 mil with $22 mil guaranteed. Yaer one $12 mil so Steelers can’t match.
    If they do match then go to plan B and pursue Meacham or Robinson.

  5. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    bullit- Oops, I posted before seeing that you posted the same thing. To answer question, why did Golden State trade Robert Parish and the pick that became Kevin McHale? Using your example, they must have been not very good if a pro team let them got for Joe Barry Carrol. You can hate Red Bryant. That is your choice. I think he is very good.

  6. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    It was NJ that mentioned Turbin. The guy I was mentioning first was Dontari Poe. After reading an article I’m also onto CB Josh Robinson.

  7. AlbertEinstinkleNo Gravatar says:

    Colin Kaepernick drives Alex Smith’s contract through the floor boards. Let’s do some math, shall we? Kaep is making about a million dollars for the next three years. The experts on this blog say Smith will make 8 million for 3 years (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA). 1 from 8 is 7. 7 equals one Dashon Goldson, or one Ted Ginn, Adam Snyder and Josh Morgan. You do the math. Kaep starts, the 49ers can afford a whole lot more.
    Business (which the NFL is) is about competitive advantage. What’s the 49ers’ competitive advantage? It’s that the head coach once played the quarterback position, and not too long ago I might add. That’s the 49ers’ competitive advantage. Jim is a quarterback. But how does that manifest itself? How do you actually grab hold of that competitive advantage? You do it by having the head coach develop a cheap quarterback who can allow the 49ers to acquire more expensive talent for a few years. That’s the 49ers’ competitive advantage. I mean, if you had Peyton Manning and paid him kazillions, it defeats the purpose of Harbaugh. But so does Alex Smith. On the one hand you have a polished HOFer who knows it all, making the most he can make. On the other hand you have a stinker who can’t complete a pass past five yards unless it’s a wheel route. The 49ers need to find that middle ground with a young qb who can actually throw deep and complete passes down field. A cheap qb who can allow Baalke to add more talent to the roster than any other organization has.
    If Harbaugh can do that in 2012, the 49ers have a very real chance at winning a Super Bowl with Colin Kaepernick at the helm.
    I kid that Alex Smith is giving Colin Kaepernick quarterback herpes, infecting Kaep with all of Smith’s terrible, awful habits. But the one thing Kaep is learning right now, and it’s precious, is to protect the football. I mean, if Kaep can protect the football, and maybe complete a few more passes down field, he can fall back on Akers, Lee, Willis, Goldson and company all the way to the Super Bowl. Hell, Smith just did that to the NFC Championship game.
    If the 49ers can start Kaep for the next three years at 1 million per year, why in God’s good name would they pay Alex Smith 8 to miss his targets down field? That’s insane.
    Right now the 49ers are offering Smith one year guaranteed money, and Condon is countering with 5, hoping to land on 3 years of guaranteed money. But if Smith starts for 3 years, it destroys the 49ers’ competitive advantage with Harbaugh.
    Alex Smith will lose his starting job to Colin Kaepernick either in 2012 or 2013. The 49ers cannot afford to pay Smith big money to ride the pine.
    Jerry Rice (God love him), forced Baalke and Harbaugh to reveal that there was an offer on the table to Smith. Smith hasn’t gobbled it up because it’s a one year deal. Condon wants five. The two sides are far apart. I can’t wait for the media to publish that headline: “Smith and the 49ers Far Apart.” Smith has zero leverage. Nobody wants him. He can’t throw a football. He has no leverage, no talent, no suitors, a young, likeable kid behind him, and the fan base will fry Smith for holding out or trying to play hardball. Everyone sees the future is Kaep. Let Smith holdout, or go somewhere else. “Alex – we’re offering you a one year deal. We suggest you take it,” (please Jesus, don’t…).

  8. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    My question is how much he costs and do the Niners need him?
    High cost for a backup or does he sipplant Sopoanga? 2 years ago we might have jumped but now we don’t really need him and he costs too much.
    Did you see my other post about Turbin?

  9. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    Nothing like getting a bullshit lecture about finance from the likes of you. Your post is nothing more than a drawn out stinky fart and more of the same anti Alex Smith propaganda. Pure unfiltered fecal material.
    Jerry Rice forced nothing but a nimrod like you believes what he foolishly wants to,

  10. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    The Chefs offered Manning a contract yesterday without him working out for them.

    They gave Routt the money and risk losing Carr who’s a better corner. Who’s running things here?

  11. unca chuckNo Gravatar says:

    See, ones like that are easy to skip over.
    So, yer fine with 7-9 this year, Fist?

  12. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    bullit- I agree not to break the bank on Bryant, but with a guy his age and ability, it is worth checking into. BTW, Tukuafu played very well last year before getting hurt. I’m glad to see we re-signed him.

  13. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    I also would have been higher on Bryant before last season. Sopoaga played better than I expected on the nose. Dobbs and Tuku flashed some potential, and Ian Williams is still in the mix. I’d rather spend FA dollars to address areas of weakness at this point, and let Baalke try to find another DL developmental project in the draft. We seem to scout DLs pretty well, despite the Balmer fiasco, so let’s build there through the draft, and use FA to fix the passing game and maybe upgrade our coverage.

