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Raise High the Roofbeam

Four more days till the 49ers kick off the 2011 season by slaughtering the helpless Seattle Seahawks. Four more days till I have to stop writing fiction and start reporting the truth. Sigh. The truth in these parts of the

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The Exorcist

Rams quarterback Sam Bradford has been publicly wringing his hands about having to learn a new playbook in his second season. Ha ha. Whiner. Try learning a new one every year for five straight years, Sam, then get back to

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Hello Goodbye

One by one, the 49er staff assembled during the Mike Nolan era is being dismantled. This wouldn’t be terribly newsworthy if the team hadn’t rudely spent this past week concocting no news at all. Whatever the various skills of these

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Analyze This

Two years ago at this time, Mike Singletary had just fired Mike Martz and was embarked on a highly visible search for the guy who would become his Offensive Coordinator. It was gripping drama. One by one, candidates were interviewed

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Origins of Species

The 49ers will be without Frank Gore for the remainder of the season. In his place, we will see a two back rotation featuring Brian Westbrook and Anthony Dixon. Neither of these two leg churners specializes in pounding the ball

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Roads Out of Town

After yesterday’s guest post by Phoenix Envy, this site returns to its usual SF 49ers focus. Now, now. No booing out there. Put down those tomatoes. It may not mean anything in the great scheme of things, but that was

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The Distorted Man

Yesterday, I remarked that there is little chance that Alex Smith will not settle in as the Franchise QB this coming season. Some folks might consider this remark a bit of an overstatement. Wishful thinking. Out and out balderdash. But

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2019 Schedule
9-8: @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 1:25pm
9-15: @ Cincinnati Bengals, 10am
9-22: vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, 1:25pm
9-29: BYE

10-7: vs. Cleveland Browns, 5:15pm
10-13: @ Los Angeles Rams, 1:05pm
10-20: @ Washington, 10am
10-27: vs. Carolina Panthers, 1:05pm
10-31: @ Arizona Cardinals, 5:20pm

11-11: vs. Seattle Seahawks, 5:15pm
11-17: vs. Arizona Cardinals, 1:05pm
11-24: vs. Green Bay Packers, 1:25pm

12-1: @ Baltimore Ravens, 10am
12-8: @ New Orleans Saints, 10am
12-15: vs. Atlanta Falcons, 1:25pm
12-21 or 12-22: vs. Los Angeles Rams
12-29: @ Seattle Seahawks, 1:25pm

2019 Draft Class
1. DE Nick Bosa, Ohio State
2. WR Deebo Samuel, South Carolina
3. WR Jalen Hurd, Baylor
4. P Mitch Wishnowsky, Utah
5. LB Dre Greenlaw, Arkansas
6. TE Kaden Smith, Stanford
6. OT Justin Skule, Vanderbilt
6. DB Tim Harris, Virginia
2018 Prognostications
Closest to the Pin:
  Mr Fletch: 7-9

Bakkentom: 8-8
Grumpy: 8-8
Winder: 8-8
Bullit: 9-7
NJ49er: 9-7
Skeebers: 10-6
Spitblood: 0-16
Rob!!!: 16-0