Mr. Skeebers is just another nobody who has failed to live up to expectations. Instead of unlocking the secrets of the universe, he has wasted his life playing and following sports, particularly baseball and football, and most especially the SF 49ers. He will be bringing his non-certified, self-proclaimed sports expertise to this site on a more or less regular basis for as long as he feels like it.

For those of you who like to sift through garbage, you can read Mr. Skeebers novel here or his lurid account of his battle with the justice system and a crooked corporation here.

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3 comments on “About
  1. Phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Skeebs,

    Sending you a link from a website I frequent which has an article providing background on dear Kappy’s beliefs and how he got to this inglorious point. Contacting you back channel here as this may be too political for the blog. But on the remote chance you approve I’ll post it there too.

    Maybe dear Kappy’s latest misadventure will expedite his exit and the Niners will have a better path forward. Maybe not, lol.

    Cheers, Phil fan / Steve C

  2. Phil fanNo Gravatar says:

    Whoa, just read the comments at that link = way too political for this blog. Never Mind, lol

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2018 Schedule
9-9, L: Vikings 24, 49ers 16
9-16, W: 49ers 30, Lions 27

9-23: @ Chiefs, 10:00 am, Sun.
9-30: @ Chargers, 1:25 pm, Sun.
10-7: vs. Cardinals, 1:25 pm, Sun.
10-15: @ Packers, 5:15 pm, Mon.
10-21: vs. Rams, 5:20 pm, Sun.
10-28: @ Cardinals, 1:25 pm, Sun.
11-1: vs. Raiders, 5:20 pm, Thur.
11-12: vs. Giants, 5:15 pm, Mon.
11-25: @ Tampa, 10:00 am, Sun.
12-2: @ Seattle, 5:20 pm, Sun.
12-9: vs. Broncos, 1:25 pm, Sun.
12-16: vs. Seattle, 1:25 pm, Sun.
12-23: vs. Bears, 1:05 pm, Sun.
12-30: @ Rams, 1:25 pm, Sun.
2018 Draft Class
1. OT Mike McGlinchey
2. WR Dante Pettis
3. LB Fred Warner
3. DB Tarvarius Moore
4. DE Kentavius Street
5. CB D.J. Reed
6. S Marcell Harris
7. DT Jullian Taylor
7. WR Richie James
2018 Prognostications
Bakkentom: 8-8
Bullit: 9-7
Grumpy: 8-8
Mr Fletch: 7-9
NJ49er: 9-7
Skeebers: 10-6
Winder: 8-8

Spitblood: 0-16
Rob!!!: 16-0