2010 Draft Redux VII

This will be the final installment (cheers break out) of our quickie review of the 2010 NFL draft, bidding a fond farewell to players we came to know too well this past off season, players now heading off to fates with other franchises.

First up, Javier Arenas, a CB from Alabama suggested by many to be a good corner and possible return man for the 49ers. Good luck in Kansas City, Javier, except when the 49ers play you this year or any other year. Taken with pick #50 in the second round.

Local boy Toby Gerhart, an RB from Stanford, got a lot of praise from our bloggers. He’ll be pounding the pigskin carrying the football for the Vikings this coming year — whenever Adrian Peterson lays it down for a few plays. Taken at pick #51 in round two. Adios, Toby. Be sure to pack a parka.

Behemouth tubola Terrence Cody, a blog favorite candidate to eventually replace Abrayo Franklin at NT for the 49ers, went instead to the Ravens with pick #57 in round two. Cody will have Ray Lewis barking at his rear end this summer. Hope he doesn’t have rabbit butt, or there will be a whole lot of red ass glowing in Baltimore.

Notre Dame’s Golden Tate, a WR touted nationally more than locally, goes to the Seahawks at pick #60 in round two. Seattle definitely needs some quality WRs up there, so Tate will get plenty of looks this summer. We’ll all be seeing him twice a year now, hopefully throwing his helmet on the sidelines in frustration.

The Jets picked up another second tier OT blog recommendation in round two at pick #61, Vladimir Ducasse. He’ll do a lot of sitting this year, probably. Unless he’s being considered as a possible replacement for Alan Feneca at LG. Who cares. The 49ers don’t play the Jets this year. Have fun on that cold New Jersey bench, big guy.

Touted mostly because he’s the brother of Takeo Spikes, ILB Brandon Spikes went to the Patriots with pick #62 in round two. Not third round, but close. The Pats need LB help, so maybe he’ll get on the field this year. Or maybe not. So long, Brandon. Your brother should be able to attend your games in 2011 or the year after.

Bloggers like to fall in love with QBs for some reason, and Colt McCoy got some strokes. Drafted by Mike Holmgren in Cleveland at pick #85 in the third round. Good place for a QB to land. Not Cleveland, of course, but under the tutelage of Holmgren. Have fun in the town that is only open each day long enough to close, Colt.

This year’s Combine Super Star, OT Bruce Campbell, thought by many to be picked by old speed loving, insane drafting Al Davis in the first round, went instead to Al Davis in the fourth round, at pick #106. If Campbell develops his raw skills, he should be ready to help another team when his four year rookie contract expires. In the mean time, he’ll get lots of snide attention from the local media.

Berger’s heart throb QB, Dan LeFevour, rose dramatically up the boards and went to the Bears in the 6th round at pick #181. Not a bad spot for LeFevour this year. He’ll get to sit behind Jay Cutler, learn from Mike Martz, and become the most popular QB in Chicago — as long as he’s sitting on the bench. You’ll have the next two or three years off, Dan. Enjoy them.

And finally, only because this site wants to mention a Rhodes Scholar who’s stupid enough to play football, Myron Rolle, a safety from Florida State, went to the Titans in round 6 with pick #207. No one will be asking this fellow what he will do after his football career is over. Which might be sooner rather than later.

That’s it for the 2010 Blogosphere Draft class. Happy Trails, guys. We probably won’t hear a lick about most of you ever again. Unless you are a drug addict, a bar brawler, a wife-beater, or suffer a gruesome injury on national TV.

P.S.: By trading down in the third round, the 49ers not only picked up a 6th in the 2010 draft (spent on Anthony Dixon), but also hauled in an actual 4th round pick in the 2011 draft! So the team will be able to either trade TWO 4th rounders next year, or actually make a pick or two in that round.

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4 comments on “2010 Draft Redux VII
  1. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    The guys wanted was Cam Thomas or the CB Dallas took in rd 4. We could have had either in rd 3. We took Bowman instead. If Bowman turns out to be a good player all will be OK.

  2. BergerNo Gravatar says:

    My point on LeFevour was if we were going o take a QB, that should be the one. I would not have taken a QB this year.

  3. DennisNo Gravatar says:

    I was one of the many bloggers stroking Colt McCoy. Always enjoyed watching him play at Texas. He doesn’t possess all the greatest strengths most look for in a quarterback, but he surely isn’t lacking in any either. I just think the kid’s a winner and should have a very good NFL career. As you noted, having Holmgren as a teacher only enhances his chances of success.

  4. SkeebersNo Gravatar says:

    This whole draft recap idea might have been a little boring, but it did eat up 9 days of the dead time before TC starts! And it was kind of interesting for me to look up the draft and go through it, which I never have done before, just paid attention to our guys and forgot about the rest. Maybe I’ll revisit this next year and do a follow up on what kind of first year these guys had. That would be one post down next year and only 259 to go! I’m scaring myself.

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