  14. unca chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Yeah, looks like Rogers gets to test the market. I wonder how he stacks up next to Carr and Finnegan. They are going to get some serious coin.
    Whatever the deal is they are in the need to get more DBs. R Smith is going. Holcomb is apparently making a good imopression, and he’s apparently fully recovered, but they need more than hope to cover for the loss of Rogers should it come to pass.

  15. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    The Manning Circus’ first destination is a suprise
    Denver. No faith in Tebow?
    Maybe they trafe Tebow to Miami.

  16. unca chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Manning was in Miami already.

  17. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Manning owns a home in Miami and lives there in the offseason.

  18. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    Colts have released RB Joseph Addai, LB Gary Brackett, defensive back Melvin Bullitt, tight end Dallas Clark and quarterback Curtis Painter.

  19. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    bullit- You are a FA!

  20. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    Clark likely will follow Manning and Wayne to the Miami Colts-I-mean-Dolphins, but if not I’d kick the tires. We could use an experienced TE in the red zone or short yardage. If we could get him for one year cheap I’d give it a shot.

  21. unca chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Yeah, the red zone offense sucked mainly because VD was at least double covered, Crabs disappeared, KW’s too small down there, and Ginn’s still trying to track the pass . . .

  22. unca chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Which is another reason I’d LOVE to see Fleener on the board.

  23. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    VD is more of a down the field target who can kill with his ridiculous speed for such a big guy. He is not the savvy guy who can sit down in a zone or otherwise wiggle open close to the LOS. Someone with more traditional TE skills would help tremendously on third down and in the red zone.

  24. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    QWe sucked in the red zone because the coaches would go so conservative once we got there.
    Dick, mofo Alex haters would sell you it was the QB. They are truly morons. NoFear, Stinkblood, V, and my good friend Del Mar are so myopian they could lead the Taliban into battle.
    How was Alex the #2 QB in the red zone for two years and this last year it all changed? I’ll tell you the difference. NoFear, Stinkblod, V and Del mar are good buddies selling us hard on their zealous views. Alex is great in the red zone. NoFear, Stinkblood, V and Del Mar are selling propaganda. They are trying to be Hitlerian. If they say it loud enough for long enough they are correct. Heil NoFear, Strikblood, V and Del Mar! I’m not buying, but I am amused by their sophomoric humor.
    Where is Twista2121 to heil to? He hates Alex too. Please don’t let the ultimate propaganda machine, guest, around here. He makes up massive multiple identities on blogs to blast Alex. The ultimate Adolph Hitler.

  25. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    One of the Twisted Sisters had a birthday today. Party, party, party! I know you guys would love to live on a dirt road if you knew how fun it is! It would be hard to live on a paved road again.

  26. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Bullit –
    RTurbin is a Patrick Willis-life at the RB position.
    This kid has absolutely been blessed with patience and perserverence. A try hard, work hard, be positive role model you’d be happy to have on your Roster.
    My RB position is complete in terms of my ‘Draft Board’.
    1)Doug Martin
    2)Robert Turbin
    3)Isaiah Pead
    Berger, beside Red Bryant,I’d consider Kendall Langford and Paul Soliai from Miami too.

  27. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    Washington Redskins have traded three first-round draft picks and a second-round pick to St. Louis for the #2 pick.

  28. AlbertEinstinkleNo Gravatar says:

    I love it. The quicker the Rams, Cardinals and Seahawks get good, the quicker we dump Alex Smith. The Rams just fleeced the Redskins. Shanny must be desperate to win now. The Rams will get better, faster because of this. The minute the Rams, Cardinals and Seahawks actually get good players is the minute Harbaugh can no longer afford the luxury of being stuck on stupid with Alex Smith.

  29. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    I just find it so funny that
    fools will root against an individual player at the expense of the team they supposedly love.
    This just proves how small and narrow minded this individual is.
    It also proves despite all the BS
    that Spotoon just hated how last season turned out.Pathetic and totally misguided.

  30. AlbertEinstinkleNo Gravatar says:

    I know, right? Those guys are idiots.

  31. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    Alex Smith is the QB we need to win. History shows and the fact that the biggest idiods, NoFear, Stinkblood, V and Del Mar are anti is proof!

  32. AlbertEinstinkleNo Gravatar says:

    I love how people throw V in there to discredit the rest…

  33. AlbertEinstinkleNo Gravatar says:

    In this corner, weighing in at 2,000 pounds: NoFear, Del Mar and Einstinkle. In the other corner, weighing at 62 pounds soaking wet: Berger, Unca and Skeebers.
    Gentlemen, we’ll have a good clean fight. No sucker punches, no rabbit punches, and definitely no agendas, crying or general tomfoolery of any sort.

  34. AlbertEinstinkleNo Gravatar says:

    The Jets just ruined all hopes of winning a Super Bowl by extending Mark Sanchez. Stupid move. Stupid.

