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Rocky Road Ahead

Half the 49er season is already over. Sigh. If only the offseason moved this quickly. At this time of the year, we’re normally finishing the autopsy and preparing a eulogy, so this is uncharted territory. A perfect half season. Zounds!

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49ers 28, Cardinals 25

Effing Arizona. It doesn’t matter if the 49ers are good and the Cardinals are bad, or vice versa, or both one or both the other, it’s always been tough to win down there. Some real heartbreakers over the years. The

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49ers 51, Panthers 13

Well, hell, I’m impressed. The league probably is, too. And if not, then at least Carolina should be. Whew, what a butt kicking. This was a good Panthers team, but the 49ers just trampled them from start to finish. On

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Rubber Meets the Road

Before getting injured, Cam Newton led Carolina to an 0-2 record. Then Kyle Allen took over and the Panthers won four straight. Newton is reportedly more or less healthy now, but HC Ron Rivera will apparently roll the dice this weekend with Allen. The

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49ers 9, Washington 0

As noted by our astute commenters, sometimes ugly can be beautiful, and this game truly was. Probably the most gorgeous ugly victory of the year. Washington conjured up a squall for this game, which tilted the odds their way since

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King of the Hill

It’s not the heartbreak of psoriasis, but 49er fans are going to have to dust off their ability to absorb a “disappointing loss” once again. When your team is dog meat for almost five years, there’s no such thing as

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49ers 20, Rams 7

It appears to be official: the 49ers are BACK. The only undefeated team in the NFC and atop the standings in the NFC West. For the second week in a row, they dominated the TOP, this time by 39 to

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49ers 31, Browns 3

Wow. That was quite a butt kicking. The 49ers dominated the Browns in every way possible. Scoreboard. TOP. INTs. Sacks. Turnovers. Rushing. Passing. Have I left anything out? Oh, the Browns had three more penalties than the Niners. Their only

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Upstart Bragging Rights

The Browns and 49ers haven’t been of much interest for a good while to NFL followers (except as sarcastic or comedic examples of poorly run franchises). But this year, both teams are the darlings of the expert prognosticators that glut

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Upwardly Mobile

This is the earliest BYE week the 49ers have ever had. Kind of early for a nap, IMHO. I normally push myself through a pot of coffee and five hours before taking my first nap of the day. The team

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49ers 24, Steelers 20

You won’t win many games in the NFL when you turn the ball over five times. But the 49er defense made their five turnovers hurt less than the two Pittsburgh had. The Steelers got six points and the Niners got

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Beware the Curse of the Three

If the 49ers were a long established contender, this Sunday might be considered a “trap game.” But the current team is still trying to prove it belongs, so it’s unlikely they will be taking any team lightly this year. Every

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49ers 41, Bengals 17

Juggernaut! 572 yards. 5 TDs. 27-14 edge in first downs. 259 yards rushing. The 49ers torched the Bengals on Sunday afternoon in Cincinnati. They stuffed the Bengals running game (19 attempts for 25 yds), sacked Andy Dalton four times, and dominated

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Sustainable Growth?

When the 2019 schedule came out, it looked like the 49ers had a real shot at opening the season with three straight losses – maybe even five. The first two games were in the Eastern time zone, where the team

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49ers 31, Buccaneers 17

They came, they saw, they conquered. With a grain of salt on the “conquer.” Survived might be closer. Grumpy did a nice post-game write-up Sunday night, so we’ll let him carry the ball here: The defense looked very good at

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Let’s See What We Got

The 2019 NFL season is at last upon us. The 49ers did a good (or lucky) job of negotiating the roster cut down weekend, not losing anybody they wanted. Of course, it helped that nobody else wanted any of the

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49ers 27, Chiefs 17

Jimmy Garoppolo quieted the restless 49er masses Saturday night in Kansas City, turning in a solid performance while playing the entire first half. He was a bit ragged on the first drive, then settled down and threw some beautiful passes.

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49ers 24, Broncos 15

Well, that didn’t  inspire a lot of optimism for 49er fans. Jimmy Garoppolo’s five game tour de force at the end of the 2017 season looks like a distant memory now. His performance against Denver Monday night was flat out

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49ers 17, Cowboys 9

18 for 216 yards. Not bad, if you’re a QB. But we’re not talking about yards gained. No, those were yards  lost – to penalties. Yes, the 49ers were in midseason form Saturday night, gaining 339 forwardly and 216 backwardly.

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The Expendables Game

The 49ers kick off their exhibition season this Saturday night against the Cowboys, who, I might mention, have not been to a Super Bowl in 24 years. Not one Title Game, either. Loooooooooozzzzers!!! So, just when you think the world

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Time for Some Ws

The long offseason is finally, mercifully concluded. The lads have put on the pads and now get down to the business of impressing a skeptical fan base. To do that, for starters, they’ll need to clean up their act in

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Junky Alert

The third season  of the Kyle Shanahan Show will begin airing next week. As usual, the first four episodes will be meaningless drivel whose only purpose will be to familiarize us fans with the new cast of characters who will be

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2019 Schedule
9-8: W 49ers 31, Buccaneers 17
9-15: W 49ers 41,Bengals 17
9-22: W 49ers 24, Steelers 20
9-29: BYE

10-7: W 49ers 31, Browns 3
10-13: W 49ers 20, Rams 7
10-20: W 49ers 9, Washington 0
10-27: W 49ers 51, Panthers 13
10-31: W 49ers 28, Cardinals 25

11-11: L Seahawks 27, 49ers 24
11-17: W 49ers 36, Cardinals 26
11-24: W 49ers 37, Packers 8

12-1: L Ravens 20, 49ers 17
12-8: W 49ers 48, Saints 46
12-15: L Falcons 29, 49ers 22
12-21: W 49ers 34, Rams 31
12-29: W 49ers 26, Seahawks 21


01-11: W 49ers 27, Vikings 10
01-19: W 49ers 37, Packers 20
02-20: L Chiefs 31, 49ers 20

2019 Draft Class
1. DE Nick Bosa, Ohio State
2. WR Deebo Samuel, South Carolina
3. WR Jalen Hurd, Baylor
4. P Mitch Wishnowsky, Utah
5. LB Dre Greenlaw, Arkansas
6. TE Kaden Smith, Stanford
6. OT Justin Skule, Vanderbilt
6. DB Tim Harris, Virginia
2019 Prognostications

Closest to the Pin:
   Bakkentom: 10-6
   Bullit: 10-6

Grumpy: 9-7
Skeebers: 8-8
Mr Fletch: 7-9
NJ49er: 7-9
Winder: 7-9