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The Big Three

Some 49er fans (and a few beat writers) are skeptical that the team will open up the offense this coming season, spreading it out and running 3-wide formations abundantly. After all, Trent Baalke just drafted a couple more big, bruising

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New Blood

When the 49ers start the 2014 season, almost half the defense will be different than the one that started the 2013 season. DC Vic Fangio will have his biggest challenge since taking over the job in 2011. The team will

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It’s been two months now since the 2013 season ended, but it feels more like two years. This is either the longest, quietest offseason in memory, or it’s time to go see my dementia doctor. The Draft should be two

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Orlando Gazette

49ers HC Jim Harbaugh says Frank Gore has three more good years left in his tank. He also says the team needs a 3rd WR who can get open and make plays. If this site endorsed sarcasm, we might reply,

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Trading Places

The 49ers threw themselves into the opening Free Agency scrum with vigor, swapping out departing SS Donte Whitner with SS Antoine Bethea, trading low round draft picks for backup QB Blaine Gabbert and reclamation project Olineman Jonathan Martin, and re-signing

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Table Scraps

February bids us adieu today and you won’t catch me shedding any tears for this midget month. Condolences to all of you born in this end of the Zodiac squirt. Trust me, it explains everything that’s gone wrong in your

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Scouting Combine Week

The NFL stirs back to life this week with the annual Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. We’ll be hearing about wingspan, 40 yard dash times, bench presses, Wonderlic scores, and a variety of other goofy measurements and drills — all designed

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19th Hole

I’ve been coping with the desultory end to the 2013 season by gorging on a marathon session of the TV drama Dexter on Netflix. Watching our serial killer hero, the “Bay Harbor Butcher,” stab and dismember one bad guy after

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They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?

Glad that’s over with. 49er fans have been correct: the football season ended two weeks ago, when the two best teams in the NFL went 15 rounds in Seattle. This game was a true mismatched clunker. Before the game, Joe

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Mid Season Mumble

We’re only half way through the 2013 season, but the AFC playoff teams are already mostly decided. New England, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Kansas City, and Denver are practically shoo-ins. That leaves ONE wild card spot up for grabs. Wake me in

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Alas, Poor Yorick

Watching former 49er head coach Mike Nolan’s Atlanta defense get shredded Monday night by the Jets(!) and failing to protect the lead in the last two minutes of the game was a painful reminder that it was not so long

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Mezzanine Soup

Some pretty good games on tap next weekend, as they say in the barroom lingo of life. The top ticket is Detroit at Green Bay, with 676 seats avaiable from a low of $100. For you tightwadders or fixed incomers,

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Spring Break

The minicamp practices have concluded and the players won’t be in uniform again until Training Camp opens in six weeks. The four non-contact spring practices produced two torn Achilles tendons and one blown ACL knee. Two of the injuries were

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Yea and Nay

It’s been a good news, bad news week — and in that order. Tuesday, the 49ers new stadium in Santa Clara was selected to host the 50th Super Bowl, luring a world full of dorks and idiots with too much

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Open Wide

The 49ers will be having OTAs this week, Tuesday through Thursday. It’s my duty to report these things, even if all of you could care less. There was a time these spring practices were informative, even festive. But those days

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Wheel Spinner Blues

It’s happened to all of us. We get up, struggle through a hard day, and at the end of it realize we didn’t accomplish anything. For many non-Outsiders this is simply a way of life. For some, that way is

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Reasonable Doubt

Trent Baalke drafted well in 2010 and 2011, getting immediate contributions from players in both drafts, even Pro Bowl performances from four of them. But 2012 was a different story. That draft came within a LaMichael James of being a

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Eye In The Sky

The NFL has decided that all locker rooms be equipped with video cameras next year. This will allow fans who attend games, and not the home viewing audience, to be legalized peepers on their iPads or iPhones, both before the

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Baalkan War Chest

The 49ers have entered the Patriots Zone, blogospherically speaking. Contending team, no raging controversies, more or less patiently waiting for another season of excellence to eventually come along. I visited some of their blog sites recently and one had ten

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Wake Me When The Game Begins

The game cannot come soon enough. 100 mouths, 2,000 microphones, and still 5,000 game analyses to go before the kickoff. I put my head in the sand yesterday, but it didn’t work. There were two ostriches down there talking about

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Count Down to Destiny

For a whole new generation of 49er fans, this will be their first experience of the team in the Super Bowl. They can’t jump for joy like we oldsters could because their pants would fall off, but I’m sure they

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The Final Eight

The Ravens’ uniforms are really butt ugly. And Ray Lewis’s absurd pregame preening ritual should never have been televised once, let alone ten thousand times over twelve years. Take some dance lessons, Ray. An acting coach wouldn’t hurt either. Better

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2019 Schedule
9-8: @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 1:25pm
9-15: @ Cincinnati Bengals, 10am
9-22: vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, 1:25pm
9-29: BYE

10-7: vs. Cleveland Browns, 5:15pm
10-13: @ Los Angeles Rams, 1:05pm
10-20: @ Washington, 10am
10-27: vs. Carolina Panthers, 1:05pm
10-31: @ Arizona Cardinals, 5:20pm

11-11: vs. Seattle Seahawks, 5:15pm
11-17: vs. Arizona Cardinals, 1:05pm
11-24: vs. Green Bay Packers, 1:25pm

12-1: @ Baltimore Ravens, 10am
12-8: @ New Orleans Saints, 10am
12-15: vs. Atlanta Falcons, 1:25pm
12-21 or 12-22: vs. Los Angeles Rams
12-29: @ Seattle Seahawks, 1:25pm

2019 Draft Class
1. DE Nick Bosa, Ohio State
2. WR Deebo Samuel, South Carolina
3. WR Jalen Hurd, Baylor
4. P Mitch Wishnowsky, Utah
5. LB Dre Greenlaw, Arkansas
6. TE Kaden Smith, Stanford
6. OT Justin Skule, Vanderbilt
6. DB Tim Harris, Virginia
2018 Prognostications
Closest to the Pin:
  Mr Fletch: 7-9

Bakkentom: 8-8
Grumpy: 8-8
Winder: 8-8
Bullit: 9-7
NJ49er: 9-7
Skeebers: 10-6
Spitblood: 0-16
Rob!!!: 16-0