  35. BergerNo Gravatar says:


  36. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    At least you have NoFear on your side!

  37. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    It’s par for the course in NY Albert.
    GM Tannenbaum is clueless.
    It’s great entertainment in these parts.
    Sanchise. Sure.
    Tannenbaum guaranteed a truckload of money to Santonio and Scott too.
    Good luck with the Team chemistry or trying to unload the malcontents now.

  38. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Sanchez = Romo

  39. AlbertEinstinkleNo Gravatar says:

    The Jets are no longer a contender in the AFC. They’re done.
    Del and Skeebers are the opening act. I think that’s even money if Frank is aloud to scratch out Skeebers’ eyes. NoFear will destroy Unca. NoFear is former military, and Unca’s brain is wetter than a Japanese nuclear reactor. But the main attraction will be Berger and Einstinkle. Drunk, bull in the ring, last man standing. Instead of water at the break, you have to take at least two shots of whiskey. And no, you can’t borrow any of Ed the Repo man’s tools to hit poor Einkstinkle in the chops with when the ref isn’t looking. This ain’t rasslin’.

  40. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    Plain and simple. You share the same view about the 49ers as V does. Nobidy throwing him in there. You two preach the same message and have the same playbook. Or you are too dense to have noticed that you’re two peas in a pod.

  41. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Yesterday we were talking about farting in church. You might then appreciate this with that in mind.
    The end is spectacular like the 4th of July.

  42. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    Stinky- 9:04 post. Good one!

  43. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    You must be drunk, Bergs.

  44. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Unabummer has enough trouble crawling out from under his rock.
    Soft-serve? You ARE the rock.

  45. AlbertEinstinkleNo Gravatar says:

    Technically, Alex Smith isn’t a 49er right now. Rejoice.

  46. AlbertEinstinkleNo Gravatar says:

    Unca’s brain is so wet FEMA won’t give him flood insurance.

  47. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Least I ain’t a pussy trolling for reactions as my sole purpose in life, soft-serve. Gimme 25,000 words on the greatness of Charlie Whitehead.
    Who was Mike Nolan’s 1st draft pick, NoFear? Why can’t teflon Mike keep a job? How many winning programs Mike been involved with? Or playoff wins? 1 in 15 years of coaching? Hey Smith has one in 7 years. Romo-ike, but at least it was recent.
    I lived in a yurt on medicine bow road in colorado. Woo hoo. 8400′ and all the snow you can eat…

  48. AlbertEinstinkleNo Gravatar says:

    “I lived in a yurt on medicine bow road in Colorado.” If they don’t have electricity, I’ll pay you to move back.

  49. AlbertEinstinkleNo Gravatar says:

    I’d pay you to shut up, but that kind of silence is priceless.

  50. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Washington is trading their #1 picks in 2012, 2013, 2014, and their # 2 this year for the Rams #1 this year. Snyder has rounded the bend.
    Devner showing its cowtown roots by following Manning’s jet and car from the airport to the broncos facility.

  51. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    I’m waiting for soft-serve to say what a great deal that is for Washington.

  52. AlbertEinstinkleNo Gravatar says:

    I doubt “Devner” has FEMA flood insurance. Just a hunch.

  53. AlbertEinstinkleNo Gravatar says:

    They won’t give those hippies insurance either.

  54. AlbertEinstinkleNo Gravatar says:

    Unca, V, Berger and Skeebers – 4 peas in a pod.

  55. AlbertEinstinkleNo Gravatar says:

    The Rams are now going to be a really interesting story to follow for the next several years, and out of all the teams that the media is discussing, Seattle could be Peyton’s best bet – making the division that much more competitive. The only problem with Manning to Seattle is Seattle’s O line, but I already digress, which isn’t good news for you, gentle reader.
    The Rams will now have two more first rounders and an additional second. That means the Rams will probably go out and get Justin Blackmon for Sam Bradford this year, and have two firsts for two more years. Ouch. The relationship between Bradford and Fisher alone will be an interesting one to follow because Kerry Colins aside, Fisher has always had a mobile athletic qb in either McNair or VY. Game planning for a pocket passer won’t be a huge adjustment, especially for Brian Schottenheimer who coached a snail in Sanchez, but it will be fun to watch.
    The Rams also have a new GM who just two weeks into being an NFL GM, hit one out of the park, which will do wonders for his confidence, reputation, and the St Louis fan base.
    Brian Schottenheimer is now the Rams’ new OC. I thought schotzie did a good job with Sanchez for a few years. 2011? No so much. But the freak show that was J-E-T-S football was more Rex Ryan’s fault than anyone else’s in ’11.
    Then throw Gregg Williams into the mix and you have a lot of uncertainty. Someone posted that the Rams should fire Gregg Williams immediately to avoid the drama, and I agree. That’s a bad way to start a new era. Williams knows what he’s doing when he’s not leaving Vernon Davis single covered in the fourth quarter of a playoff game where the 49ers’ only offensive threat is Vernon Davis, but I digress, again.
    My hope is that Peyton Manning lands in Seattle, and that Jeff Fisher rights the St Louis ship quick. That way, Jim Harbaugh can no longer afford to play wet nurse to Alex Smith’s fragile psyche. That’ll force Harbaugh to function all on all four cylinders. A passing game in San Francisco? Honestly, I can’t wait. It’s been too long.

