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Falcons 29, 49ers 22

The 49ers backed into the playoffs Sunday, when the Rams got clobbered by Dallas. That they lost to the Falcons was disappointing, but in the end makes little difference in the standings. They still need to win the next two

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Win and In

At one point early in the season, Jimmy Garoppolo had thrown for 7 TDs and 5 interceptions. Not heart warming numbers. Since then, he’s gone 19 and 6. Numbers almost exactly recorded by the QB in New England who’s had 20

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49ers 48, Saints 46

Mark Bavaro, Marshawn Lynch, Roger Craig.  George Kittle bulled his way into NFL Beast Mode lore Sunday afternoon in New Orleans with a monster 39 yard catch and rumble with 39 seconds left in the game to pull the 49er butts out

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Home Stretch

The number one seed in the playoffs went bye-bye this past weekend. At least for now. But it brings back into focus the only goal that seemed reasonable when the season started – making the playoffs at all. The 49ers

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Ravens 20, 49ers 17

A great game between two great teams. The Ravens had the ball last and made one more play than the Niners, kicking the game winning field goal as time expired. The 49er defense showed why they’re the best in the

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Game of the Year?

You’d have to go back to the early nineties to find the last time the 49ers started a season 10-1. They did so in 1990 and squared off with the Giants, who were also 10-1. The Niners won that one

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49ers 37, Packers 8

Goodness. That was an unexpected butt kicking. I guess all those pundits who questioned the 49er defense because it hadn’t faced elite QBs are going to need  something new to find wrong with them. The first leg of the unholy

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The Gauntlet

After three straight games against squirty QBs, the 49er front seven is probably relieved to face a normal pocket passer – even if it is the so-called top QB in the game. Aaron Rodgers can run a bit, but it isn’t

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49ers 36, Cardinals 26

The 49ers squeezed out a win Sunday afternoon against the Cardinals, and guaranteed their first winning season since 2013. Early in the game, however, it looked more like they would be the first team in NFL history to win its

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Seahawks 27, 49ers 24

Off the top: Shit. The 49ers, perhaps rashly, tried to beat Seattle with their B team Monday night, but came up a tad short when the B team kicker missed the game winner in OT. Playing without their top two

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Prove It or Lose It

Hey, look! We’ve got ourselves a MUST WIN GAME! Hahaha. We haven’t had one of these in quite awhile. But, let’s face it, if the 49ers can’t beat the Seahawks here at home, they’re not likely to in Seattle. And

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Rocky Road Ahead

Half the 49er season is already over. Sigh. If only the offseason moved this quickly. At this time of the year, we’re normally finishing the autopsy and preparing a eulogy, so this is uncharted territory. A perfect half season. Zounds!

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49ers 28, Cardinals 25

Effing Arizona. It doesn’t matter if the 49ers are good and the Cardinals are bad, or vice versa, or both one or both the other, it’s always been tough to win down there. Some real heartbreakers over the years. The

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49ers 51, Panthers 13

Well, hell, I’m impressed. The league probably is, too. And if not, then at least Carolina should be. Whew, what a butt kicking. This was a good Panthers team, but the 49ers just trampled them from start to finish. On

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Rubber Meets the Road

Before getting injured, Cam Newton led Carolina to an 0-2 record. Then Kyle Allen took over and the Panthers won four straight. Newton is reportedly more or less healthy now, but HC Ron Rivera will apparently roll the dice this weekend with Allen. The

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49ers 9, Washington 0

As noted by our astute commenters, sometimes ugly can be beautiful, and this game truly was. Probably the most gorgeous ugly victory of the year. Washington conjured up a squall for this game, which tilted the odds their way since

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King of the Hill

It’s not the heartbreak of psoriasis, but 49er fans are going to have to dust off their ability to absorb a “disappointing loss” once again. When your team is dog meat for almost five years, there’s no such thing as

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49ers 20, Rams 7

It appears to be official: the 49ers are BACK. The only undefeated team in the NFC and atop the standings in the NFC West. For the second week in a row, they dominated the TOP, this time by 39 to

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Once and Future Past

In the previous century, the Rams and 49ers had an in-state rivalry that spanned 46 years. That all ended in 1995 when the clueless new owner of the Rams, Georgia Frontiere, moved the team to St. Louis. End of the rivalry.

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49ers 31, Browns 3

Wow. That was quite a butt kicking. The 49ers dominated the Browns in every way possible. Scoreboard. TOP. INTs. Sacks. Turnovers. Rushing. Passing. Have I left anything out? Oh, the Browns had three more penalties than the Niners. Their only

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Upstart Bragging Rights

The Browns and 49ers haven’t been of much interest for a good while to NFL followers (except as sarcastic or comedic examples of poorly run franchises). But this year, both teams are the darlings of the expert prognosticators that glut

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Weirdo Weekend

IIRC, the third week of a season was generally the week that produced wacky happenstances in the NFL. But this year, it was definitely week four. How do you explain yesterday’s results? The unimpressive Browns rolled into the high-flying Ravens’

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2020 Schedule
9-13: AZ
9-20: @ NYJ
9-27: @ NYG

10-4: PHI (SNF)
10-11: MIA
10-18: LA RAMS (SNF)
10-25: @ NE

11-1: @ SEA
11-5: GB (TNF)
11-15: @ NO


11-29: @LAR

12-7: BUF (MNF)
12-13: WAS
12-20: @ DAL (SNF)
12-26: or 27 @ AZ

1-3: SEA

2020 Draft Class
1. DT Javon Kinlaw, South Carolina
1. WR Brandon Aiyuk, Arizona State
5. OL Colton McKivitz, West Virginia
6. TE Charlie Woerner, Georgia
7. WR Jauan Jennings, Tennessee
2019 Prognostications

Closest to the Pin:
   Bakkentom: 10-6
   Bullit: 10-6

Grumpy: 9-7
Skeebers: 8-8
Mr Fletch: 7-9
NJ49er: 7-9
Winder: 7-9