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Perspective Detective

Last week was hard to digest. Tough for us 49er fans, and no doubt tougher for the team and coaches. But they get paid for their grief, and we don’t. Kyle Shanahan has been roasted a bit, while Andy Reid has

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Gloat Sandwich

The 49ers and Packers had a pretty good rivalry in the late ’90s, albeit a bit one sided. Brett Farve had their number and knocked them out of the playoffs in 1995, 1996, and 1997. The Niners finally beat him in

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Elite Eight

The 49ers have leaped over the first hurdle — or maybe they just plowed through the damn little thing. But getting ousted from the playoffs in round one is embarrassing, and we’ll have none of that here. Jim Harbaugh’s first

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A Star Is Born

The San Francisco 49ers unleashed their nuclear powered offense Saturday night and blew the Green Bay Packers to smithereens. NFL pundit Ron Jaworski predicted that Jim Harbaugh would unleash Colin Kaepernick in the playoffs, and yea verily it came to

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They Might Not Be Giants

The refs we used to hate are back. Are the 49ers we used to love back, too? The 2012 season hits the quarter pole this weekend and a 49er victory will give them the same record as they had last

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Domino Cliff

The Tampa Bay Bucs are the early favorites for the 2012 Dream Team award, signing high profile FAs Carl Nicks, Vincent Jackson, and Eric Wright. As our astute readers know, this award is given in the offseason and reaped in

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Value Added Software

Two weeks from Free Agency lift off. Contrary to last year, there aren’t a lot of skeptics who will be howling if Trent Baalke sits out the first week of action. Baalke was a very cool customer last year, as

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Prove It Or Lose It

The last time the 49ers were in an NFC Title Game was 1998, against the Atlanta Falcons. The previous week, the team had finally beaten their nemesis, Brett Farve and the Packers, and hopes were high that another SB title

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One Last Hurdle

It would be ironic if the 49ers won the two hard games of this closing three game playoff push and then lost the easy game. And there are words a bit stronger and more pithy than “ironic” that could come

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Lower the Casket

The 2010 NFL season is now officially toast. The people in Green Bay and their fans in other cities and towns will try to keep it open for the next six months, but for the other 31 NFL franchises it

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The Superless Bowl

When the Packers settled for a field goal and a six point lead on their final drive in yesterday’s Super Bowl, I thought they had just lost the game. There were two minutes and seven seconds left. Plenty of time

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Hopes, Hype, and Horseshit

The 49ers certainly hogged the news feeds Wednesday with their much publicized and speculated upon search for a GM. Bill Parcells and Michael Lombardi bubbled up to the surface and quickly floated downstream. No word yet whether Bill Walsh’s corpse

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Freudian Fumbles

Bear with me today, Outsiders, this post may get a little tortured (like our team might this weekend). Most 49er fans are aware that the team has what you might call some issues. Such as you might say stinking or

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Turkey Season

One by one, the 2010 season is ending around the NFL. Buffalo and Carolina cashed out early. Then came Dallas, Detroit, Cleveland, and Cincinnati. Minnesota, Denver, and Houston all sputtered to the side of the road and coughed out this

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2020 Schedule
9-13: L Cardinals 24, 49ers 20
9-20: W 49ers 31, Jets 13
9-27: W 49ers 36, Giants 9

10-4: PHI (SNF)
10-11: MIA
10-18: LA RAMS (SNF)
10-25: @ NE

11-1: @ SEA
11-5: GB (TNF)
11-15: @ NO


11-29: @LAR

12-7: BUF (MNF)
12-13: WAS
12-20: @ DAL (SNF)
12-26: or 27 @ AZ

1-3: SEA

2020 Draft Class
1. DT Javon Kinlaw, South Carolina
1. WR Brandon Aiyuk, Arizona State
5. OL Colton McKivitz, West Virginia
6. TE Charlie Woerner, Georgia
7. WR Jauan Jennings, Tennessee
2020 Prognostications
Bullit: 12-4
Grumpy: 12-4
NJ49er: 11-5
Skeebers: 11-5
Winder: 11-5