  56. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Blackmon could land in Cleveland now Albert.
    Maybe Holmgren is setting his sites on Flynn?
    Instead of man screwing sheep,
    Rams screw Redskins.

  57. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Typical Snyder move. Big splash.
    Al Davis has been replaced by Danny Snyder.
    Especially when the Offense consists of Sha-Nepotism.
    How 1 guy will ‘fix’ the franchise every year amazes me.
    Such a treat to have Snyder and Jones in the same Division huh?
    What entertainment value should be.
    Here we go with the ‘Off Season’ Superbowl winner again.

  58. AlbertEinstinkleNo Gravatar says:

    Daniel Snyder is not the free agent wizard anymore. Shanny has convinced Snyder that the draft is the way to build your team. However, and unfortunately for Redskins’ fans, Shanny is now desperate for wins and will do anything to get a franchise qb. He has now mortgaged the feature, but it’s not with free agents. The new free agent wizard could become Jerry Jones. That being said, the Redskins do have a lot of cap room.

  59. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    In regard to our potential need for a CB.
    Eric Wright from Detroit could hit the market.
    Similar stats to Carlos, younger too.
    Does anyone know if he’s the Son of our former CB of the same name?

  60. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Well Albert, all snickering aside, they believe RGIII is the real deal obviously.
    I’m cuious to see how the cheapskate Glazers in TB go into FA with all their Cap surplus.
    New HC, tons of money to spend and a stadium full of empty seats on Sundays during the Season.

  61. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    IMHO that same draft package might have netted them the first pick from the Colts. Would’ve been interesting
    Redskins gotta know 2015 is a long ways off.
    Two similar trades worked out great for the team receiving all the draft picks for one player
    In 1989, at the height of his NFL career, the Cowboys traded Walker to the Minnesota Vikings for a total of five players (LB Jesse Solomon, DB Issiac Holt, RB Darrin Nelson, LB David Howard, DE Alex Stewart) and six draft picks (which led to Emmitt Smith, Russell Maryland, Kevin Smith, and Darren Woodson).
    The Redskins actually benefitted
    once and should’ve learned when they traded their pick to the Aints which led to Ricky Williams
    and in return used those picks to draft Champ Bialey, Lavar Arrington and Jon Jansen all who made the Pro Bowl.
    You’d think Shanahan was smarter than that.Think again

  62. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Forgot that long ago the Niners made a similar trade that set them back 5 years.
    “the most similar trade in NFL history to Friday night’s Redskins-Rams deal may have been the 1976 trade that sent Jim Plunkett from the Patriots to the 49ers for two first-round picks that year, a first- and second-round pick the following year and a backup quarterback named Tom Owen. That trade did not work out well for the 49ers”

    On top of that the Niners made another trade to follow that one
    “The 49ers traded their 1978 2nd- and 3rd-round picks and their 1979 1st- and 4th-round picks to the Buffalo Bills for running back O.J. Simpson”

    Niners got fleeced twice and that’s when they were really floundering and hit rock bottom having 3 coaches in 2 years right after which Bill Walsh righted the sinking ship.

  63. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    Snyder’s an idiot. Nothing new there. He’s just overpaying for draft picks now instead of free agents.
    Ah, the old Alex versus Nolan blamefest. One cannot choose but wonder… well, actually, yeah I can. I think they both were in over their heads. Smith was nowhere ready to be an NFL QB in 2005. He’s only just gotten to average in 2011. Maybe a smidge better, because at least he doesn’t turn the ball over much anymore. Nolan neither had a solid offensive background nor could be attract and keep a guy to handle that for him. End result was a negative synergy of the unsure leading the unable to years of unsuccessful football. Either would look better with a competent counterpart or OC. Neither would be my first choice at either position.

  64. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Spitoon has insane logic

    “My hope is that Peyton Manning lands in Seattle, and that Jeff Fisher rights the St Louis ship quick. That way, Jim Harbaugh can no longer afford to play wet nurse to Alex Smith’s fragile psyche. That’ll force Harbaugh to function all on all four cylinders. A passing game in San Francisco? Honestly, I can’t wait. It’s been too long.”

    So you openly hope the Niners division rivals get better beacuse you’re a rabid Niner fan?
    What else troll? You seem to enjoy laughing at the Niners
    more than discussing how to realistically get better.
    Your three choices for QB last year were failures compared to Smith. McNabb, Whitehurst and Kolb
    were all flops yet you were saying
    they would bring success to the team they led. Weong again? What else is new?

  65. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    That year the Niners tried to trade out picking first. There were no takers. I still remember the possible trade of the #1 to the Chargers for Rivers. That was talked about but never happened.
    Basically the Niners were stuck with the pick and had to make the best of it. Hindsight tells us it would have been better to ease Smith into the position rather than throw him into the fire from game 1.

