New World Order

It’s Super Bowl week. I hated it last year, when it was all about the 49ers, so there’s no way in hell it will be enjoyable this year when it focuses on the Douchebags of the Northwest. If there’s another “event” somewhere in the world that better depicts the depravity and vapidness of the human spectacle, please don’t tell me about it. One is all I can avoid.

This is the one week of the year where the helmets come off and the brains leak out on the floor. If you’re looking for Jackass of the Year candidates, this is a good week to find one.

The 49ers coughed up two last year — Chris Culliver and Randy Moss. It was new territory for Culliver, but Moss is a serial jackass, who honed his crass in Minnesota, then took it on the road through Oakland, New England, Minnesota (again), Tennessee, and finally (one can hope) topped off his career by using this week to promote himself over San Francisco 49ers’ great Jerry Rice.

Culliver followed up his mouth melt down on radio with a melt down in the Super Bowl, then a melt down on Twitter, and finally finished off the worst year of his life by tearing his ACL in training camp and sitting out the rest of the year.

2013 was a tough year for the blogosphere. It was the first year since 2009 that Alex Smith couldn’t be blamed for anything. In fact, the only 49er related item involving Smith was a positive one, as he led Kansas City to the playoffs and bumped a 2014 third round draft pick up to a second rounder.

In the past, the dynamics in 49erville were simple: if a play worked, it was a good play call; if it didn’t work, it was Smith’s fault. If the team won a game, it was because of the defense. If it lost a game, it was Smith’s fault.

It was a clean, efficient system. Everyone knew which side of the equation to call home. The entire blogosphere was either pro-Alex or anti-Alex. Everything else was just so much furniture in the room.

As the 2013 season kicked off, no one knew who to blame any more. It was confusing. Old alliances broke down and new ones formed. When the team stumbled to a 6-4 start, reaching the point in the season that Ronnie Lott maintained was the time you knew what kind of team you had, two new candidates emerged to replace Smith as the lightning rods of dissent: QB Colin Kaepernick and OC Greg Roman.

While the team rallied to finish the season by winning its final six games, and two more on the road in the playoffs, the blog world settled quietly into its new system. There were no losses to test it with until the team finally came up short in the NFC Championship game. Then the fun began.

It’s doubtful the new system will ever reach the staying power and vehemence of the old Alex based system, but for the 2014 season, it will have to do.

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106 comments on “New World Order
  1. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Good read regarding Beckham and Landry.
    I liked what I’ve been able to see from both of them too.
    Wouldn’t have a problem with either of them playing in SF.

    I do want to see more of Davante Adams from Fresno St.
    His numbers were mind numbing.
    I have no clue what their Offense was based on however.
    Is he a deep threat, polished route runner etc?

    But on sheer stats alone, I’ve got him higher on my radar then Matthews right now.

  2. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    In our Division, especially with regard to Seattle, we need physical WRs.
    If we can’t break the Press-Man pressure they employ, there’s no reason to Draft a WR for speed alone.

    We no doubt will looking for the younger version of Anquan.
    If he’s faster, all the better.

  3. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Doesn’t preclude us from getting a burner though.
    T.Y. Hilton did some damage on Sherman.
    We have Picks, grab several if need be :-D

  4. NJ49erNo Gravatar says:

    Bullit –
    To your link about Kaep’s Agent.

    You’ll notice Kaep is likely their meal ticket, being the only QB on their client list right now.

    I also noticed another guy I’ve kinda penciled in on my Safety list, Kenny Ladler from Vandy.
    He might be worth a later Rd Pick too?

    Listed as a FS but, he’s got good size and tackles well enough to consider at SS perhaps.

  5. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    New post is up.

  6. bullitNo Gravatar says:


    On your new post it doesn’t go to comment page.
    Displaying error message

2014 Schedule
1. 9/7 @ DAL: W 28-17
2. 9-14 vs CHI: L 20-28
3. 9/21 @ ARI: L 14-23
4. 9-28 vs PHI: W 26-21
5. 10/5 vs KC: W 22-17
6. 10/13 @ STL: W 31-17
7. 10/19 @ DEN: L 17-42
8. BYE
9. 11/2 vs STL: L 10-13
10. 11/9 @ NO: W 27-24
11. 11/16 @ NYG: W 16-10
12. 11/23 vs WAS: W 17-13
13. 11/27 vs SEA: L 3-19
14. 12/7 @ OAK: L 13-24
15. 12/14 @ SEA: L 7-17
16. 12/20 vs SD: L 35-38
17. 12/28 vs ARI: W 20-17
2014 Prognostications
NJ49er: 11-5
Berger: 11-5
Grumpy: 10-5-1
Rob: 13-3
Skeebers: 12-4
Winder: 10-6
Earl: 12-4
Mr Fletch: 12-4
Phil Fan: 11-5
Chuck: 11-3-2
Bullit: 11-5
Bigjon: 13-3
Tony: 14-2
RTFirefly: 11-4-1

2014 Draft Class
1 Jimmie Ward, S/CB
2 Carlos Hyde, RB
3 Marcus Martin, C
3 Chris Borland, ILB
3 Brandon Thomas, OG
4 Bruce Ellington, WR
4 Dontae Johnson, CB
5 Aaron Lynch, LB
5 Keith Reaser, CB
6 Kenneth Acker, CB
7 Kaleb Ramsey, DE
7 Trey Millard, FB