2010 Draft Redux V

Instead of continuing a choice by choice recap of the rest of the 2010 NFL Draft, I altered my mind (through years of practice and a little help from my friends) and thought I’d just do some highlights of the fate of some fellows that were mentioned quite extensively during the pre-draft marathon discussion period. What fate befell all these mega-hyped gridironers?

First up, Bryan Bulaga, thought by many to be an option for the 49ers at RT. Bulaga was one of those guys who’s playing career somehow got a lot better between his last game and the beginning of the draft. A riser, in draftnik speak. Some “experts” even had him rising into the top ten as maybe the second tackle taken after Russell Okung. Well, Okung turned out to be the second tackle taken, after Trent Williams, and Bulaga fell all the way to the Packers at pick #23. Lucky deal for the Pack, who needed Oline help almost as much as the 49ers.

The 2010 Crabtree Diva Award was unanimously bestowed upon Dez Bryant for being a liar, skulking around getting bad advice from Deon “Knucklehead” Sanders, and getting kicked out of the NCAA football program for most of the 2009 season. Thought by many to be a WR talent superior even to Crabtree, Bryant nevertheless paid for his behavior by falling all the way down to pick #24, where Jerry Jones was only too happy to rope him into the Cowboys corral.

No better statement can be made about the talent level of the 2010 draft, in comparison with the 2009 class, than this fellow’s landing spot, which was 14 spots further downward than Crabtree’s fall last year. It also shines an even more ludicrous light on Crabtree’s threats to sit out the 2009 season and re-enter the 2010 draft. Should he have done so, it is likely he would have been taken after Bryant, and possibly not even in the first round. He most certainly would not have been taken higher than the #10 spot where the 49ers picked him. IOW, he would have lost millions and millions of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Media darling and international celebrity wonder boy, Tim Tebow, was picked up by the Broncos at #25. Tebow was all over the pre-draft boards, going anywhere from as high as Jacksonville at #10 all the way into the 4th round, where he most likely belonged. The Broncos traded down twice in the first round and this is the choice they finally made (cough, cough). Having three marginally talented QBs on the roster was apparently not enough for Josh McDaniels, so he added a 4th.

This pick is a real mystery, unless Pat Bowlen, the Broncos owner, had decided all along to screw getting a first round talent this year and instead use this round to get a mega-star season ticket seller instead. It was a deep draft class and the Broncos need a lot of talent infusion, not just one big #11 pick type expensive actual player. Especially if he’s already decided to dump McDaniels after this year and get a new coach who is old enough to be able to vote. Setting McDaniels up for another failed year would make this task that much easier. But, perhaps we speculate too wildly.

The best NT in this draft, Dan Williams, unexpectedly fell all the way to #26 where unfortunately the Cardinals picked him up. This could not have pleased Frank Gore, Jimmy Raye, or Eric Heitmann, who all would have preferred that the Cardinals whiff on this pick by taking someone like, oh, Tim Tebow. Then again, maybe Williams will take six years to ripen, like Abrayo Franklin did, and wind up being a stud for some team other than the one that drafted him. The fate of this pick, at any rate, is one that 49er fans will be able to follow closely.

Lastly for today, Kyle Wilson. Wilson was a CB touted by some to be as good or better than Joe Haden. Twas an opinion not reflected in actuality, however, as Haden went #7 and Wilson was taken by the Jets at #29. The Jets already have Darrelle Revis, considered by many to be the best CB in the league. In the off season, they also traded for talented but sissified inter-state serial knocker-upper skipper-outer CB Antonio Cromartie. It appears that Rex Ryan would like his secondary to be as impregnable as Cromartie’s one-night stands were not.

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  1. FranchiseNo Gravatar says:

    on draft day, every team loves their big shiny wrapped gifts under the christmas tree. but training camp is when you open them and learn whether you got the playstation 3, or just a lump of coal. by all indications during OTAs, our first three picks look like gamers.

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