  66. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    I’ve got to call Del. He didn’t respond last night. I gave twista2121 the address to the sight a couple of months ago and I was hoping he would chime in. It was good to see NoFear play.

  67. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    Del’s alive. He didn’t log on last night. Too bad, it would have been good!

  68. tonyNo Gravatar says:

    I may be way off base with this…but im getting the feeling this next year may be Colin Kaepernick’s inaugral season. Although it seems Alex Smith earned a new contract with his play this last year. But if his agent pushes for more years it likely stalls this contract thing out…and at some point negotiations stall out…And Harbaugh puts plan “B” in effect. At what point does Harbaugh say ‘screw it’ lets see what we have in CK? I think Alex is a fine young man, with a lot of heart, and tough as nails. And though i believe under Harbaugh, Alex will continue to improve I just don’t think he has the accuracy to be an “elite’ qb. IMHO…and Harbaugh knows he has limitations. The contract impass could end up being the final chapter..

  69. unca chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Bullitt, they didn’t thrw him into the fire from the get-go. Rattay was the QB at the start of the year. He got hurt 5 weeks in. Smith started a couple games, then he got hurt, and Pickett and Dorsey got a few starts. Smith came back and was pounded the rest of the way.

  70. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    We’re having another party today on the dirt road! This one is at the Twisted Sister’s again. I could be back blogging drunk again tonight!

  71. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    Alex Smith’s mechanics were so bad his rookie year it was scary. Norv Turner did a great job with him the next year.

  72. unca chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Bullit, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a competitive division. That being said, I don’t think much changes for a couple years. And i don;t think the Rams are going to trade Bradford. If they weren’t behind him, they would have kept the 2nd pick and gotten RG III. Not go through some half-baked trade for future picks in 2015 and 2016.
    Fistie is right about Shanny though. He is in win-or-lose-job mode. In other words, he’s losing his job. The Skins are about 6 players away from respectability. Not juts a QB. Sayonara, Shanny. Adios the next 5 seasons.

  73. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    I think having a good, young QB to develop would tend to enhance Shanahan’s ability to keep his job. He’s a QB developer, supposedly. Snyder believes it anyway, and that’s what counts in Washington.

  74. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    Yes your correct that Smith only started 7 games as a rookie. He threw 11 picks and only 1 TD.
    Maybe I cose to expunge that season from my mind because it was ugly.
    I don’t like any of my division rivals to get stronger and competitive off the foolish moves of a desperate team. In 2013 the Rams might have 10 top ten picks in the draft.
    I was enjoying the Rams making mistakes in the draft just like I enjoyed the Seahags selecting Carpenter at RT and the look on Saban’s face when it happened.
    I prefer to kick ass in a weak division as opposed to finishing 3rd in a tough division then having to make that excuse that we play in the most competetive

  75. unca chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Trading the far to get that QB is a biiiiiiig bet. It’s all or nothing once again in Washington.
    You look back at Haynesworth, McNabb, and the string of other horrible signings, and you have to wonder when Snyder hands the reins t someone else.

  76. unca chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Bullit, there’s nothing to do about it. You can’t teach stupid. Snyder did what he did because he thinks he’s one player (RG III) away from greatness. He’s wrong. He helped the Rams immensely. What THEY do with the draft choices is another story.
    Spit can think whatever the furk he wants. Will it come to pass? Who knows? Denver is trying like hell to get Manning. They want to sign him NOW. I don’t thik he even gets to Seattle. Seattle looks better than AZ for PM at this point. They are trying to build their line up, anyway. Cable’s no slouch as an O line coach. AZ? Great D, shakey offense.

  77. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    Speaking of “All Along the Watchtower” (the title of this thread), Stephen Hill had a Jimi Hendrix shirt on!
    I believe this song was written by Bob Dylan?

  78. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    Stephen Hill interview with Hendrix shirt.

  79. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    Yes, Dylan song. I think I’ve used this title before. I’ll probably use it again, too.

  80. unca chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Bob Dylan always said he liked Hendrix’s version over his own.

  81. AlbertEinstinkleNo Gravatar says:

    Sanchez contract went from 17 million in guarantees to 20 million, but created 6.5 of cap space this year. Maybe to make a play for Peyton, or maybe to just clear up some room for normal business. Either way, talk about throwing good money after bad. I wouldn’t pay Crabtree another 3 million in guaranteed money unless it was to rat pack Smith.

  82. AlbertEinstinkleNo Gravatar says:

    Now I just read this….
    Matt Maiocco is honestly the dumbest sportswriter ever. He’s claiming the Sanchez contract gives the 49ers another example of fair market. What a seriously stupid man with an agenda. It’s painful to read that tool anymore.
    FAIR MARKET IS BUYER AND SELLER COMING TOGETHER. PERIOD. You want to know fair market, let the market sort it out by having Alex Smith actually test the free agent market.
    Comparables work if they are comparables. Sanchez was given bribe money to free up more cap space, nothing more. You don’t restructure a contract and give anyone more money who underachieved and didn’t make the playoffs on a team where the head coach claimed, “We’re going to win the Super Bowl.” The only reason Sanchez got the bribe money was to clear up cap space, but Maiocco claims that’s a comparable? No chance. Fair market value is buyer and seller coming together. Let Alex Smith test the free agent waters. They’re deep. Maybe he’ll drowned.

  83. Del Mar DennisNo Gravatar says:

    I just wasted 30 mins of my life reading, digesting and trying to catch up on your guy’s posts from the past 48 Hrs (Nick Nolte) just now…
    So it won’t kill you to lose just 3 seconds of yours…
    Did we sign Peyton Manning yet?

  84. AlbertEinstinkleNo Gravatar says:

    And notice… Maiocco didn’t report the Jerry Rice quotes about Manning. He just couldn’t bring himself to actually report something significant that hurts Smith.

  85. AlbertEinstinkleNo Gravatar says:

    Oh yeah, and here’s a good one. Mike Shanahan loves Alex Smith. He wants him bad. I don’t know what prompted Shanny to give up 3 firsts and a 2nd more – the idea of RGIII or Alex Smith.
    Rams GM: Shanny, what are your alternatives? You can trade with us and land RGIII, or you go after Alex Smith in free agency.
    Shanny: Sweet Jesus, you’re right. What’s that? You only want three first rounders? How ’bout a sweeten the pot and throw in a 2nd as well just to insure this deal goes through.
    Rams’ GM: You’re a smart man.
    Shanny: Did you see Alex Smith in the NFC Championship game? I’d be calling running plays, too.

  86. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Spitoon is playing with himself and his sock puppets again tonight. Ever the drama queen.

  87. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Between this blog and SF Gate there are about 6 posters thant just can’t stop campaigning against Alex Smith with post after post.
    After a while the posts start sounding alike so maybe it’s more like 2 or 3 haters using different aliases.
    Just an endless whine.

  88. AlbertEinstinkleNo Gravatar says:

    Bullit, your co-pilot is a wet brain.

  89. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    Bullit, there were no takers at the price the 49ers wanted in 2005, which was what the vaunted “draft choice value chart” calls for – basically, two firsts and a second, roughly. The best option for the 49ers that year, in retrospect at least, would have been to bite the bullet, admit that there was no one worth that much at the top of the draft, and accept less, either two lower firsts or a first and a second. But a lot of people would have scourged the 49ers if that had done that – because they would have felt we got robbed. Only a strong, confident GM would have dared do it, and that was not us in 2005, recovering from the drama of Terry Donahue.

  90. AlbertEinstinkleNo Gravatar says:

    I just found aerial footage of Bullit and Chuck’s brain.

  91. AlbertEinstinkleNo Gravatar says:

    Too soon?

  92. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Let Tom Condon know the deal for Alex by bringing in Josh Johnson.
    That will set ‘Fair Mkt’ for them.

  93. AlbertEinstinkleNo Gravatar says:

    If the 49ers don’t let Alex Smith test the free agent market, I smell a rat.

  94. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    I think Baalke and Paraag have the budget set.
    If Alex wants to start and stay in charge he signs.
    I wouldn’t buckle to Condon.

  95. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    No, just bad taste, asshole.
    Everyone knows what’s going on but you, soft-serve. Keep spinning those fantasies. Yer batting .000.
    Keep tilting away, Don Quix-dildo. You small a rat because you live with ’em.

  96. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Larry Grant was given an original round tender. Which someone will give him a lot more.
    Looks like he’s gone. We’ll get a 7th round pick.

  97. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Well, I’ve been saying Smith is the last deal for the Niners. They are cutting it close. I also said I didn’t see him hitting the market. Washington is out for Smith. Looks like Seattle. And the Niners get Johnson?
    That scenario sounds pretty stupid. They’ll sign Smith

  98. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Johnson is a leverage for me Chuck.
    If Condon goes hard sell for 5yrs I’d simply invoke Josh Johnson as a lower cost option.

  99. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    ‘leverage move’

  100. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    Only a no class jerk like yourself would use a tragedy where thousands died to ridicule others. Your brain is not functional or you were brought up by feral people.

  101. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    I’ve partied, I’ve had a good night. To respond to you idiots, WTF? Like the Earth is changing? Do any of you drink? I thought so. I’m having some fun with the predictions, keep them coming! I love you all!

  102. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    If Alex wants to leverage himself for more, fuk him. I’m loving Josh Johnson and Kappy! Personally, I do like Alex, but he isn’t worth the wasted time for a drawn out negotiation.

  103. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Oh, I get it NJ, but I wouldn’t be happy about it. Mainly because it’s a crummy option. It makes next year pretty much a wash. Smith may not be great, but he’s better than Johnson. And that means Cappy is the guy in 2013.
    I don’t know. Betting the farm on Smith might not be the most prudent thing to do, but the alternatives aren’t that hot as well. We ain’t getting Manning, and I doubt even Flynn.

  104. Del Mar DennisNo Gravatar says:

    Hey, Berger. I just wanted to say “Hi.” This Alex Smith shit? You people have to be “high” to discuss his name.
    I’m going to go grab a beer and call Rob. Vegas? Vegas picks? Vegas baby. I’m leaning towards Matt Kenseth and the 17. But watch out for Joey in the 20.

  105. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Josh only comes to mind immediately because of his college career with Harbaugh Chuck.
    It’ll all play out and get settled of course.
    We just specualte and muse about the options to keep ourselves involved.
    There’s a reason Baalke and Harbaugh arrived at 3yrs for the Contract offer.
    1 year with Harbaugh showed what he could do for the QB position. They obvliously feel the window for Kaep should be opened within 3yrs.

  106. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Some more quotes from the Alex Smith hater

    “Sorry I know most of you consider Harbaugh God but if he goes into this season with Alex Smith as our starter he’s a total idiot!
    I wonder what Eddie would do in this same situation? Flynn or Manning would already have pockets filled with cash, their personalized parking, a new car, a new house and a new wife. Remember win at all cost? Hire the best? Assemble the best talent?
    Alex would be headed out the front door of the 49ers headquarters headfirst and thrown in the nearest dumpster compliments of 49er security, for disgracing our once proud organization. That’s the big difference!”

  107. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    Randy Moss is scheduled to fly to San Francisco today to work out for the 49ers on Monday.

  108. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    Niners are trying to fix their inability to score in redzone. At first blush Moss seems to be a bad idea. However if he can still
    get open in the endzone and score 10 tds this year he’s worth the gamble. All depends what kind of contract he signs. I’d make it one year minimum salary for a vet with heavy incentive bonuses (something like $4 mil for 10 tds).

  109. AlbertEinstinkleNo Gravatar says:

    Berger at 9:18 must have gotten a bad batch.
    I’m not a Josh Johnson fan, but anything to move on from Alex Smith is okay by me. Nobody, in the history of the game, got dug in deeper than Alex Smith. Entrenched gives the word too much credit.
    I think Randy Moss is a good idea for the 49ers, provided they don’t get into a bidding war with the Saints. The 49ers now must be looking at all NFC teams and trying to block their moves because there’s a good chance the 49ers will play the Saints again in the playoffs next year. A while ago we were just trying to fight within the division. It’s good to be back.
    I don’t think Randy Moss would do much in a 49er uniform except two crucial things – challenge Harbaugh’s grasp on the team unity / chemistry front, AND highlight Alex Smith’s inability to throw deep. No coach should ever court unrest in the locker room, but no quarterback who can’t throw a football should be the incumbent for 8 years. It’s a wash. Bring on Moss just to further bury Smith.

  110. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    You and V. The posts are interchangeable. Of the same mind.
    So what tragedy are we making fun of today? Darfur/Sudan? Syria?

  111. Del Mar DennisNo Gravatar says:

    Don’t you hate it when despite all the numerous reminders that you leave for yourself you still forget to set your clocks ahead?
    Must be the alcohol.

  112. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    Based on his history, I cannot believe that Randy Moss will be anything but a net negative in a 49er uniform. I would predict bad effects on team chemistry and other assholery by week 9, if not sooner.

  113. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    I’m not in on signing Moss.

  114. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    Stinky- It was a good batch. I obviously had too much!

  115. AlbertEinstinkleNo Gravatar says:

    Randy Moss is being brought in to create leverage behind Ted Ginn. Moss is done as a leaping receiver who can overpower defenders. He wasn’t producing with Tom Brady, and Brady can accurately place a jump ball. And Moss isn’t going to get a defender chasing his tail, running in circles trying to follow Moss. What Moss is now is a way for the offense to clear the safety out and stretch the field. This is Moss’ last go round. Alex Smith isn’t going to miraculously learn how to throw deep in year 8.
    So, Moss would be a red herring – clearing the safety out so the tight ends and running backs can work underneath.
    Who knows if there’s an offer to Ted Ginn on the table. If Ginn isn’t biting, maybe Moss will get Ginn to think twice. But really, Ginn is a much better option for the 49ers. Losing Ginn will hurt.

  116. tonyNo Gravatar says:

    Well guys….i really thought Alex Smith would be a Niner for at least 2 more seasons…but its looking less likely with each passing day….Harbaugh made a commitment to Alex saying ‘he’s the guy’….and even if he had doubts or regretted showing that much support for him…Alex has given Harbaugh an out now. I think they bring in a vet like J. Johnson, but Colin Kaepernick’s going to get every chance to start….and don’t count out Tolzein ….that kid can play…

  117. AlbertEinstinkleNo Gravatar says:

    Smith will be back with the 49ers in 2012. He’ll take less than he thought, and his guaranteed money will be for one year only. Know how I know? No other team wants Alex Smith.

  118. unca chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Too funny. “Leverage’ is Spitty’s new buzzword. After seeing NJ use it a few times.
    Ginn isn’t much of anything. KRs are a dime a dozen. Yeah, he took a pay cut. He did nothing to distinguish himself as a WR. Therefore, his leverage is squadoosh. He’s less than 0 as a WR.
    Moss? Total flyer. At this point he’s free. His and Ginn’s positions on the team are mutually exclusive.
    Yer so cute whe you try to be relevant.

  119. unca chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Spitty, if Moss is going to loaf his way downfield, he’s worthless as a deep threat.
    Wrongo, skippy. You were wrong about Manning (among 50 other things). You are wrong about this.

  120. unca chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Moss would be the #2 WR at worst. Ginn wouldn’t have been a WR at all if Morgan hadn’t gotten hurt.
    I know. Give it a couple weeks, and make the thought yours . . .

  121. unca chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Still think the deal is done tomorrow.
    If not? Oh well. They get JJ. Getting a guy like Flynn would do the same thing getting Smith would do, and that’s retard the development of Cappy. Which now seems to be a bigger deal than I originally thought. Yeah, they traded up to get him, but the guy they have was very close to reaching the SB with a very limited ramp-up time.

  122. unca chuckNo Gravatar says:

    Seattle will jump all over Smith. Yer bot whitehead ain;t the answer up there.
    I’m out . . .

  123. Grumpy GuyNo Gravatar says:

    Chuck, you can get the clap for free too. Doesn’t make getting it a good idea…

  124. Del Mar DennisNo Gravatar says:

    You put Randy Moss and Peyton Manning in a 49er uniform and they instantly become the odds-on favorites to win the Super Bowl.
    You know what happens if you put Alex Smith in a Seahawks uniform? The suicide rate in Washington increases tenfold.

  125. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    This is a case of a meddlesome almost senile owner going against all his football people.

  126. bullitNo Gravatar says:

    It has been pointed out that Bud Adams is now the reigning crazy old owner now that Al Davis has checked out.

  127. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    The salary cap has been set at 120.6 mil. I would expect a lot of signings.

  128. AlbertEinstinkleNo Gravatar says:

    Yes, Del, but think of the euphoria in California if you put Alex Smith in a Seahawk uniform. There’s a lot more people in California. I think it’s only humane to export Smith to Washington. They should share some of the burden.

  129. AlbertEinstinkleNo Gravatar says:

    This is a very interesting time in the Alex Smith negotiations. Jim Harbaugh and Trent Baalke have to be torn. Part of them doesn’t want Alex Smith to hit the free agent market and be subjected to the truth that Alex Smith has no suitors. Part of them doesn’t want Smith to twist in the wind because Harbaugh protects his players. That’s painful for the spin surrounding Alex Smith and the blog world. If Smith hit the free agent market on Tuesday and not a single dance partner came o’ knocking, it would be further proof for the Smith bashers that they were right about Smith’s ability because no other NFL teams thought much of him (not that I personally need anymore proof). It would be further proof for the Smith bashers with maybe less of an intellect than Sir Stinkle here and the debate would make our numbers grow, and make Smith bashers even more insufferable. Harbaugh knows this, and despite how petty it may seem, Harbaugh is aware. He takes it upon himself to defend his players with every fiber of his being and he’s right to do so. A large part of being a head coach is protecting your own, even though Nolan and Singletary missed the memo.
    But on the other hand, the salary cap is a real obstacle. The 49ers can’t afford to be generous with anyone and hope to compete. Part of competing on the football field is being smart in the front office.
    My guess is that Alex Smith won’t want to subject himself to further scorn, and will accept the deal Baalke and Harbaugh have placed before him. My guess is, Smith signs a three year deal that is voidable after one, or playing time incentive laden, and that his guaranteed money is up after 2012.
    I’d love to see a long dispute with Alex Smith shopping himself around the league alla Peyton Manning. But I doubt many teams are interested in acquiring a quarterback who can’t throw a football. Here’s to hoping Alex Smith is a free agent for a long, long time. But I doubt it happens.

  130. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    Now trying to cover his ass about Smith.
    Sounds like he read the Book of V

  131. AlbertEinstinkleNo Gravatar says:

    How do you know V, Bullit? Oh wait, I forgot, you’re Unca. Silly me.

  132. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    I was in favor of ‘renting’ Moss for the stretch run last Season when Braylon was bounced.
    Could have tried him on for next to nothing by affording him the chance to get the Ring as incentive.
    Guess the same incentive still exists now with the hopes remaining high for continued success but, it would be a full year deal now and, we know Moss is easily bored.

  133. unca_chuckNo Gravatar says:

    I was around way before bullit or v.
    Don;t pretend to know anything. Because you don’t, dumbshit.
    You think Harbaugh gives a furk about Smith’s perceived market value should he come to hit the market should it come to pass? He doesn’t. He wants to win. Whether with Smith or without him. If they can’t reach accord, and that’s between the front office and Smith, then he moves on. What would happen, soft-serve, if Smith went to Seattle and took them to the playoffs? That scenario doesn’t exist? You spin this bullshit and expect people to believe it? Horseshit.
    Everything you’ve said the past year is all wrong. Good job furk-o. Keep witing your wascally webs of weirdness, wacko.

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